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What makes superhero exactly? The S on the chest the spider on your back or star plastered on your left breast. I truly don't believe it's any of those exactly, but the actions one takes that defines true heroism. Being a true hero doesn't just limits oneself to the pages of your favorite comicbook or manga but in everyday life with the very actions and choices you make. Big or Small your choices matter like helping the elderly, working in soup kitchens, doing your part in neighborhoods, also just being there when someone needs you most that's a true hero.
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View the world through someone's else's eyes mesmerizied at their sunrise, today's your prize to claim, your world to tame, no name so get fame. Get on track for sucess always aim for the best no rest for the wicked that's the ticket. Remember extend your hand to help your fellow man and all will be grand. We try to understand but it's all according to plan Created by his grand design and we're all on barrowed time. kindness fits like a glove so learn love and live and live to love as he does from above. Remember be love.
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A big family what is what I have, always there for a laugh. Never quiet, never sound when I open my doors people are around. When times gets rough and I'm about to give up, Family no, big family are there to lift me up. When my day begins I bang on the bathroom door to be let in. Never a dull moment that's for sure, mom always make sure that we are full. I need my big family and that's no lie, life without them I would die. With their full support I fly knowing that makes watery eyes.
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Agent Q here, my life is top secret, but I will give a little about myself in a 100 words. No more, no less, I was born the 7th of 8 agents, big family Right? I was born special they said 2 pounds 8 onces. At the age of two I was given a special ability, called disability. The technical term is cerebral palsy. This ability made agent M and Agent D, very worried and rightfully so. I had so many foes to fight named depression, bullying and self-loathing to name a few. My story is not close yet.
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Agent Q here back to finish his tale, Agent M went MIA, so agent D had to raise him all alone. Agent D taught agent Q how to overcome his ability, because just like agent Q, agent D had an ability called disabilty as well. Agent Q grew older he got to see agent M again, he thought he would hate her but couldn't. He learned that she was facing foes that we're highly dangerous known as drugs, which she took down and beat. Agent M came back, better and stronger. Agent M , and all 8 of us back together.
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Exactly what is beauty?, Philosophers pondered, and debated on their ideals of beauty. All thoughout the ages, beauty is perceived differently for all the cultures and races worldwide. Beauty doesn't limit it's self to physical attraction alone. Beauty is defined as acombination of qualities, such as shape, color, or form that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight. They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. A art goer Viewing a painting, may entice a wave of emotion that describe their feeling toward that certain work of art. The birth of venus by Sandro Botticelli's perfect example.
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Why Blue lanterns, the best lantens and here's why. They are empowerered by the emotional spectrum, of hope. The first of many blue lanterns is saint walker, after learning of his planet imminet destruction, he hears a voice telling him to climb a mountain, and at the top walker would have the power to save his homeworld. He treks on with his family in tow, telling them to have faith. But one by one each one of his family perish during the hike. Walker missing them greatly never loses faith eventually reaching the top only to find stone instead placed.
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Continuing, where I last left off on why the blue lanterns are the best lanterns. Saint Walker reached the summit of the moutain, facing the stone before him, he lashes out and lamenting the lost of his family struck the stone. The stone begins to shine. It started reflect his image, that's he realizes that he was one who was to save his people. The blue Ring said he has the power to instill great hope. Seeing his family sprit, one last time and faith restored he saves his home. That dc comics story cemented how cool lanterns are. HOPE!
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Grey jedi, are they the true masters of the force? I believe yes they are. They understand true mastery of the force, by learning and dipping in both without truly mastering neither. The light side deals in compassion, order, and the pursuit peace. While the dark side deals in absolutes, power and betrayal. Grey jedi saw the weakness in both of the philosophies, and stated there can't be one without the other. So instead of fighting each other, understand the aspects of the force is both. There is no Dark side, nor a light side, There Balance in the force.
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Why do I love comics?, Like any form of media, it's my form of escape. Growing up as a child with disabilities, I Saw Super heroes, as being different like me. The X-men for example are Mutants they are hated and feared for what they were. They wanted to belong, and that resonated with me as a kid! comics had compeling stories with gods, super powered aliens Comics had stories, that kept me entertained for hours. They were Heroes to aspire to, some had stories that reflected the times. They taught lessions: With great power comes...oh you know.
