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Life is hard, does any one wants to argue about that? In a recent Dunday Bible study someone ask me if I felt I was being tested by god? And I said we struggle with so many problems health, our kids, our jobs, if you are going to school your too stress out for too much homework , money problem, could you believe that sońar people have the problem of too much money. God has already reminded us that trials are a necessary part of our spiritual growth and that there is a blessing reserved for those who respond rightl and do not blame God when hard times comes. In one of James text (1:16–18) he advances the argument by reminding us that God is good all the time, even during our hardest trials. We can say it this way: God is not on trial during our trials; we are. He uses hard times to put our faith to the test. This passage shows us three things we need to remember if we are going to pass the test with flying colors.
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"NEVER TOO LATE TO GO BACK SCHOOL” Whenever someone start talking about education with a friend or a partner it is common to hear this phrase “if only I was younger” “I’m too old to go back to school” that statement is incorrect. To be an adult really require more time of study and bursting our brains out? I was scare to even think on getting information on how long it was going to take me to finish my associate. Until one day I made my decision to go back to school. There were things in my life that were incomplete and this one was one of them. That’s when I decided to go to HCC at the Dale Mabry Campus and I gathered all the information that I needed to make my decision. I needed to give an example to my kids and to my grandkids. While there was some people that thought that it was impossible to do so, I wanted to prove everyone wrong, that it was possible to beat all the ads regardless any circumstances. From single parents looking for career advancement, to elderly adults looking to learn a new hobby, to the college graduate wanting to get that next degree, it’s never too late to return to school either to get a vocational certificate, your GED, or even a Master Degree as I want to get. If I go back to work after I get my Degree it will provide me with financial stability. Truth be told, it does not cost much or take all that much time for a person to return to education. Education delivers opportunities to equip you with the skills to take part in your life; as a parent, a family member, or community member. Education can give me the skills that I required to become competitive again in an economy that is ever changing. The opportunities that once existed in the economy yesterday may no longer exist today, but I still need to eat, I need to smile, and I still need to sleep, so I look at education as the avenue to get me there. I really encourage anyone who desires to return to school to do so because education is an opportunity that does not need to be overpass. Take the time for yourself, take the time to go back to school, take the time to make your dream come true.
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Today I went to this amazing Historic place called HERITAGE VILLAGE, I was amazed to see so much history in one place, and the way it was preserve, it was amazing it was like if it was like yesterday. This field trip was put together by the YMCA at Water Ave for the Silver Sneaker people. Marianne was amazing, she was the person that put together the field trip, everything was organize to the point that we were able to walk and sight seeing until 12:45 pm and have someone in the are to give us information and give us the tour, one thing that I like the most was when we went in one of those building, it was a school but this school was african-american school back in 19-- the desk they use was the same one I use to sit when I was in elementary school back in my country in the Catholic School. It brought me back memories of my childhood, that I so long ago have not remembered. I will like to go back to my school to see how it looks now. Thanks go for memories, because these are the only thing that keeps us alive. We got there at 10:30 a.m. and left 12:45 a.m. because we needed to get back in time for the bus to pick up the kids at school for after school care.
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Do elder people make better parents? There has been psychological researches that proves that older parent tend to raise their child in a positive and significant effect on many of the important aspect of life A good parent is one that utilizes a good parenting style, regardless of age. There has been studies that says that besides the ability to spend increased income that tends to come with age on children’s education, parenting information and extracurricular activities, an older parent also has the ability to share his plentiful experiences and knowledge with his child. The older a person gets, the more mistakes he makes, the more knowledge he gains and the more social skills he gains. An older person is also more focused on strengthening his family relationships than is focused on personal gain, such as in a corporate office that requires employees to work overtime to excel. Thus, older people are likely to spend more time and mental effort on raising their children. When you are old you just do thing differently, but it does not mean that if you are a parent you wont do what it's best for your child. Good parenting strategies will work regardless of the age. Overall, focusing on your parenting skills rather than your age will yield the largest benefit for your family.
