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Getting caught as an April Fool really is embarrassing.† I am always on the lookout for situations that might engender such an occasion.† It was good however, to see a re-run of the trick that was played on the BBC many, many years ago, where they showed the spaghetti trees in Northern Italy and Switzerland.† I mean, you really have to be dumb to fall for that one, but apparently many people did.† They rang in and asked where they could get the seeds for those plants.

It should have been well known that spaghetti was made from refined flour.

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How do you think people who put their trust in medical professionals feel, when after more than 13 years they find out that all that time they have been misdiagnosed.† It is amazing that that could happen, and especially so when the professionals concerned were in three different countries.† That person is me.† Yes, doctors in Australia, in China and in the top cardiac hospital in Hong Kong, have always assumed that my problem was a cardiac problem.† Guess what?† A doctor I went to for acupuncture got it first up.† Itís my gall bladder that is causing the problem

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So, early in the morning severe pain awakened me.† This was most unusual and concerned me.† First thing I did was ring Nurse On Call.† This free, 24 hour service is so valuable and can just give some indication as to what action should be taken.† After quite a long discussion, during which I answered a barrage of questions, it was decided that I should get to the Emergency Dept. of the local hospital.† The warning: donít eat or drink anything before you go.† I put some clothes on, grabbed essentials into my bag in case they would ďdetainĒ me.

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Then I called the emergency number to get an ambulance.† You would have thought I was dying with all the equipment that they brought to meet me at my flat, but I walked out to the ambulance.† They asked all the questions they are expected to ask, then drove me off to hospital.† Seeing as I wasnít really critical or in danger, the skeleton staff that is on at night took the vital information and then I waited till the day staff came on.† Of course all the focus was on issues known from my history records in the computers.

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Eventually a doctor was consulted who was able to look outside the square.† He did not focus on the known issues.† No, he looked at the scan and questioned an issue quite outside of any previous issues, and told the others so.† Well, the problem was found and finally, after 10 hours in emergency, I was given the medicine that was so necessary to take away the pains that I was suffering.† Then it was a matter of time to see how I would be.† Wait to see the desired effect of the medicine just administered. It didnít take long.

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Now they were all satisfied that I was over the complaint that had brought me in, and I was allowed to go home.† Times like that you are glad that there are mobile phones, so I called a friend and asked whether she was able to give me a ride home.† She turned up before too long and I left the emergency area having been there for 14 hours, and seen four doctors. I had not eaten until a definite diagnoses was achieved, and then had the small evening meal that came for the evening meal.† Now for some food.

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Now that the emergency issue is gone, I only have the long lasting issue to deal with.† It does not cause continual pain, so it is able to be endured.†

This issue is very interesting.† It was found by my acupuncture doctor that my GP had recommended.† So, there is an appointment on the 20th, but I need to ensure that I get there.† I am not sure that it will be easy.† The MRI indicates that it might be canerous, so I hope that that will mean surgery soon and then the problem will be over.† Only thirteen years!

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The phone rang and I could not get to it before it went onto the answering service.† He did not leave a number so I cannot ring back.† But it is good to know that my nephew is in town from overseas.† Just knowing that he may call again this afternoon when I am out, worries me, but if he calls tonight and I will be very happy as I will have lots of time.

He is brilliant, and as a very young man took the job at the company where his father worked. †It lasted for 19 good years.

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His job took him to various parts of the world, including living in other countries.† It should all be good, but childhood household problems have left deep scars, which he cannot see.† He does not recognize the enormous problems that he is carrying.

After nineteen years of employment, he took a voluntary redundancy package and said heíd look again for another job in six months.† Time went by and he just hung around the house with his wife.† It was two and a half years before he again found work, and this time it was in a third world country.†

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Besides that, they have all the dishes on the menu in Chinese as well as in English, so, all the things I used to be able to eat in China, I can recognize and eat here.† It is a great place.

It has always been difficult for me to try and work out from the English translation, what the food was that I used to eat in China, and since finding this place, it has become a breeze.† I now eat the things I really like every time I feel like something special.† So that is where we will go.

