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A white bus opens itís door and a flood of children run off laughing and screaming. After the initial burst, three girls get off laughing. After them, a little boy steps off. Heís walking slow and somber. All the parents in the parking lot are hugging and kissing their kids. Lots of kids are laughing. The Boy keeps walking until he reaches a black limousine parked at the far end.

A chauffeur (old heavyset white guy) stands holding the door open waiting for The Boy.

"Wassup." the chauffeur says.

He holds out his hand for a high-five.
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(band playing music)

Dr. TC: Sam, the music sounds good!

Sam: Thanks.

Dr. TC: Sam, this is Wolf. He's new here.

Sam: Wassup.

Dr. TC: Wolf, this is Sam. Sam and his band have been here at camp for a while. Sam's gonna show you around while I fill out these last minute field trip slips, alright? Now you guys have fun.

Wolf: So, you guys are int-

Sam: Look. Wolf, Prairie Dog, Raekwon, whatever your name is. We don't fuck with you or anybody else here, alright? You stay out of our way and we'll stay out of yours.

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Ever come across something for the first time? A person place or thing, that gave you an instant feeling of happiness? Made you glad to be alive? And eventually as time goes on the feeling gets weaker, and weaker, and weaker. And you don't know why, it's slowly becoming less exciting. And the whole time you're in denial about this decreasing value. And you know it in the back of your mind that the feeling's fading away. And it's almost over, but ignore reality and continue to keep trying. Eventually the feeling becomes harder to reach or just disappears completely.
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How I Met Your Mother is probably my favorite TV show of all time. i remember watching it for the first time when i was in the 7th grade. i remember when the final episode of the series aired when i was in the 10th grade. I've seen every episode of the 9 seasons at least 10 times each, some more than that. it's taught me a lot through out the years and it never fails to make me happy when i'm feeling down. i recommend it to people a lot, some people like and some don't. i love it.
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life lessons from How I Met Your Mother

1. nothing good ever happens after 2am.

2. don't chase after what doesn't work. let the universe take over.

3. things happen for a reason.

4. don't ever give up crazy times with your friends.

5. miracles happen.

6. things you may not have liked before may not be that bad later on.

7. perfect isn't always perfect.

8. some people have expiration dates.

9. wait for it.

10. don't postpone joy.

11. the important moments shouldn't be wasted, because you can't get them back.

12. be clear about what you want.
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life lessons from How I Met Your Mother (continuation)

13. the most important people in your life are the ones you can picture sitting on the porch with.

14. the talk is one of the worst things ever, but it is important.

15. you're not looking for someone who accepts your quirks, you're looking for someone who loves them, cherishes them, and loves you more as a person because of them.

16. some people are worth a lot of work to keep around.

17. get out of the house, go get a bagel.

18. when one door closes, another opens.

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"y'all crazy af if y'all paid resell for the fog Vans. More than half of y'all don't even wear Vans, y'all just bought them because they fog. And the rest of y'all only wear Vans because of Kanye West.

And y'all the same people who called people like me "weird" for wearing Vans and not Jordans in middle school, y'all a bunch of followers. Only wearing something because it's 'the wave" foh(fuck outta here) y'all some sheep. i guarantee that if the shoes said "vans" all over them y'all wouldn't even look at them. i'm sleep tho."

-via Twitter
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-what if I'm falling in love with the wrong person ?

-how is she the wrong person ?

-because I'm supposed to be in love someone else who I've known for years.. Like I just met this girl.

-that's the good part about it all. You wanna fall in love with the person it feels right with. Not who you think you supposed to be with because of a longer time period.. then at that point you forcing it & it'll only leave you with regrets and the other girl confused. You can't help who you feel more for tbh. It just happens.
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-you okay ?

-Lol yeah I'm good just was pushed over the edge lol. I let small things get to me.

-oh okay. well if you ever need someone to talk to you got me.

-thank you.

-you know you can talk to me. you don't have to but I just want you to know that I'm here and really do care about you.

-I'm okay it's just that people don't always have the best intentions and are super selfish.

-yeah some people suck, just keep your head up and that beautiful smile on your face.

-Thank you so so much.

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-how have you been ?

-Could be waaaaay better

But could also be worse.. So I can say that I've been 'okay'

-what's wrong

- /:

Been sick

Spilled water all over my computer

Like I can't catch a break

-how sick ?

& it doesn't work now ?

