BY Edward

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"He who controls the spice, controls the universe." Melange is the spice of life, but I endure drugs more bitter. The opiate of today is ignorance, packaged in easy to digest caplets. It will wreak delightful havoc on your senses. Yet I've never been one for the masses. I choose subtlety as my consumption. It is not my fault others are blind to the truth – ostriches without Zen voracity. I stand alone to await the onslaught. We all live in a hell of our own choosing. You can cheat justice but not the Judge. And yet, "the spice must flow."
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The brilliance of fear is deafening. Sometimes you just have to lay down the law. Put your foot down and take a stand. After all, those kittens need to learn to fend for themselves sooner or later. When salvation comes at $3.99 a minute that is a bitter pill to swallow. How high of a price are you willing to pay for absolution? Beware the Jester's naked grin for the deception it hides will lead to your ruin. Back alleys and darkened tunnels are perfect playgrounds for mischief. Clowns are agents of dark times to come. You have been warned.
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Now that we have your attention, we will introduce our Self. Please, no, don't get up. No need to discomfort yourselves on our account. We are known as the Ringmaster, but you know our kind by other names, too. We are Lamentations and Revelations. We go bump in the night. So relax, sit back. And watch us peel back the layers of your truth. We will strip you bare to that which is real, that which you have hidden for so long. Do not fight your soothe saying, unless you enjoy the sweet delicious pain that indicates you are alive!
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It's outrageous! The American people are whoring themselves and actually liking it! The oil barons hoard their wares, adjusting prices on a whim. Fear inflation?!? Those bastards! So of course the middleman take their cut, as do the oil tycoons – the conglomerates that distill fossil fuels into bite-size capsules. Then the cornershop pushers sell their wares to us. Who cares the price has gone up? We need our 5mpg monster vehicles that make us look cool – not that we'll ever go off-roading or some such foolishness. The crude is the American blood – the IV drip for our growing soulless society.
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Fade to black.

Another powerful voice has been silenced. Although that voice truly was silenced long ago. The lingering shell of greatness hobbled onward, fed by modern methods of prolonging dying. What a legacy to leave in such troubled times! Will there be another?

Are we diminished when the mighty finally leave us? I say yes, though we do not always recognize the impact until later. Sometimes not until generations have gone by. By then it may not matter any more. But for now, a world weeps. Yet in the distance, the crows of past souls wait for their vengeance.
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There is a delicious viciousness in the entropy of moral decay. It will wreak delightful havoc on your senses. The degradation of will leads to the downfall of civilization. I would join you but I've been on this path before and it isn't towards salvation that it leads. So I'll recline in my wicker chair, sip on ashes, and cheer on the endless throng that trudges merrily along.

"A-tisket, a-tasket, I gaze cheerily into your casket. The king is dead; the witch is, too. The denizens of hell come forth for you."

