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These days we are living in a globalized world, where we move from one place to another constantly and learning at least a foreign language it is essential. The idiom is the key of the culture. For instance, with the knowledge of the foreign language, it facilitates to obtain scholarships for postgraduate studies. The study of a different language will not be a waste of time; in contrast will be a great inversion because it does not only increase the possibility of better work, but it will enrich the society life and cultural life. Everyone must learn a foreign language.
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Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the best-known players worldwide for his performance outside and inside the football field. This player always has on mind be the best and works very hard gets it. He has gone through countries such as England and Spain where he has achieved countless merits both collectively and individually. But not only can talk about CR7 as the best, because there are also talented players such as the argentine Messi. Both have maintained an arduous struggle in the last ten years leading all the standards of first level football. They have won ten golden ball.
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Einstein was a person who had a very different way to see and understand things. He thought that learning was not about repeating knowledge over and over to the student. Learning was about getting close connection to that problem that was being taught. Therefore, he was rejected for many of his teachers, none of them liked him until he changed everyone's minds and showed the whole world the law theory of relativity and many other academic discoveries that he found. I connect myself to this great scientist's story because I also have a different way to see and understand life.
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Social networking is a favorite form of communicating with families and friends around the world. It has become one of the most popular method of communication. Although this is an advantage of worldwide communication, the risks and negative impacts on young people is a fact in today’s days. Is social networking hurting young people? In my opinion yes, it is. The explosive growth of social media is transforming the lives on teens. Now it is common for even the youngest to be surfing online. Social networks are mostly uncensored, and some of the content are inappropriate for young people.
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I would like to make a comparation between 2 different cities where me and my family have lived. One is Matanzas, Cuba and Tampa, Florida. Both places have points similar like the beach and the weather. These two cities have a lot of beaches with white sands and very clear water. The weather is always like a summer, very hot the most part of the year. One point that struck me was the public transport in both cities is too bad. Also, the wild life is protected, and the animals are anywhere; everyone respect and take care to the animals.
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I would like to describe a country sited in South America, it is owner of one of the seven world wonderful: Machupichu; a place where was developed the Inca empire,this country is Peru. I lived a year there and I was surprised. The Peruvian can enjoy three different geography : the coast, the mountain and the jungle, each places have a specific wild life and weather. Also they have one of the top five kitchen in the world with plates like : ceviche, huancaina’s style potato and the cuy: my favorite. I invite to everyone to visit this wonderful country.
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Since I was a little boy, I practiced too many sports like baseball and swimming but the soccer is my favorite and I chose Cristiano Ronaldo as my idol. This magnificent soccer player is one of my examples to follow for his achievements on and off the football field. He shows us how with dedication and perseverance we can achieve our dreams. Cristiano showed how to be a winner before the problems that life gives you; as it was for the loss of his father at such an early age and the difficult economic situation in which his family lived
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Always since I was a child my mom used to ask me the same question all time more than 1 time for day: Renier, Are you drink enough water?. Now, I understand why it is very important drink water. Our body it is about seventy percent water. When we supply the recommended amount of water (two liters) to our body will work better. When we are hydrated our levels of energy increase and it help to maximize physical performance. Also several studies have shown that may help to prevent and treat headaches. I recommend to everyone to drink more water.
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Cuba, just a small island in the Caribbean Ocean but with a lot of flavor, color and good music. Cubans are warm and friendly. Despite our sad political reality with so many necessities, you will always find a smile in us.Our Capital is Havana and the best beach are in Matanzas, Varadero. We like the party, the dance and we can not live without the beach. We characterize ourselves by speaking loudly and for the friends the doors of our houses are always open.Our typical food is the "congris and the roast pork with fried plantain and yuca".
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When I was a child I always wondered: what would I be when I grew up?. I always liked being a cook. I used to spend it in the kitchen watching and learning how to make different dishes, I liked that. Maybe that was because I liked to eat so much. My first jobs I had the opportunity to work as a kitchen assistant and there was when I began to doubt if I really wanted to be a chef. The life in the kitchen of the restaurant is too hot and hard, nothing compared with the mom’s kitchen.
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Mental health is defined as a state of well-being in which the individual is aware of their own abilities, can face the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully and is able to make a contribution to their community. The positive dimension of mental health is highlighted in the definition of health contained in the WHO Constitution: "Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not only the absence of diseases or illnesses." It is very important to have a balance in our mind and for the mind to direct our actions.
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The Mental benefits of yoga are many. The extends concentration, memory and attention. The emotional stability: contact with the inner self gives us perspective on life and isolates the mind from alterations. The peace: tranquility in the mind, huge tolerance and absorption in the inner self generates a permanent state of peace and tranquility. Self-awareness: develops the skills necessary to understand the functioning of the mind through the observation of the activity of the body and deep breathing. Integral and progressive development of mind and body: facilitating the expression of the potentials of the practitioner and strengthening self-esteem.
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Every country has its own culture, a unique way to educate and a different way to see things. Now days, the greatest nation in the world is the United States, a nation that collects every single culture and race of the world, thanks to immigration. North America unites the best of each culture and makes the best team in the world. Humans were created as social beings, we were made to stay together and work as a team, unifying the best qualities of us to be more successful. I think that immigration is the key to success politically and economically.
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The reason for us to be alive is to find love, once we find a person that loves us back everything changes from good or bad to great, we all want to be loved. Therefore, there are some people who don’t have that other person, and they get depressed, they envy and desire the live of other people. But we should all know that we are all loved, being alive is a gift full of love. Believe it, love is everywhere, It comes up when you are least expecting it, it always finds, it always does, you are loved.
