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Today was such a boring day, first off I went to work at 11:00 am to 6:00 pm Working at Busch Gardens things can get a little crazy. It was such a long day for me because i had to wake up early to go to Walmart to get oil for my car. The Walmart I go to I dislike going to it because it's always so busy and very crowded it's only one entrance and exit. I think I might be claustrophobia or maybe I just have anxiety. Either way I don't like the feeling at all.
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my days are always boring I have the same routine about everyday and I'm always tired and today as always I had to go to work and got off of work at 6:00 pm again. Every Sunday I am always cleaning my room and washing clothes so I can have everything already ready for the week. Tonight I ate Shrimp Alfredo which was SO GOOD! I don't really cook but when I do I think I do a pretty good job. My granny taught me well. To finish off my night I watched Bobs Burgers ate popcorn that's all.
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Today I woke up at 6:25 to get up for school I get up early all the like this. I try to beat traffic from where I stay because I live next to USF and college traffic is always crazy and getting in Ybor it's worse because they are roads being re-done and it's very hectic. I had my ballet and modern day classes this morning and it was fun I am getting better and ballet and in modern it's a little more difficult but I am working as hard as I can to get better. Sleep Dance.
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Hello I actually can't even remember what happened on this day I know that I had to be at school this day. I honestly can't remember if it was a good day or a bad day, but I'm gonna go with that I had a good day. I work up for school at 6:05 and got ready and went to my first class which is ballet every day and I feel as if I am getting better day by day and I am loving the improvement that I am seeing not just me my classmates are also getting better.
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Every morning I wake up and I get a Facetime call from my nephew and it is the cutest thing ever .He is only 2 years old and it just amaze me how he already knows how to work an iPhone he is so advanced its the cutest thing ever to see. If you ever got the chance to meet him you will fall in love with him. He loves to dance just like me so we get along so well. He is my sisters son but I feel like he is mine also. I love my nephew so much.
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This week went by so fast it's crazy as always I woke up and of course got a Facetime call from my nephew he does this every morning now and everyday. I haven't seen him over a month and I know he misses me lol. I know for a fact that I am his favorite aunt. Oh I din't even tell you his name. his name is Jaiden just so you know. I also miss my dog Dutchess. I wish I would have just bought her up here to Tampa with me. She is my baby, my big baby girl.
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I have been moving slow getting these done because I am always tired and busy from school and work. I had to work today and I had to work a double because of HOS. I am so ready for HOS to be over with because it drains my body even more when I have to work late at night like that when sometimes I get of at like 12 or 1 in the morning when I have to get up for school at 6 to beat traffic because Tampa traffic is so bad it gives me a headaches at times.
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I'm so tired and need to sleep I never reslly have a day of from anything, but I guess it's just life. Growing uo is so hard and it's something that everyone has to get use to because you got to grow up someday. Things do get hard to where you want to just quit at whatever you are doing. I cajn't wait until my life finally all comes together and I will not have to struggle anymore. I have my life planned and can't wait until it comes to life. They are a lot of goals that need done.
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I seriously don't even know what to talk about. I have been so busy with school and work i just go home and fall sleep. my life has been going crazy. I am always so tired and I just want to sleep all day. I have to go see a show soon for my ballet class and have to write a critique for it. I love my ballet teacher her name is Erin and honestly she is my favorite dance teacher not saying that I don't like my other dance teachers she just teaches a lot better and very different.
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I want to talk about my friends in my ballet and modern dance class. Their names are Rein, Maddie, Michaela and Jeff. We all get along so well I just adore our friendship. Everyone just adores our friendship they say they just love how we all are always together and laugh and goof off. It always competitive in the dance career with us getting along we all want the best for one another. I hope that we all stay in contact when we all go our separate ways. I believe we will remain close and be friends forever I believe.
