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Once there was a girl with a dragon tattoo that wanted to travel the entire world and a boy who just wanted to be loved. The girl had wings that no one could see not even herself. One day the boy with a chiseled jaw and dark grey eyes saw her from afar and what he saw, he could not believe. Hair filled with golden streaks, beauty of a goddess, oh what a pleasure it would be to know her name. The girl, oblivious of her beauty and companion just stood at the end of the road and wept tears.
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The boy lay low as he watched her. Thunder bolted through the skies as the girl cried down a river. It seemed as if the world was crying with her, nurturing her, bowing to her demands. The world was at her disposal and she didn't seem to even notice it. "What a sick world this must be for a beauty as her to cry instead of rejoicing in the joys of the world," the boy thought. Loverboy closed in on the gap between the dragon tattoo girl and himself but once he reached out to her, he immediately regretted it.
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He got more than what he bargained for. Visions transmitted through his mind, some showed of a baby girl with golden hair dancing through the snow, and others showed visions of blood and pain. Even though they weren't happening now, he felt the pain, the horror, and sadness that he channeled from her. He clenched his fist, as the pain became to much to bear that he could not find a way to break free. As if on cue, the thunder stopped and a lightning stroke 5 feet away from him which broke his enchantment from the dragon tattoo girl.
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He knew there was no going back. The gods had intertwined and sealed their fates. It was a sick joke to have witness the horrors that no one should see. Knives slashing the throats of young children, swords cutting through the bodies of humans and babies being left to fend for themselves just like her. The girl didn't seem to see him no matter how loud he screamed. He shook her forcefully and stared her down. Her passive breathing indicated that she was in a trance unable to get out so he did what any other sane person would do.
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The grey eyed boy took her by her arms and pulled her over his shoulders to carry her away. He walked for miles, never stopping to rest, fearing that there was something watching them and waiting to attack them when they least expect it. The sun began to rise on the east side of the barren lands and he grew weary and hungry. A range of mountains filled the horizon and he could only hope to find water on the other side. He felt something move on top of him but didn't think much of it until he was hit.
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"Where am I? Who are you? Let me down!" exclaimed the girl. "I will gladly put you down after you tell me your name," the boy responded sheepishly. "Has anyone ever told you how infuriating you are? Because I know I cannot be the first. My name is Calypso and who might you be?" "I am Jared" the grey eyed boy said. "Where am and why are you carrying me?" Calypso inquired. "Somewhere in the middle of no where and you wouldn't move and I couldn't just leave you to die," Jared responded. "But I should have" he mumbled quietly.
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"Where are we going?" she asked. "Im not sure, maybe somewhere where there's food and water?" he responded. "Funny. Do you even know where you are?" "I can't believe the gods would send you, an infuriating boy with no common sense, and no respect for others" Calypso said as Jared put her down. The grey eyed boy took a long look at her and found her doe brown eyes, million dollar smile, hands that seem to work so hard, and feet that could handle just about everything even the long journey charming. He asked himself, "Why would she here alone?"
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"I can hear you loud and clear you know. I can hear your thoughts and no I am not a psychic." she uttered. "What did you do to angry the gods?" "Steal their power, turn against them, angry the love goddess?" Calypso smirked. Jared looked at her with stunned eyes and wondered how she got here. "Sorry to disappoint you darling but I didn't do anything except for maybe try to save someone and end up drowning, next thing I know, I'm here, with you unfortunately." She stared at him for the longest moment until she fell to the ground.
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She lay on the ground laughing and pondering the thought as to why she was in this mess again. Centuries had passed and her punishments were still unforgivable. To her dismay, just being the daughter of a general who opposed the gods was just the same as working against them. Every century, the gods would send a heroic guy that she couldn't help but helplessly fall in love with and every time he would be taken from her. However, this time she knew better than to get close to him. She vowed to herself to keep her distance from him.