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Typing One of my classes that I take in College is Typing. I go every Monday at 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. , this class is set up to give us the techniques of keying by touch. In addition to learning the alpha and numeric keyboards, time will be devoted to building speed and accuracy. We will also be instructed in the basic skills of letter arrangement, simple tabulation, centering, formatting of tables, and the typing of manuscripts. In this program we need to complete certain accuracy, every week we need to turn in chapter of the book completed in GDP website, and at the end of this class I'm supposed to be faster than what I started and with less mistakes than what I made before.
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URBAN DECAY Patricia Holmes and Sandra Kruger Lerner one day agreed to start a cosmetics business called Urban Decay. David Soward was the general partner of “& Capital,” a venture capital partnership comprised of Soward, Lerner, and Lerner’s husband. Soward agreed that & Capital would provide $500,000. Lerner and Holmes did not contribute. Holmes regularly attended informal board meetings, participated in the creation of products, and worked in the warehouse. In interviews and press releases, Lerner said the business was Holmes’ idea. Holmes asked for “something in writing,” but no allocation of share had been agreed upon. When Holmes requested a copy of the articles of incorporation,Exhibit A, she received only the first two pages. Holmes was left off an organizational chart but told she was a “director.” Soward offered Holmes a one percent share of the limited liability company that had been formed. The situation worsened until Holmes was barred from Urban Decay. Holmes sued Lerner for breach of the oral partnership agreement and Soward for interference with the contract. At trial, experts valued the company between $2 million and more than $6 million, and one expert projected sales of $52 million by 2003. Lerner then denied that Holmes created or had any official role with the company. The jury awarded Holmes compensatory and punitive damages above $1 million. After a motion for judgment notwithstanding the verdict was denied,
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International law The English forms of business organizations are essentially the same as those in the united states, partnership law, in particular, identical. Thus, in other countries a partnerships an association of two or more persons carrying on a business with the intent to make a profit. In France a partnership is considered a separate legal or juridical personality independent from its partners and thus, can own property or sue or be sued in its own name. On the contrary in Germany are categorized as companies and they remain and association of persons who have full individual liability for the actions of their company and they must have two or more partners. At least one partner must be a general partner. with personal unlimited liability. They can participate in internal administration and be given broad powers to deal with third parties on behalf of the partnership. Germany recognizes silent partnerships.
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Career Choices While I'm out there trying to make career decisions for myself, it is very important to think about the kind of family life want to give your love ones. Jobs that demand a great deal of travel or many evening and weekend hours in the office are usually not compatible with a close family life. On the other hand, if you want to have 3 kids, you need to think about careers that will financially support a family of that size. As a result, men need to be more involved with child care and household tasks. Since about half of all marriages end in especially 86% of single parents are women, should prepare for careers with income that could support their families. We need to give our children better futures. and at the same time give them give them an example of been in school will provide them with an independence in the future to come.
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today I have been writing about a case of a person that started as an employee and was offered to be part of the company. But when it was time to to do business, they denied making statements saying that it was just done in a moment of solidarity since they were confronting monetary problems and they just wanted to reassure them that everything was fine. Now after several day of work, he is in charge of doing the labor supervision, and making sure the performance of the contracts go smoothly. He gets paid commission and percentage for the shares of the company but still not been included in the organization of the partnership. After several attempt trying to get this matter resolve he still not being included. He took this case to the court stated that the partnership was created between the two person, and just the prove that he was getting paid a percentage for the shares and also his contribution to the company was not in capital but in labor and skills.