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In the mean time there are other things to do.† I did need to see a specialist, and it was an amazing experience.† This man introduced himself with his first name, and as he saw me struggling said he would carry my bag.† The new consulting rooms at our hospital are now all set up so that when the doctor looks at the screen, the patient is able to follow that all.† When the doctor was looking at the MRI films, he explained what he was looking at and what it was, so that I could also understand it.† WOW!

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He showed me the problem and what the procedure would have to be and how it would affect all the things around it, etc.† I was very impressed.† Then, on a piece of paper, he sketched the affected part and named all the bits, explaining what could go wrong and what the risks are.† One is 1 in 300 and another is 1 in 20, etc.† I took it all in and have decided, that even with those risks, we will go ahead.† To get rid of a problem is more important to me than a few maybe problems.† Go!

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It was so good to know that I was given a surgery date only five weeks out.† Normal waiting time is around 18 months, but I guess since this problem has been growing worse for 13 years, it is really time that it was removed..† Thanks to the local GP who picked it up..† I am so grateful to him and his insight. Now it is getting ready for the Surgery.† A Pre-Op first to ensure that I am fit enough to undergo the surgery and then two weeks after that I will be in hospital for two days only.

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So my guests came and I had a good time talking to them.† We had a great lunch and of course he is all up to date with the apps on the phone, so I got to ride in an Ubba car instead of a Taxi.† Also amazing.† Still, I really donít want a smart phone.† I am happy with the phone I have now.

Actually, while they were here I suddenly remembered that he has worked for a telephone company all his working life.† The perfect person to help me solve the problem I was facing with the phone.††

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I mentioned it all to him, and with my new phone in one hand and his own smart phone in the other he went through all the things I would not have known to look at, even if I had found them, and then smartly told me that the phone I had bought, (from overseas) could only be used on the Optus network.† I am with a carrier who uses Telstra.† Different frequency.† So, there we are.† I mentioned that I would put the brand new phone on a sales website and sell it to someone who is with Optus.

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That is when his wife said, ĎOh now you wonít.† We will take it off you and I can give it to my Mother.Ē† Well, that solved another problem and as all of Bangladesh uses the same frequency as Optus, well it would work for her.† They paid me for the phone, and then my nephew took the time to show me how to know whether the phone I wanted to buy, was suitable for what I wanted to use.† I found one which would be sent from Parramatta and rang to ensure that it worked on the required frequency.

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After purchasing that phone (not a smart phone) and paying for it with PayPal because that gave me another 15% discount, I just waited one week to receive it at my home.† It is exactly what I need.† Nice clear screen with large lettering and large buttons instead of a touch screen.† Predictive text crowned my satisfaction and I am happy with my gold black flip phone.† The deal was really closed when I found a plan which will allow me to make unlimited calls within Australia for a little over $10 per month.† Now, what more could I want?

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We met in town the day before they returned to their home in Bangladesh, and had lunch together.† It was nowhere near as good as the day they came over and we had lunch in the small restaurant near my home, but the fellowship and talk was really good.† I do miss them now that they are away again.†

Now an opportunity has arisen for me to go to the USA.† Well, at least California, and see friends I knew when I was in China.† They are going on a cruise and begged me to join them, so I will.

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We met in town the day before they returned to their home in Bangladesh, and had lunch together.† It was nowhere near as good as the day they came over and we had lunch in the small restaurant near my home, but the fellowship and talk was really good.† I do miss them now that they are away again.†

Now an opportunity has arisen for me to go to the USA.† Well, at least California, and see friends I knew when I was in China.† They are going on a cruise and begged me to join them, so I will.

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Before I can even begin to think of that though, I will have to undergo surgery and when I am reasonably recovered from that, go to visit my brother.† I speak to my brother regularly on the phone, but I do like to get to be with him a few times each year.† Now there has been a long stretch because of this medical issue, which the surgery should finally take care of.† There is a plan to take him on a short cruise in November and I hope that that will go ahead smoothly to give him a holiday.

