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I remember my first time at the carnival as a child. I used to love them so much, it was very special to me since there was so many characters and I was just so excited to see them in real life. I would always ask my mom when the next carnival was in town, she would get annoyed at me but I did not care. There was usually a carnival every year towards the end of the year or in the summer time. I loved all of the carnivals I went to as a child, those were good memories.
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I think that cooking is really good and a good way to express your culture. I love to cook breakfast because it is the most important part of my day, it is the first meal I eat so I want to make it count. I usually cook eggs with corn inside and have a fresh fruit smoothie along with it. Sometimes, I add toast to my eggs and eat it like a sandwich. My daughter loves it when I make her breakfast, she is always asking for seconds! I love breakfast and I wish I could have it all day!
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The age is just a number. To be healthy matters the most, by how you take care of yourself that shows the result on your appearance. Eating well, exercising daily, sleeping well, and being happy are important parts of your life. If one part of those is missed, it might be a problem because it will affect other parts. For instance, being unhappy that may lose your motivation to work out. It also will affect other parts and the result on your appearance will look older than your actual age. Therefore, it is important to have those parts in balance.
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When you feel hungry, and you haven’t eaten for a while, your energy becomes low. It also affects your mood, and thinking function. When you eat a meal, your mood becomes cheerful also thinking function is clear because the energy rises. However, when you are done with a meal, you feel stuffed, but you also feel relaxed and sleepy. This energy drops so fast that leads you to a bed because you wait a bit too long and you let yourself starved. It is amazing by how an energy can do to your body when you don’t eat on time.
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Someone I know feels different about collecting treasures. He explained why.

“What is the point in collecting them and when you die, will your child keep them as a memory?”

I shrugged saying “Sure, my child will want something to remember by.” He agreed but then said “Every single thing you have collected all your life, will your child be able to storage everything?”

My eyes blinked.

“Exactly…” He said. Then he added, “I prefer to spend every penny on pictures because they are important, and no one wants to throw away. Pictures are cherished and it tells our story.”
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I have always loved to draw. I have drawn in many different styles throughout my life. At first, I drew in a cartoon style when I started to learn how to draw. I was a child then, I learned the cartoon style from the shows on television. Later, when I became more mature, I drew with more realistic characteristics. My illustrations were more in depth, showing off a more human vibe. Now, I do a little bit of both styles. I can easily switch between cartoon and realistic styles. I really like both styles, they both have their own touch.
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Have you ever tried macaroons? They are so sweet and soft. They are small pastries originated from France. The first time I had one, I couldn't believe that something so small could pack a punch in my mouth! There are many flavors of macaroons, such as chocolate, vanilla, pistachio, Oreo, caramel, and many more. Although macaroons are VERY expensive, it's worth it. There aren't a lot of pastry shops that sell these delicious treats. It is very hard to bake a perfect macaroon. Even though macaroons are small, I can't have more than three. I wish more shops sell them.
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I believe that photography is unique. It is just like an illustration. Each photo tells it's own story within the image. Many photographers have their own style of taking an image. Some photographers use the black and white filter on their pictures to show a more vintage feel, or sepia. Personally, I love to use color in my photographs. I like the black and white photos too, but I love to use color and contrast two different colors and create something unique. I study photography so I see a lot of vintage photos. Maybe that's why I prefer color images.
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Sometimes when I'm bored, I like to bother my daughter. She always gets a little annoyed at first. She plays online games a lot with her friends. I don't understand why they can't all hang out in real life! I draw when I am bored also, or I read a book. I check Facebook very frequently to see what everyone is up to. I text my friends on Facebook, usually everyone I text has an interesting story to tell me. On some days when there is nothing to do, I go shopping with my daughter. Then, she isn't annoyed anymore.
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I have a small office in my house. It's not really an office room, it is a loft. But I make it into my own office. The loft is upstairs right next to the stairs. I decorate it with fairy lights and drawings that I made myself. My office is also my art room. There is a huge black rug under my canvas so I don't ruin the carpet with paint. Sometimes I wonder what if my office was actually used as a proper loft? I imagine it would be very cute. But I still want this loft to myself.
