BY jacob

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My favorite sport lacrosse, i like lacrosse because it is a big team effort and there no I in team. i play lacrosse and i watch it as well. when there is nothing to do on a sunny day my friends and i all get together and throw the lacrosse ball around. lacrosse gives me great exercise running around throwing the ball, i love the competetion of lacrosse too. my whole family plays the sport of lacrosse so we all enjoy playing together. i played lacrosse in highschool and now i play in a mens lacrosse league it is fun.
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Today i made myself a sandwich and started heading to school and my dumb self left my sandwich at home so i am actually dreaming about that delicious sandy right now i am excited to get home and throw it in the panini maker and press it so the cheese melts and i add extra mayo and mustard and i buy a ice tea for my meal i will fed my pup some of the bread because she loves every food besides he dog food. i love cuban bread too. i love the publix turkey and the publix roast beef.
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Today has been a good day im just stressed out about school. my grade in my reading class is not very exceptable and i am getting nervous because i am studying for all my stuff but it bothers me the way the class is. the teacher is not a very good teacher in my own opinion and he bothers me. i am actually doing well tho i am excited to get home it has been a very long day. school has been good i am really happy with the essay i have written for this writing class it is good.
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yesterday i was mad i was not able to get riptide dead island video game because it is not free on my xbox so i was really annoyed because i really wanted to play it but last night i downloaded a video game that is extremely fun! so much fun i played all night. the game is based off escaping from a concentration camp after being captured by the naziis and they are going to hang you because you are a spy. so you buddy up with an enemany of yours and you sneak around the camp trying to escape.
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When i was in middle school i used to get bullied all the time same with highschool. Those events have not made me a better person those events have actually made me a judging person. these days i am unable to go into a gym or even go in large groups of people i get to afraid to go into environments that i am not comfortable with. so when i meet friends it takes me awhile to be myself around them. I am sick of acting cooler than i actually am i want to be able to be myself again.
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i like having dogs, dogs are cool. my pup is my best friend she hangs with me when i am lonely, licks me when im sad and i walk her when shes down or bored. my dog is the best she is so cute but she has some flaws. at night she gets exhausted and grumpy so when you try picking her up she grrr at you and sometimes even will bite you. she knows never to bit me because she knows i will hit her. shes always pretty nice to me and sometimes others because she is trained well.
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My favorite food is wings. i love going to hooters and wing house to get quality wings and look at the girls. but the wings are actually good. i enjoy dipping my wings into blue cheese and then eating the wings. i like hot wings and they have to have bones in them. i could eat wings alot if them were my last meal i would eat so many. thinking of wings right now is making me really hungry i think im going to pick up some wings after this class because i am so hungry, with some blue cheese.
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i want to be a car i would go rally fast down the street. rmmm thats me im going fast because i am a car i love cars i love to drive a good because they get us places fast. i am glad i have a car, some people do not and they have to take the bus to get places and i would not like that. because you have to wait on the bus, your space would be violated and buses are not very safe. i rode a bus during last year when i lived in california
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hi, i am jake. i live in tampa. my favorite color is blue. i like when it storms and rains. i love to sleep in and cuddle with my dog. i do not like when people wake me up from a nap. that is the worst. I am a smoker which isnt very fun. i am an addict, also not very cool or whatever people think. i love sushi and wings, but not together. every single day i get an sweet tea from mc donalds, always a large. i have many hobbies but you'll have to hear about that later
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My hobbies are playing lacrosse, tennis, soccer, football, running, lifting, walking, eating, playing video games. and more i just can not think about it. i used to like doing things on the computer but all this typing has made computers a huge turn off. i will never touch a computer again in my free time. sorry 100 words but when i am finished with the next 2000 words i will be taking a brief break. i feel like my hands and fingers are loosing sense and need to be re charged up in order to keep this process in motion.
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i just had some gum and it is very minty i like gum a lot but lately i have not been able to chew gum because my top two teeth in the back really hurt because about 6 months ago i tried taking a bolt off something with my mouth and those 2 teeth were directly affected and it totally hurt my teeth and my gums i feel the aches i have in my mouth from those two teeth it hurts so badly, every time i chew on gum or even food it is so painful to deal with ouch.
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flowers for the dead some times i hear your voice in my head, but i wish you were here instead. josh you know we have been friends since we were little kids, i just think about the things we ever did. then i say you dying from that cancer. loosing a friend sucks but it is a motivation to stop smoking and all that unhealthy stuff. just think of all the stuff we put in our bodies. it kills it all does even unhealthy foods stuff eating like shit and stop smoking or doing drugs its not cool so stop
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today i am going to the gym to work out with a friend. i am going to work out and run because i am really out of shape. i sm trying to get bigger and stronger and such i am going to drink some pre workout before i go. i used to use c4 creatine which was all water weight and it would make me huge but when you stop working out and sop taking the creatine your muscles loose all the water weight and your muscles do not look as big so that is not very good its awful.
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yesterday i sold my vape for 150 dollars and i do not really know how to save my money so not much is left . my parents have been bothering me about getting rid of it so i found someone to buy it. i bought some thing else in order to get nicotine though it is can a fix and the nicotine is very high so after hitting it it leaves you slumped. right now i feel like shit because i was just hitting in my car i wish i did not hit it because i feel really bad right now
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friday i took a chick on a date it was a pretty good date we got sushi. at first is was very awkward , then it got much better . i took her to avery romantic place she was totally digging me think. so on sunday i took her to lunch we had a really fun time together i hope to see her again but who knows maybe shit was just using me for free lunch and dinner i hope that is not the case i would be very upset. she is cute and all but is not that open with me
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today i went to new york new york pizza it was good pizza and cheap as well i got a huge slice for 3.25 $ and the piece was actually huge tasted pretty good. and i went to 711 on 7th and i got a icee coca cola flavored. that was good as well because it was a very hot day out. i really thought about getting jimmy johns because those sandwiches are pretty amazing i usually get a turkey tom a number 4 but i did not end up going Ybor is a really interesting area to be in.
