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You know it's Autumn when your mom makes you go outside and clean the yard because too many leafs are covering the not so green grass. Today is the first day of autumn. I can see stoles of birds swinging across the sky, trying to get away, moving to warm countries. They know that cold is coming soon. It is 18:00 and I'm done cleaning the yard. It is time for my daily 6 miles run. While I'm running, there is a strange smell that is coming from the woods. It is the smell of Autumn and its beauty.
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How do you guys get inspiration? I can honestly say that there are days where I sit at my desk for hours and nothing comes on paper. It's not the fact that I'm distracted, but I focus so much on the subject that I end up overthinking for too long, and the hours just pass by. Of a sudden you get inspired by a fly, flying across the room, and write a whole essay about how it would be to be that small. Our mind is weird, isn't it? Inspiration doesn't come from thinking, but seeing from a new perspective.
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I play this game called "Warframe". This Christmas I will have four years since I started playing. Ever since the first day, I never got bored playing it. It has so MUCH content that even at this moment I can't say that I know everything about the game. The best part is that it's free. This week the development team announced a huge update that is coming soon. I am so thrilled to play, but unfortunately I have to wait another month before the actual release. I am glad I started playing this game. It brought joy to my life.
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I love playing guitar. It's one of my favorite things to do on a regular day. Today I played guitar for five hours. As I was playing I could only hear the music. Nothing existed around me, it was just me and the sound. The strings of the guitar were vibrating on my hands like the slow and calm waves of a choppy lake touching the shore, and creating a sound of sorrow and melancholy. Time passes and my rhythm changes. Now the sound is strong and powerful like the wind blowing the water in the lake, creating a moment.
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Do you believe in the fact that our lives are just one road from which we can't move left or right no matter how much we try? That, no matter our actions we are not meant to be, or do something or someone. I've asked myself that question many times and I have yet to find the answer. I want to believe that fate isn't real and try my hardest daily to change my future. But, what if fate was true? We try to change the inevitable, and hurt ourselves emotionally in the process. P.S. Just another daily thought.
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There aren't many things that I hate. But what I hate the most is commercials. Especially the "The Raw Egg Test" I don't know what it is about that commercial that I hate so much, but every time I go on YouTube and hear it, I feel like somebody is scratching a fork on a plate. I don't know how to close it faster. Usually an average commercial lasts for about one minute. But, no, this one lasts somewhere around four minutes. Four minutes of excruciating pain to my ears. Thank God it has a skip button, or I'd die.
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I've been asked this question a lot lately. If you could have any superpower, what would it be? To begin with, I'd like to reduce the number of choices to four: super strength, teleport anywhere, see ten minutes into your future, or telekinesis. For me, those would be the possible answers to the question. But, there is one in particular that I think exceeds the others. And it is to teleport anywhere. By doing that you can be anywhere on the planet at an instant. You only have to think about it, and you're gone. Who would need a car?
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The World Cup is almost here. Too bad my country didn't make it. We were so close to getting in, but as usual, they lost. We haven't went to the World Cup since 1998. Really, this is ridiculous. I've honestly lost my hope to see my country play in the FIFA World Cup. The problem with the players is that they give up when they see that they're leading. That's when the other team fights harder to score the goals so they don't lose. But no, our players think that if the score is 2-0 the game is won.
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I hate living in a big city. Everything is so close and there is no space to even breath, let alone take a break. Cities like New York, Washington, or Los Angeles are probably on my "never going to live there" list. Although they might be great for visiting, I would hate myself if I lived there. I like space. I like to ride a bike in the evening when there is nobody on the streets. I like to go to school and not having to go through heavy traffic, where there are always angry drivers that ruin your day.
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I've been trying to start reading this book called "Divine Comedy" for months. I just sits there on my nightstand, waiting for someone to open it and read its secrets. Sometimes I imagine the book having a voice and just trying to reach me to put my hands on it and read. I did open it once, but I only read the introduction because something had come up. I made myself a promise. I promised that whenever I find myself doing nothing, I would pick the book and read until I finish it. But, that is unlikely to happen soon.
