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Americans spend a lot of their time in line for coffee. This though came to me when I was sitting in the Starbucks drive through for almost twenty five minutes barley creeping along. We make coffee an essential for our every day life and for our ability to function. I think since we are living in two thousand and seventeen we should be able to depend on something else besides coffee to get us through the day. A five hour energy does not react the same for everyone and it can have a nasty after taste. So enjoy your coffee!
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The best time of day is when you get home from work and take your clothes off and take a nap. but sadly that doesn't always happen and life gets in the way and you have to go out in the world and be a responsible adult. the absolute worst thing that anyone can do to me is wake me up mid nap and force me to get up and do something for them. naps are the best and for me they can last for three to thirteen hours and i wake up feeling refreshed and like a new person.
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I love cats but I don't like cats that shed. My two cats shed very bad and it sucks because I feel like I have cat hat on my at all time. Every time I eat I swear that I'm eating cat hair and every time I shower and wipe myself with a towel I get cat hair on me. I'm mostly a dog person but since I moved into a new place my roommate has cats so I grew to like them. I would definitely rather have cats than children because they don't cry and shit everywhere lol bye
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One think I love to do is go camping. I was born and raised in Nebraska I I have always loved the outdoors. A nice fire pit and a tent and spending time with friends and or family is the best way to escape the realities of life for a moment. Unfortunately the last time I went camping I didn't bring an air mattress and it was about forty five degrees outside and I barley slept because I was so cold. I was about to get back into the car and turn the heat on and sleep there all night
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There are a lot of apps on my house and one of the apps I use the most would be snapchat. That app is wonderful for keeping in contact with your friends and also you can keep up on current news. There are cool filters you can use to make your face do different things. Most people use the puppy dog filter and it makes a licking sound when you open your mouth. Snapchat is great because you can put things on your story and they are only there for twenty four hours and then it just disappers forever lol
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life is full of many difficult decisions and some can be harder than other but sometimes when you make a decision, you instantly regret it. its very hard not knowing what the future holds for you and how you will be in 5 or 10 or even 20 years. its scary to leap into something that you dont know what the outcome will be. that is how life is and that is how we make it through until the end of life. it can also be scary that you do not always know when your time to go will be.
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my plans for the next year in my life seem to be scattered all over the place and i seem to have no sense of direction. my decision is based on a lot of different things including school, work, love life, family, and the most important thing, my happiness. there are many places in the world that i would love to live and make a life. i would love to either move to colorado where i am from or move somewhere new like Dallas Texas. i love warm weather and that is why i chose to live in tampa florida
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the best feeling to have is when you go somewhere and you know you will be in that place for a long time and you decide to check your phone to see if there is wifi and there is wifi and you can connect and stream movies and whatever else on netflix for as long as you want. it sucks because most of the time the wifi you try to join is either slow or doesnt want to work or needs a password. president trump should make an executive order to make wifi free in the entire united states omg
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this is sad to say but the world needs more starbucks. i drove forever this morning trying to find a starbucks and when i got there, there was a long long line and i waited for about 20 minutes to get my morning drink and my breakfast sandwich. there should honestly be a starbucks every two mile radius. and i always have to wait for my drink even if it is nine thirty pm. i shouldnt be complaining because there are other things in the world to complain about but starbucks makes me able to get through the day lol
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What a long stressful week. Life is a very hard thing to deal with. Maybe I'm just the person who gives up too easily or the person with a very hard life. It's probably just that I'm exhausted all the time so when things get a little rough I give up. How am I suppose to be successful in life if I can't even accept a bad grade I got on a test or the inconvenience of having to tie my shoe when it becomes untied. I just wish I was born to a rick family but I guess not.
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I dont knwo why but i am tired like all the time. i could wake up from a 12 hour nap and still be tired. i get home from work and go right to bed and sleep until i need to wake up in the morning to go back to work. I just crawl into my bed which is very comfy and i feel all my troubles melting away and i can be there with no one to bother me and then i put on some law and order and i just fall asleep for hours and hours on end.
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nothing is better than seeing your family when you haven't seen then in a while. my mother is coming to visit me at the end of February and is staying for five days which i am very excited for. i love when my family comes to visit and i love visiting them in colorado where they live. i dont like going when it is cold outside because the whole reason i moved to florida from colorado is because it was too cold for me and i needed warm weather and a beach to lay down on and get a tan.
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the math class that i am currently enrolled in is what i like to call a bridge class meaning it is a class you take between high school and college because you may not be ready for college classes. So the math class i am in is pre alegebra and it is 8 weeks long. the class is two hours a day and there is a test about every week. it is annoying because i think this class being a math class shouldnt go by the quick because that is a lot of information to retain and pass a test.
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Happy Valentines Day everyone. Hope you are happy as those couples that make everyone feel like shit with all their posts on Instagram and Facebook! If you are spending this day alone or you are spending it with your boyfriend or girlfriend, movies at the Ybor movie theater are like five dollars. You can take your girl to go see Fifty Shades Darker and she will love you forever but most importantly she will be loving you tonight lol. I don't see a fascination with that movie but i am not a female so that might be the reason why.
