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My feet ache horribly as I slowly walk to my car. After spending almost 30 hours over the weekend walking back and forth, all I can think about is the final moment I am able to sit down for the rest of the evening. I didn't think I would be this tired afterwards. I need to find a little motivation to finish this English paper. I can drink a hundred coffees and I still wouldn't feel as if I have the energy I need. It's great I still have one more day. I can do it tomorrow, and I will.
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The first thing I read when I woke up this morning was about the incident in Las Vegas. My heart hurts, my eyes water. I feel extremely uneasy knowing that innocent people lost their loves and were hurt. It's such a shame that these things happen and it breaks my heart. As people, we need to be united and care for each other when we need it the most. We have to work together to stay safe, and at the same time, keep others safe. I can't help but feel upset. It really is a horrible and heart-wrenching tragedy.
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The month of October is my absolute favorite. The only difference this year is that it is going by so fast now that I'm back in school. My spare time is very minimal now that I'm working at the same time. I'm very happy that it's starting to feel like fall. I just wish the temperature would cool down, it's been way too hot lately. I'm very excited for the holidays we have coming up. Before I know it, the semester will be over and I will be on to the next classes! It's very exciting but very intimidating also.
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Managers of restaurants take things way too seriously. Every single one that I have worked for has made it seem like being a server is a career choice. It may be a career choice for some, but it isn't for me. I'm an adult and I deserve to be appreciated and be respected in the workplace. To be honest, I don't feel like I'm appreciated or respected. There are too many rules. I should be trusted to do my job efficiently considering my customers contribute to my income more than my managers or my company. It just really sickens me.
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I'm so excited to start doing more outdoor activities! I've just been waiting until it cools down, it's been too hot lately to be outside. It wouldn't be so horrible if it wasn't so humid out. This is the exact reason why I would move to California in a heartbeat if I had the chance! The weather there is so gorgeous. If the weather allows, I'd like to go kayaking and hiking soon. I just don't want to feel like I'm going to pass out while doing it. Florida is nice, but it isn't the most comfortable place to live.
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I feel so bad for missing school on Thursday. The only reason I allowed myself to stay home was the fact that I only have one class on Thursday, and I already knew what we were doing in class that day. It's so ironic that when I was younger, I used to love being able to skip school. Now that I'm older and I'm paying to be here, I get really frustrated and bummed out if I have to miss school for whatever reason. It does help to be caught up on all your classwork though, which I usually am.
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I'm so glad I gave up my morning shift today. I hate working long doubles on the weekend. A part of me is regretting it, considering the only table I waited on during the evening completely screwed me. I can't wait to be out of the service industry, hopefully forever! I've just been doing this for way too long and I'm feeling burned out. Taking all the classes is extremely hard, but I know if I put all my effort into learning everything I need to know, I can do it. I have all the motivation I could possibly need.
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Today is Sunday, one of my favorite days of the week! It's technically the end of my "work week", and it's also football all day! A few years ago, I couldn't even stand seeing football on the tv. But ever since I started playing fantasy football a few years ago, I can actually pay attention and get into it. It's definitely not the most boring sport to watch on tv. Sundays are also usually very relaxing and it helps me get everything in order for school during the week. It's very helpful to have that one day to catch up.
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I woke up feeling extremely well rested today. As I walked to my car, I felt a nice breeze in the air. As I'm driving down the road, I noticed I was low on gas so I decided to stop at the gas station that was closer to my house. While I was pumping the gas, I noticed my front passenger side tire was almost completely flat. I knew the front two tires on my car were really bad, but figured I had a few more weeks. Three hours and $200 later, I have two brand new tires. Happy Monday.
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Today I took one of the two exams I have scheduled for this week. I honestly was stressing about this one, considering the last exam I had for this class I scored very low on. Each of our four exams are worth 20% of our grade alone. I felt very confident as I was taking it. I didn't do great but I did know a lot of the information. most of the questions I missed were ones that I went back and changed last minute, even though I originally had the right answer. Now I know to trust my instincts!