-Like swollen tonsils and flu like sick

I feel better now but I'm pretty sure my computer is done

I put it in rice lol

-it's good that you're feeling better

-I can't work or make graphics/music

Better physically but I am an emotional wreck lol 😅

-but if the rice didn't work, you can...
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try taking out the hard drive and retrieve everything that's on it

has anyone tried to help ?


-I will have to figure out how to do that But yeah

I just can't seem to come out of it

-it depends on how old it is & that's good

you're strong tho, you can do anything

-2007 MacBook /: I'm trying to be

-you'll need a external enclosure

don't give up

- :'(


-Just feel stuck

Like a little vegetable in my bed

-vegetables are cool

you're cool.

-I can't even get a job so me having a car is useless af
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winter break of 2014 was probably the worst 2 weeks of my life. to start things off i was going into break stressing about my grades, i knew they weren't the best and i also knew that my parents were going to flip out when they saw them. then my girlfriend broke up with me for some guy who she said was 'just a friend' that basically broke me into a million pieces. i spent the whole break listening to Because of the Internet by Childish Gambino, and thinking about relationships i messed up for this girl who left me.
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i used to talk to this girl back in high school. we never actually dated but we had a connection, something special. something I've never felt before. she was completely different from anyone i had ever been with in the past. she smoked cigarettes and got drunk, two things i hate, but i didn't hate her. she was smart, funny, creative, crazy, and beautiful all at the same time. i remember when we first had a real interaction, out side of a club in Ybor right before a show. i remember our first kiss, i was in love with she.
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i remember when i met this girl while me and my girlfriend were on a 'break' and i started to fall in love. it wasn't intentional, when we met we became friends. she had a boyfriend and i still considered myself to be in a relationship. so our friendship grew and eventually she told me that her and her boyfriend had broken up and that she had feelings for me. she knew about my 'girlfriend' and our 'break' but she wanted me, and i her. we had a secret relationship then my girlfriend came back and i left her. mistake.
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Grow Cube is a game that gives you a blank cube and materials, the objective of the game is to get each material to their max potential on the cube while the materials help each other grow as another is being placed. There are multiple ways of beating the game but each way takes a lot of thinking and a good strategy. Grow Cube can teach someone a number of things such as how to use resources wisely by giving a certain number of things and once you use them they canít be taken back. Available in the appstore.
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Teen Wolf is an MTV show about supernatural creatures/teens in a town called Beacon Hills.all the problems that the main character (Scott), a werewolf, has to face with the help of all his friends, or even people who aren't his friends. its such a great show but i'm so sad that its ending this summer. i remember when the first episode came out when i was in the 7th grade,and now about 6 years later its all coming to an end. Another tv show that has helped me through a lot of stuff. thank you Jeff Davis.
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on September 14th 2016 i went to the Saint Pablo tour is see Kanye West. it was by far one of the most exciting nights of my life. even though he was like two hours late, my feet were hurting from standing and the whole VIP floor smelled like beer and weed, i still had a great time. When he finally came out and his song 'Father Stretch My Hands Pt.1' came on my heart skipped a beat, i was so happy. at one point i was crying tears of joy, as he gave a speech after performing 'Runaway'
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"My role models are artists, merchants. There's less than ten that I can name in history. Truman. Ford. Hughes. Disney. Jobs. West.

Bro. Bro! Tonight, we here to have fun. I'm standing in front of my idol, Puff Daddy. I'm standing in front of my wife, Kim Kardashian West. I'm standing in front of the future: Chance the Rapper, 2 Chainz, Jaden Smith. Bro, we are undeniably the influence, the thought leaders. I'm gonna play y'all a piece of my art, and I just hope y'all have a good time. Play that." -Kanye West, August 28th, 2016 via
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Anna Quindlen uses the metaphor " A Quilt of a Country" to show how America is different but it still stands together.

"A mongrel nation built of ever-changing disparate parts, it is held together by a notion, the notion that all men are created equal, though everyone knows that most men consider themselves better than someone." In America everyone thinks that they're better than someone, weather it has to do with race, religion, or social class. Even though Americans are all Americans, all live in the same country they are still different. But when tragedy strikes they all stand together.
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"We live and learn. We might make some mistakes, but We live and learn. We canít let the past stop us from the future. Right now, you are the future. I said, you are the future. Donít let them enslave you. Live your life to the fullest, Because thatís the gift God gave you. Donít let them enslave you.Live your life to the fullest, Because thatís the gift God gave you. And itís inside of you. It ainít in no Prada. Itís inside of you." -Kanye West Yeezus Tour October 2013
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i've never been one to be big on material things such as shoes and clothes ect. of course i like to have nice things but its never been a huge deal to me. but lately ive been spending just about all of my money on material things that i dont need. i feel like im trying to make myself happier with these things. i feel like theres something or someone missing from my life which im trying to replace. but not knowing what it is isnt making the task easier. i just want to fill this void and be happy.
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"The way the world works now, you have to be wealthy in order to live healthy