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So here I am, April.† May promises surgery and June is the time I will go to see my brother.† Then it will be July which I will spend in the USA.† I will have to pay my own fare to the States, but then everything is paid for, accommodation, food, everything.† I will even be going on a cruise with my friends from San Francisco to Alaska.† I think it should be great.† I am most looking forward to that. Now the question of visas and documents needs to be addressed.† That will keep me busy for a while.

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While I am thinking of all that, there is a cloud over all that too.† I am going because my good friend is very ill, and she wants me to go on this cruise with her.† The treatment she had three years ago for breast cancer so damaged her lungs, that three years later she canít take in enough oxygen without having a tank permanently attached to her and pumping oxygen into her lungs continuously.† This way she gets enough oxygen to live, in a permanently exhausted way.† I donít know how long a person can live like with that.

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As I will be going just five weeks after my own surgery, I will need to take care of that too.† Hopefully the ten days on the cruise will be a good rest.† I donít want to do too much on land, just enough to take some good photos.† If I can come back with some good photos, all will be well.† I will be in a group of around 80 people, mostly related, and maybe another friend like myself who may not be related.† Anyway, I guess I will be taking my turn at giving my friend some company.

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Doing online surveys is one way of making some pocket money.† It is a good way to spend the time when at the computer and infinitely more rewarding than just .†† I have about $100 to redeem right now.† I will take that with me when I go to Goulburn to see my brother.† It will be nice for him when I visit, but it is very expensive for me.† I have to get my train ticket and sometimes my accommodation as well.† In those cases it is a very difficult exercise.† The redeeming factor is to see his joy.

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Today is Anzac Day, to commemorate the co-operation of Australian and New Zealand forces during the world wars, and to remember their deceased members.† Is this glorifying the act of war, as some say?† Or is it a time to remember those of our relatives and friends who, back then, were killed on the battlefields?† It is actually amazing how many relatives and descendants take this opportunity to remember those they only know from photos or by mention of a name. †It really seams that grand children and their generation have a deep interest in what the former generation did.

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Further to Anzac Day, or whatever day you might remember the war deceased; how long should we go on and remember them?† Should this be in perpetuity?† In 50 years time, will people still want to remember what happened 150 years ago?

There is the argument, that, if we donít we will repeat the horrors.† So, that assumes that you cannot teach the horrors of war without remembering the dead.† I am not sure that that is true.† I do believe that we can learn a lot about difficult and horrible things without especially experiencing them ourselves.† Interesting to contemplate.

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We are heading for winter.† It is not my favourite season and I long for 12 months of summer.† However, to have that I would need to re-locate to the tropics, and seeing as I donít know anyone in the tropics, it would be a very lonely experience.† I think I will stay here where I have a wonderful little unit, just big enough for me and well below commercial costs, so affordable.† The thing than is, to endeavour to keep this little unit warm so that I do not become ill.† That is a new challenge without central heating.

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You see, in previous years central heating was supplied, but the boiler wore out and so we now have to use air-conditioners.† It is all very well to have a nice small affordable unit, but if the heating costs are now going to blow out, then it will eat up my savings.† I enquired about getting film put on the windows so that not so much heat would escape.† However, that would be over $3000 and that is not worth it.† So I have gone for thermal curtains, which only work when they are closed and cut out the light.†

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Still, it is at night that we have the worst cold and for the curtains to be closed then will be a benefit.† Now I have to wait six more weeks before they can be installed, and that means that most of the winter will be over.† Guess I will just have to look forward to next year to get the benefits.

Choose a very light colour called DRIFTWOOD, that will ensure the place does not look too dark.† Most of the current fittings can be used so that keeps the cost a little lower than it might have been.

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And so I have made it to the end of the month, even if I had to do catch up well into May.† It has been a real challenge, and it means that I now have two months up on the website. †My aim is to have twelve consecutive months up, and if I keep working at it I will.† It just means putting aside other things and being a bit creative in what I write.† I am better at narrative, but I should try some fun things too.† That way I can practice new ways of using words.† WOW!