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The language barrier is one of the most common scene we encounter in the work place nowadays. The diversity of couture`s. different types of people from all over the world with different types of languages and ways to live. Sometimes it can get really trick or weird in a funny way. I can say for my experience that sometimes, people laugh just because of the word that are coming out of my mouth does not make much sense to most people, i can say something extremely weird in English, being completely oblivious, but in my language sounds perfectly fine.
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In the year 2019 I see my self as a register nurse, so I decided to start my classes on the 2017 spring semester. Being able to attend HCC is such a blessing in my life, because is allowing me to experience something new. It`s nice to just stop for a second and think about all the wonderful things that HCC is adding to my life. I have been able to feed off different ideas and minds. I want to finish the semester wiser then when i started, and all these things are helping me achieve my life goals.
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Her name is Lexi Vieira, But i call her the bed bug, Lexi is this fuzzy little thing that brings joy Into my life. The reason why I call Lexi the bed bug is only because she never leaves the bed, It`s like somehow she`s glued to the mattress and it does not matter how hard I try to get her off the bed, I already know It`s not going to happen. The only trick is food, once she smells the food, there she goes off to the kitchen to figure it out what`s for dinner.
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What`s the best way to bring good healthy food to the table? I struggle with that my entire life. I always catch myself watching cooking channels and reading recipe books and somehow I still struggle really hard to transfer all the vision and reading Into the kitchen. The funny part is that I get my hopes up when I`m trying something new, and It never ends up living up to It`s expectations, but i can say that I`ll never stop trying, and maybe one day I`ll finally figure it out that part of my life.
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Music is a important factor on everyone lives, because it brings good energy, and we get in a better mood just because of the songs we listen to. It`s also a great way to exercise during the day by dancing to the music, and sometimes music can bring old memories back, and we start think about things we have forgotten already. Lot`s of people choose the music path as a career because they wanna spread joy, happiness and love into everyones heart. When we are feeling sad or depressed, music can be u remedy to a happier life.
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Brazil is a country of marvelous beaches, insane mountains, Carnaval and beautiful women. Is also a country of corruption, where all the politicians take advantage of the poor hard working class citizens. Most of them have no privileges , such as vacations time or lunch breaks. It is also a country of crisis where a lot people suffer for not having enough money to take care of their health or to spend on their own education. No matter how hard politicians try to make their lives impossible, the hard working class will never stop fighting for a better way to live.
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I was watching the news on tv last night and I suddenly paused and rewinded because could not believe what I was hearing. It sounded like "fake news" Donald is already planning his 2020 campaign, and its gonna take place in Orlando, Florida. Now what are the odds that someone like this with no respect for the reporters, hard working people, let alone respect for immigrants or every other race that doesn`t match his race Will get reelected? I found hard to believe that smart, kind people who cares about one another, will agree to Donald 2020 second term.
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Facebook, snapchat, Instagram, tweeter and other social media apps and devices we all consume through out the day. All those apps and several diferent devices are actually taking over our lives, we cannot live without phones or checking posts and comments and pictures or updating our status every day. I think with all the demand of staying online and caring about a virtual life sometimes it can take away the real life that's happening around us. We start paying less attention to the people we love the most and sometimes that could get in the way of relationships and marriages.
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I like writing about my country because I love the the tropical beaches, climate, the fresh fruits and vegetables the land provides with no GMO or pesticides. Brazilian dishes are delicious and very tasty, if you never had it before I highly recommend to try at least once. The music, the couture, the language. A lot of people don't know that Brazil is the only country in South America that doesn't speak Spanish, we are very proud to say that the Portuguese discovered Brazil, and that's the reason why we are the only country in South America who speaks Portuguese.
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Plants are good for many reasons, they are said to bring comfort, nature and oxygen in and around your home. I myself love plants, plants are a living thing, they have to be taken care of and if you don`t feed them they will die. So if you are a person that take care of plants, there is responsibility to uphold. This reminds me of one of my very favorite plants, one day I was walking my dog and i noticed a plant with all brown leaves and little dirt, I cared for it and now its all green.
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To the people that support Donald Trump an to the people that are against Donald Trump. At this point it really doesn`t matter. I say this because everything seems to be going down hill. the controversy began way before he took office and now that he is in office the controversy has speed up and intensified at a alarming rate. Every single day there is a new questionable issue at hand. just to name some examples: his cabinet picks, ties with Russia, his muslin ban and the immigration crisis which also seems to be getting completely out of hand.
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Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Tweeter, and other social media apps and devices we all use through out the day. All those apps and several different devices are actually taking over our lives. We cannot live without our phones or checking posts, comments, pictures or updating our status everyday. I think with all the demand of staying online and caring about a virtual life sometimes it can take away the real life that`s happening around us. We start paying less attention to the people around us, people we love the most and that could get in the way of your relationships.
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what to believe what not to believe in the news these days. It`s hard to differentiate when viewing and searching so many different media outlets, you might be on Facebook and read a really interesting and delightful article. Just to scroll down a little bit further to find out that the lovely article was actually completely inaccurate, I noticed when that in other countries that the censorship is much stronger in some areas, for instance when viewing South America news if theres someone that has been shot or in a accident, they allow you to visually see the carnage.
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Valentines day it could be a very romantic day for some people, filled with flowers, chocolates, champagne, romantic cards and lots of love and kisses from their loved one. but for other it could be a very sad and depressing day, some say its the worst day of the year, just because they spend this day alone and they have no one to celebrate with. I think the kids are the ones who have the most fun on valentines day, because they go to school and they pass out valentines cards and candies to all of their friends at school.