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today i went to 711 the gas station, and got a drink, i found that there was a lady big on my shirt. which was lucky so i am hoping today will be a good day. so far it has not been too shabby of a day. so yeah, i went to my car and drank a poweraid and then ate my sandwich my sandy was pretty good and i packed a lip and i was just hanging out. i am excited to get home and take a nap then play my fun new video game called far cry 4
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i wrote a great paper for school my reading class i turned it in. i hope i get a great grade i need it for that class. that reading class is busting my balls and it bothers me honestly. i have a my test wednesday of next week so i need to do the best i can on it so i can raise my grade in that class so my plan is to studdy my ass off for that test and make sure i know all the answers. so if i do well in that my grade will go up
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there are days that i do not like to do anything. like today i honestly do not want to do anything i am exhausted and tired and i am having a pretty bad day. what is a good day, how do you have a good day? i must know because my day today is so boring. sometimes i am so bored all i do all day is lay around with my dog. thats all thinking about what a dog does all day sounds really relaxing and good. they have nothing to worry about and they can just sleep all day
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why write 100 words? Why is this important? do people enjoy this? i surely do not. this assignment is not fun. it does not help people write better it does not at all. I am not learning to write better or getting better at typing. my fingers are just getting extremely tired and i am getting really really bored. i am trying to write about my problems but it is not working so what am i doing wrong? obviously this is helpful for some people. tell me why this isnt helpful for me? i am almost there. yes 100 words!
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today i washed a ton of car and make a little bit of cash. i scrubed a tons of cars and cleaned the rims too. making money is my favorite thing to do. although i did not make a lot of money. washing cars actually sucks though. i did not have fun at all. my back is killing me like the lower part of my back. i really need a massage. maybe i will go get one today. i love getting them hot rocks on my back is the best. i have always wanted acupuncture with all the needles ouch.
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Tonight i am going to st pete beach. Indian rocks to be exact. i am quite excited i have never been to that beach. My favorite thing about going to the beach Is going in the water I love the ocean. The ocean Is a lot of fun Because there are Tons of animals Swimming in the ocean I always Have a lot of fun at the beach The sand is nice to as well as the sun Getting my tan on is the best I also like Throwing the football with my best friends and playing with other people
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I am excited for winter break because My family and I are going on a cruise That cruise is supposed to be really fun Which I am extremely excited for. We are going to Jamaica And the grand Cayman Islands I hope we go snorkeling, That's my favorite thing to do . The water is very very clear And it is a lot fun to Swim in I have not been on a cruise in a while. I am very very excited This vacation Should be very very fun. usually i got snow boarding but this time we are changing it.
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My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving BecauseI love spending time with my family Not just my family The bigger expanded part of my family We are all have a lot of fun together While we eat Great foods Like turkey Ham Mash potatoes Pumpkin pie And tons of other delicious treats But it's not really about the food It's about spending time With the people I do not get to see a lot And no one has excuses That they cannot make it Because of work We always Have a lot of fun On Thanksgiving We all go swimming all together.
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I just got new shades in my room so I can now sleep all day On my days off I love to sleep After each day of classes I always take a nap Sleeping is actually pretty healthy I do not sleep much throughout the night So that extra nap really gives me a good Energy booster. The shades are really good They totally block out the sun The sun really bothers my eyes I got The color tan Shades. They really Do a good job Sitting With the style of my room I also just got My room painted.
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Today, i did not have a class this morning. Usually i have a class at 930 am on mondays and wednesdays. I fell asleep very late last night and i knew i would be able to sleep in because this class starts at 1230pm. Which is very nice. I am excited to get home, i am having a cute girl over tonight, we are going to watch a horror film, which i am excited for. I love horror movies, although they make me uncomfortable. Watching scary movies with someone is a lot more comforting. I watched one last night alone.
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Yesterday i worked for 9 am to 5 pm and it was awful i really do not mind it but once i am there and we get really slow, it gets very boring, and honestly there is not much to do so i hope they send me home early. But in my place of business we are not suppose to say “ there is nothing to do” because once i said that and they made me clean the weirdest places no one would ever think needs cleaning. when ever i am at work and there is nothing to do i clean.
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I watched a great movie last night. The movie was about a couple that lives in the boonies in the middle of alabama, and they live next to this creep neighbor. One day the neighbor knocks on their down to see who lives in the house and he finds out about the guys beautiful girlfriend. So the next day, the boyfriend leaves for work and the girlfriend is walking the neighbor kill animals, minuets later she sees a boy running from him all bloody and he gets him and murders him. Then he look directly at the house at here
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Continuing to that movie about the neighbor. The boyfriend heads over to his neighbors home to see if he had seen her. He said yeah, “i saw her get in here car all angry and race off in her car”. The bf could not believe that . so he snuck over to her house when he was not home and he searched his home and found his gf and a few more girls locked in cages, . he ends up fighting the two children of the creep neighbor and then killing the neighbor and going to mexico with his girlfiend scary stuff.
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days are like weeks, weeks are like months and months are like years. im visiting my friend in OkC on the 19 of october and i am pumped. when something fun comes up it feels like it takes forever to come but when life is boring then it all goes quickly. i just want to get out of tampa my i do not really enjoy tampa and i have to finish community college to get out of it so i can not wait for that day and again days are like weeks so it will be a while to come.