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Today my friend asked me to go see the movie "IT" with him. I had a really bad experience with clowns when I was a kid. Me and my parents went to a festival at night to watch the fireworks. Because it was a big festival there were all kinds of stuff happening there, including clowns. My mom tried to make me talk to one, thinking I would laugh. I don't remember how it happened, but I started crying really bad. Since that day I hated clowns. Not being a fan of horror movies either, I didn't see the movie.
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Today at school we talked about money. And how much money you would like to make to have a happy life. Although, my answer here will look nothing like I wrote on my paper, it is the honest one. I wouldn't care if I had no money at all if I would be doing what I love. I would live in a two room apartment if I had to, but I would be doing what I love the most. Money never satisfied me, actually it limited my imagination, so when it comes to my future, I don't think about money.
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Finally Friday. The day where almost everyone prepares for a not-so-long weekend. Either if it's sleeping all weekend, going to the beach, playing video-games, or hanging out with friends (if you have any), Friday is the key to the door that opens the brake that everyone is waiting for. Although two days of weekend seem like two hours when you're having fun. Better just a little than nothing. This weekend I plan on nothing but staying home and play guitar. I'll learn some new songs, since I haven't done that in a while. What will you do?
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Today I had a speech in my public speaking class. We had to talk about our greatest failure. I changed my topic a bunch of times, when I finally made up my mind to be truthful with myself and face my past. I talked about a subject that I never told anyone. In class, there weren't words that came out of my mouth, but emotions. Eight years of pain, all in four minutes and a couple seconds. That moment felt like forever. But, in the end all went well. Everyone in the class applauded me, and my teacher was overwhelmed.
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I grew up without technology, except for TV. I didn't even know what they were until I was around 14 years old. But, to be honest I didn't even need them. Me and my friends used to play this game called "lapte gros" which in English is translated to "thick milk" The game includes two teams and a referee. One team has to bend and stand like a centipede, while the other team has to jump on their backs without touching the ground. After, the team that jumped has to pick a number, for the other team to guess it.
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Coffee. I don't get why people like it so much. My parents drink it every single day. I tried it once, told myself I'll never drink that dark, bad tasting stuff ever again. Some people say that those who don't drink coffee are not "adults." Well, why would I be drinking something I don't like just to prove something I don't have to prove. Society this days is too judgmental. They see someone that sticks out a little bit and they nail it with a hammer until they are at the same level. I will break before I'll be nailed.
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My favorite fruit is a very odd one. Not many people like it. It is Raspberry. I like the combination between sourness and sweetness. It is quite special for a fruit to have two flavors. Although it is my favorite fruit, I don't eat often. In fact, I don't remember the last time I had them. I like to eat my favorite food as less as possible, so when I do eat it, it tastes just like the first time I tasted it. If I would eat them every day, I would probably not have a favorite fruit at all.
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Today I went fishing with my family. I love fishing. It is very satisfying to watch the waves and the fish jumping out of the water, trying to escape their world. But, today in spite of the great view, it was a horrible day. We left at 5 A.M. and got there at 6 A.M. That wasn't the problem. The problem was staying in the sun for 5 hours and only catching 2 fish that we had to throw back anyways. My dad, on the other hand, caught lots of fishes. Usually it is the other way around.
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I have a little sister. She's eleven. She's becoming less annoying as she grows. But, that doesn't stop me from loving her. She makes my day brighter everyday. She gets concerned about things very fast. For example, my mom was sick the other day and she almost started crying. She's very sensitive. But, very caring too. She often gives my parents drawings that she makes of our family. It's the cutest thing ever. Moreover, every time I come home from school, she always gives me a hug and asks me "how was your day?" She's my sister. She's my Andra.
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Today is a special day. Not for me, but for somebody else. Today is the birthday of my childhood friend/love. We've been friends since 3rd grade and even more before high school. Then I moved away and remained only friends. We don't talk much since life has spread us apart, meeting new people and other events, but on this day I like to remember the old times. I bet she does the same thing on my birthday. I wished her "Happy Birthday" and she replied by thanking me. Today is a sad day. Today I remember you and me.