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I wish I could just quit working entirely while I'm in school because I feel like I would be able to focus so much better. All I can think about today is how much I would rather study and make sure I'm prepared for all my exams, rather than work. Unfortunately, my loans were not nearly enough for me to be able to have that choice. As much as it sucks, I know I just have to deal with it. I suppose life could be a lot worse, at the end of the day it is only a personal preference.
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I studied for hours yesterday for my A&P exam. I think I did decent! I'm anxiously awaiting the score still. My professor is allowing us to drop the lowest grade. That's awesome considering I got a B on the first exam, and that's not really that low of a score. I just hope that I can pass this class. It's going to be extremely hard when each exam alone is worth 20% of our final grade, along with an overall quiz average and a cumulative final. Wish me luck, I'm going to need all of it I can get.
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I honestly have a lot of friends. To be honest, I just miss the feeling of having that one friend, the BEST friend. Someone I can hang out with all the time and do nothing with. It's just a closeness that I'm missing. The last best friend I had like that turned out to be a horrible person. She betrayed me in so many ways. So maybe it's better to have multiple good friends than just one "good" one. I also think it's possible that I think too much, and that it doesn't really matter as much as I think.
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I got suspended from work today over something stupid. I'm really upset about it. Not only will I be losing two weeks of work, but it also happens to be the week they are doing server evaluations. I work so hard and I always help all my coworkers, and I feel like none of that matters when apparently I mess up one time. It feels really unfair considering there are two people I can think of that can get away with doing whatever they want. Favoritism really sucks in the workplace and shouldn't happen. I just wish it didn't happen.
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It's crazy how taste in music changes as you get older. Currently I'm re-listening to all of my favorite bands from high school. I can't believe I used to listen to half of this stuff! It's not that it's bad, it's just very different from what I like now. I suppose that's common, though. It does bring back a lot of memories from that time, which can be both good and bad. I can't believe I graduated almost six years ago. Time seems to fly when you're trying your best to progress and reach your goals while being happy.
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I worked out today for the first time since I moved here. I definitely feel like I'm out of shape, and I realized that as soon as I stepped on the elliptical. I did manage to complete one mile. Small steps! I honestly felt very good after finishing the mile. Exercising releases endorphins, and it was very rewarding for me overall. I went grocery shopping afterwards and even though I really wanted a soda, I walked right past it and left the store. that is a huge thing for me, since my biggest problem with weight gain is probably sugar.
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I feel like things some of the things that keep happening in this country are purposely to divide us. I'm not sure who is in charge of it and why, but we can't let these things defeat us. We all live here in this country together, and we should do so while coexisting peacefully. We can have differing opinions and still be friends and family. We can also agree to disagree, there's nothing wrong with that. I think some people forget that this is okay, and feel as if they are against others that don't share the exact same opinions.
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This semester has went by so fast! I feel like my classes just started. Next week, I'm on my third round of exams pretty much in all of my classes. I'm just worried that once I'm done with my prerequisites I won't be admitted into my program right away. It's based on our GPA. Although I make good grades, I'm not really a straight A student. I'm just hoping I can make it in the top group, so I won't have to wait another year. It's very stressful for me to think about this early but I can't help it.
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It feels so odd to be surrounded by students younger than me. I wish I would have been able to attend my classes better when I first went to college. My manager at the time wasn't very flexible with my scheduling, and unfortunately I had to choose my job over my education. That decision has honestly screwed me now that I look back on it. Back then, I didn't know what I wanted to major in. Maybe I needed the extra time to explore and learn. I'm just glad I finally have an idea of what I want to do.
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Why do the fall months go by so fast? Every year before Halloween, I tell myself that I'm going to decorate and make a costume, but it never happens. Before I know it, it's the end of October and I haven't even started planning or decorating. Then Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner, and I'm the biggest procrastinator there is when it comes to holiday shopping. I will say, I always end up finishing in time for the most part. It's usually during the last week before Christmas though. I guess better late than never I always say!
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I've been off work for a week. I thought in the beginning I would enjoy this time off, but I've been extremely bored and stir crazy! It's going to feel good to finally get out of the house again (besides school) and start making money again! I honestly like having the weekdays off so I can focus on school without having to balance work. Then once the weekend starts, I can shift my mind over to work. I'm pretty good at making sure I hardly have any homework to do over the weekend. It makes things a lot less stressful.
