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My new favorite song is tory lanes proud family I believe its. Good description of me and how I feel my intimate relationship is going I love this song its makes me very emotion I'm not a scary cat but for the people I love I think that I have really strong feelings for them. Love can kill you so I wonder how can I stop loving without killing my self or maybe I need to just love a little it is confusing but It feels good to be able to just talk about anything. Life is a battle being young.
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So today has been a good day I help my friend take her kids to the wash house some way I ended up being the one moving and dragging the clothes down the stairs. I'm not her lover or anything but It just felt good helping someone out without people asking or getting upset because they expecting something in return. I really don't like for someone to do something then complain or be upset when they are the one who offered for the assistance or help. Thats mean and a devilish person to me. You shouldn't offer to help if you truly didn't want to
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today I'm looking for a job and I am trying to finish up my court dates it has been stressful with these hurricanes and court dates and my life has been in a up and down state but I thank god I have my apartment back and my car now I'm stressing on what I should do in the meantime with the other vehicle I have plus look for a job so I won't get repoed this post was to talk about anything so I'm expressing what's on my mind. and I just want to say being 21 life isn't easy
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I have been looking for a new job every since I was arrested I have been lately contemplating on where to because of my chargers i can not work in a hospital at this moment but i love the health field I want to work I no I need money but I don't want to work in any other field. I love the field I work in and I love my job but until my case is close I have to find other places for work so I have been look at mcdonald's until my case is dropped and i can go on back to working where i liked
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today was a okay day I paid all my bills did all my work but didn't like or agree with a assignment that was due in one of my college classes this semester. I failed the assignment but it took me hours to finish and I reviewed the asking meant several times I just knew I would Get a good grade until my world turned around and I noticed not only me but other classmates failed as well. So it did make me relieved a little but i thought at least i should receive credit for doing the assignment and trying
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today was a beautiful day there are only a few more days till my birthday I really am excited I just don't know what to do truthfully and honestly Ill 22 years old and I'm just now getting even used to being an adult. right now I believe I'm doing okay but I no what more and better for myself. I'm moving into my apartment going to School looking for a job and just trying to keep my head straight life as really been kicking my in the back especially because of my relationship life i just need to be to myself
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so this assignment hasn't been to bad I actually like it I just post what comes to. my mind and how my day is going . so far today it's going well I want to do something for my birthday and still don't know what I want to do and. I have been looking for furniture but. think I should slow down because yesterday and today I have been feeling a little sick i have a fever and headaches and the more i cough the more i think i'm going to throw up so hopefully my significant other will come and take care of me
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good evening everyone I hope life is going well only a few more days till my birthday October 20th I love my zodiac sign I even have it tattooed on my arm. So I just realized my cousin has the same birthday zodiac sign is me I hope she turns up for her birthday because I no I will. The more i write now my thoughts or ending and it's becoming more and more hard to type about certain things. Today was a okay day I'm going to get back to my normal self I'm feeling alot better. Life's good
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Good evening today was funny day I got to go tornado and see a few my cousins. I also went to the mall and got me a polo shirt, now I just want to find out what my birthday outfit will be. my new apartment is coming out very well. I love the fact that my family wants to come live with me. I have a cousin getting out of jail 4 days after my birthday he wants to come stay with me but i have been thinking it's best for him to stay with my other family members
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In a few more weeks I have to pay rent and all my bills all over again I wish they would stop now and I can just live on the beach but this week is starting off well and now that I am feeling better I want to drive to Miami for my birthday, but I don't want to drive alone. so I am think about taking a friend with me. Bet awards come on tomorrow I am so excited to see cardi B think that her and Trina and Beyonce should do a song together they are good artist.