The way the world works now, you have to pay for knowledge in order to be considered smart

But Ralphi said, 'who teaches those who think outside the box? Where's the school for those who do not want to go to school? How do you keep safe those who do not believe in authority? How does one who is never understood get to ventilate? How do you fill the void but not know what's missing?'

Tell me when, when will curiosity be safe again?"
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do you ever think about decisions you've made in the past? think about if you had made a different choice would your life be the same at this moment? would i be who i am right now? would i be with who im with? would i be here in this house, in this city, in this state? these are things that i often ask myself. its not i take the things i have for granted, i am very greatful for what and who i have. but i just cant help but wonder, could things have been different if i decided?
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"See you want me to be a pretty liar so bad. But I can't fuck with karma cause she always comes back. So call me every name you can find in the book, But don't try to discredit every chance that I took

I'm running low so don't play with my time I'm searching but it's nothing left to find Send out a call but no one's on the line So if you want it please make up your mind Please make up your mind I don't wanna lose myself loving you, loving you" - "Luving U" song written by 6LACK
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everyone knows the definition of music




1. vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion.

"couples were dancing to the music" / the art or science of composing or performing music.]

but a lot of people have opinions on what the purpose of music is. some say its about rhyming, or flowing on a beat, or having "fire" bars. but i thinks that its about feelings. how it makes people feel. whether its the person making the song or the person listening.
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"Look, I spent my whole life tryna improvise, I'm not saying that shit for you to sympathize

Spent my whole life tryna find the light that's at the end of the tunnel, I should have realized it was inside

So lately I been trying to get what's inside outside, So many people wanna see my insides outside

I'm from that city four hours east of Southside, Where everyone outside, but don't fuck with no outsiders

Going up, with the ones I hold it down with, Whole city got my back on some photobomb shit"

-Light written by Big Sean 2017
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i find so much inspiration and happiness in music. when im upset certain songs or artists that i play will instantly make feel better. whenever i need to get focused on anything i just listen to music and it makes the job easier. it helps me put my emotions into words, which is hard for me to do. in my opinion i am connected to music like none other.

"Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything." -written by Plato
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my friends always ask me why dont i get an iPhone, why do you have an Android? because they all have iPhones. i dont have an iPhone because i dont like how things are on Apple devices. you cant change anything about the phone besides the password, wallpapers, and the apps on the phone. they are all essentially the same. on Android you have the option the customize the entire phone, from passwords to installing a better keyboard, to replacing your home screen with a launcher. thats just a few reasons why i have an Android and not an iPhone.
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adjective 1. of the very darkest color owing to the absence of or complete absorption of light; the opposite of white. "black smoke"

synonyms: dark, pitch-black, jet-black, coal-black, ebony, sable, inky

2. of any human group having dark-colored skin, especially of African or Australian Aboriginal ancestry.

ďBut when I fell in love with black, it contained all color. It wasnít a negation of color. It was an acceptance. Because black encompasses all colors. Black is the most aristocratic color of allÖ. You can be quiet, and it contains the whole thing.Ē Ė Louise Nevelson
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over the past few months ive been thinking about starting a vlog (video blog) on YouTube. the reason why i havent started yet is because i dont think that anyone will watch it. i dont like to fail at things, thats tone of my many flaws. i dont really do a lot of interesting things because i dont have a car available all the time, and other days im just too lazy to get up to do something. but if i had i vlog itd give me a reason to go out just about everyday and do things i havent.
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"Dawn to dusk I'm trying to get made, I been up for days

Damn I'll never pop another pill, man that shit is real

Girl you know you fucking with La Flame You know you know the drill

I reach to the heavens, lord forgive me I sin May La Flame live forever, and always bring 'em in


La Flame, don't play no games

These niggas is lames

These niggas ain't lords, we the new lords

Lord, self sacrifice

(Mercy me, oh, mercy me) (Mercy me, oh, mercy me) (Mercy me, oh, mercy me) (Mercy me, oh, mercy me)"