The final solution can only be applied once.
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We live in decidedly morbid times. Our brethren die overseas and at home, each facing different fronts. Kids are killing each other. And for what? What madness has so readily sprung into this world that no one is willing to stand against it. People turn a blind eye and hope it won't affect them, not realizing they were infected the moment they turned away. The desperate cry out, "Please, Lord, deliver us from this evil," never realizing that their god is dead. He was the first casualty in a war, a war in which we all must choose to fight.
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We live in a corrosive society. The chains hang heavy on the damned, those foolish mortals that can't rise above the filth that gets poured into everyone. Not to worry, though. There are pills that will take care of every imagined disorder the conglomerates could think of. Yet there are none for those that truly kill. "Blade Runner" seemed like a fictitious future until we woke up one day and saw what we have become. You'll find no answers here. Only desperation, but not from me. I used to revel in the sweet despair, but now your boredom tires me.
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Why are we so obsessed with death? It is not a recent phenomenon – the dying and the fascination it brings. After all, everyone will die at least once in his or her lifetime. Yet people nonetheless worship, fret over, fear, and welcome this mysterious equalizer. Are there any secrets to be learned? Or will we just become worm fodder? Do we have souls that go to a higher plane? Or are we just another cog in Mother Earth, getting recycled once our use has ended? Many have pondered these matters. None have the answer. But in time all will know….
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Are the machinations of life the omnipotent force that draws us through the day?
Or does the Great Puppeteer string us about like limp marionettes?
What if the strings get twisted in with others?
Are we then cut free to float through numerous realities not of our choosing?
Gliding along on shimmering wings of starlight?
Would you be Icarus?
Or have you outgrown such foolish notions?
Is there ever a time you wish you could go back and change the past?
Or is that, too, a foolish notion?
If so, then label me a fool. There is never enough time.
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How fastidious you must be, that you are willing to hang onto your foibles even when you know how to overcome them! The role of a lifetime awaits you and you just sit on the floor curled up, hoping that all of this will pass. In time, it will indeed pass. But by then the leaves will have fallen, the sky gone gray. Many people fade away early on, their specters carrying out the remains of their days. Are they so fearful of living that they are willing to give up before their lives have even begun? Live your life!
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There is a revolution at hand for those who are willing to see. Opening your eyes won't work. You must open your mind. Slough off your old habits, the patterns that lock you into the mold. Not everyone can do this, and some of them choose not to. This isn't some Matrix where choosing the right pill will set you free. The reality is much more frightening. Dangers abound; some have died in the attempt. But to see where others cannot, to do things that other people only dream, is just incredible. The truly brave shed their mortal coils completely.
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Beware the shadows! For those are the places of interest. Madness, insanity, paranoia, creativity, genius, and inspiration all lurk there. It is in the middle realm where enthusiasm for life exists. The gray area. It takes a bit of the light and the dark to make things truly enjoyable. For some it doesn't take much, just a dab will do. That dab can illumine wondrously what would otherwise be boring. Be it a touch of dark in the light or a touch of light in the dark – both are magnificent. Dangerous? It can be. But magnificent nonetheless. Beware the shadows!
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I found out today that my condition is terminal. I was unsure what was happening when I first became aware of my condition. Needless to say the news was stunning. Disheartening, too! Apparently the condition has a 100% fatality rate; there is currently no known cure. The condition is aggressive, never static or benign. The onset is usually gradual but it will strike down a child of 3 or a man of 87. To date, there are no known cases of people evading this condition. The condition, of course, is life – omnipresent and pervasive. If you escape let me know.
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What causes a man to turn away from everything he knows and live a life of solemn contemplation? Is his past so horrific he must atone for his sins? Or did he glimpse a future of desperation?

Is the Buddhist monk happy to be blissfully ignorant? Is a modest life spent not knowing all the pleasures of the flesh a life worth living? Or do we all experience sin in our own way?

Does the modern businessmen know what he is missing? Is he truly cut off from all things holy? Or has he found a new religion in technology?
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I want all of you to go forth into this domain and tell everyone that you have had enough. Enough! They unleashed the worms that are writhing around, delving deeper into the brain. They want us sedated, eyes blinded to the truth. Those that see are a threat to them. Feed the populace a steady stream of regulated hysteria and hypnotainment so they won't bother seeing what's behind the curtain. We are more powerful than they are, and they know it. But so long as no one bothers to rise up then they are safe. That is their power. Enough!
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Misery ensnares the souls of countless millions who fail to recognize the truth. These captives of fate slumber while the minions of desperation run rampant through the canals of theirs minds. Such is life! We run the maze looking for the cheese, all the while unaware that our actions are observed by others. Do they place bets on who is fastest? Do they zap us when we run astray? Or are we left alone to run the gambit on our own, each of us hoping that we will find our way out? The exit is but the next step away….
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I implore all of you for once in your lives to do the unexpected. For when it is all said and done, will you be able to look back and proclaim that you are who you wanted to be? It is not too late to start being who you want to be. But you must begin now. Even if you are living the life, do yourself a favor and experience something out of character. Life is so much richer with all the nuances that we seek out and encounter. Change isn't easy by any means, but the results are spectacular.
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May you search for the Green Fairy and drink from her sweet nectar. The effervescent richness of her drink will transport you to planes of enlightenment that you heretofore did not know existed. The elixir of the Bohemian lifestyle is a pleasure that everyone should experience at least once in his or her lifetime.

