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Today I decided to buy myself a new keyboard. It is a Rosewill mechanical keyboard. I especially like this keyboard because of the type of buttons it has on it. it has cherry mx brown switches which means that when you push down on a key you can feel when you fully pressed the key down. Another reason why I decided to buy this keyboard is it has cool lights all over it which can turn different colors the lights can also change how they are arranged and how fast they can move if you have them set to move.
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I am really bad when it comes to remembering things there are times when someone would tell me something and I would forget it five minutes later. My bad memory has even gotten me into trouble there was this one time when I had a dermatologist appointment scheduled on a Monday right after school my mom was at my school waiting for me so we can go to my appointment but the only problem was that I had already left school on the school bus. She texted me where are you at I asked why the remembered about my appointed.
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Many times when I get anything that I have to do I procrastinate. Whether it be simple chores or school work I always wait till the last minute to do it. It is a bad problem because I will get stressed out with the work that I end up having. Sometimes the workload is so bad that I would have work for six classes due the next day. If the assignment is due online at like 10:00 ill have it finished and turned in at 9:45. I have been trying to fix my problem and reduce my stress.
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One of my favorite things to do as a pastime is play video games. but I rarely play games alone because I find it to be boring. whenever I play I make sure to have a friend playing with me. A lot of times when I play I'll end up having a big group of people playing with me. This especially fun because there is always a lot going on and it makes the games more interesting. But playing with a lot of people can also be a bad thing because of all the people talking at the same time.
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Building a computer is a lot more stressful than you think. The first problem you will run into is making sure that everything is compatible. Computer parts come all different shapes and sizes and everything has to fit together perfectly and you have make sure you get the part that will work together. Another stressful part about building a computer is assembling the computer. You have to be very careful making sure you don't break anything because if you do you could lose a lot of money also computer parts are very fragile and can break if you touch it.
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I am not a fan of Apple products. They are not flexible with the way they design their systems. An example of this is the IPhone 7. Apple got rid of the 3.5 mm headphone jack. I did not like this feature because it gets rid of the convenience of having a universal port for headphones also it causes consumers to have to pay more money for the headphones that do work with the phone. Also a lot of games and programs do not work on Apple product because of the way they release information about their companies OS.
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I have an addiction to soda but only to one soda which is Pepsi. It is really bad because there are times when I drink a 12 pack in 5 days. Also there have been times where I experience symptoms of withdrawal. The reason why I enjoy drinking Pepsi is the carbonation I like the feeling it gives me as I drink it. Another thing I like about Pepsi is the flavor. I also like drinking coke but not as much as Pepsi. Even though I love Pepsi I need to stop drinking it so can live a healthier life.
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When I play video games I get really in to it. Its incredible how much I block out. This one time while I was playing games my Mom came up to me to ask me something and I unintentionally ignored her the first time she asked. she then asked again a little louder but I still had no idea she was there. this kept going until she started to yell ,and even though she was yelling and was next to me I still could not here her. She then proceeds to hit me to get my attention. It hurt alot.
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Exercising is something that is very hard for me to get hooked onto. One reason is it actually takes effort to do also you have to be pretty consistent with it or else you end up losing muscle. Being the forgetful person that I am I end up forgetting to work out for a couple of days. then I remember how happy I was not working out for the day so I decide to be lazy the only problem is I take being lazy to a whole new level and end up not working out for the next two weeks.
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Many people believe that playing video games is a waste of time. I have to disagree with that though because being a very frequent user of video games I have noticed two main pluses to playing them one of witch is your reaction time gets faster. I've noticed with things that occur in real life like I react quicker than most people when something falls I'm always the first one there to try to catch it and for the most part I do. another advantage is I became more aware of my surroundings thanks to the survival genre of games.
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When I begin to work I want to work with computers. They are interesting to me and the income for the jobs are quite high. The main things that I want to do n the field is be a network administrator which basically means I manage everything on a network like the people who use it and what files they can access. Another job that I would like to have is network security which basically setup security systems for networks and makes sure that no one can infiltrate the network and steal confidential information from the company or it's employees.
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It's funny how mad I get at video games but even though I say I hate the game while I'm playing it I still always comeback and play it again. Its probably because the game makes you want to win and be better than everyone. One game in particular makes me mad its called league of legends its basically a team game where you try to destroy the enemies base by getting objectives and killing enemies. It's a good game except for the team part. The worst thing to happen in this game is to get teammates that are bad.
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I have a computer class that is mostly about setting up networks. This class is very fun because I have a lot of friends in the class and for the most part we goof off. Also the teacher is really cool and funny he always plays pranks on the kids in his class. We do our work in like the first 20 minutes of class which leaves us with a lot of free time so sometimes we end up getting in trouble. We have a tendency to be loud and disrupt class because their are so many of us there.
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In my computer we broke a monitor its a funny story but its also not at the same time. We got done with our work early like usual and we were messing around playing video games. while one of my friends was playing the game the mouse slipped out of his hand and hit the monitor. The impact of the mouse cracked the screen and made it turn all white. We all looked at the screen with a very surprised look. We then tried to figure out how to hide the monitor but failed and ended up paying for it.
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My favorite video game to play at the moment is a game called PUBG. Its a battle royal game where you are dropped from a plane onto an island with ninety-nine other people and try to find gear like armor and guns to be the last one standing. The reason why I like this game is it's very exhilarating and there's always something different happening. In one game you could have armour and the best guns in the game while in other games you could be stuck with just a pistol this concept keeps me entertained and wanting more.
