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As a little kid I've always love music. it has always made me get involved in the industry and be make my own music. To me it its exciting to learn all about the art of producing my own music. the art of making my own beats and writing my own lyrics. At first it was just a hobble that I enjoyed doing for a long time. It wasn't until I discovered the art of producing. That's when i decided to get involved in the prodcess of producing. Going to college is my key to one day reaching my goal.
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Five years from now I will be closer to my master plan. To get closer to my master plan I will need to be focused and to do all things necessary to reach my plan. I plan to research everything I possibly can to get started, that way I can work on the essential things of my plan. I Can start by taking all the normal classes, that come before. then I can research for the classes pretending to my major which is writing and producing my own music maybe even producing my own record label to be well known.
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There are many people that have came and impacted my life. Most of whom are related to me. Someone who has impacted my life. since I was a born is my mother. I See her as my hero. My mother has shown me the meaning of life. Because I've never had a father growing up, I've learned growing that my mother struggled, to make sure that I had everything I needed. I remember that she would always worked night and day, to take care of me and my brother. That is one of many reasons my mom is my hero.
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If I was to wake up one morning to find my self invisible I would be shocked. First I would wonder how many people would notice that I'm not around. I would wonder how many people would miss me. It would be great to no that there are some people who really care about you, which one's would care if you're gone. There is a lot that I could find out if I was invisible that would be kind of neat. in the other hand it would be sad to see that there are people who really care about you.
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If I could travel into the future, I would like to see any mistakes to succeed in my career. I would correct any mistakes that could be corrected. i would start on any projects, that I was going to need, that way I can be prepared for the next steps that I would have to do. Maybe I can figure out any kinds of different things I could learn like equipment and other things, essential pretending to the kind of career I want to have. That way I can be prepared, so when it comes time I will be successful.
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A perfect day for me would be in the future. It would start out with me getting my degree in my career. It would be the start by researching on how to produce my own record label, to put my knowledge and skills on the goal that I was waiting to happened. I would start writing my own lyrics, then I start composing my own beats to my lyrics. I would take those two components, then keep on making more and more songs. Until my first album was finished. Then I would keep on until I get a platinum record
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Music is important to me. It is important in my life, because it is what I most love in the world. Everything about music is important to me because, it is part of what I wanna do for my career. I wanna learn form the basics to the foundation of the making of the music. So that I can know how I can better myself. I would like to one day have a lot of albums and get well known. That's why I am doing everything necessary. That's Why everyone should find something you love in music, art or computers.
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My favorite kind of whether is during the summer. The reason why this is my kind of whether because it can get really hot. In my view it is better than the cold whether, because there is more enjoyable activities. You can go places to enjoy yourself like, the beach Many people like to go and enjoy the sun, maybe get a tan. Other people like to be in the water. then there's people who like like salty water so they go to amusement parks, because they have a variety of activities to do especially if they have any kids.
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Everyone has a time and place in time they would like to go back to, for a specific reason. The place and time I would like to go back to is, the day after I graduated high school. If I could go back to that time, there are a couple of things I would do differently. First I would of continue my education and went straight to college. I would have already got farther in my career then I am right now, but maybe it wouldn't of turn out right. Now I will achieve it and I will be successful.
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To many people 100,000 is nothing. If I had 100,000 I think it would help out a lot. The first thing I would do is pay everything my mom owes, so that she would be more comfort. That all her bills were paid and the she was healthy so that she could enjoy life to the fullest. I would take her around the world so she can know different places and things. Then I would buy her everything she ever wanted when she was young, and i would buy her all the new things that they have now.
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People have many great memories of their accomplishments in their throughout their lifetime since they were born. Many of them have their's earlier than others. My greatest accomplishment of my life is, the day I graduated high school. because of the fact that I was born in a different country. Despite the fact that I was !4months old, I couldn't speak any English. It took me about 2 And a half years to learn it. Since I couldn't speak it I failed two grades, which i then had to work extra hard. Thanks to that I am know in college.
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There are many hobbies people develope throughout their lifetime. Most times it is a hobby that they did when they were young and they enjoyed. One hobby that I did since I was a child is music. I always love listening to it all the time. As time proceeded I enjoyed it more excessive part in my life. I enjoyed everything that dealt with music, everything from singing to dancing. Then I discovered that music was An art that people did. When I discovered that it made me realized that it was what I wanted to do as my career.
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People should do things that they love because we only have one life.and should enjoy it to the fullest.Sometimes it is good to have a plan for the future like in ten to twenty years from now. in my situation I hope to had completed one part of my goal. one part of my goal is to have the knowledge and skills to become a producer. If I put all my time and effort I believe that one day I can reach my goal. After that happens if it happens one day I will have achieve my goal.
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Many people believe that there is something in their lives that is value to them, worth fighting or even dying for. In my opinion I think that life itself is willing to fight or even dying for. I think that's life. The reason why think life is the most precious thing people have is because, most of the material things that we have all have a price to them. all the material objects and other belongings that they possess, they can be purchased. Life is the one thing that can't be purchased anywhere that's the best reason why you should.
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At some point in you have to grow up and take responsibility for yourself. That's usually occurs when you become an adult. My my situation was when I had my first baby-sitting experience. it all happened when my mother and my brother decided to go to loo at yard sales. Personally I am not a fanatic of going to those type of events, so I volunteered to stay at my brother's house and babysit my two young nieces. At first I was kind of affraid because I've never babysat before but everything turn out I enjoyed it a lot.
