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My manager (j) at my job is a felon. When she was eighteen,she dealt with a older man that sold drugs.He had her traveling state to state with drugs in the trunk.only reason she did it was because she wanted the fast money.Over the months of her doing this the cops we're watching.She didn't know this of course,but she said "she had a bad feeling one night coming from Texas".An hour out the cops pulled her,she knew her life was over.Her first time going to jail she caught a federal charge.
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I know a girl well i don't know her,but i know of her.She's an home recker, she'll sleep with your husband and your dad if she could.she made sex videos with multiple men and try to ruin the men life if they leave her.she will also try to go after the wife's or girlfriend.she's very sick and crazy.she has three ,well four but she killed it because the dad did'nt want to be with her.she called one of the men wife's job and tryed to get her fired.she is very crazy girl.
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My 23rd birthday is coming up soon,i have so much in mind. i want to have dinner with family and friends;but every one doesn't get i was also thinking going to Miami with a few friend, but i don't have any friends.Then i came up with idea of going on a cruise, but i seen the movie titanic. I'm not down with drowning shit i can barley swim. i use to be able to swim back in the days, i was a fish but now i'm a whale on land with out an blow whole.
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Today, my son has been showing his ass since he entered the house from after care. So me the best mother is the world pretended he was invisible.i was yell his name and walking right past him like he did exists. I even walked outside to ask people have they seen him.Lmao he started crying so hard said "mommy I'm right here". I told him to move the chair so i could find him he moved the chair and grabbed my hand. I said omg i thought i lost you i can see you know. He was happy.
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I called my boyfriend to ask him to bring me food.So he tells me he's out in brandon and won't be home till later. I'm home waiting on him to ask me what i want to eat.he has not called yet so im like okay I will give him more an hour went by no call,tell me why he forgot to get me food and is on the phone with me as i type this. His ass is on his phone looking at stuff on offer up, im like offer up do not have food.
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I hate when i tell someone i am going to do something for them the sweat me.First off im doind you ass a favor and ion need you on my ass.if i said i was going to do it i am going to do it. I always stick to my word and i never let people down,but if it was the other way around i would get the shit end of the stick.i am to nice to people and always help out, but when i need it nobody is never there but my mom and dad.
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Falling in love will kill your soul trust me i do know from experience. In the beginning of a relationship it all will receive flowers go on dates and even gifts delivered to you job.but soon as a year or two hit its over. You will turn in to the crazy girlfriend from hell.everything he do will piss you off,and vice versa.He will think you are doing something you do not suppose to do if you do pick up the phone fast enough and you will to all that streeing will kill your soul.
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Parents do the most for no reason all that yelling they do is not necessary. They yell for everything they can be right next to the remote, and yell" JAY JAY COME GET THIS REMOTE!". It seems like every time they talk they are yelling "CAN YOU WASH THE DISHES". Mom why are you yelling "I AM NOT YELL YOU ARE GOING TO MAKE ME BUSS SOME ASS IF YOU QUESTION ME AGAIN!", and then when you laugh the yelling get worse I'm like Lord please just add a mute button to her mouth all this yelling for no reason.
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Its crazy how people can sit in the front of a judge an lie. You sit in his or her court room and raise you right hand and promise to tell the truth but still do not. I my self will not go in front of a judge and lie for no reason lying will and can get you jail time. My mom always taught me to tell the truth, because once you lie you have to come up with more lies to cover that first lie up. Lying will only make things worse then before,you wont get nowhere.
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The other day i had an anxiety attack but to my heart burn.Sounds crazy right? Well when i have heart burn i panic, because it makes me throw up and feels like my chest ins closing in. my heart burn starts from eating oranges,ketchup spaghetti sauce,spicy food ect. I have to watch what i eat but how is it possible when i love spaghetti. Just to eat what i want i have to take zantac an hour be for i eat just so i would not get the heart burn. If i wasn't for zantac ill die......
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life you only get one chance at it, some people live it to the fullest and most take it for granted.People have to realize that your life can end at anytime with out you knowing.I have sat and witnessed a person lose his life and he was only 15,but this child also left out the house with out his mother knowing. I know he felt some type of way because his mother didn't know where he was,and then she has to receive a call saying he son has been killed can you please identify the body.
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A lot of people judge me for wanting to be in the police field, because of the fact that my father was in prison for 12 years of his life.people have to realize that i have never been to jail, and i'm not planning on going at all. If i was ever in a situation where i new someone is doing wrong, and i got arrested but had a chance to tell what i know i'll sing like no other.My fathers past has nothing to do what my career i want to be able to protect and serve.
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I hate a compulsive liar, my manager is a compulsive liar you she lies about everything. she will sit and tell you that her hair is custom-made when it's really not.she'll tell you that she's going to get liposuction from dr. Miami. Um how is that possible when he's booked till 2018 and charged seven racks or better,and you can't even keep up with your 300 car note. Why lie about stuff just be true.Lying gets you nowhere when they see you again like last year they gone ask why didnt you go to
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When you have a plan in life you are not suppose to let anyone change your plans.a while back i have seen people down talk other and they end up changing there plan(dream). i can never let anyone down talk me to the point where i change my life plans,i have too much to lose and i have a child to work for.the choices i have made in life made me the person i am today. No one can change who i am or what i am becoming in life i am happy with my life....
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My law enforcement teacher is very cool and blunt.He will tell you straight up, if you have ever robbed a bank and got away with it leave this class now because we will find out.He will also let you know when you are in this field you always be truthful. No matter what the situation is,always tell the truth the truth shall set you free or not lol.He has told us so many thing all of it wont even fit on the paper. hes so awsome i am so excited to start in the law field.
