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Hello, now I have to go back and do all of my stories again because it wasn't recorded. Well I'll try to remember some of them, However the first day I started my 100 words, I was excited because I get to write want every I want. I can still do that but now it's different. Now that I have to start over, I am a little mad because I mite not remember all of the stories I told. When I said to my teacher that's not fair I have to start over my teacher said life is not fair.
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Hi, this is actually not the first time I am doing this date. I didn't put my entry in, so I'm excepted to do it allover again. This assignment is not hard, so I don't mind doing it over again. I have never did this 100 words before and still think it's one of the greatest and easiest assignment I have to do to get a grade. I want to say in this writing that I had to take a test today, but I am not confident on what I made on it. When I find out you will know.
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Hi, I am writing another entry I have already did, but because I didn't do it right I'll just write about something different this time around. I always wanted to be a singer and be famous. Maybe even meet a famous actor or singer like prince or Jamey fox I think prince was cute and Jamey fox is funny. I think he is so funny that if I mate him in person, I don't think I could stop laughing. One day I still hope to meet Jamey Fox. I think he is a angle sent from elven. I see you.
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Hi, I think I'll continue from where I left off about Prince the singer and Jamey Fox the entertainer. Like I said I always wanted to meet both of these people, but I know I'll probably never get to. I think it was sad the way Prince left this earth. I especially loved his character, so much that I wanted to be his girl in the movie Purple rain. Now Mr. Fox is a different story. He is a foxy guy, and also an angle in disguise. The heroic thing he did for someone he didn't know was very considerate.
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Hello, I like to continue with the last exciting conversation about Jamey Fox the entertainer. He did this heroic thing for a guy that had a car accident. He risk his life tying to save the person that he had never met. I feel if he would do that for him he would have done it for whom ever. I don't want to meet him like that even though the guy did not get badly hurt. However, I would like to meet him in a more pleasant atmosphere, like a restaurant or something. Well, goodbye for now. I'll write later.
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Hello, those who don't know me I am a 100 words participant. I really like this site because its fun and relaxing. I really like the fact that you can talk about pretty much any thing. I'll start by telling you about how my day went. Well I got a B in class today and that made me so excited. I hope to continue getting good grades on all my assignments. If it wasn't for the good teachers that makes class easy to achieve a decent grade, I'd probably would have gotten less. Thank God for my teachers. nite,nite.
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Hi, this is a new day and I want to continue talking about Jamey Fox. As I was riding with my brother's girl friend to the store, I heard Jamey singing his song on the radio. I actually like one of his songs and that is "Blame it on the alcohol". I like the sound of the beat not the lyrics of the song. Even though when we drink we become tipsy. I think he is very talented and adventurist, but that's not the only reason I like him. The main reason is I thing he is a genuine person.
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Hi, well I think I've finished talking about Mr. Fox, although, he is one of my favorite actors. I believe if I was born at a different time of my life, I could've became famous and met him. I also would've enjoyed my life as a famous person, then if granted to live long enough I would get old and die. I would then be reborn to someone else and lived a horrible life. How odd people think when they want to do something Really bad. Well since that's not the case. I'll just enjoy the life God gave me.
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Hello, I decided to write a little earlier than usual. Yesterday I end up calling the law on my new neighbors. I know that sounds pretty strange, but it happens. I wish it could have been different. Sometime I feel what I asked God for is taking too long for Him to answer. I know I have to be patience. I just want everything to go good for my son and me. I know I have to "with the help of the Lord" sort everything out, but seems like when I take one step forward I go two steps backward.
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Hi, I just want to write about how my day is going. I went to my Saturday class this morning and did well in class. I still am not use to the teacher, but it's getting better since I do ask questions. I think it's important that you ask questions, because it can help you to understand things better. I am looking forward to completing my work in this class about Power Point because I always wanted to learn about the essential parts of the computers. Even though it seems hard to learn at times it's well worth the effect.
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Hi, today I went to my Saturday class. I was happy I made a B on my test, but I fault everyone was laughing at me. I fault that way because I was asking to many questions and I also thought I wasn't keeping up with the class activity. I talk to my mom about it because she is the one that could make me feel better. She told me not to worry that those people are jealous of me. I guess I believed her because I stop crying. I just wanted to write a few line. I talk later.
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Hello, how is everyone, fine I hope. I love everyone very much. My weekend was a little over whelming, so I am looking forward to what lies ahead. I am now spending time with my mother and brother. I don't get to spend time with them, because I am always in school, or always studying. However, I decided to bring my work over to my moms house because that's the only way I am able to lounge around and spend time with them. Its sort like me vacationing. Well I am closing my letter now. Until next time by ok.
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Hello, today is Sunday and I believe I am going to have a good day. Although today is God's day and every day is. I ask Him to guide my steps today. I stated my day off by trying to submit an assignment for my CGS class. I enjoy staying home and doing my homework, but some times I want to get out to have fun. I don't want to miss out on any assignments, so I don't get to have much fun. However, I just say home and watch a movie on television. Ok, I'll write to you later.
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Hi, I don't get out much to do anything but pay bills or visit my mom. I use to go to church, but now I watch biblical channels on television. I hope and pray one day things will change for me where I can get out more and enjoy my life. I would like to go out to a good movie, or restaurant. Sometime go shopping. What ever it maybe I'll be able to have fun. I know some times I have to sacrifice to achieve my goal in life, so that is what I'm tying to adjust to. bye-bye.