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Heraclitus states that Everything is in Flux. What does he mean, exactly? He says that everything changes, that nothing stands still. As human beings, we hate and fear change but if what he say is true why do we still fear it? Change should be normal like putting on your shoes. The reason change can terrify us, is it can be sudden, no time to adjust. Only by accepting that change is constant can we truly conqueror it. What is bad change?, What is good change?, or is it just trivial, and there is no good and bad change anyway.
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What is the meaning of life? The definition of life states the condition that distinguishes animals and plants from inorganic matter, including the capacity for growth, reproduction, functional activity, and continual change preceding death. So why do we truly live? My way of viewing life is like seeing beautiful flower. A flower wilts, and dies but at a time it's beautiful. We are wonderful, and as such we should bring joy, like the flower does. Spreading joy and love should be our main goal in life. We have to remember, that life is short and can be over. So Love.
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Is there freewill or destiny? I truly think it's both really to some degree. We are Free to choose where we live, where we work, who we are to marry. But where does destiny come in to play in all this? destiny is defined as the events that will necessarily happen to a particular person or thing in the future so knowing this, not to be dark but we are all destined to be born and are all destined to die. We have to cherish our time we have and live a honest a full life because theres only one.
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My nephew's party was yesterday, he is 1 years old. We all came together as family, to celebrate him growing older. We had cake, Pizza, Ballons and music. We had ton of merryment, but I always wondered whats the perpose of the 1st birthday party. I started to survey the room and then I saw my sister. The answer hit me right in the face like a ton of bricks, my nephew might not remember it but my sister definitely would. The party was more for her. Her little boy is growning older and we all to share her joy.
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I always wonder if I will succeed in life. Will my contributions, truly effect the world in a big way? Maybe or maybe not I already know that, we are truly small In the grand Scheme of things, or that some religon keeps of grounded and gives us hope and dictates our moral compass. It's just that sometimes the weight of the world lays heavy on my shoulders. I always want to do more I want to understand. I end up going outside take a breath and watch the world go by and just watch the people go by everyday.
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The other day I was watching youtube, on my phone and something caught my eye. As a starwars fan, I practically jumped for joy, we are getting our new glimpse at new lore. A mandalorian Jedi can you believe what's going on! A mandalorian jedi named Tar Vizla is gonna be introduced as the first one of his clan to be so. The mandalorians are a clan of warriors a kin to the Spartans. So technically space spartans. Prime examples of awesome mandalorians is Bobba fett, mandalore the indomitable and clan vizla of corse. We are gonna get awesome history.
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Everyone had a teacher, that teaches us and help us to learn but what is a good teacher exactly? A good teacher is a person who teaches us, to question our conventional wisdom. They don't want us to learn the scantron formula, or just write down what we learned and move on as they teach but wants us, to engage and question each other. The good teacher makes learning fun. Many philosophers of the age had someone to teach them. Socrates who taught plato, Plato taught aristotle and aristole even taught Alexander the great. Good teachers are really truly treasured.
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Recently, one of my favorite games of all time fire emblem, is getting a new game. Fire emblem is an tactical role playing game developed by intelligent system and devloped by nintendo. Fire emblem has gotten a resurgence as of late. Fire emblem was popular in japan and started on the NES and the U.S didn't get the title until 2003 on the Gameboy. We missed 6 titles then the 7th title came out and Blew me away as a kid. Fire emblem got released one after the other on the new systems gamecube, wii, then it started failing.
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Continuing where I left off about fire emblem. Fire emblem started failing, they tried it on the DS another nintendo handheld at the time, and it didn't hit nintendo quota and they were gonna shelf it definitely to my dismay. So nintendo gave it one more shot, and said it this game doesn't sell it's over. So they came out with Fire emblem awakening as a last hurrah so to speak and the game selled like hotcakes, as a fan I even bought it I was glad to see my beloved franchise make a big return. I saw a miracle.
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Continuing where I left off, I saw a miracle my favorite game franchise, made a huge comeback and I couldn't be more happier. They made another fire emblem game called fire emblem Fates/Conquest and of course I bought it. I knew right then and there the franchise was safe. Recently nintendo unveiled, another fire emblem game actually 4 that gonna be released sometime next year, and beyond. All I could think was we are right now in a fire emblem renaissance recently the fire emblem game I'am truly excited about, was fire emblem echoes which is a remake game.