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Back in 2001, I used to worked in JC Penney as a beauty advisor-Cosmetic Advisor, it used to be one of the best time of my life, I used to meet people of all kind, all kind of ethnic, and it created a relationship of not just a client and a beauty consultant but as friends, to the point that we would meet to eat lunch or dine, go to the movies, have barbecues with our families. Another good thing about this job was the pay it was an hourly pay job plus commission depending the product you would either get 10 to 20 % of commission of the sale, I used to sell cosmetics plus perfumes of all types of brands that JC Penney used to sell at that time. But I was also assigned a brand which was Channel and the vendor for Channel used to gave us gift and send us to Seminars, for their new products. Love it. Another thing about that I love working for JC Penney was the discount plan for the associates, it was awesome, since I was an employee that has sold more that $300,000 in by myself, they gave me 20% discount. On associate day I used to received 20% plus 30% of the discounted price plus whatever discount was on the rack, I used to buy so much cloth it was incredible, that's why now days I don't want to go to the mall.
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Today is one of those horrific days you just don't want to live or even hear about. We were threatened by Hurricane Irma, that had already left 27 dead in the Caribbean and now it was threaten to do a lot of damages in the State of Florida. We are expecting stand wind of 100 mph Category 4, We as Floridians are not prepared for this typed of hurricane. Everyone was following the path of this monster since the situation was making everyone panic. A lot of people start driving north to a safest place but what people wasn't realizing was that the hurricane was also moving north so it was better to find a safe place to avoid the wind and any danger it might have giving. The Keys, a series of low-lying islands, were hit especially bad a stretch of highway there that leads to the United States southern most point was riddled with Jet Skis, seaweed and the occasional refrigerator. In a few places, water had washed out chunks of the road. “I just hope everybody survived,”
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Today I'm going to talk about my country. The one we don't hear too much about but recently they started talking and not good about it. We were the center of a very big scandal of people evading taxes. The Panama Papers are an unprecedented leak of 11.5 m files from the database of the world’s fourth biggest offshore law firm, Mossack Fonseca. The records were obtained from an anonymous source by a German newspaper which shared them with ICIJ (the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists). In this documents they show The documents show the myriad ways in which the rich can exploit secretive offshore tax regimes to avoid taxes. Twelve national leaders are among 143 politicians, their families and close associates from around the world known to have been using offshore tax havens. Mossack-Fonseca law firm whose services include incorporating companies in offshore jurisdictions such as the British Virgin Islands. It administers offshore for a yearly fee and was offering services such as wealth management. And rather than dealing directly with company owners, mostly acted on instructions from intermediaries, usually accountants, lawyers, banks and trust companies. A lot of information was leak even bigger than Wikileak. After this information was put out in the open by the newspaper and the publishing journalist the firm won’t discuss specific cases of alleged wrongdoing, citing client confidentiality. But it robustly defends its conduct. They says it complies with anti-money-laundering laws and carries out thorough due diligence on all its clients. It says it regrets any misuse of its services and tries actively to prevent it. The firm says it cannot be blamed for failings by intermediaries, who include banks, law firms and accountants. The president of the World Bank, Jim Yong Kim, says that when taxes are evaded, when state assets are taken and put into these havens, all of these things can have a tremendous negative effect on our mission to end poverty and boost prosperity. Lets hope that the world only become more and more transparent as we move forward.