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My daughter wants to start a garden on the sides of our house. She explains to me that she doesn't want to grow fruit or vegetables. She wants to grow cacti and flowers. I was surprised that she wants to learn how to garden. I don't know how to garden myself, so I am very interested to see how she learns. My daughter loves small cacti with the flowers on it. When we go to Lowes or Home Depot, she always goes straight to the plant center. I think it is cute that she wants to have her own garden.
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I am nervous for the final exams in December. This is my first year back at school. I have not taken a test like this since high school! I really hope that I do good. I study for what topics might be involved in the exam. Even though I study a lot, I still feel uncomfortable about the finals. I try to keep a positive attitude about it. I have forgotten the feeling of final exams, now it's all coming back to me! I feel just like a teenager. I really hope that I do good on my final exams.
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PDQ is my favorite fast food place. I sometimes get a turkey breast sandwich or chicken tenders. The chicken tenders are so crispy and the chicken itself is mouth watering. Everyone knows that turkey is dry and plain. But, PDQ makes the turkey have more flavor and it's not as dry as you would expect! I don't know what they do to the turkey that makes it so good, I want to know! The french fries are seasoned perfectly.I can never have enough of them. The honey mustard that they serve is so good. PDQ is personally my favorite.
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My daughter's 16th birthday is coming up. In less than a month, she will be 16. Time goes by so quickly. It seemed that just yesterday she was a baby, and now she is almost legally to work! I know that she is excited, and I am excited also. I have been stressed because I am surprising her with a birthday party. She told me that she doesn't want a professional sweet 16. She said she wants a bouncy house. I smile every time she mentions that. My daughter is no longer a child but she is still one inside.
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It is hard to believe that it has been five years since I got married to my wonderful husband. Before all this happened, I was a single mom living the hard and complicated life. I thought I would never get married because who would want me as a single mom of a child? I was taught that being a single mother would be unfortunate, and end up being struggled. However, my life proved me wrong and it changed my thoughts forever since I met my husband. I am truly grateful to have him in my life and my daughter’s life.
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By looking at how much my daughter has grown to become a 16 years old lady, and I remember her many of FIRST moments, and she is still having her “first” moments. There is so much in her life that she will learn, and I will have to allow her to learn hard ways on her own even I want to protect her from getting hurt or falling apart. What’s more, she has talents that she is good at saxophone and animation. Her dream is to attend to Full Sail University to study animation. I am a very proud mommy!
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Today, I am a little bit emotional because I forgot my dad’s birthday yesterday. I was very focused on studying and my life as a mother and a wife. I couldn’t believe myself forgetting my dad’s birthday. It broke my heart. But, he told me not to feel bad. I still felt guilty because normally I always prepared a card, a present, and a dessert for him. So, I came up making videos of each of my family to say happy birthday and I eventually blew a candle on a cupcake for him. He loved the videos I sent.
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As soon as Thanksgiving week begins, I will start decorating Christmas around my house which I love so much! It brings my spirit and it brings me many good memories. My daughter and I will decorate it together, and I hope she will enjoy as much as I do because I have been doing this by myself. At this time, she is a teen and it is time for her to start doing this with me and for the tradition to keep going. Not only decorating, I love baking desserts and I know for sure my daughter will love it!
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Some days, I go to the gas station in my local, and I always see a homeless guy sitting there with a cardboard that says “Help” or “Money for Food.” Sometimes I give him a bag of snacks and a bottle of water. No one will know where the money will go to. Drugs? Beers? Meals are better option to be able to live for one more day. But just today, I see a new homeless guy but much younger, I will have to say, even younger than myself. I wonder, how can this young guy happen to be homeless?
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One day, I sit outside and pause by taking a look at people and I wonder what their each live are nowadays. For example, the pretty woman goes to Target to buy something, is it for herself, or for her boyfriend? The man goes to Sam’s Club to buy food full of two carts, it is obliviously for a party but what party? There is a guy at Zales jewelry shop, talking on cellphone for 30 minutes and looking at a specific ring but he also looks unsure. I wonder who is on the phone. His girlfriend’s bestfriend? Or his bestfriend?