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I have been moving slow doing I have so much other work to do I forget all about this. I get caught up in my own mind and things going on around me I forget to do these. I have a few more days until October is over and I plan to be done with this before Tuesday. I know im only on the 11th but I move fast and it will be finish just got to keep myself moving. It's hard to stay above so much when it comes to college you have to be really focused.
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My days go y so fast it's crazy. It's so hard to keep track of what I do because it goes my so fast. I do basically the same things every day. School and Work. I don't ever have time just for myself, but I gets that's just how life is. It just goes and goes. I dance everyday except for on Saturdays and Sundays unless our teacher wants us to come in on a weekend to rehearse a piece that we have to know for our concert. I like dancing it's ,y life just got to work hard too.
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When I write sometimes I know for a fact that it doesn't make sense at times because I am just writing whatever domes to my mind at that times. I like to write without having at topic to talk about because I can just write and write all day. Sometimes it gets lonely and Tampa. I think I need a boyfriend or just someone to keep me company because things do get boring. I thought Tampa was the fun city. I guess you gotta know people and I only know the people I work with and go to school with.
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I don't know why Rein feels like I like Jeff. It's so funny to hear Rein say I like him I just laugh it off because I seriously don't like Jeff. We just get along with each other so well. I lowkey think Rein might be a little jealous of our friendship because we a;ways laugh and have fun together. I love Rein he was the first person I talked to on the first day of classes we will forever have a great bond. He leaves next semester I am so sad I'm going to miss him so much.
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Okay so I have fours days left until October is over with. This month went by so fast it's crazy. So tomorrow I don't have class but I have to be here because I have rehearsal with Beth. We have our Fall Concert coming up in November and it feels like its a dream because it's coming up so quick. I so excited about being in the concert I have been working so hard and hopefully all my hard work well pay off at the end. I can't wait until the concert we are going to be so good too.
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I had to 4 essays to complete and my friend Rein kept telling me to finish my essays and me being me I felt like doing them whenever I wanted to and guess what happened. I was last doing them. I know I need to do my work on time it can be a struggle at times because I am always tired and when I get home I just fall asleep. By the time I wake up from my nap its almost 7 and at that time I just want to eat and go back to bed I need sleep.
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My friend Rein thinks that I am a little crazy obsessed with Obama. I talk about Obama a lot I know I do, it's because I love that man. First off he is so cute and to me I think he was a really good president. With him leaving the office I don't know what to think. I feel when he leaves a lot of things are going to go back downhill. I hope Donald Trump doesn't win the election he is an asshole and needs to reevaluate himself before he does anything. Go Hillary Clinton you got this girl.
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I work this weekend and now that my internet has stopped working in my room I know have to go outside my room to do my work and for some reason I don't like going outside of my apartment. I tried to make friends with people there but for some reason it has been hard to keep them friends. They feel just because I am a female I need to do everything for them because they are guys and no I don't roll that way. They always get upset with me, but I am not their maid find someone else.
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This class is almost over and after this I have to get ready for work. I don't get off until twelve at midnight and I have to be back at the school at eight for rehearsal I know I am going to be so tired. I work up until Sunday and I know I'm going to be exhausted fir the following week which will be soon be tech week and I can't mess any rehearsals are they will kick my out my piece and I can't have that happen so my job really need to work with me for weekly.
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I had a dance performance this week with Victoria Marks and she was the best person that I have ever met in the dance life. She is so sweet, kind and loving. We worked with her two dancers and performed in a piece with them. I loved it if I could do it all over again I will. I wish she would have stayed but she had to go back home to LA. One day I will go there to visit her because someone like her is very hard to forget. Victoria I love you and miss you so much.
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I'm so hungry I want Applebee's but I also want New York New York. If you ever had New York New York you know how good it is. The pizza there is so good it makes you want to slap your momma! When my sister and nephew come to Tampa I guess we can go to Applebee's sounds much better. When I go there I am going to order some wings because those wings are Now I gotta figure out what classes I want to take next semester. Geez I don't know what to choose. I like dance.