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Today I'm not sure what to talk about David and Goliath and how his story is apply to our day life. Back in BC there is the story about David, he was a shepherd that took care of his father’s sheep, until one day his father ask him to ten loaves of bread to his brothers and also take ten cheeses to the commander of their unit. His father wanted to know his brothers were doing and to bring back some assurance from them. As he reach them he heard Goliath shouting his usual, defying the army of Israel when he heard that he got out of the line of bottle and ask Goliath why was he asking Israel for battle? Everyone use to run away from Goliath. David without thinking pick up 5 smooth stones in the stream and had put it on his shepherd bag. He started across the valley to fight the Philistine. When Goliath saw David he started walking toward him and and David ask him if he consider him a dog because he was roaring. So Goliath started cursing at David for defiant him, for not being scare at him like everyone else, so Goliath said he was going to give his flesh to the birds and wild animals. David in response went to the Philistine army and Goliath that were sounding him at the moment and responded with this words, "You come to me with sword, spear, and javelin, but I come to you in the name of the Lord of Heaven's Armies the one you have defied. As Goliath move to attack, David quickly ran out to meet him, and reaching his shepherd's bag and taking out a stone, he hurled it with his sling and hit the Philistine in the forehead, the stone sank in, and Goliath stumbled and fell face down on the ground. What does this story tell us about our life that we just have to belief. God says that if your faith was as little as that Mustard Seed many thing in your life would be different. We all have a Killer Giant inside that is consuming us everyday, with problems, with debt, with so many daily problems that you do not know how to solve them, but god is telling you to trust him, that Faith requires action today. That god uses what we have to make us regroup and transform our life. And at the end Victory starts with the right thinking.
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I’ll just sit here a moment, get my breath back. It’s that men from number 43, won’t leave me alone. Every time I leave the house he’s there, by my side, those big doleful eyes staring up at me. Gives me the shivers it does. Don’t get me wrong, he is a real looker and I’d be lying if I didn’t say I’ve been tempted. But he wants more than I’m prepared to give him. I know what would happen. It would start off as a simple walk together, then one thing would lead to another and that would be that – my bachelor life would be over. Best I keep out of temptations way. Before I even start a new relationship I better clean myself from all the old habits that was left from bad relationships Oh no, it’s him! he’s seen me. Time I was off.
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She was wandering between the shelves, marveling at all the junk, when she heard the voice, “Excuse me young lady. I wonder if you could help me? I’m over here, top shelf, near the back, next to the skulls.” She looked on the top shelf and there, nestled between some grotesque skulls and two green glass jars, was a small wooden box. Lifting it down and giving it a shake, she whispered, “Is there someone in there?” “Yes there is and that someone would be grateful if you would stop shaking her about.” “Sorry, but I’ve never seen a box before that’s got a person inside it. What are you doing in there? “It’s a long story. All you need to know is that I’m a Genie and I’ve been locked in here for a long time. Now if you could just let me out.” “A Genie! I thought they only came in lamps?” “Normally they do, but the person who put me in here was in a bit of a hurry and lamps were in short supply.” “But how do I get you out? There’s no lid. Shall I get a hammer and smash it open?” “Don’t you dare! All you need to do is rub the box three times.” “But that’s what you do with lamps? Are you sure it’s the same with boxes?” “What is it with little girl and questions? Just do it!” “OK, but what’s in it for me? Aren’t you supposed to give me a wish or something for rescuing you?” “Get me out of here and I’ll give you anything you want. Just stop talking and rub the bloody box!” “Alright! Alright! But first I have to ask my mum. Mum, can I rub this box three times and let the Genie out? She says she’ll grant me a wish if I do.” “Don’t be silly Gladys. What have I told you before about touching things in shops. Put that box back on the shelf before you break it and come over here where I can keep an eye on you.”
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At the age of 50 I had made the decision to jump out of a plane. The idea scared the hell out of me but the reward of finally feeling like a real human being was worth it. So all geared up away I flew — the plane’s door open during the whole flight. Trying hard not to gag in front of anyone I approached the door once they were above the clouds. Don’t think you coward! Just jump! What’s the worst that could happen? Living like this is far worse than the shoot not opening, I thought. So I finally jumped and fell towards the Earth at 120 mph. I felt at peace as I was falling. Frantic thoughts did not cross my mind as one might think. Just peace. When I hit the ground and stood up tears filled my eyes. I would never be a real person again. That ship sailed long ago.