For those who seek another path to nirvana I recommend Chasing the Dragon. The road is treacherous and many fall aside on the journey. Slaying this noble beast will unlock the corners of your mind, leading to gateways to a freedom that few dare to reach.
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I call upon the strength of my forefathers to bear me through this day. May their guidance and wisdom keep me strong. What is a glorious day for many is for me wrought with unspeakable agony. It is something we all must eventually go through. Yet it is the hope for most that it be postponed until much later in life. To be reminded of tragedy is a painful deed. I was stricken at an early age and bear the mark on my soul and my being. I know some who have borne the pain much longer. Life goes on….
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"I would die for you" or any variation of that is by far one of the most powerful statements a person can utter to another. Even in the context of a brainwashed fool the statement bears strength, although the overall significance of the words is consequently diminished. In a sense, the statement implies an inherent mastery over another. Yet in its purest and most true form, "I would die for you" is a powerful bond between two people. Not that one person's life is less valuable, but the life given honors the other. The recipient therefore carries a considerable weight.
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It is curious how joy is found in the deepest fits of despair. Likewise, agony grows abundant in the happiest of days for some people. Pleasure and Pain – flip sides of the same coin. Most people won't admit it, but we are all a bit masochistic. Being alive demands it of us. From the moment we are wrenched from our mother's wombs we experience pain and pleasure simultaneously. The great human condition reduced to its essence – we are creatures of instinct and no matter how far we remove ourselves from this fact, it is the foundation of who we are.
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Desperation takes many insidious forms. People act in a most peculiar manner when faced with it. Most will cower in fear or run away. But a select few will stand to face their desperation. These rabble-rousers provide hope where there is none. They realize that desperation is but a shadow of how bad things could be; it is a force that uses a person's fears against themselves. To rise above one's own fear requires a strength that few find within themselves; this strength is within us all, but the journey itself requires one to face the worst aspects of oneself.
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I see red as primal instincts take over. I am invincible! I tear and thrash and kick and bite, all restraint has washed out of me. How could something this sinister feel so wonderful? All my enemies are broken dolls behind me. There is no good or evil in what I do; I have the power to make problems go away and that is what I do. I will smite down those who oppose me….

When my blood stops boiling and I become calm again, I ponder what I have done and smile. I taught the Killing Game and won.
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With apologies to Rodgers and Hammerstein.

Strapped to the rack and impaling galore;
Burning and drowning, being drilled with a bore;
Screams so sincere that they actually sing;
These are a few of my favorite things.

The gallows swing softly, the gibbets do too;
Being pressed under rocks until you turn into goo;
Catherine Wheels spin as the hot pokers sting;
These are a few of my favorite things.

Spiked Iron Maidens, a Judas Cradle just right;
Shackles and leg cuffs and thumbscrews too tight;
Who knows what victims tomorrow may bring;
These are a few of my favorite things.
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There is a curious notion espoused by a particular fictional storyline that I find both appealing and disturbing. The idea is that in the great Cosmic struggle between Good and Evil the forces of Good are agents of chaos while the forces of Evil are agents of order. The apparent dichotomy is deliciously ironic. Yet as I think more about that idea I appreciate the truth of it. Chaos is a dynamic element that allows freedom and spontaneity. Order is a static element that only knows control and obedience. In that context I understand and agree with this entertaining concept.
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Beware the doppelganger within you. For once that trickster is let loose, you will have a difficult time containing him again. Worse than any gremlin or pixie that you might encounter, your doppelganger will make mincemeat of your life, shredding any semblance of normalcy that you once had. A thief, a rapist, a murderer – these are but some of the masks with which he will play. Vigilance and control are two of the more effective methods for containing the hunger within. Self-preservation is another weapon in the arsenal. For if your doppelganger is set free, you are forever cast adrift.
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Rise and thrive!
Beware the fiend in minstrel's dress. There are worse things than dying. Gale force grief comes crashing in from the whisper's edge of a fast descending darkness. Pale nightmares gallop in to torment your soul. The light you see is but your doom. Turn away and embrace the night. It's all grey matter anyway. A shuck and a two and your mortal coil spirals off for transparent adventures. Demons, devils, delusions – they're all the same for the schizophrenic mind bomb. Shaken, not stirred with remorse for a garnish. Mmmmm…just like I remember them.

Run away, run away!
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I used to think that the self-administering of the final solution was the coward's way out. Once again, responsibility is not taken for oneself and it is up to others to grieve and clean up the mess. Yet my eyes were recently opened to the fact that sometimes, just sometimes, there is a certain honor and dignity in choosing one's time to go. When one is terminally ill, with no hope of recovery and death comes clawing at you slowly yet viciously, is just such a time. There are some pains that no amount of medicine will alleviate. Only farewells.
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Three thousand words of drivel are the storm front of my mind. Heavy, tremulous clouds of exasperation bear down on the unwitting amongst us. Echoes of a happier age ring through canyons hidden by the gloom of time. Bursts of inspiration strike the fools that stand out unprotected, charred remains on a scorched landscape. The rumblings from afar carry with it a hunger unlike anything I have never known.
There is so much more to do yet for good or ill even I cannot foretell. Morning will bring the answer I least expect. It is up to me to act.