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I thought growing up will be better, but i figured out that it has more responsibilities, more bills, more payments, more worries, more studying and more hard work. Some times you just think about your future, what will happen, what job will you have, how will your life be in a couple of years. I wish if i can go back, stay younger, nothing to worry about, no responsibilities. Just go to school, do my home works, play around, don't have any bills to pay for and your parents will do everything for you, but this is life, time moves on.
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When its time to buy a car, you should be prepared. It will begin with a down payment, plus the tax, registration fees, car tag (plate number), insurance. Then there will come the monthly payments, which will depend on your down payment, the more you pay on down payment the less you pay on monthly payments. There will also be interest applied on your car price, depends on how many years you are taking it, which are the worst part. Also, the car maintenance itself, like oil changes, tires, brakes etc. should be done frequently. I recommend to buy the car with cash, would be a much easier for you.
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My favorite sport is soccer, i really enjoy playing it. It consists of eleven players on each team. Each team have a goal keeper, defenders, mid-fielders, and the attacks. There is also a substitutes players just in case one of the players is injured or tired. The team's couch decides which player to pick for the game, and also makes the team's formula (arranges the players where they should be), he also picks the plan for the team on how the players should play. The referee is responsible for enforcing the rules of the game during the match being played.
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Actually a hundreds words is pretty fun to do daily, when you are just bored and have nothing to do, just open hundred words, pick a topic and start typing anything, just like what i am doing now, but i don't have a topic to pick, so i will just type something about hundred words. It is a better thing to do when you are bored instead of just watch TV, playing video games or wasting hours of your time staring on your phone. It is a nice way to be graded just by typing a small paragraph about things.
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Studying at college and having a job is quite hard to do both, especially if your job has too many hours. You will get stressed at your job and leading to less concentration on your studies, this will let your marks low. Some students have no time to do there home works because they have a full time job. So just find a part time job to cover your bills and concentrate on your studying, because studying is more important than your recent job, studying will let you succeed in your future and will let you find a better job.
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It's always good to listen to other people's advice, especially from a family member or your parents. When ever you're confused or don't know what to do, it's good to ask them and let them advice you to the right path. They might have more experience than you do and might have went into more problems, so asking them will definitely be good to know what to do and to avoid any things or any problems that they had made. So try always to listen to your parents and family members, let them be next to you all the times.
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Florida's weather is way too hot, it feels like the sun is hitting you directly into your head, even when you are sitting under the shade, it's still hot. It's the same feeling as if you are in a sauna room. Even when it is cloudy and the sun is behind it, you can still feel the heat. The best part when it rains, it looks just like a tap water that is on, it starts pouring rain so hard, the temperature goes down a little bit, but when is stops, the temperature goes back up and with high humidity.
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I usually have a ton of topics to write about, but when it's time to open the computer and begin to write one hundred words, all the topics that i wanted to write about has vanished out of my head. So i will just talk about one hundred words because i don't have any topics to write about. It does seem like a pretty fun way to be graded but i am a few topics behind, so i need to figure some topics to write about. It's nice that anything random pops up in your head, you can write about.
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Everyone usually hates the first of the month because of the bills, you have your house rent, electricity bill, water bill and the list goes on. And during the month there is even more bills to be paid such as the internet and cable bill, your car insurance, and even if you are financing a car, there will be a payment. There is also your credit card bills for shopping your clothes, food, car gas. Life will end but the bills wont if your a adult. I wish if i can just win the lottery to cover all the bills.
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If you heard the news that Hurricane Irma will hit Florida at category of five. It was 9:30 at morning and my parents told me that we need to pack our bags for at least three days and evacuate now, so I packed my bag as quickly as possible and then we jumped into our car and drove out fast and we did not have any plans to where we should go. So we planed to go to Atlanta, and got stuck in the traffic for at least six hours, it took us about ten hours to reach Atlanta.
