BY Lee

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Choices are made daily. We decide our own choices. We all make good and bad choices, but they are still our choices. Your choices then create a chain reaction. For example, when you are out with your friends for couple of drinks you get into your car and drive. As you are driving home a man walks in front of your car, you swerved to miss him but hit another car! You think it is his fault but it may be your fault because you chose to drink and drive. Choices always have consequences. Please think before you make choices.
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Should we stay or should we go? Hurricane Irma is on the way. The storm is going to hit the whole state of FL. The thoughts that go through your mind. Why is this happening? What are we going to do? Where are we going to go? Who is going to help us? Will I ever see my house again? How will I survive after the storm? I am going to put my fate in GODS hands and pray for the best outcome. We are all in this together. I can only pray for the highest and best. Praise GOD!
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Why are all these bad things happening in the world? Fires, earthquakes, and hurricanes are all happening right now and man can not control the outcomes. People are suffering from the results of mother nature. It doesn't matter if you are old or young, rich or poor. We are all in the same predicament after a natural disaster. We will all need help rebuilding our lives. Is GOD trying to send a sign that we are all the same. We need to help each other and be kind in general to all. People need to remember life is not replaceable.
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We survived Hurricane Irma but many people are without many things. Electricity is out for millions. The gas is sparse for people trying to get home after the evacuations. I was lucky enough not to lose power. The anticipation of the storm was very stressful.Being confined to your house is not fun. I finally went out the next day. The sun was coming out. People were examining the damage they may of sustained. People who dint have damage were helping others. Stores opened up to relieve some of the stress. It was great to see people helping each other.
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Pumpkin spice is back with a vengeance. You know the typical stuff- Cheerios, Oreo's and latte's. But now they have a pumpkin spice burritos, toothpaste, and Doritos. The crazy items when I googled "pumpkin spice" was Charmin toilet paper, tampons and condoms. I ask myself ,why do we always go so overboard with things we love? Everyone loves it so lets put it in everything and anything. I always look forward to the fall when I can get my first pumpkin spice latte of the season. Then by the end of the season I never want to see it again.
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What is the world coming too? Every morning I watch Good Morning America, an its always bad news. Everyone is so angry all the time. This one hurt that ones feeling etc. I think the media pushes all this negativity on to the people. When is the last time you saw the news with something happy to talk about? I pray for people to find kindness in the world instead of hatred. Take the hatred out of your heart people! It is so easy to be nice to each other. People really need to have compassion for others these days
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I love being alone. My daughter went to college last month. I am an empty nester now and I love it I thought I would be lonely, but really I am not at all. She has been missing home though. I think she misses me even thoug she would never admit it. I love the fact when I go to bed my house is the same when I get up. No one has made a mess in the kitchen or eaten my M&M's. Maybe in the coming years I will want a roomate, but for now I am good.
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Should football players be kneeling while the national anthem is being played? I beleieve they are entitiled to do that but not while they are working. They are paid millions of dollars to play football. Why can't they do that on their own time? Is anyone even sure why they are kneeling? I really don't know the true reason. Some say it is for Black Lives Matter. Others say it is for freedom of speech. I think it depends on what news channel your watching. They basically feed people their points of view. Remember to get all the facts first.
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The TV channel Bravo is one my favorite channels to watch. The Real Housewives franchise has made many woman famous. Bravo films reality shows about wealthy and affluent woman in their respective towns . Some bring drama along with physical fights. Others are very boring, so they have make up fabricated story lines. Some have husbands that are more famous than the wives themselves. Many are divorced now after exposing all their dirty laundry on TV. Also Bravo will shake things up and change the cast members. I truly love all Bravo has to bring. I will definitely keep watching it!
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I read my horoscope everyday. If it has a good outcome, great. If its bad, I say" oh that isn't even a real thing anyway". Its funny how when you read something it motivates the brain to possibly look for other alternatives instead of your normal thought process. Maybe your horoscope says you will start a new relationship , you think "but I am already married". Look at it a new way .. a new relationship doesn't have to be physical. Maybe you will meet a person who brings something else into your life. Always look for the best everything and everyone.