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today has been a good day I finished of my work to be caught up now I can relax a little and get ready to plan exactly on. my birthday I had a lot of crabs and seafood yesterday it was very good sausages blue crabs shrimp and mussels and potatoes we ate good yesterday. there was no question about it now I want to get another platter and it was only for 30 dollars in st Pete.i hope everyone is have a good week and next week as well my birthday is next friday and i can't wait
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Today was a good day I meet some new friends today. Life is going well I have my apartment bed no more waiting. Iím just trying to stay focused this hurricane has been a big effect on me, My Chrysler Sebring broke down on me yesterday. I need a new head gasket, so Iím looking for a extra job to pay to fix it. Kodak black you do that is my favorite new song. It. Explains a lot about my past, I honestly. Want to go to a Kodak black concert. I want to go to one for my birthday.
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Today I went to the store and. I went grocery shopping for my apartment I found a tv for 50 dollars today I want tog optics it up but the customer is giving me issues. He is taking his time and not responding to my text. So Iím going out of town with some friends to go get the tv and see if it actually works. Tomorrow Iím going to go look for some coaches for my apartment. If I i start working itís going to be hard for me to be finished with everything I have going on.
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Today I drove to Orlando then to Tampa then to Clearwater. There was a lot driving done today. I drove to Orlando to see my cousin to help her out with her apartment and shower around the neighborhood. Then I drove to Tampa to see a. Good friend that came to town. After that I drove to Clearwater to see a ex co worker her car broke down and she has two kids so wanted to help her the best way I could. Tomorrow will be another adventure day a lot of driving and I Wonder how it will go.
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Today is a good day again another 5 days till my birthday tomorrow w. I go to see about another job I hope my court case have finally dropped because then I can work in the field I use to and part time position I have now. Also. I want to goo it of town and sound a couple of months with my sister and pay on some bills early so I want to work these next 6 months strong and hard and see how I can do with all the success I have done so far. Lately school has been hard for me.
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Today has been a beautiful day Iím going through the process of finding a lawyer against my car dealership. My cousin was sentenced to two years in prison. I went to the park just get a moment to clear my mind my day has been very busy. I have been watch love and hip hop newyork I am very interested in this show it is very entertaining.i hope I pass this semester I have been trying to work hard and stay focus but itís very hard. My sister's birthday is coming up February of 2018 I canít wait to see her turn 18.
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Today has been good I worked all day on my birthday and I enjoyed my break it feels good to start a new job on my birthday and be Back at work. Tomorrow Iím going to olive gardens Iím still celebrating my birthday all month these last few weeks I want to be the best you never know when you are going to past and I want to make sure. I enjoyed my birthday like it was my last. Finally on 2 more month worth of school time is flying by. Love by Kendrick Lamar is my next new favorite song
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Today has been another beautiful day I love to start my mornings off great it gives a peace sense to the beginning of your day. I want to finish off my grades with a A. This semester I no that it wonít work out that way unless I work ahead and do as much work I can on time. And early with some extra credit I hope my teachers give me a chance this semester I ended to make it up to everyone. Tomorrow Iím going apply to the neighborhood hood. Hospital and see if Inca get hired canít wait tell tomorrow
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I like this class and itís very entertaining I hope that next month I can fly to go see my sister I think she miss her brother and I want to spend next semester and enjoy her birthday and see her graduate I have missed 5 years. Of her life and I want to make it up to her by being around next year so Iím trying to get myself situated I am going to a Beyoncť concert with my friends next month itís very exciting I canít wait my favorite song is miss you and another deja vu tomorrow will be fun
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Tomorrow Iím going to driving to Orlando to see. Good friend I have been friends is th for almost 4 years this will be exciting we always have fun together last year she. Moved with my to my apartment and helped me move into my apartment thank her today tonight is my favorite show is hip hop and New York and yandy is arguing with some girls about their relationship with Mercedes and how they are going to get married in the next few months. The mothers are being ver. Evil and is keeping their brothers from seeing each other family should never be seperated.
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My niece favorite song is lily rock I love that song as well she makes me laugh so hard when she dances she is only 4 so she swings her hips back. Forth and jumps up and down so I join her and do the same thing we have so much fun together I take her out to eat and to the park Almost every other day in a few more years Iím would like to have my own kids as well. Tomorrow. Iím going to the museum with her to see how she reacts to the different show and shapes and Pictures.
