BY Edward

08/01 Direct Link
A full Blue rose in the somber, velvet sky. The nightlife flittered down on ivory tendrils, ensnaring unwary souls. I walked the ruins of an era long departed.

The road to Hell is paved with good intentions and I have the best intentions of all. The not so trivial pursuit of armoires took on Machiavellian proportions with overtones of civil disobedience. In the distance, Spitfires crashed and burned.

Oh how I long to see proportions meant for humans. Consumption runs amok in all areas of life, and we are their unwitting accomplices. Consumerism is the throbbing of the American way.
08/02 Direct Link
A new regimen has come to town, but without the Barnum & Bailey fanfare. For that, I am thankful. The course was raw, but not even mighty Scylla would deter me from finishing my self-appointed rounds. Tea and scones – jolly good.

The sands of time always drop slowly when watched. Between literal findings and future dealings, life passes by in flashes; brief snippets of spastic energy run amok on caffeine.

Tomorrow I might very well have to make a deal with the Devil. If I am lucky, I will survive that encounter by just shaking hands with that nefarious beast.
08/03 Direct Link
It's interesting that the Devil rarely comes at you directly, preferring to go through minions and other evildoers instead. But as luck would have it, my dealings revealed just smoke and mirrors. No man behind the curtain.

Paths come and go; plans change on a whim. Yet the work gets accomplished nonetheless. What a refreshing reminder not to stress when things don't go as you would like them to. It will usually sort itself out.

Karma is a powerful force, one that is often overlooked. A good stout and ‘za are my friends as I dance my way to freedom.
08/04 Direct Link
I continue a tiresome cycle at the end of which there is no cheese. People want less of me to love, so that is what I give them. But the price is long, and not easily paid.

Last minute attentions are given to make sure order is maintained. People are coming and going, some leaving for weeks on end. Curious, echoes of Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" speech whisper through the halls.

The human psyche is explored yet again. I am no closer to enlightenment but it is the journey that matters. Nirvana waits for us all. Illumine.
08/05 Direct Link
Day One of solitude has begun. I was on the Trail of Tears and all I got was shin splints. Alas, the hunger drove me to reach the end, for that is when I could rest. At least until the next time.

‘Twixt conspiracies of Manchurian proportions to pondering future prospects, strangers and friends were welcomed. Some stayed for a bite and a fortnight. Others, like Elijah, had standing invitations for dinner; I have yet to see them show.

Mexican and English periods are an odd combination, but that is to be expected in the Dog Days. Decadent, ill-spent life.
08/06 Direct Link
Wandering around looking for robins builds up an appetite. One cluck, two cluck, three clucks…what the hell am I talking about? Famine has ravaged my meaty bones and left me wanton.

There is nought that I have accomplished today save the purchase of food items. In fact, today has revolved entirely around food. I live to eat, not eat to live. Ok, so I do that, too. Just don't tell the vicar.

Aqua for the foliage or certain people will be wroth with me. When gaseous anomalies have been left standing for too long, be prepared for most unexpected consequences.
08/07 Direct Link
Sleeping in and anime are the items of business before the red rosy crests the view and calls upon larks to sing. Around and around I go, cinnamon wafts encircling my scent. The beyonder folk stay to themselves, whisking about the periwinkle fields, yet from the corner of my eye I see them and smile. There is much to do and see, but there is never enough time. Never enough.

Fretting on past actions does no one any good. Quiet evenings spent monopolizing on contemplations are given their due. Far-flung friends get zapped by the electric intangibility of modern conundrums.
08/08 Direct Link
Waking up late to delusions of cornbread fantasies, light on the syrup, I found out that I had not the will for experiments of folly. But touring the cityscapes on a balmy afternoon more than made up for any misgivings I may have had.

Warm sensations flow throughout the day, water courses forth yet again. Too much water can kill you, though. Something to keep in mind.

Benevolence is only skin deep, yet unlike beauty, it will not fade over time. Unless you are senile. Then all bets are off. It is time to cast out the moneylenders yet again.
08/09 Direct Link
I woke up to find men rearranging the lawn furniture yet I have none to speak of. Well, I used to not have any. Garden gnomes – what a hoot! Any respectable gnome wouldn't just stand around when there are gardens that need tending. Beware the rain that strikes one hundred drops.

Eccentric people are awesome! Especially those that create an empire out of their marketable quirks. Markets for the (international) people!

Over time all things crumble away. I just don't expect them to wither away while I am still using them. Prayers for my uncle. Parsley is not my friend.
08/10 Direct Link
I wake up to no pounding in my head, no gilded sidewalks outside. What madness possesses a man to lounge around all day? I finally stir to the ills of the day, only to find that I am already too late. So I go about my business as usual – off to the somber races of death's decay.

Homemade chilidogs are just what I had in mind, hold the sarcasm but extra cheese, please. The party monster rages on as I look on in shock and somber envy. The remains of this day find me flailing about without a net. Geronimo!
08/11 Direct Link
Sleeping in after late-night verbal libations is always a good thing. The yellow brick road was built one brick at a time. And then the little people moved in while the trolls tolled it.