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We evacuated because Hurricane Irma will hit Florida at a category of five, on our way to Atlanta, we were searching to book a few nights in a hotel, but every hotel we called were fully booked for the next four days, we were kind a nerves wondering where we should spend the next three days. The highways were packed with cars, vans, SUVs, buses and RVs, all evacuating out of Florida. All the gas stations were closed and out of gas and diesel, but we had a few extra gallons filled with gas that we prepared a week before.
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By the time we reached Atlanta, it was mid night, and we were all tired and exhausted because we had to evacuate out of Florida and the trip took us about ten hours. We called many hotels but unfortunately they were fully booked. We were kind of nerves, and didn't know what to do next. Our second plan was to travel to another city, but we refused because we were tired and exhausted. We stopped by a hotel to try our last chance and lucky for us they had a room available that one of the customers cancelled their reservation.
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After three days staying in Atlanta, and hurricane Irma was gone, we headed back to Florida. We got stuck in the highway because it was packed with cars that are returning back. By the time we reached back home, we had power and water. But some of the trees and branches were on the ground, we had no damages to our house or any one from our neighbors. All schools and colleges were off for the whole week, even Walmart, Target, Publix, restaurants and gas stations were closed. It was like a ghost town, no one were in the streets.
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Sunday, Sunday, Sunday, well who does not love Sundays. It's my favorite day of the week. Sunday is my relaxing day, I usually wake up late on Sundays because i stay late doing my assignments and studying during the week. I just spend my time watching TV, playing video games and out. I also spend some time with my family, and have lunch together. I also some times go to the mall do some shopping for new clothes, later on, i just spend some time with my parents and do my home works and assignments that need to be done.
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The biggest competition in phone brands is Apple and Samsung, they both have their own customers but I like Apple products more than Samsung products even though it's more expensive. Apple is more friendly to use than Samsung, in my opinion. Like for example, the finger print ID, they both have it, but Apple is more accurate to use, in addition, the home screen, Samsung's home screen is too complicated. I know that Apple copied Samsung by the new face recognition and the wireless charging in the new iPhone X but Apple has clearly won the battle in my opinion.
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When everyone hears the term RICH, they think that person have a lot of money in the bank account, also owns many houses and brand new cars, wearing expensive cloths, wearing expensive jewelry but RICH is not about having too much money, or having a house or a brand new car, RICH means you are rich in your manners, rich in your thoughts, rich means you are healthy, and not having problems, you should be grateful. Many rich people have a lot of problems and are worried all the time. So whats the point of being rich and having problems.
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Going to college is way better than going to high school because you have more freedom and meet new friends. School teaches you the basic things while college teaches new things that you want to know about your major. You can pick your own classes according to your major and schedule, i used to hate waking up so early to go to high school. College needs more hard work than high school, you have more assignments to do, more quizzes and is way tougher than high school. It makes you feel that you are a adult not a child anymore.
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One of the best things to do for your future is going to college and having all your classes paid or getting a scholarship, having zero debt for anyone. So if you have all your classes paid for and zero debt for anyone, the salary which you will be getting in your future job will all be yours, nothing to pay for. Well financial aid and student loans is a good choice to pay for your classes but when your done with your study, you have to pay it back with the interest that is built up all this years.
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If you ever had a chance to travel, go to Dubai. It is the most beautiful country in the whole world, and the richest too. It has the world tallest building ever, called Burj Al-Khalifa. It is so tall that the tip of the building is above the clouds. It has shops, restaurants and even apartments. The apartments are so expensive there. The smallest apartment that has one bedroom and one bath, costs more than 1 million dollars. If you own a apartment in the there, you will have a access to a private pool, gym and private lounge.
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Dubai has the most expensive and luxury hotel ever, it's called the Atlantis Hotel. It is the only 7 star hotel in the world, which located on a separate island that is called The Palm Jumeirah Island, that looks just like the shape of palm. It's man made and took ages to built. It's made from tons of ocean sand that is placed in one place. The Atlantis hotel is located on the very end of The Palm Jumeirah Island. The room prices goes from one thousand (1,000) dollars to fifty thousand (50,000) dollars just for one night.