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Thanksgiving, last year was a time, we all get together to give our thanks. Well I wanted to call my dad, to wish him a happy thanksgiving. I was going to do so, then I looked on my phone, and I seen all my contacts was completely erased. I was so bummed. I have a old iphone 4, I know I'am late to the party, but I'am in the struggle to get a upgrade. Well I've been thinking about my pop, a lot lately because it's his birthday next month, and I wanted to do something, for him he'd enjoy.
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Continuing where I left off, my Dad's birthday is next month, and I want to do something for him. How was I gonna contact him? We didn't have his number I had to think of something, I had an idea, mom put the home phone number on his door. My dad got the message, and called back, it was a great to hear from him. He was excited to talk, it's been too long. We both been busy with life me in school, him with work, a whole cats in the craddle senario. We are gonna celebrate his birthday soon.
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I've been under a lot of stress, as of late. A whole lot pressure has been accumulating, and I don't know how long I can handle it really. This was going to be my time to do it right, my second chance, but everytime I'am faced with a challenge, or turmoil, I coil and fold under the pressure. I have so much on my plate, and I feel like screaming. I have to succeed this time, but will I? My mom tells me to pray, don't stress, walk with faith. It might sound bad, but how can I with Pressure!
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In class we discussed about about trump, and his inauguration. We saw two photos of different inaugurations, one of trump's and the other was obamas. Trump claimed his inauguration was packed, and also was proud of the numbers and support. Our teacher, showed us a video on kellyanne conway, at that moment we were taught of the term of Alternative Facts. At the end of the day, it means falsehoods or lies. Many people called her out, and our presidents claims on the matter including us, as well. We were taught to look and to question not accepting face value.
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Videogame music, why do I love it so? It hits a cord with me, like a nastalgia bomb going off in my memories. It brings back a simpler time, when I was young, where the only evil I would face was on my screen. Videogame music can bring a wellspring of emotions that of joy, sorrow, and a mix of both. Videogame music keeps the player invested, in the story unfolding, all around them. This moment as I write I'am listening, to a track to one of my favorite videogames of all time. Videogame music is a motivator for me.
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Fears, they plague is all, to the biggest adult to the smallest child. My greatest fear is failure. I'am not ashamed to admit this. Why am I afraid to fail, at life but not videogames is the question, I wondered. I guess life is only one shot, if you break you don't make it. While videogames, has unlimited tries, I make myself sick sometimes, at how I can keep going at a game until I succeed but at life I curl and give up, when I fail once. I have to view the world as a game because it is.
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I just finshed, my paperwork, yesterday for the trios program. I've being going hard this year, to better myself, and to not give up. Having Trios is definitely going to give me the very tools I need to do so. I'am going to take advantage, of the many programs, trios has to offer, especially the tutoring. We are gonna go on many trips, some to different schools It's going to be great! Doing something differrent is really going to be refreshing for me. This is all in line, to bettering me, and jumping out of my comfortzone, and into life.
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The Legend of zelda, a game that stands the test of time, it goes down as a classic and a lot of people favorite game of all time, it's definitely one of mine as well. The legend of zelda, isn't just your typical videogame it can teach you life lessons as well. Here's how I will start with some of zelda lore first. In Hyrule, the land at which the game exist, the land was created by three goddesses. The names of those goddesses were nayru, farore, and lastly din these goddesses went about created the world and all inhabitants.
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continuing where I left off, After their work was finished, they departed for the heavens, but not without leaving their blessing. It was the triforce. The triforce was three triangles within a triangle. each piece represented an aspect of what the goddesses are. Nayru as wisdom, farore as courage, and lastly din as power. Those three traits, were bestowed upon three characters, in the game Zelda for wisdom, link our hero for courage, and ganon for power. The legend of zelda is adventure game of saving the princess at the end of the day but it's more deeper than this.
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The legend of zelda requires you to explore dungeons with the main hero link, in the game you find items to get stronger and so forth but the kicker here is, you find secrets around the world in the game to help progress. It give me the sense of discovery of searching the vast world and coming upon the items I needed and feeling accomplished when I find them. Shigeru Miyamoto, series creator as a boy claimed playing in caves and exploring the forest was a huge inspiration for the game and I could totally tell and feel that ingame.
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What a ride, my last 100 words. I just wanted to say being able to free write like this, was dare I say freeing and enjoyable to the very end. I got to be random, and put whatever came to mind. My thoughts could've been good, or bad but they were my thoughts, just getting them out there was a weight of my chest. I just had to make my last post, sappy and full of sentiment, towards the very end because its final one. I have to pull out all the stops, to make this my best. So thanks!