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Today is September 11th. I will never forget when the airplanes started flying into the buildings. That was the worse day ever. I happen to be working in a restaurant right by the Tampa International airport. The restaurant was on a small en cove of the bay. Airplanes would be flying all day off in the horizon. On that day they stopped completely. It was just crazy how you never notice things until they are gone. People started becoming more aware of there surroundings. I know I did. Now all these years later things have not gotten any better either
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President Trump is our President now. I really don't follow politics so I don't know exactly how he won. But he did, so know who knows what will happen next. He goes off on Twitter like a crazy lunatic. He degrades women and minorities. He says there is fake news out there. Aren't a lot of things fake on the internet? I always say if its on the internet it must be true. Right? So now I will keep praying for all of us who have this president and hope to God he doesn't get us into a nuclear war.
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About a month ago we had a hurricane come through the city I live in. CNN was in town filming the whole scene right by my house. So I decided I would walk down and see what was going on. As I came to where CNN was filming I saw Anderson Cooper. He has always been one of my favorite people on TV. Well what a shock it was for me to see him. He is very very pale. He was also very rude to his fans. I was very disappointed I wasted my time.Hes much better on TV.
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My little dog and my adorable cat keep me sane. They are so happy to see me when I come home. They just want my love and affection. My mother doesn't care for animals at all. We grew up on a dairy farm so animals were everywhere. I would sneak kittens into my house and keep them in my bedroom. She would be so mad at me. Now when she comes to visit she loves my doggy and kitty. I always tell her she should get herself a pet. She is not up for that but she maybe coming around.
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Do you look at the glass half empty or half full? I tend to look at glass as half full. I think if you think positive you will get positive results. My ex husband was a negative thinker. Nothing was good in the world. He always thought he had bad luck. We would fight cause he always thought everyone was out to do him wrong. Its funny when we split up my life got better while his life has gotten worse. Which to me is proof in the pudding. What you put out is what you get back in life.
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I drive on the highway very frequently. I cant understand why people on the highway can't keep the left lane free for people who like to speed. Last week I had to drive on I-75 South for 200 miles. The ride was going great until you come upon some selfish person who is going slower decides to stay in the fast lane! MOVE OVER !! It only cause frustration and then aggression for the people who are trying to pass you. I read the best bumper sticker it said. IF I'M PASSING YOU ON THE RIGHT SIDE.. YOUR AN IDIOT!
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My son wants to join the military. I am scared for him. He has been wanting to join since he was a small child. In my opinion he thinks the war is like playing a video game. And unfortunately it is not, you don't get a new life if you die in the military like in a video game. You don't get PTSD from videos games. You cant lose your body parts in a video game either. I am proud of him for wanting to fight for his country but I also want him safe. I love you Austin Scott
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Is the fall weather ever going to come to Fl? People up north are enjoying the leaves changing color and the crisp air. I long for that but not the snow. I am from upstate NY so I had plenty of cold weather growing up. Yesterday I spent the day at the pool. The heat index was about 100. The weathermen say we won't get a cold front till November probably. But in January we will be living in paradise. I look at FL as we stay in for the summer but enjoy the heck out of our fantastic winters.
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Christmas is coming.Are you excited? I am, these past few years my family structure has changed. Christmas can be stressful.You have so much to do.I use to be one of those people until my mother got very ill right before Chritmas a few years ago. We were praying for things to turn around but they weren't looking good. The Dr told us to get prepared it wasn't going to be much longer. My siblings and I canceled our Christmas plans and just stayed with Mom.well I can happily say she is still here with us today.
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Today has been so sad. My daughter is 18 years old and has lost three friends in the last six months. One girl passes away from a herion overdose. Another girl took her own life. And the last girl passed away from a childhood illness. As a parent you shouldn't have to bury your child. My heart breaks for these families. All are deaths by different circustances but they all hurt the same.Please take the time to tell your children you Love them along with your other family members. You never know when your time is up.Thank you
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Today is my birthday! I am so excited to turn 50 years old. I couldn't be happier in my life than I am right now. I have 2 beautiful grown children and am attending college for the first time in my life. When I was younger I thought 50 was so old but I am having the time of my life .Its crazy how your expectations are so different depending on your ages. for example I know at 21 I was out drinking for my birthday but at 50 a nice meal celebrating with friends is all I ask for .