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The sound of the crashing waves and the beautiful blue water is one of the most fascinating natural gifts from god. I can only find inner peace, quiet in my mind. Your mind is a gift , a remarkable work of nature. Being near the ocean is one of my favorite happy places. Not only do I sun bath near the ocean, but I am also in avid swimmer. So I`m getting energy from the sun, getting exercise while I swim, and I`m meditating while I sun bathe listening to the long soothing sounds of the waves crashing in.
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All the variety of foods we can find from all over the world. That`s something that everyone has in common. We need food to survive. If we think about it, food is part of everything we do, starting from social events, family gathering, the holidays and Meetings at work. food is everywhere we go. We waist so much in this country without realizing how many people don`t even have one bite to eat in other poor countries. We should all get together one day at a time and make a difference in the way we consume our food.
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there are certain events where the environment and atmosphere are so charged with happiness and energy, that your mood is instantly uplifted as well. One such occasion in particular often happens to me when i work at the Amalie Arena, Where such an events are held. It is a place where one can step outside and melt like a sugar cube on the Forth of July, to a floor made of cubes that will provoke a person to crave one of those thrift store holiday sweaters. This experience I am referring to It`s called hockey games at Amalie Arena.
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It seems like only yesterday that I was living in Illinois. At one time it seemed like an easy place to live. there was family, a slow paced life style and jobs to be found. My husband and I spent countless hours working on our yard and rehabilitating our house. Things started changing quickly in Illinois. Our property taxes doubled from $2,500 a year to $5,000 a year. It became clear that we could not make enough money to live in our home even though it was fully paid. We decide to go to Florida to find jobs.
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I enjoy baking and decorating. One day I watched an online video about decorating cookies. It looked simple enough so I decided to try it out. Baking the cookies was time consuming but not hard. Making the icing was somewhat tricky. It didn't take long to find out that making beautiful cookies was harder than it looked. I watched more videos and read about different tricks. After about two hundred cookies, I was decorating better than any of the videos. I started sending cookies to people only to find out that they thought the cookies were too pretty to eat.
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My home in Illinois is listed in the National Register of Historical Property. It is not clear what date the home was built. There are documents that show the house is at least 160 years old. The style is gothic revival. This style uses gingerbread trim along the roofline. My house is two story and has seven gables. The roof under the shingles is made of solid timber, not plywood. There are two steel beams that run through the second floor. The walls are plaster with horse hair mixed into it. Someday we will completely restore our home in Illinois.
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I own a horse in Illinois. His breed is Appaloosa and his color is leopard. He's white with small black spots over his entire body. I named him Bigshot because he prances around like he's in control of everything. I let him out of the pasture during the day and he roams around the yard eating grass. He's very gentle and he follows me around like a dog. Taking care of my horse isn't too hard. The hardest part of caring for him was in the winter when his water froze. I don't miss the freezing cold at feeding time.
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Having a beautiful home can seem impossible due to the expense. The biggest cost in having your dream home is the labor. To cut cost, learn to do it yourself! One key factor is that all floors must be beautiful. I've solved this problem by learning to install laminate flooring. I recently installed two thousand square feet of laminate flooring using a hammer and a circular saw. As I worked I began to find my own techniques to avoid damaging the flooring while making efficient good use of time. The difference between me and a professional is only the money.
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A few days ago I ran into the mall to grab a shirt before I could go to work. I was shocked to see everything in the store was selling out. I quickly grabbed the shirt I needed and noticed it was marked down from $45,00 to $4,95. The sale had started two hours before I arrived and would continuo until everything was sold out. I was on my way to work and in a big hurry. What an opportunity to save money. However, the line was too long and I didn't even have time to spend four dollars.
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Sometimes I wonder how can I be so busy. Starting school has really added to my responsibilities. I have so many things on my mind that I cannot take time for myself. As I was falling asleep, I thought about how fast time passes by. At the moment, I realized that my mother in law had told me that I could go to Macy's and buy myself some new clothes for Christmas. I have had so much to do that I never got around shopping. It's almost march and I wonder if it's too late to go to Christmas shopping.
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A few months ago my mother-in-law's husband died. They had been married for 23 years. They owned several homes in different cities. She has been organizing and trying to downsize and sell properties. She keeps saying that I am the only one she works well with and she'd like for me to come to help her. I feel bad that I'm so busy , however there's nothing I can do. It seems to be easier to rearrange job schedules than school work. I have to be committed to completing my classes in order to succeed. I hope she understands.
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When I lived in the country I was going crazy with boredom. To stay busy, I started making earring. I began using beads and wires, but found out the beads were very expensive. To cut cost, I started making my own beads from clay. The more I made the more I enjoy it. I planned to eventually sell the earring. I made it a mission to build my inventory. I completed around one thousand pairs of earring. Before I was able to find a place to market them, we decided to move to Florida. It's funny how things work out.
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It won't be long until my birthday rolls around the corner again. Last year my husband lined up the stairway with candles. After I opened my gifts and had some cake, we turned the candles off. He put them in a plastic bag in the closet. Around 5:00 a.m , there was an explosion followed by the sprinklers turning on. We got out of bed and tried to figure out what was happening. The apartment was being flooded with water and the air was filled with smoke. The firemen determined that the batteries had exploded and caused the fire.
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We are saying goodbye to the month of February. So many good things have happened to me this month. I can only be grateful for all of the countless blessings I received this month. Being able to continue to take classes and learning new things every day is really exciting and makes me happy. I can close this chapter by saying thank you to all of my teachers for being very patient and kind to me. I am very grateful for this opportunity to further my education. I can't wait to see what's the next challenge will be for me.