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Another country you should definitely visit is Jordan. Jordan is one of the nicest country in the world. It has many beautiful places to visit, like the Dead sea, Petra, Wadi-Rum, Aqaba, Ma'in hot springs. The Dead sea is the lowest point on earth. There are no fish, plants, anything living or even boats and ships in the sea, because it's very salty. It's 10 times salter than the ocean water. Many products is produced from The Dead sea like cosmetics that are very healthy for your skin. Dead sea is so salty that you easily float in it.
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If you will ever visit Jordan, you should definitely visit Petra. Petra is one of the 7 wonders of the world. Petra is one of the most visited places by tourist in Jordan. Petra is known as the rose city due to the color of the stones, and very unique. Petra was built in early 312 BC by the ancient Greek. Another place you should visit is the Wadi-Rum. Wadi-Rum is a desert, and the seconded most visited place by tourist in Jordan. You will definitely have fun there, like going on a safari tour, rock climbing, camping.
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Have you ever traveled in first class with Emirates airways ?. It's something you need to try at least once in your life. It is the best experience ever. But the ticket price is quite expensive, it cost twenty thousand dollars (20,000$). But if you travel a lot with Emirates airways, you gain points, and if you have enough points, you can upgrade your economy ticket to first class ticket and pay a some amount or some times for free. It's best to travel in first class if you are flying long distance, like more than 7 or 8 hours.
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Flying in first class with Emirates airways is the best experience ever. It's feels like you have your own room. You get a big TV screen in front of you and touch tablet that controls the TV. Also you get a mini bar next to you that has all kinds of soft drinks and water. Your chair converts into a bed using the touch tablet which is so comfortable, it feels like you are sleeping on your own bed. The best part is that you get a bathroom that has a shower, and take a shower while you are flying.
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Florida's weather is so bipolar, one minute it rains and another minute it's sunny. It's also very hot. Some times Florida's weather can ruin your day. Like for example, when you plan to go out, or go to the beach, and the weather looks sunny nothing wrong, just a perfect day, and you head out, in just a sudden out of no where, it begins to rain very hard that it feels like you are under the shower. So when you see it raining, you just cancel your plans and head back home, when you reach home, it gets sunny.
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I am 5 days behind, so i need to think about 5 topics to write, but i don't know what to write. So i will just tell you about my day. I woke up early, brushed my teeth, got dressed for school, got there early, so i just stayed in the car on my phone, checked my Facebook and my Snap chat, went to class, and then headed back home, i had a lot assignments to do, ate lunch, did all my assignments, went to target, bought some staff, came back, and stayed watching Netflix the rest of the day.
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What ever happens, just stay positive. Always smile, don't let anyone ruin your day. All people have different problems, don't let them affect you. I hate it went some people say that you can't do it or reach it, so don't let anyone destroy your goals, if you believe in yourself and you know you can do it, just ignore them, let them say whatever they want and stay positive... The majority of some of people want to see you do well, but never better than them. Always keep your private staff private, don't tell anyone unless you trust them.
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My worst part of the day is waking up in the morning, i hate it when my alarm rings, especially when i'm tired, i usually stay late at night doing my assignments. So i just hit the snooze button and fall back to sleep, after 7 minutes it rings again, so I snooze it again, and when it rings the third time, i figure out that i'm late for class, so I jump out of my bed and rush to the bathroom, put on my clothes, then eat my breakfast super fast, get in the car and drive to college.
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I love Thanksgiving holiday, because i get to spend some time with my family, have dinner together, also the best part of the Thanksgiving holiday is that I don't have school. I also love Thanksgiving holiday because the next day is Black Friday, so i do a list of things i want to buy and buy them. Black Friday could get very busy, but it's only once a year. I hate to wait hours in line to get my turn to pay. Also Thanksgiving reminds me that there is a few weeks left for the end of semester in school.
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So I guess, this is the last entry for September. It was nice to write about random topics and be graded. 100 words is a fun way to learn how to write. But i hate it when i write a topic and it is more than a hundred words, so i need to remove some words which could be hard, or when i write a topic and it's less than a hundred words, so i need to put extra words like I'm doing right now. I wrote 87 words until now, 9 to go now, just think, and I'm done.