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It this boy in my class he so DAMN LOUD FOR NO REASON!!! he really gets on my last nerve i swear i just wanna slap his bitch ass. then he says the stupidest thing i ever heard in life. if i was able to kill people with look he would totally be dead to the Gods.he is the type of person that seek attention for no reason. we can be on one topic and he ends up on another.he is just a straight dumb ass for and act like a dick he just need to drop out.
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I am a member of herbal life and also have a life coach.I am 175 and stand about 5'8 1/2 but I look so small lol. I eat so much crap all the time but can't help it I am in love with chocolate.if I don't have chocolate every day I'll freak. so I really don know how this life coach is going to help me or how am I going to help myself maintain my weight.when I see food I want I can not help, but to go for it is an addiction or something
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My best friend is the coolest person ever. we dont always be together,but when I need her she's there and when she need me I'm there, her son is my godchild and I love him to death without her my mom my dad my grandparents I don't know where I would be they have my back the most. I have been in some crazy situations, and she was always right there by my side ready for whatever goes down. She's a definition of a true friend / sister.she's someone i can trust i love her to death my friend
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I do not want a relationship like this.Your ex comes to the house when she feels and i am left looking dumb.I can not spend time with you,and i can not deal i have been taking too much shit.It is not fair to me that i end up hurt and nobody feels my pain. i just want to cry my eyes out and scream my chest is tight because of the anger inside. My anxiety level is up and i don't know what to do. I do not deserve this i have to get out now.
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100 word helps me a lot with letting things go. i can come on here and type my life away. when im don't typing i feel all the weight lift up off me. i sometimes have so much anger build up i just want to pop or hurt someone. who ever made this site is the the best person in the world and i thank you for just don't know how you are really helping people. some of us are really going though things and don't have people to talk to but we have this site to vent.
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I fucking hate when people wake me up. If you are going to drink handle you liquor.Im am so pissed off like do not come here not come here loud talking and do not come clicking your shoes I'm so fucking tired and almost hurt someone, because they want to sit and fight and act like damn kids. I just can not wait for the day i finish school, and get my own place this is not where it's at.This has to end asap or i am going to end up just walking out fuck that
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When I was younger I had a cousin that was like my best friend. we did everything together we talked about everything. one day she moved away when she was 18 to Minnesota with her boyfriend. she came back when she turned 20 didn't have anything no clothes,no shoes,not a pot to piss in.So I stepped up as her best friend brought her clothes and shoes.maked sure she was okay and she was happy,but then she turned around and slept with my boyfriend.Now they got a baby on the way,can't trust a nobody.
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The best meal you can ever have is eating off your own plate. you can't depend are people to do anything for you. If you want something done you have to get up and do it yourself. If you don't do it yourself nobody is going to do it the correct way for you. People will tell you that they are proud of you, and that they are happy that you're doing good.truthly deep down inside they jealous they don't want to see you do good. everybody loves when you do bad people don't like to see others happy.
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I have so much hurt and pain build up inside me. it's not all from love,it's not from relationships, it's not all from a boy, but from family friends daddy included. life is tough especially when you don't have a father around to teach you the odds and ends about boys.If you don't have a father around how do you supposed to know what's right,and what's wrong in a relationship.Dudes will run over you if you let them. They'll physically mentally and emotionally hurt you same with family and friends. I've learned you can't trust everybody.
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Man if you don't want to be with a female just let them know, that you don't want to be with them. instead of leading them on and making them think that you love them. Telling them that they're everything to you but really you have someone else that you're in love with and you can't let her go.You will never be able to let the other woman go,because she's really your backbone your spine. even though the other female that you are with has been with you,and by your side through a whole bunch of stuff.
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I know a person who is a free mason she's like the best person i have met. she talks about stuff and if you don't understand you will feel like a dumb ass. the things she talks about is very informing and interesting.If you look up free mason it will tell you that they worship Satan but it is not true. they are normal people with a little more knowledge that the states do not want us to know. the group is very love and they do not judge each other they are as one like brother and sisters.
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last semester i loved going to this one class the teacher was cool and understanding. she taught her class and will help you if you did not understand.I her as a teacher again but this class just drives me nuts.these damn students in this class just getting out of high school and do not need to be in college at all.they are very immature and i deep down just want to yell at them. they really say the weirdest things ever and i just dang can you just shut the heck up and do your work ughhhhhhhhh.
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It a girl in my class she sat next to me and her breath had me dead to the world.I was holding my breath for a long time but could not keep it up. have you ever watched the sponge bob episode when he ate peanut onion sundae.well that is how I felt I was almost dead like all those fish sponge bob killed. I had tears in my eyes and I just wanted to give her some gum, but did not want to be rude. A person knows when they have a smell or something omg yuck.
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So I'm in a store and it's a group of girls walking.they smell like onions every store aisle they go on smells like onions. soon ass they walk off and you walk on it smells. I just feel like people should know when they're hygiene isn't up to par. having bad hygiene is not a good thing,and I feel like especially females know when we have a bad sent on our bodies. we should do something about it and not being Publix smell like straight ass or onions its just so sad to small like that yuck ewww ..
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I hate when I'm on the road and it's cars that you have to drive for to. Also watch out for because they don't know how to drive and they don't know how to stay off their phones. That just drive me nuts because I can die in the process of you killing yourself. it's crazy that people don't even think about their own lives and they probably don't even care. Sometimes I just don't even want to drive no more ,because of the people that's around. that has careless driving I don't want to lose my life behind wheel.
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So I'm in a store and it's a group of girls walking.they smell like onions every store aisle they go on smells like onions. soon ass they walk off and you walk on it smells. I just feel like people should know when they're hygiene isn't up to par. having bad hygiene is not a good thing,and I feel like especially females know when we have a bad sent on our bodies. we should do something about it and not being Publix smell like straight ass or onions its just so sad to small like that yuck ewww ..