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Mom always thought me the I needed to look around me when I was in places by myself. Everyday in the playground there was an ice cream man that always said hi to every kid in the playground. Sometimes, when a bunch of us said hello at the same time, he twirled in circles howling, “HELLOOOO!” We laughed hard at that. The kids did. The grown ups acted like they didn’t trust him. The truth about John came out when Allison disappeared from the playground. Her Dad was frantic. He screamed, “MADDDDDDDDDDDISOOOON!”, twirling around like Jim. “Daddy?” Madison was across the street. I bet she was staring at toys in Walgreen’s window. She crossed back without looking. A car turned the corner, fast. Jungle John jumped into the street and fell into Madison hard enough to knock her away. Now he’s in the hospital. He’ll be okay. Madison’s dad is using his vacation to sell ice cream for Jungle John. I think that’s super nice.
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Brian and I have been married three years, but we’ve been together ten. We met as Ameri-Corps volunteers on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in Porcupine, South Dakota—a tucked-away place with a scattered population of 1,000. He taught computers and played guitar. I taught English and wrote poetry. In the volunteer house, we courted each other by making a phone out of tin cans and a string. I still remember his voice in my ear. Automatic goose bumps. A year later, our mothers discovered we were born in the same hospital in New Jersey, 1,600 miles away. After so many years of knowing each other and finding out that we were from the same town but live send us in path that only him can advise what we have to do.
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The word disable is used to refer to a ‘person with a disability’. This is because the word means ‘disable obstacles, restrictions or barriers that makes the life difficult’. We are physically or mentally disabled people. A person with a disability is one who not able to do the major physical or mental function/s of life. In our society there are many disable, physically disabled people. Some of them are physically born-disable. Others are victims of accidents such as train or bus accidents, bomb-explosions, fire-burns etc, or injury in factories and so on. In this or that way, they are deprived of the pleasure of enjoying a normal life. So we must not look down upon these persons as social burdens. They must be encouraged to face life boldly and to feel that life still holds the charm for them. They can be usefully employed in various craft and vocations befitting to them. They can achieve great success if they are given enough opportunity. A man who is blind may develop a talent for music. Beethoven, who was deaf, became a world-famous musician. We can also take the example of Helen Keller who was blind, deaf and dumb but discovered a new horizon for the blind. Sudha Chandran of our country is another instance who has become a celebrity as a dancer with her artificial leg and it has been possible for her iron-training to rehabilitate with dignity in our society.It is not charity but fellow-feeling which they need. There are some philanthropic organizations and NGOs that are doing good work to rehabilitate the handicapped. The government has also taken some steps for the handicapped such as free journey by bus or by train, reservation of some employment etc. But that is not enough. ‘Disabled people’ or ‘Differently able people’ should get the emotional, financial, and physical support from the society. We should have sympathy for them. We should all come forward to fight against discrimination against differently able people. Every person on earth deserves equal respect. As for the handicapped children the parents and other members of the society should have a soft corner in their hearts to acknowledge their position in the society. Further, since disabled people are actually ‘differently abled’ people, they should get enough opportunity to sharpen their skills and bring out the amazing hidden talents.
