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So today i ran over a squirrel. I felt so bad about it that I had to call my uncle who is a pastor to confess my sin to him. It was a small baby squirrel to. I even went to go get my car washed. I tried to slow down but it was a car right on my butt and I did not what to press the breaks and get into an accident, oh no. That was a very sad and depressing day for me. But on the upside I got the iphone seven plus and I love it,
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Today at work was awful. This lady kept on pushing my buttons, I never got that upset at work today. I work at Adventure Island which is a fun job but I deal with rude guest all the time but this lady put the icing on the cake. She had the nerve to say that my attitude is uglier than my face. I could not do nothing but laugh. Like lady are you serious? I am beautiful so clearly her eyes do not work property. Than her husband called me cute and her face turned red and she walked away.
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My favorite clothing store had a massive sale and i literally tried to buy every thing in there but my bank card was like " oh no, do not swipe me girl " but yet i swiped it anyway. I got 5 outfits for 40 dollars. Which isn't bad because i usually spent more than that. I love shopping and I love treating myself. But forever 21 have the best clothes for girls. The newest fashions are always there first. But the clothes do cost a lot but their sale racks have nice clothes as well. I love to shop all day.
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This paragraph is for my beautiful girls of color who get put down because their skin is dark. You are beautiful. Your malaning is popping. Your hair defines you, from your nappy roots to your popping puff. Don't let these boys gas you up. You are queen who deserve a king, nothing in between. Don't settle for less, baby girl follow your dreams. If they can't seem to appreciate you, you don't need to stay. Walking away can cause pain but after the pain there are better days. Never let them see your head low, just be you and glow.
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This paragraph is for them guys who feel the need to play female like toys but want a boy to treat their daughters like gold. How can you disrespect someone who give you life and who provide you with a home and lights at night. Ya'll be sleeping on good girls to please a garden tool (you get it?). Talking down on woman, your clearly a fool. I think you should be enrolled in clown school. Ya'll want a strong independent woman but not bring nothing to the table. Boy bye I am too raw to settle. Bye bye now.
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Today was an okay day. Very stressful. Too much classwork and assignments. I literally do not have time for myself. I have not gotten my nails done in 3 weeks and that's so not like me. All I do is go to work and go to school. I need a vacation and a big check because I deserve it, honestly. I'm a full time student and i work full time and take of home. I just want to go to an unknown place where no one can find me. I'm just done with school and work right now, lord help.
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Today i received my makeup for elf. I was so happy even though they left the box outside in the rain but its okay. Soon as I got into the home, I took off my work uniform and but my makeup on display. I am trying to work on my makeup skills so I can start doing makeup on the side to have extra money in my pockets. Only think about makeup is that it is expensive. Really expensive for good makeup. I become slight bougie so I try to get the best makeup possible so my face is beat.
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I didn't have to work today so I just ate ice cream and watched sad movies on Netflix. I watch this movie named "Moana" which had me crying like a little baby. So basically the movie was about a girl named Moana who loved the water but her father did not like the water because of what hides in the sea. But Moana have her own mind so she went to the water anyway to save her island. Her father did not have faith in her but yet is had faith in herself and saved the island from the danger.
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Nothing interesting happened today. I didn't work today either due to the weather conditions. I watched Netflix all day and ate ice cream again. Today I watched Honey Trap. Honey Trap was a very emotional movie about a girl named Layla. Layla was not sure what Love was,so she fell for anything a guy told her. I honestly felt bad for her because she was so nice and sweet and she was in love with a guy who did not care about her. Once she found out that her "boyfriend" was cheating on her, she tried to kill herself.
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So today I tried to start my diet but my grandma made her homemade pound cake and could not resist. I tried so hard to tell myself that I didn't need that cake but I was craving it so bad. Plus she even made homemade ice cream with pecans in it. Soon as I got done eating my pound cake and ice cream, I went to the gym to burn some more of this fat off. When I got to the gym, I went straight to the back and started to workout with my friend and leg stretches and squats.