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Shopping can be a interesting hobby to do depending with who you do it with. My most memorable experience was with my mom. It was one of the most fun experiments and most exciting day of my life. the reasons why that was one of my funnest days is because, it reminded me of my childhood. The times when I was going to school and she would take me to buy the necessary things I needed for school. Now that I am grown, I am going to get a job. that way I can take so we can go shopping.
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When I was 21 I went to this birthday party. It was very exciting because, in most Mexican parties they have live music. this is where they hire music groups whether they're mariachis, grupos or bandas. There was this party that I attended to, where I got the chance to perform in front of an audience. It was the best feeling ever. since I want to pursuit a career in that field. I love to be in front of people. The fact that they are watching you do what you love best. Now I do that in my own house.
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Many time in life when you're in a rush,you tend to go really fast and forget your keys. That has happened to me many of times. It was frustrating when it happened, especially when you need to use the restroom or your hungry. Every time that happened to me I would try to call someone that I knew to help me. Sometimes I would go to see my mom where she worked, so I could go home with her after she got off. Other times I would borrow the key from my mom and gave it to her later.
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When i was young I remember seeing one thing that really caught my attention. I was something that was new to me. I had discovered what people used to listen to music. Since that day I desperately wanted to have my own radio, so as the years went by I listened to music where ever I could. A few years after I graduated high school I started my first job at a theater, which gave me the chance to get paid. when I started working, I finally had the chance to buy my own radio. It the best thing ever.
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Some people have the honor of having many things that some people can't afford. Other people have more than many other people. and some people think that they have everything. To many people having everything means things in general, things that are bought with money. To others is having the latest trending things in the market, forgetting that there are things in life that money can;'t buy. In my case having everything is having the things I need to stay alive like good health, knowledge and other things to help you get want you want, Which money can't buy.
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When you are young, parents were the one that usually picked out what you wore. I remember when I was young my parents made me wear jeans with a button-up shirts. Beside wearing that what I hated the most was not so much what they picked. It was that I had to tuck in my shirt and wear a belt. Since they we're my parents, I had no choice but to dp what they said. As I got older, I realized that it was not that bad. I found out that it was a way to look very nice.
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Since I turned 21, I stared attending many music concerts. I love the fact that you get to meet and talk to the people that you hear in the radio. even though I have been to and attended many concerts, is a particular concert that was the best one I attended to. It was the one of a group that I consider my idols "Los Tigres Del Norte". Since they are really cultural, they tend to sing about all kinds of topics. They we're the best group I've ever seen in a concert. I even got a picture with them.
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There are many activities for grown ups and many games for for kids. One Game that I used to play in the summer time was basketball. I remember going to a park that was a few blocks from the house with some people that I used to know. We would pick a time when we all got together and we met at the basketball court to play some basketball. I used to like running up and down the court with the ball. I used to like shooting form long distance. I also enjoyed passing it, being part of a team.
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Mowing the lawn is very unique especially when I got older. At first I didn't realize that there were different ways to mow it. That you can mow it it a pattern. Like for instance, I used to cut the grass in different directions. Later, After a while I found out that there was a particular that I liked using, that was more efficient and easier. at first I used to mow it up and down, But I found out that it was time consuming because, I used to miss some spots I started mowing the lawn in a square.
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There are many time people join a group or just be in a certain place, they don't belong. In doing that they consider their selves to be a misfit. Maybe they didn't realized or was just curious and decided to try it out. Sometimes it's because of the different cultures. Maybe they don't come from the same place and they feel misfit because, they feel like they are going to get picked on for being different. Maybe they were born in the same place but were raised differently. Other times it's only for a while the they stop feeling wierd.
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Most people have the tendency to judge people because, they act different than them. I get judged . There have been many of times when it has happened to me. I remember this one time when I used to go to this place to do different things. When I went this person always used to think that I didn't know what I was doing. So I explained to him that the thing he was teaching, I and already learn in many different ways. He then later apologized. He realized that it was wrong to judge. After that people should think it .
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When I Started working, there was nothing more exciting then when you get payed. I got to buy my own things. Especially when you get to buy your own wardrobe. It was really exciting because, I felt like a person that took responsibility as a grown up. To go out to the stores that you like. the stores that have the type of clothing you like and to know that you have the job where you make money to buy what you like. That is the best feeling in the world, especially when you get to wear whatever you love.
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In your life you meet different people all the time. Many of them become your friend. Learning things about different people can be interesting. There was this time when I meet this one person I befriended. There were things I later learned about him. That was very interesting because I had heard of some people that were form the same place where he was from. I learned that he liked a lot of different things than other people from his country. That was interesting because, you think that even though he was born in the same country he was different.
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There are many times in a person's life where you had funny things happened to them. There is this one time that I remembered that I was with my dad at a party. He would always have me close to him. I would hold on to his pants. So this one time wwere in a flee market in mexico. I was walking with him by his side. Later something happened because I had let go of him and when I notice I was holding someone's pants that I didn't know. Every time I think about that story I start laughing
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There are people in the world who meet, get to know and fall in love. As the years go by you get to know each other personally. Then you fall in love and get together, so what is love. How can you tell if you really love someone or if that someone really loves you? How do you know they love you even if they don't say it? Maybe they bug you all the time. they call you though out the day, but the way I think someone really loves you is that they will always be by your side.
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Everyone has someone in their life they admire, since they kids. Someone who is an important role model in their life. Even though there have been a lot of people in my life. I have to say that the most important role model in my life, who show me why some things I didn't know were important. That would be my reading teacher in college Mr. Milhorn. I used to go through life always thinking I knew everything. That everyone else was wrong. When he appeared in my life he took the time to explain everything thank you Mr. Milhorn.