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Beggars are commonly found in India. They are seen in every town, city and village in India. The core areas of activities are the places of pilgrimage and worship. They sit on your heels on the banks of rivers, near temples and other busy places. When I went to India I saw them on the sidewalk of the city mall, outside a Catholic Church, everywhere, they where by the stop signs asking for money, it was very depressing to watch this because the majority of them had a condition, usually they would carry on their backs babies with deformities to make people feel sorry and for them, I was horrified for the amount of poverty that you were able to find in the street, lest don't even talk about the evening the sidewalk were like mattress for them, they were laying down in line one by on. Some people give money or food to beggars in order to get rid of them and not due to pity. They wander from street to street, from one locality to another and beg for food and money. They accept with grace whatever is given to them. But, sometimes they pursue people so consistently that people get tired of them. The poverty in India increases everyday and government is not doing anything to fix the problem or at list to try to work with the problem
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Some beggars are so young and strong they do not justify charity at all. There are few justifiable cases of begging. Those who are paralyzed, lame, deaf, dumb, and blind or disabled, are unable to earn their living. Some are pitiable states that evoke pity and compassion. These poor beggars are well versed in the art of singing religious songs. Some beggars have very melodious voice. Their sweet voice attracts the passing persons. These singing beggars are mainly in the trains and buses and they fascinate travelers through their hymns and devotion. Sometimes, a deaf and dumb beggar is seen. It is also common to see a beggar who is suffering from leprosy. These people, suffering from leprosy are carried from one place to another in a manually driven cart. These beggars are well acquainted with human psychology and beg according to the inner way of thinking of the people. While many of the begging cases are justifiable, some beggars also cheat innocent women. They sometimes even steal the money and jewelry of these women. The number of beggars in India is increasing. These beggars are living on the earnings of other people. It’s a pity that even strong and fit people in India resort to begging. They further indulge themselves in drinking and gambling. Their bodies become sick. They carry the infection with them and wander from place to place. Therefore, are answerable, to a large extent, for the spread the diseases and immoral values. Begging by healthy and fit people must be banned in India by law. Legislation should be enacted to stop this profession. However, the justifiable cases should receive help and must be gainfully employed. Street begging is really a nightmare for India. The modern Indian people will not be won over by any religious sentiment. Therefore, the beggars are not treated the way they expect to be treated. The women in India are not treated the way they needed to be treated, they are like animals and are given jobs that you can only could have only seen those jobs back in 1800. Kids are put in the street to beg for money, that's their job during the day.
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Today was a very stressful day I went to school thinking that my car was going to die on me. I'm not sure how long I can keep going on thinking this way. I wish someone buys my car so I can buy another car to take me to school basically, because this is no life. I have had several phone calls but none really interested in the car, because it has 210,150 miles but at the same time the car it's a 2004. If you we go by the book it should be 15,000 miles per year. The car is 13 years old, it has 8,000 miles over of what it needs to be but it's running fine, and must of all every thing is from the factory, I haven't replace one single thing, except putting tinted windows. I'm praying every day that I find a buyer soon so I can buy a new car.
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Going back to school has not been an easy task. I thought I was going to be able to handle my assignments every day, but I'm struggling. I made a mistake of taking too many classes starting my first semester. Not thinking that all of the classes demanded attention and that each one was going to ask for homework, investigation, and so much more. I don't how much longer I can handle this pressure. Everyday I go to bed at two o'clock in the morning, everyday I get up thinking that it get better. I see kids going into class and they haven't even bought the book, haven't done the homework and I feel so overwhelmed, and I don't know how this kids will pass the class when we are in the second month of the semester. It will very interesting to question them on how they will hope to pass the class without the book when all of the assignments have to be done on the book and must of all the book brings a code that you will require have to be able to open the application and work on the assignments.
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Today I want to write about the Sunday school. Have you ever heard of saying that when someone call you rebellious it meant witchcraft or if they say you where stubborn they were talking about having consequence behind every move. The full blessing never comes with half of the obedience. God is always interested in a full relationship but you have to make the commitment to follow him and his believe. Also we want to interact with God but we don't want God to interfere with us which is a selfish thinking toward God. When God left the commandments it was for us to follow them and to be our guide in earth. Never take for granted the things its giving to us because it can be taken away the same way they came.
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I'm going to talk about Angels. Do you believe in Angels? I'm going to talk about a story of a couple that saw an Angel in a Couple. One Sunday afternoon this couple from Curacao, went to give a Bible study to a couple, when they got there it seems there was no one at the house so they called the wife. She answered and said that her husband was working, when she find out the couple was at the front door, as they walk in, saw the woman face that have been crying and they ask her if there was something wrong, and she told them that she had thought to kill herself that same afternoon and she was just finishing writing a note to her husband, but their called stopped her from finishing the note. The couple who went to give the bible study pray to God that day for the opportunity he gave them to save her life.