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I hope that someday I am a big boss at some large company. I was just reading an article about Elon Musk the CEO of Tesla and the article said that a driver of a tesla noticed a car behind him had an unconscious driver. the driver of the tesla let the car behind him run into him so he could bring the car to a stop. Elon Musk tweeted out and said "we are going to fix your tesla free of charge" I want that type of power someday. Just to say something and someone does it for me.
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I have always wanted to see lady gaga in concert and she is coming to tampa on December 1st. i tried to buy tickets but only the presale is happening right now. the presale is only available to you if you have a citi master card. that is very stupid because no body i know has a citi master card. I did find someone witha card but once you get to the checkout you have to buy the ticket with the card and you have to swipe that card at the concert to get in. I think that is DUMB!
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for some reason my whole life i did not like tomatoes. i could not eat them in salads or tacos or even salsa. just the thought and the smell of them made me gag. Over time i was okay with eating salsa and eventually having tomatoes in my tacos. I have not gotten to the point where i could eat a tomato whole but maybe someday. The is probably the only food that i dont like at the time. I cant do oysters either. I ate them once and they were crunchy, i honestly felt that i was eating sand.
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OI have been inspired lately to travel more. I wanted concert tickets and I realized i could spend three hundred dollars on a plane ticket and go somewhere for a weekend. I also think a cruise would be a lot of fun. first though i would need to get my passport. After that i think i would take a cruise to Mexico or the Bahamas or somewhere far away and i could stay on the cruise for like 12 nights. I love to travel but the only thing is trying to find lots of time off school and or work.vcx
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i find it very fun to scroll through facebook and see the food recipes that they have. watching the short 30 second videos of them making something always gets me motivated. I only have one time tried to make something that i saw on facebook but it was a complete fail. I think it was like no bake brownies or something like that and they turned out awful. but on the other hand its a great feeling when you see a recipe that seems easy and you have all the ingredients at your house to make this delicious tasty recipe
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I always find it hard to find a topic to write about on this website. I think everything in life that i was upset about or happy about or mad about i have already written about. That goes to show how truly exciting my life is. there are thousands of ideas that run through my head everyday and i could use those to write about but whenever i come to this here website i can never remember what they were. i always am looking around for inspiration but sometimes i can never find it. I will keep looking for now.
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February 21st, 2017. What a time to be alive. Everything that is going on in the world, most negative, but some also positive. I always try to search for positive news. I saw a story about a beagle at the Westminster Dog Show that everyone in the crowed loved. I also read an article that stated teen suicide rates drastically decreased after the supreme court legalized same sex marriage in every state. the last news article i saw was Iowa City was devoting 1000 acres of land to save the honeybees. We are losing honeybees so quickly and its sad.
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Finding a new job career can be scary and make you nervous but i am one to always be searching for a new job. It's not that i dont like my current job it is that i want to expand my experience and also know what job field i would like to be in down the road. I honestly dont like starting a new job because you always have to meet new people and learn a lot new names. but also if you mess up, you can use that excuse that youre new and dont know what you are doing.
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one of the best conversations i ever had. I thought that you hated Abbey just because i moved and dont speak to alot of norfolk ppl anymore doesnt mean crap.. we will still and always be friends.... NO maTTER WHATR NO MATTER WHAT* ok i was just wondering can i talk to Kelsey this is kelsey! SERIOUSLY SERIOUSLY what do you want to no how can i prove it idk ok then well are you mad at me now? why would i be mad i just think what you guys did is bull. idk the messages messages? wrong person k
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there are many things that i dont like about my job and one of them how no one thinks i do anything. when i am in the middle of something, someone will pull me away and make me do this long task that i have no interest in doing and that is not in my job description. and of course i cant say no because of who i am as a person and if i say no someone will go tell the big boss and i get in trouble. it gets really annoying sometimes but what else would i do?
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trying to find one hundred words is very hard for me to do. It is hard to think of that many and also write about it. I have to find a topic and try to think of one hundred words to write about that topic. Some days i do not even speak one hundred words to people. I just go about my business doing what i do best and walking around but then after this is all said and done i have bs my way through one hundred words today and successfully wrote one hundred words on just about nothing.
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Wow look at that this is the last week of February. two thousand and seventeen is flying by and before you know it, it will be my birthday and then christmas. I do not know about you but i am not the biggest christmas fan. I am a very generous and caring person so that holiday makes me spend more money than i have or want to. I would really like to spend christmas two thousand seventeen with my family because i haven't spent christmas with them in two years. it is an expensive trip to take to denver colorado.
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I cant wait for my birthday on may third. although i will be turning twenty it is still exciting time. i wont be a teenager anymore and that is very exciting. plus that makes me only one year away from being twenty one. the ages 19 and 20 arent really that exciting they are just weird ages. like you are old enough to serve in the war and buy cigarettes but get married but not even be able to legally have a glass of wine at your wedding. there are lots of problems in this country but not my tea.
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wow look at that the last day of the month and the last one hundred words that i have to type. maybe a few years down the road i will start this again when i have more time. I cant believe that i typed two thousand eight hundred words. at the end of this final day but let me tell you it wasn't easy at all. trying to think of anything to write one hundred words about is not the easiest and most def not the funnest thing to do. I had fun doing this so good night everyone lol