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So Rein's last semester is next semester. How do I feel about that? Umm I feel sad but there is no need to be sad because Rein is going to miss me more than Michaela, Jeff, Maddie and especially Chris. He isn't going to miss Chris at all. Only if you knew Chris you would understand completely. Rein is so funny when he leaves he is going to face time me when he wakes up and before he falls asleep or I am just going to call him. He has no choice but to answer. He is leaving me soon.
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So guess what I am almost done with this mess. A month of writing about nothing gets boring. It feels so pointless. I really want to go to bed but I am at school trying to finish all of this work for my English class. I am always late with my work its crazy. I love doing the Juju on the beat we did it in our concert with Victoria Marks is was so fun! Now I got to remember the Netflix password because I am always forgetting something it's sad. I have some issues like seriously I need help.
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I love food, food is my life! Just like chipotle. I love that it's the best Mexican food like why do it have to be so good. We need to have a soul food restaurant like a really good one. I have been to one before it was okay it could have been a lot better. I am so hungry all I can talk about is food. I want food. like why do you have to be so good and make my life so better. I want ice cream. Rein and I will be at New York New York yay.
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You wake up flawless, post up flawless, riding around in that flawless. Yeah that's my jam. I love Beyoncé. she is like the best person ever. When I was younger Beyoncé use to be my role model. When I was in elementary school I use to write about her every time. I wonder if my teachers ever realized that I always wrote about her. Maybe they did, maybe they didn't but I guess it doesn't matter. I am at school right now trying to finish this work. It is so much more that needs to be done its so stressful.
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Rein went inside the dance studio. He is stretching with Erin and Nicole. He has a bad ankle I know how he feels because being a dancer a lot of this go wrong you just have to make sure you stretch the right way and stay healthy. Well when it comes to the healthy part our teacher looks at us crazy because when she sees what we eat she is always shocked because we don't eat like dancers. we eat like wild animals. So Rein just rolled his eyes at me I don't know why he did it but whatever.
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Omg I am almost done with this I am so excited because after I am done with this it is on less thing that I have to worry about and then I can finally work on my essays and learning paths. I am always trying to get that done but my internet at home isn't working I need to save up and get myself a new router because right now I have a cheap one and I cant even stay connected to the internet for 30 minutes its ridiculous. I can't wait for this weekend I don't work at all.
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I need to find me other job the people at Busch Gardens aren't nice at all. I thought working at Busch Gardens was something so cool but its not what you think it would be. I need to hopefully look for a job this week but I have to be here at school with sucks because I really need to be doing this. I guess I will continue to use the applications I have on my phone that will help me. I can't wait to find other job. If you ever get a interview at Busch Gardens think about it.
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I love watching my classmates dance it is so beautiful especially when it comes to ballet. Ballet is such an very graceful type of dance its nice to see other people do what you are learning and starting to love. I cant wait until I don't need as much help with it but it is a fun process learning it. I want to start my own dance company one day I just have to continue to work hard and sometimes it can be difficult but its a fun thing to do. I want to be just like Erin one day.
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So tomorrow is Halloween and you know Halloween isn't the same as it use to be when I was growing up. I use to love dressing up being someone different but I know that I am older Halloween isn't so much fun. I like dressing up but when you get older Halloween is mostly about showing off your body and I don't like to do that. Most girls like that I am not going to lie it can be fun at times but there is always a limit to everything. I wish things could go back to normal back then.
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Okay so today we got to dress up in class and it was fun. We had a minion, Olaf, a devil, black swan and a killer ballerina. It was so fun when got a chance just to feel more comfortable, Yes we still had to dance but it seemed more fun then usual. I was kind of mad because again I missed my nephews second Halloween but I am in Tampa for a reason. I didn't have a good day this day because I had gotten at flat tire on I-275 I was so mad and afraid that day.