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Fall is in the air.I love the cool weather and the beautiful leaves changing color. We are getting ready for Halloween.I love seeing all the kids dressed up.Then Thanksgiving comes at us fast. I love to cook Thanksgiving fir the family.We watch football and play games. Next is Christmas. I so enjoy being with friends and family celebrating Jesus birthday. I also like having all the extra time off from work. I love shopping and meeting with friends for coffee,while sharing gifts.So take a moment and enjoy your family.Be grateful for what's ahead
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Oh what to write about today. I only have 100 words to get my point across. Can I do it again today? There are some many things I have an opinion about. Should I talk about the news,the weather or myself? People have so many opinions about everything. Will I be bullied about my opinions? Will the bullying effect my opinions? Why do people have to be mean to others? Why do people think they have the right to be mean to others? Please try to be kind to others you never know what could happen if you are.
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So today is hug a vegetarian day. I bet you didn't know that day even existed? Who says it national hug a vegetarian? So do you ask a person first if they are vegetarian before you hug them or do you just go for it? I really have never gone vegan before. I was raise on a dairy farm so we ate lots of meat and dairy. My daughter tried to go vegan. She said meat and dairy upset her stomach. Well lets just say that didn't last long. Going out to eat was the hardest. Very limited menu items.
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I went to church yesterday. At this particular church they like to make the new people welcomed. So they make a fuss over you. I didn't really like this because I am shy. I wanted to go at my own pace but they put the spotlight right on you. I felt thankful afterwards though because I met a great group of people. Sometimes you have to push yourself to over come obstacles in life. Life is what you make of it. So try to make it the best you can. Push yourself to the fullness. You will be happier after.
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The Monday blues are the worst. I always get them on Sunday at about 3 pm. I always think oh no tomorrow is Monday. Another long week ahead of me. Why cant everyday be Saturday? I remember being a kid and Sunday was a day of rest. All the stores where closed. You would go to church them come home to a great Sunday dinner. Life was simpler then. Now the weekend flys by with you trying to get everything done. Only to have to do it all over again in 5 days. Oh the vicious cycle we live in.
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My sister traveled to Baltimore this past weekend by herself. I don't think I could go somewhere by myself. I probably would have in my younger days. I am not as outgoing as I was when I was in my 20's. It is sad to say but I don't trust people like I did when I was younger. When I was younger I was fearless. Nothing could happen to me and thank god nothing did. I guess as you get older you get wiser. I now fear for my kids as they are the fearless ones. I must not fear.
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I love going to the mall. I love watching people at the mall. So many different people all in one spot. My favorite is catching the couples fighting for one reason or another. Some don't care if they are loud while others quieting tell each other off. I also love watching the kids run about the mall. I also love finding bargains at the mall. Some stores have awesome sales while some never have sales. I am not sure who thought of the mall concept but to me its awesome. One big building bringing people together to spend their money.
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My 82 year old mother came to visit me for the weekend. She is great but a lot of work. Its crazy how the cycle of life works. She is kinda like a toddler now. I have to help her pretty much for everything, like cutting up her food,walking and bathing. She was such a vivacious woman, always entertaining and socializing. Its sad to see her growing old but I am also so thankful she is still heer. To see her face light up when my kids coming in the door is worth it all. I love you Mom!
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On October 3rd, 2017 we experience the worst massacre by a shooter ever in american history. The person killed 59 innocent people and injured over 500. People who died or were wounded were at a country music festival enjoying a beautiful night in Las Vegas. A inhuman person started shooting them from the 32nd floor of an adjacent hotel. What makes a person do this? Did they have a bad day or were they planning this for along time? God Bless all those innocent people. So much heartache in the world these days. Please hug the ones you love today.