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Nothing interesting happened today. I just stayed in the house and watched Netflix and ate ice cream. Today i was watching "13 reasons why." 13 reasons why is a series. Basically a girl killed herself and 13 people was the reason why she killed herself in the first place. I honestly think the show is too long and its kind of dumb. I mean I know when someone kill themselves over something that someone did to them is sad but there is other ways to go about it. Pretty much in the show, they just cried all the time. Ugh.
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Once again, I did not do anything interesting. I helped my mom cook some food. My mom love to cook. Every other day, she prepare full course meals for me and my sisters. Full course meals sometimes include a main dish, a side, and her famous banana pudding. I love my mothers cooking so much. I rather eat my mothers cooking than a restaurant full course meals. My mother should win a best cook of America award because her cooking is that good, seriously. Her seafood pasta is to die for. I just love everything about my moms wonderful cooking.
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Society have painted a picture of how a woman should be. Portraying the "perfect" woman as thin, big butt, big boobies, and a full of makeup. These type of things can damage a young girl mindset by making her think that she have to be a certain way for a guy to like them. This is not okay. Young girls are losing themselves to keep up with trends that do not define them as a woman. Young girls have to realize respect is not giving, its earn. So it does not matter how you look, you are perfect for someone.
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I just wish that young girls can learn how to love themselves. I know some girls may lack in something that they crave but once you love yourself, you start to fall in love with yourself and all your flaws. Young girls have to accept their flaws and embrace them. I'm telling you from experience, once you falling in love with yourself, you start to realize your worth. No matter of your past or mistakes, you are worthy, your are beautiful, you are you. Don't let no one hold you back from loving you. You are amazing. You are perfect.
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I probably already wrote about this but I really need a vacation. My back hurts from carrying this book bag up and down these stairs. Plus I work as well. I'm just so overwhelmed. I need at least 3 days to myself. I'm slacking. Not in school but on myself. I have not gotten my nails or hair done in forever because I do not have time to get anything done. Soon as I get home I do homework then help my sisters with their homework. And also make sure the house is super clean before my mom get home.
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I am extremely sleepy. I barely got any sleep last night because my cousin decided drop her bad behind kids over to my house last night and I had to watch them. These kids are horrible. She have 7 year old and a 13 year old. She really think I'm a babysitting service or something. But I did not get no sleep because the 7 year old is scared of the dark. I had the t.v on and he was still scared. Plus he did not go to sleep until one in the morning. I'm never watching her kids.
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I did not realize getting health insurances is so much money. I nearly lost my mind when the lady told me how much money full coverage health insurances would be. Even when I explained to her that I'm a college student that bring home not a lot of income. It was like three hundred dollars. I just hung up the phone because she was giving me so much attitude when I'm the one who should be upset about the price of the health insurance. I was really upset because I need health insurances right away. I was really disappointed. Ugh.
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Before I die, I have to meet Drake. Drake is everything. I love the way he sing. I love the way he rap. I love the way he dress. I love the way he can't dance. He is just amazing. Since degrassi, I have always loved him for some reason. I'm so happy he started his music career. His music helped me get over a lot of things in my life. Especially my break up. Well not really because his music can be really really emotional and next thing I know I'm back with my Ex. Don't drake and drive.
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So today I had training for my new job. I am transferring from Adventure Islands to Busch Gardens. I like working at Adventure Islands better than Busch Gardens only because at Adventure Islands we have more fun and our supervisors are cool and let us have fun. But at Busch Gardens everything is so serious. We barely have fun. But its okay though. A job is a job. Either way, money is getting made. The supervisors at Busch Gardens are nice also. They just serious and there is nothing wrong with that but I can't wait until i start officially.
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Today was a pretty short day. I only have one class on Wednesday. After the class was over, I went to the library and finished some math homework. I never liked money. Math was never my best subject but I always seem to get a good grade on test and assignments which isn't bad. But my math teacher give us so many problems to do. Its very stressful because we have to do five sections per day then after we finish the sections we have a test on it. But good thing he put the review on canvas. Study time.