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My life can seem quite boring to people who ask me about. When they ask me what do you do in your free time I'll tell them either one of two things I play a lot of video games or watch funny videos on YouTube. I always get the response of that's all you ever do. I will then explain to them that there is more to it then what you think. when it comes to video games there are a lot of different choices that are out also if you play with friends it makes the games more fun.
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I went to Japan last summer it was the most fun I have ever had. It was very to strange to be in a country where you could not understand anything it made simple tasks more complicated than they need to be. Another thing that I liked about Japan was that I met my Family that lived there for the first time and seeing where my dad grew up. the best thing there in my opinion was their arcades. Compared to the ones in the u.s. they are a lot bigger and the games are ten times more complex.
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I have a friend who can be annoying. Its pretty funny when you get into an argument with him because he will always say the dumbest things. He will also bring up something that is unrelated to the subject that we were talking about. Another thing that annoys me about him is he has no common sense whatsoever and will do do the stupidest things which ends up getting us in trouble but even though he has all of these bad qualities about him its still fun to be around him mostly because he does a lot of funny things.
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The people I play video games are interesting. They all can be smart but they can also be dumb and when I say dumb i mean they make me forget that they even have brains. A lot of times while were playing games they'll make some random noise or scream into their mics which catches me off guard and is really funny other times in the games they will run right into the middle of the enemy team and end up dying but I cant say that I have not done that before. Overall playing games with them is enjoyable.
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I movie hopped for the first time not too long ago and it was a funny experience. We went to the movies to see a rated R movie but they would not let us in even with a our parent's permission they said that they have to sit in the movie with us. So we decided that we would go see another movie we bought a ticket for the only movie that we could get in to. Thinking back to it now it was not the smartest thing to do we had no idea what this movie was even about.
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We then walked into the theater that was playing this unknown movie and the only people that were in there were old couples so we thought this movie was going to be something that we weren't going to enjoy. We decided that instead of watching the movie we bought the tickets for we would sneak into the other movie theater. when we got into the theater there was still about thirty minutes until the movie started so we sat in the top corner hoping no one would take the seats the movie stared and luckily no one bought the seats.
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Today I got my new keyboard from amazon. I have used it some and I love it. I'm even using it to write this entry. One thing that is good about it is I know for sure that when I press down a key it types it. This is good for typing and playing video games. I also like the way it feels to type on it, its satisfying pushing the keys down. But the most important thing is it's not loud when you push the keys down this is important because when I'm with friends they cant hear it.
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I recently played the beta for Star Wars Battlefront two. I did not like the game because the action was not very fast pace it felt like if you moved from behind cover at all you instantly died. This also contradicted with the objectives in the game because you have to move out into the open to get them this give the defending team a huge advantage. Another thing that I was not impressed with was the controls of the game. It felt like you were playing as a person who had arthritis and moved around very slow and choppy.
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I find it very tedious and annoying planning parties or any type of get togethers. One reason is I do not like relying on other people because i do not trust that they will get things done or even come to the party. It's also hard to find a time when everyone you want to go is free and then the party ends up getting pushed back due to everyone being busy. I find myself becoming impatient with the people that i am planning the events with and then we end up getting into arguments for things that don't matter.
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I think of myself as a quiet person and i'll usually keep to myself but when I'm around my friend i'm like a different person. I am super talkative to the point where it can ignore others around us. I think I am like this because my friends are the type of people who are always loud at parties and always getting into trouble. It is a common occurrence for us to get yelled at during class at school to stop disrupting class. Sometimes it gets so bad that we will end up breaking things or cause trouble for everyone.
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The first time I introduced my friends to my dad was when we were playing video games. I asked my friends is it OK to invite my dad to the call and they said they did not care so I called my dad. Little did I know it was a big mistake because my friend can be wild while we play games. The first problem I had was my friend Matt calling my dad dad it made me feel uncomfortable and i'm sure it also made my dad fell uncomfortable too. another thing was all the screaming my friends do.
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I've recently been organizing a party and as the date of the party gets closer and closer I find myself being more stressed out. It's hard planning especially since most of us cant drive so we have to find rides. At first I was going to have my dad pick everyone up but then we realized that there was not going to be enough space in the car. It also doesn't help that more people ended up getting invited than expected. Another thing that makes it hard to plan is everyone lives on different ends of the county which stinks.
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Some of the things that we have done to help everyone out is have people come over a day earlier this will help because instead of having to drive super far out all my dad has to do is pick us up from school. But there is a problem with that because my friend has to bring his computer to school and were not talking about some laptop were talking about a full desktop. luckily we have a computer class that we can keep it in. That only includes half the people going the other half is still not sure.
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I am happy to say that my party has finally been planned and everything appears to be running smoothly. There is probably only one thing that would ruin everything and that would be if someone is not able to come at the last minute. Although it would not technically cause any major issues with the party happening all together it would definitely make the party a lot less fun plus there are eight people coming and if one person were not able to come we would not be able to have two full teams in the game we all play.
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The day of my party was really fun luckily everyone was able to make it without any problems. when we all met up on Friday it we decided that we were going to go get something to eat. We decided that we would choose something cheap since we're all broke so we went with pizza. After we ate we hopped on to our computers and began to play some games but first we had to decide on the teams. I thought that it would be fair to balance the teams based on skill level and everyone was happy with that.