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"Thougts" featuring Chardon Lewis by Majestic Sounds Like verse 1 I'm captivated My heart taken By your perfect love You came to me Not once forgotten By this perfect love Chorus How precious are your thoughts for me outnumbering the grains of sand oh God, oh God the darkest night, the deepest sea can seperate your love for me. you'll find me, you love me. verse 2 captivated my world shaken by your perfect love you know my name and you called me to a perfect love chorus(repeat) bridge you shaped me you know me inside & out let every word from my mouth worship you (x6) Outro How precious are your thoughts of me outnumbering the grains of sand oh God, oh God...
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your defects are often the strenghs God gave you being misused. The fact is, we have the amazing ability to over estimate how happy we're going to be with a person, an event, or a possession. We're not just dissapointed with events that happen in our lives or with other people in our lives. We're dissapointeed with ourselves. Why? Because this is not Heaven. Everything on the planet is broken. Nothing works perfectly because of our sins. When Adam and Eve rebelled, it not only disconnected them from God; it disconnected them from each other. God wants your love too.
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I need to have a passion for souls. Matthew 9:35-38 if you just hold all of God's glory unto himself, you're not fulfilling His mission for you. 1 John 4:8 the bible tells us that Jesus' care is not as quite as figurative. He has moved with compassion for people. Love involves touch and it wasn't good enough for God to just speak to a crowd. Jesus has been where we are! we've got to grow, instead of being group oriented and be an individual, personal, deep touch of the Holy Ghost. The harvest is plenteous now.
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there's a guy, Jalen. I've really liked him for a while now. He's a strong man of God, is focused on pursuing God's kingdom, and he is just drop dead beautiful!. We're great friends. I'm to the point where i don't like him, but I do at the same time. I love talking to him but, the more I do, the more confused I am. I just want him to tell me that he doesn't have feelings for me. When he does, I will be on my way, but what if he does like me? That's the real question. idk.
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God is the one true King. Regardless of what anyone one says. EVERYONE has to bow when hearing the name of Jesus! The kings, queens, presidents of this world, must bow when hearing the mighty name of Jesus. I have to stand up and not be ashamed or afraid of spreading His gospel. I not only have to stand up, but i also need to put forth action with my words. that's the only way for me to truly grow in Him. I need to show God that I'm ready to do His will no matter what the cost is.
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I need to put a reminder on my phone to do this everyday. I'm forgetting to do it sometimes and it's very annoying. Well, I'm starting a new job soon and I'm really excited because I get to work with kids and I love kids! Some people think it's weird, but I think of it as I'm being given this opportunity to help raise up out future. Kids are the next generation and if we, the generation now, don't help raise up the next, what are we doing? Yes they have parents but, they're about to be in the adolescent.
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The adolescence stage of life, is when you think you're right all the time and you tend to not care about what your parents have to say. They'll listen to the adolescent that are today. Why? Because they want to be like us. They look up to us. We have to remind ourselves that there are eyes looking at us ALL the time. We can use this platform to build them up and help them, or break them down. We have to remember whatever we do or say, they're going to follow you. Don't go back on what you preach.
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Friends are hard to keep at times. For example, when you move away to a different state, you tend to lose contact with certain people. Before, you thought that would never happen. Not in a billion years! But you're wrong. Life starts to happen and you're growing up. For me, this is a period in time. I'm currently in this position where some friends of mine that I used to talk to and see on a daily basis. It's like we're acquaintances. I don't know why it's the way that it is, but I know God knows what He's doing.
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There's many things in life that we take for granted all the time. For example, having a car, having money to go out, food, having a phone, clothes, a place to rest our heads at night, etc. Some might think of these as just minor blessings in life, but we don't take into consideration that other people don't have at least a quarter of what we have. The things we complain about on a daily basis, are what others are praying for. Some of the things we have, we don't even use! Give back to those who have absolutely nothing.
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I don't know why I'm tired right now. I really need to catch up on some sleep and discipline myself to not be on my phone late at night. Being on your phone at night is such a bad habit that everyone does. You're either on social media, talking on the phone, playing games, etc. It's a known fact that if you're on your phone when you're trying to fall asleep, it takes even longer for you to fall asleep because the light from your phone keeps your brain active. It's something along those lines. Just don't do it anymore.
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I need to start waking up early in the morning to get my day started. I'm trying to make that a new years resolution; to wake up early in the morning, pray for an hour, eat breakfast, probably even workout too. I'm going to try and do this routine for a week and see how it goes. Hopefully I still to it because I think it will really help me with getting my day started. Plus, I want to start changing things up in the morning. I feel as if I never want to get out of bed each morning.
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Sometimes you just have to take some time out of your day and breathe. We live in such a fast past world that no one EVER has some time to stop and just relax. I find myself getting caught up with the world as well. It's quite hard to do because we think we'll miss something or "we don't have enough time". This saying is the number one saying everyone refers to when they either don't want to do anything, or just 'don't have time.' Every once in a while, you just have to take a couple minutes, breathe, pray.
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I'm not ashamed of this; I've never been in a relaionship. I've never kissed anyone either. In all of my 18 years, I've been single. Yes I do get lonely at times, but doesn't everyone? Plus I've learned, from my friends past relationships, that you should never rush into one nor should you date, just to date. It's a waste of time, and time is precious. You never know if you dating someone beacause "you felt it was right", could be holding you back from the one God has for you. You never want to waste your time with God.
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I honestly forgot today was Valentine's Day. And it's not because I'm single or whatever, I was just excited because the next day, I had a consultation. It sounds weird, but it's true. I did get something for my mom, grandma, aunt, and cousin. I went to the store, got them Hershey chocolate, and plastic flowers. I also made a little card for them basically saying "yes i know these flowers are plastic, but that;s because my love for you will never die. I love you dearly." They loved it and it sounds corny, but they absolutely loved it.