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Well today I have three classes to go to. My first class is too early but the teacher is nice and wants the best for his students. I like the class but for some reason i cannot stay awake. I'm always falling asleep and I try so hard to stay up but I can't. My second class is okay but I don't think my teacher know exactly what he is doing. All he do is talk. But my third class is super long and depressing. It's math. Once again, I can't seem to stay awake during that class either. Ugh.
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Today is Friday. Finally. Today I have training for my job which was fun. The supervisor was very down to earth and helped us become a better cashier and employee. I'm currently working at Busch Gardens which isn't bad but its a job. My training is from 8:30-1. So after I left the training I decided to go shopping for my little sister because today is her birthday. I love spoiling my sisters because they are like my daughters. So for her birthday, I got her nails and hair done and got her a nice outfit to wear.
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Today was a bad day for me. I locked the keys in my car. And I was late to work. I got to work and they informed me that I didn't even worked today. I was so upset. So I go back to the employee parking lot and tried to start my car up and it wouldn't even start. I was trying to started it for like 30 minutes and it wouldn't start. At that moment I was depressed and sad. I called my insurances and they was giving me the run around. I just called uber to get home.
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Today I had to go to work. It was way too hot outside. I should've called out because I didn't feel good but I need the money so why not. My supervisor was being super nice today which was weird because she always have a attitude. She even paid for my food in the employee which shocked everyone because she is so mean. I honestly don't know why she is like that but I'm pretty sure something happen to make her act like that. But for the most part she was being nice to everyone Sunday. Everyone was happy too.
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Sunday night I forget to turn on my alarm to wake up for Monday class. So I woke up late as ever but I still made it to school on time and that's a blessing in disguise. My teacher was late too, so I wasn't alone. That's Monday for you. But other than that class was great. I had time to catch up on things that I didn't get to complete because of my busy schedule. After class I went to the library to get caught up with every thing else for my other classes which took nearly all day.
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So today I'm debating if I should get the iPhone 8 plus or keep my iPhone 7 plus. In all honestly the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 8 looks the same. I really just want the apple watch. I just might buy it for myself for my birthday. But this iPhone thing is getting out of hand. Next thing we know the next iPhone is going to be the size of a iPad. But I might get the iPhone 8 plus and give my sister my iPhone 7 plus because she broke her iPhone 6 plus i don't know how.
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I am finally caught up with all my 100 words entries. So right now I am in the library finishing my last entry up. For this to be a library it is very noisy in here. I usually have my ear buds in but my phone have to charge. The down side of having a iPhone 7.Ugh. So after I finish this I maybe go home or maybe stay and finish writing my essay for my writing class. It depends. I'm kind of hungry but I want some of my moms cooking though so I might stay on campus.
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I'm so over school. I honestly think I should have started school later because this is too much. I mean i want to be done but I have way too much homework and things to do. I'm over it. Since I'm already here, I'm just going to stay and finish to get a good job. I honestly don't understand why teachers give us so much work. A couple assignments is understandable, but not 7 selections of work per day. Crazy. But like I said, I'm going to finish my two years here strong. Lord be with me. I need it.
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Today is Friday. I really didn't do anything today because today was my only off day. My cousin took me out to eat to iHop because I really was craving some pancakes. When we got there, the smell made my head hurt. I had to walk out but I made sure my cousin got my pancakes though. After that I went home and watched Netflix with my mother. We was watching Moana was the 100th time. All we do is watch Disney movies and cry. I guess that's our bonding time. Maybe. But the pancakes were so amazing, I promise.
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Today is my last day working about Adventure Islands. I not sad at all, I'm happy. It be way too hot out there and my skin was changing colors. In the beginning, my skin was perfectly tan, now it's just dark. No, I don't have a problem with being dark, its just weird because my legs our dark and my feet is so light. When I wear dresses, it looks like I have on socks with my scandals. I start working at Busch Gardens on Saturday night. I'm kind of nervous to work because I don't know no one there.