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Today was my first day back at work! The manager that suspended me isn't going to be there for a long time, which is good news for me. I also found out that a few managers that I know (and like) will be transferring tot he new stores in St. Pete at the beginning of next year when they open, and I was told if I wanted to transfer, I could more than likely. I'm not crazy about the commute I would have to do, but it's way worth it if things keep getting worse where I currently am working.
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It's so odd that I enjoy football now. When I used to live with my dad, he would watch it all the time and I used to be extremely bored. Ever since I started playing fantasy football, I've paid a lot more attention to it, even though you kind of have to. I look forward to the days that I know football will be on, while feeling bummed during the week when it isn't. I guess in comparison there are many sports I would consider more boring than football. Golf is one of them. I cringe when I see golf.
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The weather today is absolutely gorgeous. It was a little on the chilly side this morning, but as the afternoon has progressed, it's warmed a little. I think it is the perfect temperature. If only I didn't have a mountain of studying and homework to do so I could spend the day outdoors! I am going to Scream a Geddon this Friday, so I suppose I do have something to look forward to this week before I have to work pretty much all weekend. Thank goodness there is more of this weather on the way! I'm very excited and ready!
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I feel like every time I wish that the cold weather is here, I instantly regret it once I start to feel cold. I get cold easily as it is, so it doesn't take much for me to catch a cold or get sick. On top of that, I already have issues with my allergies. But there is just something about the colder weather that reminds me of all the holidays and good times ahead. As fun as summer can be, it's just so hot and miserable here in Florida compared to other places. California has the perfect weather honestly.
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I can never understand the people who go on Facebook and try to defend someone who was arrested for multiple things. Dealing and possessing drugs is illegal and everyone knows that. How can you expect to keep getting away with it for so long? I think drug dealers fail to remember that it's inevitable that you will get caught one day. It's unfortunate that some people have to learn the hard way. There are other ways to earn money the legal way. It's just saddening to see people I used to associate with do something stupid that they will regret.
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I was called for an interview for a really nice paying job last week. Unfortunately, I happened to miss their call when they tried to contact me. Even though I called back to leave a message, I was never reached again regarding the interview. I will keep an eye on that company if they are ever hiring again in the future, because the pay was $14 an hour, and they offered amazing benefits. They even paid for travel to Europe because that's where their main office is located. I thought that was pretty awesome. I want to travel the world!
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I worked 11 hours today and I am truly exhausted. All I want to do is snuggle in bed and watch Stranger Things. I have time for one episode, and then I have to go to sleep because I'm going right back to work in the morning. I'm sitting outside while I'm typing this, and it is absolutely freezing. I could really go for a hot chocolate right about now. Or maybe even a pumpkin spice latte. Even a hot tea sounds amazing at this point! i can't even feel my fingers it's so cold. Thank goodness for soft blankets.
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I think I need to improve my studying methods. I feel like I retain the information well, I just am not sure if I'm am studying ALL of the material that I'm being tested on. I also think I need to crack down and study more in general. I haven't done extremely horrible on any of my exams except for one, but I need the highest grades possible to get a good GPA to get admitted into my health program. Apparently it's very competitive so I'm honestly very nervous. I only know one person that's going into the same one.
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I am excited for Thanksgiving! There's always so much good food. You can't forget about the time you get to spend with your family, especially if you don't see them very much throughout the year. It also means that the other holidays are right around the corner. And you also have black Friday shopping if you're interested in that too. I always tell myself I'm going to shop, but by the time that it gets here, I never save the money to go, or I'm usually busy so I can't really make it out to all of the awesome stores!
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I have finally finished my personal journal! This is my last entry I have to submit. I will admit that this was a little challenging to keep up with. It was easy for me to write the correct amount of words though! I really enjoy this English class because I have an awesome professor. College is a lot more bearable when you have good professors cheering you on while supporting you and your success. I'm looking forward to next semester and starting my new classes. Registration is not even a week away! It honestly flew by so fast this year.