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so today I went to a consultation for braces. Basically to just get a few more x-rays of my teeth and to see if I'm qualified for it and stuff like that. Then to check out some payment plans in able to pay for it. Honestly when I saw the price of them in total, I wasn't at all scared or worried. Yes it's expensive and I currently don't have all of that money right now, but I continue to tell myself that it's not impossible if i just lean on God. I just have to remember that, everyday.
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I'm trying to learn how to discipline myself to do things for the kingdom of God. It's not impossible, i just have to set my mind and spirit to it. I have to kill my flesh (carnal) side everyday in able for the Holy Spirit to live in me. It's easier said than done, but with a consistent prayer life, it's not too difficult as it is now. Sometimes in the mornings, I don't feel like praying at all. I just want to sleep, but that's the fleshly part. I have to kill that and let God live through me.
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currently headed to the airport to drop off my cousins because they're going to Texas. I honestly don't know why i just know it's probably something for basketball. I look a hot mess. I was supposed to wash my hair today and i usually cleanse my hair and then deep condition, and so on. So as i was going over my cousins house because she has really good shampoo and conditioner. But mind you, Tenesia, my cousin, never told me what time she had to leave to go to the airport. So I'm going to the airport looking so ratchet.
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Today was a fun day for me. I spent the day with my family because my mom wanted to take my aunt and grandma out for lunch as a late valentine's day gift. So we went to Red Robin. It was really nice to just enjoy each other's company. My brother tagged along as well because my other cousins were it of town. It was just really nice taking time out of the day, bonding ans laughing all day long. Yes at times my brother and i would argue, but at the end of the day, we love each other.
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Today in church was absolutely amazing! God moved in ways I can't explain. After morning service, I went over a lady's house to eat with a couple friends. The lady invited us over and she's so sweet. The food was bomb too, let me tell you! So we chatted, watched movies, ate, took naps, etc. It was really fun. After, we realized the time and we had night service so we had to all get dressed and be on our way. Service that night was even better than night service. I can say that my spiritual self has been awakened.
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So remember last Friday when I had to drop off my cousins to the airport for the weekend? Well today, they're coming home. My mom, brother, and I drove to the airport together to pick them up. It was a fun car ride. On our back when we picked them up, Tenesia, my older cousin, was telling us all about the tournaments. My young cousins, Elijah and Josiah, are in basketball and they go to different places to compete in tournaments. She was telling us how there were 9th graders that are 6'8, dunking on everyone! I'm going next time!
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So today, I was a little late for class. Probably like 35 minutes late. It's only because family situations that was going on and I had to help my grandmother with some things. But hey, I still came into class at 12:10pm. It's better than not coming in at all. I was planning on not coming because I would be so late, but I had to and good thing I sent my teacher an email before class starting notifying her that I'll be late. And honestly, I didn't really miss much. They were just talking about brainstorming. I'm good.
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currently watching Property Brothers on HGTV. This is starting to become my favorite show. I love seeing how they renovate an old home and fix it up to be something extremely breathtaking. It's just amazing and honestly, when I'm able to buy my own home, I want to go on that show. Or when my mom is ready to own a home, I will call them for her. It's just awesome. It is a 10/10. I encourage everyone to watch it because it's just that good. If you're looking to own a home but want to renovate, Property Brothers.
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Church tonight was very needed. I feel like the God is going to use me in many ways, I just have to allow Him to use me. If I don't open up and really trust God, He can't use me the way He wants. I have to stop opening the door to the enemy more, than opening the door to God. That's what I feel like I'm doing now a days and it's not healthy at all. God can not dwell in your sin. If He did, He would be going against His own Word. God is true and just.
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I'm bored and I don't know what to do. I have time on my hands so I think I should just write for a little bit. Writing is good for you. It's good for everyone. You're getting out your frustration, joy, confusion, anything. Writing doesn't mean you have to be professional. If you can physically write, you're a writer. Good writing comes from people that do the bare minimum. Great writing comes from those who put there all onto paper. They make it to be there own. They let out everything onto one little piece of paper and that's art.
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So today my friends and I had a yard sale at her house to raise money for an event called North American Youth Congress aka NAYC. This is the biggest event in all Apostolic Pentecostal history. No other event has this many attendees. It's every two years and it's never at the same place. This year, I believe it's being held at the Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. We're raising money to pay for everything we can. I can't go with them there because of a few mix ups, but I know I will see them. Through God, we'll go.
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So today is the last day to turn in the NAYC money and at our yard sale yesterday we raised just enough! I wasn't able to give my money to the person in charge of receiving it in morning service at church, nor was I able to give it at night service because I didn't attend night service. I was out with my family and I didn't know we would be out so long. I'm really upset about it too because I heard service was PHENOMENAL. Like the one time I miss Sunday, it's like the best sunday ever man.
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My aunt had to go to the doctors early in the morning and she had someone come over and fix the garage door. It wasn't properly working right. So, I had to to go over her house and I stayed there with my grandma literally all day long. All I really did was watch movies, was on social media, cleaned up a little nit around the house and ate. I really didn't do much. I also hung out with my grandma because we both were bored and we talked. We talked about anything and everything. I love talking to her.
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today I didn't do all that much. I went to my morning class and we actually learned a lot. It's like we crammed everything within 2 hours. It was somewhat overwhelming, but then again not so much. I liked it. As I was on my way home from school, my best friend Megan facetimed me and was basically updating me on everything I was missing out on in her life. We have to keep updated with each other because now I'm in Florida and she's back home, in Maryland. It's hard being away from your best friend but we'll reunite.