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Jared knew better than to disturb Calypso so he let her be and contemplated on how to get out of this island. His life was going so great he didn't realize when his life spiraled out of control. He had everything life had to offer, a beautiful model girlfriend named Belle, flashy cars right and left, an enormous mansion that was more of castle and friends who stood by his side all the time. It seemed like fate had other plans and now he was stuck on this forsaken island with a beautiful girl who seemed to hate his guts.
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When she finally seemed to regain her thoughts, Calypso stood up and manifested a white magical ancient Greek rug that could take her home. "Get on or get lost," she told Jared as she stood on top of the rug. "I am going back home, so either you can stay here and get eaten by wild animals or beasts or you can leave with me, gods know only you can get killed by a simple bug bite," she stated forcibly. "All this time, you knew how to get back safely and didn't bother to say anything?" Jared exclaimed with rage.
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Calypso knew it was rude of her to keep him walking for miles after she had woken up earlier but she couldn't help it. He was the only other mundane that she had seen in over a century. If she couldn't fall in love with him the least she could do is have fun torturing him. "Yes, I knew where we were. Now are you going to get on or shall I leave you to the monsters to devour on?" she questioned. Jared knew he had no other option but to follow her and hoped he wouldn't regret his decision.
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Things didn't go as planned when she glided through the winds. It seemed that the gods knew what she was up to, she couldn't blame them, they had sent him for a reason and now she was trying to get rid of him. It wasn't her fault that he was in a state of unconsciousness, oozing blood everywhere, and his shirt was shredded into pieces. Everything was going perfect until the idiot decided to fight the eagle that she had called on to take him away but no that didn't happen. Now she had a useless body in her home.
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Jared couldn't seem to grasp the reality of things and he continued to be in his limbo state. He could hear her soft voice talking to him and every sense in his body told him that he couldn't trust the girl but his heart said otherwise. He wasn't the kind of person to trust so easily but there was something alluring about Calypso that he just couldn't stay away from her. Call him lunatic if you might but he was dumb to follow his heart. He felt her soft hands on her body cleaning off the blood of his wounds.
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She couldn't believe herself, cleaning off the wounds of a mere mundane that served no other purpose but to make her fall in love with him. "The irony of this," she thought to herself. Her home consisted of a small hut decorated with seashells and was close by the beach where the waves swayed peacefully. She had been living on this island for so long she could't even remember what year she was in. Her past lover, Keatyn, had a left a mark on her heart. He was her epic love but it couldn't be said the same for him.
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Keatyn was a strong man filled with determination and confidence. He had a troubled past which Calypso could relate to, he was a kind, loving, and trustworthy. She saw no fault in him and that was her greatest mistake. Keatyn knew about Calypso from the tales he had been told as a child and knew that if he could steal her ability to fly, then he would become one of the most powerful demigods in the world. One night while she slept, Keatyn took out a knife and slit her shoulder blades, took her wings and fled from her home.
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That grievous night, she vowed to never love someone ever again. It seemed like everyone who came to her would always take something away from her and leave her broken. She was at that point where she didn't have anything else to give and was tired of it all. Jared slowly eased out of his unconsciousness and stared into Calypso eyes which showed pain and distraught. Calypso, unaware of his state, kept on scrubbing off the blood and bandaging it. Damn her of being kind to the most wicked people in the world, not that he was wicked but still.
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A pair of piercing grey eyes that resembled polished armor filled her mind. It took her a moment to realize that he was conscious and was staring at her too. Sparks flied between them and it seemed as if the world has stopped spinning and everything froze waiting craving for the next moment to come. She felt as if she couldn't breathe any longer, as if all the air in her lungs had been sucked out of her, leaving her breathless and speechless. She couldn't describe all the emotions that were coursing through her, she was becoming overwhelmed with everything.
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(First person point of view)