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There is this game on my phone that I'm obsessed with. Today I received the 360 daily login reward. I was proud of myself. The name of the game is "Bleach Brave Souls" and it's an RPG game. That means that the whole game is based on luck. My luck isn't very good. I quit the game more times than I remember, but for some reason I keep coming back to it. I keep thinking that my luck will get better, and it does like 3 out 10 times. Although it's frustrating most of the time, 3/10 is incredible.
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I pick up stuff very fast. Anything, really. If you show me now, in just a short time I'll do it exactly, if not better. I didn't know how to swim when I joined the swimming team. Everyone else was doing 20 laps, where I couldn't even stay above the water. It was embarrassing. But, within a week I was swimming almost as fast as the guys that have been swimming for two years. that says something. My first competition, I slip when I do a flip turn and end up last. I couldn't look at myself, or my teammates.
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Have you ever broke or lost a phone? I lost my first phone in 8th grade. I thought I was going to die. My parents were SO mad at me, but in fact I didn't lose my phone, someone stole it. And that was my fault. I was at soccer practice when it happened. And for some reason, I didn't put my backpack, with my phone in it, in my locker. When I came back, the phone was gone. They never found the thief so I was obligated to get a new phone. Well, my parents had to buy one.
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Today I saw a very exciting and inspirational movie. It was called "Whiplash" It's about a young jazz drummer that wants to be among the elite and is pushed beyond his limits by his teacher, Fletcher, to the point where he almost gives up, but his teacher says: "The next Charlie Parker would never be discouraged." After he said that, I thought about how many times I gave up what I loved because I wasn't good enough, or that I didn't get to a certain extent. I realized the sacrifices one have to make in order to be an elite.
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I found this rock band called "Greta Van Fleet" They are a new band, formed by five teenagers in 2012. I was listening to them for a couple days, until I finished listening to all their albums. I have to say that I got excited when I found out about them because I thought I would have something new to listen to. For the past year I've been listening to the same bands. It's sad to say that I will not listen to them regularly as I'm not as interested in their lyrics. Too bad, their riffs were pretty good.
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I like to imagine stuff that'll never happen. Why? I don't know. My brain just does that sometimes. Well, most of the times. Today I imagined how it would be to drive an exotic car. For those that don't know what an exotic car is, I'm referring to cars like: Lamborghini, Aston Martin, etc. I had the whole image in my head. The loud music in the speakers, holding the wheel, looking at the speedometer and pressing on the gas until the car couldn't go faster. Then, I left school and on the opposite side on 50th, a yellow Lamborghini.
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CAT V.S. DOG Are you a cat person, or a dog person? I find people usually asking me that. I never really liked dogs. My parents wanted one so much and when they finally got one, without telling me and my sister, I wasn't too happy. I pretended the dog, Shira, was invisible for a couple of weeks, and so did she. After a while I started playing with her. I didn't even notice that she started to like me too. Time passed, and now she's even sleeping with me in my bed. I guess she isn't so bad.
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Today I woke up late and made it to my first college class a few minutes before it ended. The teacher was great and understood the reason behind my attendance. Hell, he actually started laughing and told me not to worry because it happens to him too. Although my morning started off bad, it gradually got better. Later in the day, I remembered something my teacher told me in high school, 11th grade AP Language. "Never let one failure ruin your whole day." I started smiling out of nowhere and people were looking at me. Today was a good day.
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Do you guys ever find a song that speaks to your soul? That touches the string of your heart? That no matter how many times you listen to it, it seems like you're listening for the first time? I have yet to find that. I can never settle for things. Once I achieved something I have to move to something else. When people ask me what my favorite song is I tell them one song. After a few weeks when somebody else asks me the same thing, I've already changed my song three times. In conclusion, the search shall continue.
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MATH. One day you're a genius, the other you read hieroglyphs. I am in Trigonometry. We deal more with letters than numbers. Hell, sometimes numbers don't even exist. But, for some reason I like it. Even when I sit at my desk and do homework and exercises for 4 hours straight, screaming in excruciating pain, because my answer is not the same as the right answer in the back of the book. But, when I do get that answer right it's the best feeling. Maybe I'm insane, but who isn't? A sane person wouldn't survive math for too long anyways.