The mission for me was to complete the task that has stalled in my queue. I finally finished it, but then realized it was backwards. And, no, turning it around won't help matters any. Back to square three.

When aliens ask for your leader, become a predator and take matters into your own hands. Those are not alien fighters but cosmic stardust to enchant the poetic.
08/12 Direct Link
I am finally free from it all and can now go merrily about my way. The time was wondrously spent, but now it is time for me. So all you well wishers should start lining up now.

I lead lost lambs back to the path. They will stray again, but I may not always be the shepherd.

The deuces may be wild but be on the lookout for the one-eyed Jack. Beware the raging elephants that kill indiscriminately! There are far to many of them around and we all turn a blind eye to the root causes of their distress.
08/13 Direct Link
Sometimes I get confused; for instance, I confused my elevens and twelves. Seeing how the majority of you have nary a clue as to what I'm talking about, it doesn't quite matter. Unless you are a cryptologist, then you might figure it out. Too bad there won't be any prizes.

My routine was knocked out of sync over a week ago and I have not the inclination to right it again. I feel myself spiraling down and out, and, although I know where that path will lead, I find myself not caring. I'm caught in a cosmic maelstrom of apathy.
08/14 Direct Link
I slept in late (again) in typical Saturday fashion. Upon my arrival to the land of the living, I noticed the elves were outside completing their job. So I continued my Saturday ritual. Once that was done I proceeded with my lethargy. Realizing I can't be like this all I day, I submitted my $2 and placed all my hopes on chance.

Thus was my day spent – wasted. And I'm not sure why. It wasn't until the latter part of the evening when sunshine made me laugh and helped me escape my moody gloom. Hopefully for more than a moment.
08/15 Direct Link
Slow stirrings in the city send me on my way to change and a DVD. Weekends are made for lounging, and today was no exception. Plans changed enigmatically throughout the day, and I had no choice but to follow along. Home teams lose yet again and I am still no closer to the truth than I was tomorrow. Or the next day. Desperate measures call for frivolity, so why is so much stock given to competing mouseketeers?

My hats changed numerous times, editing their way along. For some I am the ultimate resource. A compliment, to be sure. Knowledge incarnate.
08/16 Direct Link
Another day finds me still beating, yet completely unaware of my surroundings. Is this what madness feels like? Oh look, I can see my toes. This roundabout must run its course and the carrousel's end is near. I went forth to preach the gospel but I'd forgotten the words long ago.

Burning embers are reduced to ash, while the Denaka glides over the pavement. I know more than I did yesterday, but I know less, too. The serpent has always struck with cunning. How do we know that God isn't just telling us to bugger off and leave him alone?
08/17 Direct Link
The candle has burned down all too quickly. There was so much more to do, but I have run out. In my time spent to task, items fell and houses broke. This past fortnight has been a bizarre introspective horror of ambivalence. Tomorrow Camelot returns to its former glamour and I will once again slink off.

I feel depression with none of the associative trademarks. Carriers were sent out to convey my employ. I have much to do anon, with but a blink and a whisper in which to carry out my deeds. Tomorrow I rise from my numbing stupor.
08/18 Direct Link
Things have returned to some semblance of normalcy. After starting off as a whirling dervish, I calmed down enough to prepare for the inevitable. Lost items were found, but my gray sock is still touring the world.

Upon the queen's arrival, tokens were bestowed to the worthy. We feasted on flesh and danced the fandango. Court is now in session and all supplicants may enter.

The day is long but the dawn brings new hope for old ideas. The pyramids weren't built in a day. America was rediscovered way before Columbus, but only he got the glory. History repeats itself.
08/19 Direct Link
I battled dragons and won. Less than 24 hours and the tranquility is already broken. Twice! I can build with the best of them, but I am only as good as the materials I am given. Damaged goods are the broken cogs in life. And they cost billions of dollars a year, too.

I acquainted myself with Aussie outlaws, and realized injustice truly is universal. I long for good Chinese food. And 1:00 a.m. deliveries – burgers and fries. The Apple was fun and alive, and I felt like I was awake for the first time in a very long time.
08/20 Direct Link
Once. Twice. Thrice. My dealings had better go a lot smoother than they've gone in the past. We'll find out tomorrow. How capital! Old habits are sometimes difficult to pick up again – especially those that claim to help a person. Beware the flaming tower. Water-slicked roads make travel most interesting; I'd rather be yachting.

If pictures say a thousand words, are movies redundant? Mermaids are real; you just have to know where to look. Sleep comes to me labored these days, the heaviness of burdens unseen bearing even the mightiest to their knees. I do not know what to do.
08/21 Direct Link
Is life a seesaw or a carrousel? I guess that would depend on the type of person one is. Waking up from a slumber movie, I quickly wrote down the novel forming in my consciousness. After reading the dailies, I hopscotched around, finding things I needed and some I didn't. Good news gave way to harpy screeching, with dark clouds soon following. If there is a yellow brick road out of here, I intend to find it. And soon.