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Funny story here, there was a bounce house in my backyard for my daughter’s sweet 16 birthday party, and all her friends were in there having a blast. My husband and I came up with an awesome idea to prank on her by unplugging the bounce house, it would go soft and collapse. It was funny to watch my daughter yelling in sign “Mom! It is collapsing!!” Then her friends came out of the bounce house, and I made a video of everything, and we laughed at them. We told her that it was a prank! She never forgot this moment!
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When I came with this familiar of coughing in a harsh vibration in my chest and I knew. I was having bronchitis. Again. Again. And again! I had this for the first time was probably when I was a teen with a fever and then it stopped until I was around 22 years old. It happened annually because I often don’t get enough rest and I always keep things busy with work, hobby, events, and life. Also my immunity system is not strong, so when a bacterium is in air somewhere, and it accesses into me easily, and I deal with bronchitis.
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I did not realize how hard to study photography I because it takes a lot of time doing the work while I have a busy life at home. Not only that, I have three classes (used to have four classes), and I had to remember to study other classes too because often times I fell hard by focusing only photography. I hope that I am able to pass all courses especially photography because I want to study Drawing I for the next semester. I love drawing so much and I really hope my efforts for these classes are paid off.
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I love sleeping. I really do. Even I don’t get enough sleep like I always do because I have insomnia like right now and the time is 12:22 am trying to finish these entries. Anyway, when I have nothing to do for the day, I really want to sleep ALL DAY like I used to when I was young. I was able to sleep all day as much as I liked but today as 37 years old, I try to sleep more, but my body and my brain starts activing and it encourages me to get up. So, it sucks.
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As right now, I am thinking what to buy at Publix tomorrow and it is for Thanksgiving meal. I want something different and something easy to cook. I am not much a cooker but I can cook. I will look up google to see what I will like to try. Of course, to see what desserts I will like to bake, but I will give this job for my daughter, she loves baking. It will be just three of us for Thanksgiving, so the meal is not going to be so huge, but maybe a bit more than few variety.
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Since I started studying college, I have not seen my best friend, Monet. She also goes to school too. She is about to be 40 years old, and I just turned to be 37 years old. She is studying culinary and I am studying Design Graphic/Photography. Before all this happened, we always made time for each other, we went to the bar, enjoy the laughs with drinks and chat all day and night. I have known her for 16 years, and it is amazing to see how our lives have change over years but nothing can stop our long friendship.
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I found an old picture of my dad when he was young, at about late 30ish and I was 6 years old. I saw my family in the picture, and it was a Christmas party because of the dress I wore. My dad stood and smirked while I sat on the couch behind him and looked up at him like if he was a celebrity. I could not believe my facial expression in this picture and it showed my love and pride for my dad also I smiled from ear to ear. True, he is the star of my life.
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We will have 3rd Christmas in this new house this year, and we love this home very much. Before this home, we used to live in a townhouse. That time, my husband and I was a girl/boyfriend in a serious relationship, and he purchased a townhouse to build a life together. We lived there for five years, and it was time for us to live something bigger. So, we found this beautiful house and we are going to grow old with wrinkles and greys, and this home will be still roomful for our grandchildren! This home will have many stories!
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I have not read a single book other than those boos from college. I really missed reading my books! I have hundreds of them idling on the shelves. They become to be decoration now. It is so sad! I hope during Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday; I will be able to read maybe two books. If I remember to do that and it will help me with the stress. No wonder that I feel stressed a lot lately. The books help me to escape from reality and vision myself in the story. That is what I love about reading a book.
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My husband and I have been discussing about buying Recreational Vehicle lately, and we went to RV show a few weekends ago, and it was quite interesting!! We went inside some of RV, some was very luxury and it was awesome if we could afford that! But some RVs were just average, maybe a bit pricey, but we needed to figure out what size of RV because we didn’t want to “live” in RV, we would travel this country, and would only cook, sleep, shower, and relax in a reasonable size of RV. We are still searching for a right one.
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I am so ready for WINTER! I am tired of wearing summer clothes. Enough with these feather-weighted clothes! I missed wearing jackets, and boots! I love to feel cozy with clothes. Especially the colors in winter are dark and stunning. I am all about dark clothes because it always looks the best on me. Sometimes in morning, I check on weather app to see if it is cold enough for me to wear a scarf. Nope, it doesn’t happen yet because Florida has strong tropical weather, and it almost only has two seasons. I am still longing for a scarf.