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Hello, today is B-day. I only had one class today and am looking forward to having a good day. I am expecting some of my family members to stop by for some delicious treats. I hope to be splurging soon with some cupcakes and ice-cream. I am not planning on going out on this special day, but if it happens I wouldn't mind it not one bit. I am ready to have a good time by spreading my love and appreciation. I don't get much leisure time, so I'll definitely enjoy the relaxation. Until next time, bye-by.
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Hello, how is everyone out there doing? fine I hope. you probably know where I am right now. Well I am setting here on my freshly new wood frame debating on what lesson I am going to do next. I always have some homework that needs to be completed. that's funny because even though it seems board at times. I can honestly say it's never a dull moment. However, I'm trying to pass the time away by making use of my time. Completing most of my assignments. this is worth every spend minute of the day. I think I'm ahead.
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Hello, I must admit I had a good day yesterday. My brother and one of his friends came over for my birthday. I really enjoyed myself with them. They bought flowers, candy, billons and a birthday card that I loved dearly. They also bought Chinese food. We all sat down to eat and enjoy some music entertainment. We finally left the house to got to the store, but by the time we got there it was closed, so they brought me back home and left. After a nice evening of fun, I realized how much my brother really love me.
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Hi, I am in the middle of doing homework, but I just have to write about something that is really disturbing to me. One of my nieces, the older one, seems fur distant from me. I don't mean where she lives, but the way she tries to treat me is unorthodox. I don't know if she doesn't like me or if it's someone in my family that's encouraging her to act this away towards me. But what ever it is I don't like it. I can't talk to her about the way I feel, because we will probably start arguing.
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ok, I admit today was a weird day. I went to my Saturday class, did my assignment, but forgot to save it on my flesh drive. How awkward is that. Well I tell you. Once I got home that's when I realized what I did wrong and I immediately called the school, but it was closed. Now, I have to figure out how to retrieve my homework so I can summit it to the teacher on time. I doesn't seem like it is going to be a problem, but will just have to wait and see. I'm closing for now.
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Hello, I remember the last time I wrote. I was devastated about not saving my homework I did in class on Saturday. I figured out what to do through. I'm thinking, it would be best for me to go in early Monday morning to copy my computer assignment on my flash drive. I don't think my teacher will be there, but if someone is there and if the work is saved on the computer. I will be generously happy. Although I still have to work on the assignment to finish it, I think I'll manage to make it on time.
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Hello, It seems like I'm trying to catch a cool. All the symptoms are there, Like; the stuffy and runny nose; the headraces, as well as the hunger. Once I told a friend that you can eat a cool away. she did believe me. Now I have this cool it feel so much better when I eat and eat. The energy I'm getting from eating helps me to keep working on my assignments. Thanks to whom ever enlighten me on this remedy, because I think it is working in my favor. I have to close now wrote to you later.
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Hello, I am ready for school tomorrow. I have a challenge waiting for me. It's like I got my work cut out; ready to start. I know the day will go by fast and then it will be back to the same old thing; back with my head in the books. I am appreciative about being able to go to a college, but sometimes thinking about the work can get boring. I think I just have to get use to the work that I am committed to complete. It has some advantages,like; resting while I'm watching my favorite movies.
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Hello, I'm watching this movie call Divergent. I don't know if anyone ever seen this movie, but for some reason it must be really good to capture my attention the way it does. The kinds of movies I like are sometime dramatic and sometime they are romantic, but what ever it is, it's entertaining. I don't miss a scene. I am still waiting for someone to knock on the door and invite me out to lunch or to a scary move. Well until than. I have to close this letter for now, but I will get back to you soon.
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Hello, my son lives with me and it's really hard for the both of use to get where we need to go with one car in the house. He's been saving for a new car, but because he is the only one who's working, it's not easy. I appreciate my son putting in great effort to work and go to school, but once we get another car in the house I'll be able to help by paying most of bills and still be able go to school. Well I've to go now, but I'll be writing to you very soon.
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Hello, my birthday is in this month. I really am luck I'm born in this month, because it holds a lot of history Like Valentine's Day, Gasparilla Day, Martin Luther Kings Parade, Macy's Parade, Fair Day and many more events happens in the mouth. The only thing I regret about this short mouth is that it's over before you know it. I really have leaned to not care about the shortness of this mouth, because I don't get to enjoy it much with all the work I have to do to stay on top of everything. I've to close now.
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I am now in class, and I don't know what my grade is in my writing assignment. I have some good new about retrieving my homework from my computer class. It was successful. I have a lot of work ahead of me, because I now am late on doing my computer assignment that I should have done two days ago. I think I will stay after school in the computer lab and do some long over due homework. I think I will feel much better when I'm finished. Everything should be catch-up. Well I am closing write you later.
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Hello, the day seems like everything is going by slow, but surely. I have an obligation to keep every Tuesday. This is the day I spend some time with my son. I wish we were going to church. I missed going there. We usually go to church on Sunday; it seems weird that this day is not an option for us anymore, because my son works on Sunday. I have been praying to God to start back going to our favorite place again. Until than I'll keep on keeping on and stay focus for school. May God continue blessing us.
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Hello, this is the last day for writing and this is the day I have been waiting for, because today my writing get's published. This feels like I have been keeping a thirty day diary. Now, I'm finally getting the change to expose it to the world. This is my first time writing about myself on the internet and I'm feeling pretty excited about it. I wrote to you a while back concerning the file I didn't save in school; I was lucky it wasn't erased yet. God is good. I now have to say farewell; hope you like everything.