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Feeling Blessed Today I got up late, when I saw my phone it was 10:30 a.m. had only one hour to to be at school knowing me I got up took a shower, got ready and got out of the house. Drove to school, by the time I got to school it was 11:30 a.m. on the dot I got there, they have just started class. I have English class, the teacher talk about chapter that we have done homework on, thank goodness I have done homework the night before I went on my field-trip because she made us say the answer of the exercise that was on the chapter she had us work for homework. Thank goodness I was proactive and when it was my turn to say my answer I was able to give it to her. This is why you have to keep doing your assignments and stay up to date.
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Trusting Issues. I have been in school for more than 6 week already. It has been an incredible journey so far; since then everything has happened to me. My car broke down when I was driving towards it, when I tried to get my son to help me his phone was not working. Since it was getting late I have no other choice but to call Uber to take me making me spend more than $50 going and coming back. After school I went to my son shop and told him what happened to me and he when with the truck company to towed my car back to his shop. When he look at the car he saw that the car has burned down the engine making me very sad and upset because this was my only means of transportation. His mechanic saw the engine and said there was something that could be a short term fix until I buy a new car or I do an overhaul of the engine in the next couple of month. Thanks goodness it work and I was able to go back to school in my car. But now I have to think on getting a new car because I do not trust the car no more.
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LOOK FOR A MENTOR: Today I went to the Paralegal department looking for my online teacher. Unfortunately he had just left. But the head of the department was there and I had a chance to talk to him. I explained to him that I was having problems with the course and that I needed a tutor to help me understand some of the terminologies and also how to set up the plan and it was getting hard for me because I have been out of school for years even though at work I took training and courses to keep me updated with the requirements and audits for the business I was still not in school. He said that he could help me get there but that he recommended me to speak first with my teacher first and if he was too busy or not at the time when I could then I was able to approach him. Another thing is that I should give him a couple of days since my teacher have just got back from out of State and that he was probably a little bit back up but by next week it probably will all be back to normal. He also suggested to send him another email to remind him that I was requesting to see him. I will request a second meeting and will see what he says about it next week.
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A Cinderella Story I’m telling you love, it was me. See it fits. I told you it would. That’s because I was the bird dancing with the prince all last night. I know I shouldn’t have left like I did, running off at the stroke of midnight, but I had to. I’d left the kids with a neighbor and she’d said she could only mind them until her old man got home at 12. I didn’t want to leave them on their own for too long, not with them being so tiny. Well you don’t do you? Bleeding shoe fell off as I was running down the stairs. Then I couldn’t get a taxi and had to walk home in that rain. Soaked I was. Any way it’ll be ok now, what with the prince having found the true love of his life. What did you say his name was again? Prince Charming
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What is Paradise? Throughout history man has sought to create, find, or at least image a paradise on earth, a place where there is peace, harmony, and a surcease from the pain that plagues our lives. On the eve of World War II, James Hilton imagined such a place in his best-selling novel, Lost Horizon. The story itself begins when an evacuation of Westerners is ordered in the midst of revolution in Baksul, India. A plane containing four passengers is hi-jacked and flown far away into Mountains of Tibet. The plane crashes and the passengers were in the valley, and the lamasery. Here they see an isolated monastery shrouded in mystery, which combines Christianity and Buddhism with a focus …show more content… Almost immediately Conway feels he is ideally suited to their way of life. He meets other lamas who have been in this valley for a long time, with whom he quietly falls in love with. All the newcomers desire to stay, except for Allinson. He and Masi fall in love with one another and makes plans to leave. Conway warns Allinson not to take Masi back with him, knowing her extreme old age will cause her to die immediately. Allinson doubts Conway’s knowledge, which in turn leads Conway himself to doubt and eventually consent to leave. Conway and Allinson following their departure from Tibet. The story is unresolved. They are lead to believe that there was truth to the story and that monks rapidly ages then dies, they are never definitively told their fates.