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Today on love and hip hop New York Mariah and young money is arguing about performance at power house I think personally they both werenít bad and. I love each grandma sends me messages through her Facebook messages every week I love my grandma but sometimes it can be aggravating I would prefer just a simple hey grandson how are you doing but I love her and Iím okay with anyway she would like to talk to me. My mother is coming to see me soon her birthday is next month and I havenít seen her in 5 years.
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Today has been a okay day I have found a lawyer for my car loan and car dealership they are charging me high interest rates. I have to pay at least 5,000 dollars or better interest rates I hate the fact that I got the car I got and I wish I had more time to plan better and have the opportunity to get better I wish that they prepare you in for the future when you're young because then we would be prepared for situation like this. Iím goin to court in 2 months hopefully I win my case.
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I miss the old. Love and hip hop with joseline I miss her she was so funny and had a bad attitude but everyone loved her the show is not the same any more. I want to go to the gym to get my weight up and eat more to gain weight I donít understand why Iím so skinny I eat and eat but it goes nowhere. So I have brought this. Protein shake to see if it helps me gain weight if it does Iím going to be so happy. Tomorrow is another day of happiness
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Today I have been tired really tired where I fall asleep after everything. I do it has been getting cold outside so I have tried to prepare myself by bring out the winter clothes I donít have many close because they are up in jersey with my mom I have been trying to get my mom to bring the shows but she doesnít want to drive all the way out to me . For Halloween I want to go trick or testing with the kids and see how it does Iím so excited. I think I'll go with one of my friends.
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Today has been another good day I canít wait tell I am amble to go to my home town and go see my friends in Newark New Jersey I was born and raised there and I miss that town so much Florida has been fun but now I think tsk time for me to go back home my mother is trying to get absolute so when she gets her house Iíll move back home to finish college to not waste so much money then Iíll move out get my own find a good job there and move oil with my life
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Today I want to change my phone service I have sprint but they are charging me so much for service I have unlimited everythIng but somehow Iím laying almost 2 hundred ed dollars a month for one phone and one iPad with service plus my service has been bad itís off and on when it wants and I donít get all my calls so Iím very upset with sprint and ready to move on to another phone company service. I want Join cricket wireless. They are only 50 dollars a month. Today will be a good day as well I canít wait till I finish with a good phone service.
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Today I want to go to miami this will be my last birthday gift to myself. I am officially 22 it feels so funny I mean I know it was coming but I would never think of myself has a 22 year old going to college working with his own apartment I am happy for myself. My favorite artist is nicki Minaj I love her songs and remit ma they have been beefing but I think that they are both great artist and if they had made a song together it would be amazing. I want to go to each and every concert they have.
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I would like to have 3 kids but I want to be financial stable to take care of all my kids I want to be a good father and be able to provide everything I canít have for my kids I donít want them to be spoiled but I do want them to have it all they will have to work to get what they want but I am their protector so I will have there back in there times of needs like my family did with me. I can wit tell the future it will. Be fun to see who my life truly comes out want be upset but I will be happy with I accomplished in my life
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My birthday was 10 days ago and I really miss this month and I havenít for thing s to change but I no time moves on and there are plenty more to come. I want my life to spectacular I canít wait I want to travel to countries to countries I want have money so i wonít have to worry I donít know how I am going to do it but I will get it done i promise. My self this is my goal to become great. Tomorrow starts a new month I canít wait to see who is coming thanksgiving.
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My birthday was 10 days ago and I really miss this month and I havenít for thing s to change but I no time moves on and there are plenty more to come. I want my life to spectacular I canít wait I want to travel to countries to countries I want have money so i wonít have to worry I donít know how I am going to do it but I will get it done i promise. My self this is my goal to become great. Tomorrow starts a new month I canít wait to see who is coming thanksgiving.