In that moment, I knew he would be my achilles, the bane of my existence and yet the more I thought about it, the more fearful I became. Everything that has occurred to me, the agony of losing my mother to the sea monsters that lurked in the waters, my father going against the gods, getting punished for being born, and cursed to never be loved, all of it led to today. I should be happy, overjoyed, excited that I've gotten a second chance at love but all I felt was utter sorrow.
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She broke free from the trance and stared into the sea wondering what to do with her life. Jared unaware of the war waging inside her heart, had his own war going on in his mind, he tried stopping himself from falling in love with the girl who seemed to despise him and yet he still let himself get hurt. He knew that he had responsibilities at home and couldn't fathom the thought of hurting anyone.

Days passed and Calypso made it her life's mission to distance herself from him but things can never work out for her.
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(First point of view- Jared)

Twenty days have come and gone and I can't seem to find a way to get back home. I wonder if anyone has reported me missing or if anyone noticed my absence. Life on this island would be a horrid experience if it weren't for Calypso but I feel as if the same could not be said for her. She's been avoiding me like the plague and I can't seem to imagine any reason why; I should be the one to distance myself from her but I only crave to know her more.
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(3 months later)

It started out small, at first I wanted to know her name, next, I hoped to know her deepest sorrows, after, I longed to console her from the world, then I yearn to know what made her happy. Unfortunately, Calypso or Cleo as she requested to be named, doesn't believe in friendships nor speaking, therefore, doesn't talk about her past, or her dreams for the future. I knew this was no fairytale, but I couldn't imagine a world without her, damn my past life, damn everyone who has hurt her, I'm damn for loving her.
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(flashback to one century ago)
With the power that was invested in her by her mother's lineage, she summoned a sorceress but she also knew that the sorceress couldn't be trusted.
"There is a way for you to retrieve your wings Calypso, but there comes a price to what you desire. Are you willing to sacrifice your future to love your soulmate?" the sorceresses told Calypso. Calypso suddenly realized what the sorceress was asking for, she would be granted a second chance at love after Keatyn's betrayal but could she give it all up?
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During one of our class sessions, we have discussed how not everything we hear or read on the news is true. There are some news that can be false, or also known as alternative facts by Mrs Borman. On our first assignment, we needed to research how Sea World treats its Orcas since they closed their breeding programs. We discussed that many of the Orcas have a larger life span out in the wild then they do when they are captured. We also learned that some Orcas have bent dorsal fins because of the lack of space provided for them.
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The words "Will you give it all up" pondered on her mind for decades and now that the moment had arrived, she called upon the sorceress.

"What do I have to do?" spoke Calypso.

The immoral witch smiled and said, "A kiss." "You of all people, my child, should know by now the tales passed on by our ancestors tell of tales are true. The damsel in distress is always saved by true love's kiss."

"All you need to do is kiss him and he will be your golden ticket out of this island but beware of your future consequences."
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"The moment you kiss him, he will forget about your existence and he too, will go back and resume to his normal life as if he had never left," the sorceress told Cleo.

Cleo stared helplessly at the sorceress, unable to weigh her options but knew in heart how deep her desire of traveling the world and feeling whole ran. She convinced herself that love will come and go but a true love's kiss to get her out of this horrid island will not come again. So she did the unthinkable and let herself fall in love with her savior.
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They fell in love like a pair of lovesick teenagers, slowly and then all at once. She told him her dreams, her goals, her fears, but she never told him the reason she was held captive in the island or why she carries an aura of sadness around her. She told her of her former life, one before the war of gods, a life where she would dance in the rain, sing in the storm, and fly in the night. In return, Jared told her of all the things he had in life but yet still felt lonely at night.
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Jared briefed her on his dearest mother, how she battled with an incurable illness all her life and is by far the most honest and bravest woman he has ever known. He told her of his childhood, the one where his parents were divorced and he lived with his mother. His regrets with his first relationship. Everything was going great, until Jared made the first move to kiss her. They walked together on the shores of the beach, hand in hand, purples and pink skies clouded them and the waves sang to them. Things could not have been more romantic.
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In a split of a second, the world shifts and she is transported to her childhood home in Pylos, Greece. Villas filled the lands where humans would work in fields, collecting grains. Sacred temples still stood but were worn out by the erosion. She tried to locate her wings using nature's magic and it pinpointed her to New York City.

Dazzling lights filled the city that never sleeps, multitude of people engulf the roads as she walks through the streets searching for her missing half, when suddenly she stops and sees a boy with dark armor eyes laughing from afar.
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Throughout my life, a lot of people have asked me what my plans are for my future. Truth be told, I am not sure. I have been raised to take on a day at at time, so to plan for something in the future is like jumping off a high cliff and not knowing whether the safety net will catch me or whether I will die from hitting the rocks on the ground. I've thought about going into medicine, more precisely becoming an RN, but I ruled that option out when I figured out I am not a people's person.
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Here is to the lost people in the world.

I have thought about going into International Business, becoming a therapist, studying computer science, learning multitudes of languages and work as a secret agent, and even joining into the military. Truth is, I'm scared of failing. I don't have a passion like some people where they know who they are and they know what their purpose is in this insane world. I don't have any special talents unlike others who can sing, cook anything using what they have in the moment, or be a social person who can talk to anyone.