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The type of food you eat have an impact on your health. Eating a well-balanced diet can help you reduce your risk of diseases as well as maintain a healthy weight. There are certain times when it is particularly important to make sure you follow a healthy diet, if you want to lose weight or if you are taking care of what you eat because you are pregnant. However, it is important to eat a balanced diet all your life, no matter how old you are; It is never a bad time to make changes and improve eating habits.
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Reading and writing are two great tools that serve people throughout life, from an early age is taught to children, so that over time they will refine it. In different jobs, people must at least have these two capacities. Books are great tools that transmit knowledge of quality, for which it is necessary to have the ability to read and understand what is read, while through writing you can spread knowledge and a message to people who are far away. Knowing how to read and write well helps people learn about many topics and at the same time disseminate them.
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The family is therefore the first school of social human virtues, that all societies they need Through the family, people are introduced to civil society. It is therefore It is necessary for parents to consider the importance of the family in the formation of future citizens who direct the destinies of the country, considering that education is a long process, personalized, where one-to-one education is taught; It can not be done industrially, so it can only be done in the bosom of the family. In the family we learn the values of life, we learn to relate well.
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Pre-school education is an initial part of the system, it is not mandatory and children access it after six months and they end at the age of five. Primary education is compulsory and is given to children and Adults. Children enter at age six and stay until the eleven. Schooling is six years and is divided in two cycles: preparatory and culminating. The educational average comprises two levels: basic secondary education or middle cycle, which completes compulsory schooling, and the middle cycle superior or pre-university, which is not mandatory but is free. The students continue their university studies.
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We believe that happiness depends something external. These beliefs lead us to go through life thinking that, if we manage to have a little more money, a new house, a car or a better one, a trip to ..., the acceptance or admiration of the people, lose 5 kg. See us Younger, have a stronger body, etc., we will be happy. It is difficult for us to find happiness because we look for outside of us, when it really comes from us. We see it as an end or a goal to be reached, when in reality it is a process.
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When we run regularly we receive many benefits for our health. On all things we secrete the hormone endorphin known as the hormone of happiness. We feel an indescribable joy and more enthusiasm to live. To run is very good for the body, benefits health and improves breathing. Many people prefer to run for their varied contributions in the metabolism (accelerates the metabolism of fats, tense the buttocks and thighs, strengthens the heart, the circulatory system and the immunological), however, it must be done in the right way, taking into account tell the age and the capacity of each one.
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Today the smartphones are so important for the young population. Almost it is indispensable. These devices go from being simple cell phones to having the capacity of a computer. The smartphones give us a lot of advantage and all the information in our hands, all the time and anywhere.The problem for young people, is that they have become an addiction to these devices. They can not be without one of these devices for more than an hour. I remember a time ago we did not know the cellphones and the children spent more time outdoors and playing active games.
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Education varies greatly from one country to another. I have had the opportunity to study in tree different countries. Each country has its own methodology with its characteristics. Cuba, for example, does not have the technology applied in schools, therefore everything is done in the old school way. Another point is the clothing because in Cuba and Peru demand to wear uniforms while here in the United States they do not. I think it's a good way for children to feel less pressure when they go to school. Finally, each country has its rules and regulations that make them different.
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Nowadays it is essential to have a car here in the United States. The distances are long and each member of the family needs to have a car. When we are going to buy a car, we must know payment methods. There are two very common methods: purchase and lease. When we rent a car we are paying for the depression for a period of 3 years, reaching a maximum of twelve thousand miles per year. The payments are cheaper compared to the purchase but after three years we ended up returning the car and without anything in our power.
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Soccer is the international sport. The main tournament is the World Cup and is held every four years in different countries. The ratings to see this competition are amazing. There is no other sport that has more followers. Football awakens a lot of passion and joy. Everyone comes together and enjoy to the maximum to see their teams compete for the old trophy. The families gather in the houses from the smallest to the oldest to enjoy the matches and support their selection until the end. Every minute of play is enjoyed to the fullest. It is a beautiful experience.
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The university students must know the English language. We must, not only be able to speak it, but to read it and write it . Most of the scientific publications are in English, as well as, all the technological tools come in English. English is spoken in most of the countries and to find a job one of the fundamental requirements is to master English. Therefore, we must learn this language very well. It is very important that since we are little we learn it in schools even though we have another language in the house and read them english stories.
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The Nature is everything that surrounds us. The most important part of nature are the trees, the sun, the gentle breeze, the sea, the lakes, the rivers, the sky,the rain, the cloud and the flowers. It is very important to be in contact with nature because it cleans us, clears us and helps us live a healthier life. When we take a walk through nature, we recreate ourselves and return to work full of energy. That is why it is so important to teach our children to be in nature and enjoy this great gift that life gives us.
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The Bridges are very valuable constructions for humanity because bridges unite people. There are many bridges in the entire world from the majestic bridges to those simple bridges that appear over the rivers in very intricate jungles but all the big ones and the small ones have the same function: allow spaces not to be isolated. That's why I love bridges and I admire them and I also believe that people should always be bridges: serve to unite and not to separate. Now I always look at the bridge that remains close to me in the place where I live.
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Friends are angels who help us fly when our wings have broken. For all people it is valuable to have friends but for the young it is vital. Friends listen to us, help us make good decisions, accompany us in life, we can count on them when we have a problem, friends are not only to laugh. A good friend is the one who never abandons you even if you are in your worst moments. With friends we can laugh and a day without laughter is a lost day as I told Chaplin. That's why I really enjoy having friends.