Old flicks on the tele, friends challenging friends, cool summer weather. Oh look, I've won a prize. How grand is that?
08/22 Direct Link
Lazy morn, waking up earlier than intended. Skyscraper falls; the tepid breezes soothe all ills. Bits are found, but the grit is forgotten. Dust is everywhere, but the ash is paid in full. Much needs to be done. Leave the labor to others and focus on the plans.

Never before has Copenhagen looked more like Prague than tonight. Oh how I long for European freedom! The lynch mob has struck yet again, and the action is most unkind. Starlit insomnia beckons forth from an early grave. Even at night, the chirping of insects is heard. Some creatures never know sleep.
08/23 Direct Link
All day long there has been an incessant buzzing in my ear. I was unable to locate the source, but I suspect there were at least two sources. Holes need to be patched, fences need to be mended. If only I had the patience, not to mention the resources, to deal with these problems. If it weren't so final, I would bet on the bullet just to scare some sense into people. Yet the person needing to learn the lesson the most – me – would forget it the next day. Arduous journeys and the Frankenstein doctor round out this surreal day.
08/24 Direct Link
Today was mediocre teetering on boredom. The troops marched through, leaving a ferocious wake in their past. I'm glad I don't have to clean up that mess. I fielded the countryside, but the scavenging was for nought. Next time my luck will most likely be just the same, but one can always hope.

If ropes were hanging from me, I could be in the Macy's parade. Never again will I do this to myself; at least, not until the next time. Self-flagellation is never a pretty sight, especially when compelled to do it. Somewhere up ahead hope is restlessly waiting.
08/25 Direct Link
So many ideas; so many possibilities. Am I beyond good and evil, or has my journey just begun? I look forward and see branches everywhere. Exponentially forming, I am powerless to stop them. Decisions must be made soon, and I may never know if I chose wisely.

Certain journeys did have tangible endings. It is just a shame that quality has suffered over the years, regardless of nation. I've barely scratched the surface of the bar; I guess they'll have to employ a tech to handle the job. Scratch your niche and you will be happy for all your days.
08/26 Direct Link
Three hundred mile journeys to celebrate yearly rituals – it feels good to be spontaneous again. Old cities but new neighborhoods, I've come to be festive. Brief hellos are said and then it's off to explore and party. We seem to hit places at all the wrong hours – we arrived too soon or too late. Yet we still manage to meet and greet and mingle. Oh, yeah, drink too! As the night comes about almost full circle the place we go where we've been before has come alive. When hours close before others end, there is always something to do somewhere.
08/27 Direct Link
Warm rooms and sofas do not a good night's sleep make. But I will survive; I always do. Faint recollections of being called a bastard float in the air. I don't care; I did my job and was quite successful at it. The perfect cure is a greasy spoon to sop it all up.

A nap would have been righteous but that was not to be. Despite protestations, another night is to come. So between strolling the boulevards we hit cornershop sports, fascist Germans, and late night upstairs. Flash floods are no match for mad speaking taxis plowing through lakes.
08/28 Direct Link
Lounging about the flat all day, no cares, no worries. But also wasting away. Being vehicular, my services are needed. Then off for foods unknown in nearby lands. Gentle rains pick up but the soothing reggae leads us in. The red stripes are throughout the room, bobbing around. The drunkards are easily visible and I, for one, am not one of them.

Walks and sores – oh my aching feet – lead to home where a quieter evening awaits. Yet on the way more sights are seen, more flavors to be had. Undercover afros save the day. Early nights trumpet tomorrow's return.
08/29 Direct Link
Well, my friend, the time has come. Time to go and have some fun. Drive away, you have work to be done. Let the music play on, play on.

Nothing like a leisurely day to drive for home. A couple slices of pizza and a Dr. Pepper to wash it down. The weather is perfect – some sun, but mainly overcast, with cooler temperatures. Since when is it monsoon season in the Midwest, especially when I'm 15 minutes from home? Yet, as always, I return unscathed. And just slightly worse for wear. Weariness grips me but I have much to do.
08/30 Direct Link
There is nothing like sleeping in one's bed. Although early rises mar the pleasure. Still, I am home and have things to take care of here. It's just too bad I am too overcome to attend to them at present.

I greet friends and attempt to return to routine. The appointed man arrives, takes notes, and leaves – that was not in the brochure. That just means calls will be made later in the day, but not by me.

I need to get away again, specifically, somewhere out East. Whether this will happen sooner or later I have yet to see.
08/31 Direct Link
Better slumber but foggy mornings persist. Headaches dominate my day; no meds will help. Joyous news is received; a friend's journey comes to a successful close. Now the life change truly begins. Maybe I should emulate?

Asian meditation is soothing in the waning hours. I understand the philosophy although the voice was loud. There are certain ideals that Westerners have lost, or never had. For good or ill, only time will tell.

Healthy living and satanic verse make for an odd combination, but I am always up for a challenge. True horror is seeing evil where evil should never exist.