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I will use box notes to draft my writing of 100 words this month.
This is my 29th month of presence at 100
Let me say a ‘thank you’ in this note.
There are doctors to take care of us.
They guide us, they refer to scan center to diagnose the problems inside our lungs or heart.
Today, a CT scan for lungs.
This is for my wife.
She has developed this asthmatic problems and  is taking treatment.
She is OK. Her cough and wheezing are under control.
We came to NMR scan Centre .

Thanks to all.  

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Take a step.

You may run.
I want to run. 

I want to run.

I start this note 2018-09-02 07:39:28.
Very fine.
This Sunday I am successful in making two write ups of 100 words.
One in Tamil and one in English. This is something productive and creative?
May be.

An intention happened as intended.
I may give myself a 95% marks for this.
Even, if I do nothing during the remaining part of the day there is absolutely no problem.
I will walk with my chin up, for having written two 100 words.

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Untitled document.

Untitled thing. (an object that one need not, cannot, or does not wish to give a specific name to.)

Really, I am confused.

I do not know what actually I should do.

First thing is, I have titled the document as ‘object’

The object of this note is, when I shall feel and do something for ‘that’?

What is ‘that’?

‘That’ is not announced.

Till ‘that’ is not announced, there is no use in doing something for ‘that’

Let ‘that’ be announced soon.

That ‘thing’ will be my ‘object’ when announced.

‘Preparing for exam’ be my object soon.

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Not ‘something’

Make it real.

Enquired at the ‘admn’ and it was told that, within two or three days the decision will be made.

Hopefully, I will have one month.

I have to converge my thoughts and actions towards trying with earnestness for the preparation.

It will be easy.

I should go on touching the study materials.

I should go to the official site of our organisation, go on reading whatever catches my eyes.

Simply, go on reading.

I have some stuff here at google drive. Just read them -in small steps.

Don’t leave the steps.     

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Good morning office. 

The net connectivity is not available. 

Take a word file. 

Start typing. 

The words are counted without much difficulty. 

As I type Microsoft tells me the number of words I type

Trying to take steps for the forthcoming examination and trying not to stop the steps at any moment, I could get the new blog by Nageshwara Rao.I noted down some  material in a notebook. I shall try to type them. I shall try all possible methods to read. This method I shall follow consistently.leave the flow.      

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Don’t leave the flow. Please don’t leave the flow.

Good morning office. The net connectivity is there; still I use Microsoft word, to write this.

I deleted yesterday’s writing and write in the same file. This routine seems to be fine.

Yes, I did browse the Rao’s blog yesterday. I jotted down some little things.

Let the little things go ahead. Let me jot down things. Type them.

Let me succeed in this mission.

The examination date is not announced. Let me look forward to it.

Here, in this office computer also there are materials.

Browse them. Write down.

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This one day, it will be writing in Microsoft word file at office. The next two days, the writing will be drafted in Microsoft Onenote in my phone. I don’t have one drive in my phone. Shall I have one?  I have Google docs to count words. I shall have one drive also. (Everything will be in Microsoft platform only.)

I have deleted box facility. This is to have minimum number of writing facilities.

With minimum writing facilities, I should write more. Okay?

Monday, perhaps the examination date may be announced.

Read more, with less distraction.  

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Today’s writing at OneNote, as planned yesterday.
Simply thinking won’t make anything good.
Circumstances won’t be as I comfortable as I want.
Lethargy will be supplied to me in bulk, even if I don’t want.
Make a start.
One start sucks? Make several starts. Get overwhelmed. 
Some where I will settle. 
Somewhere I will goof up.
Perhaps I may continue the start.
Though the OneDrive and Microsoft word occupy big space, I have downloaded the apps. Great.
However, the stuff seems to me complicated and I am as not comfortable as with google docs.

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Don’t waste time. 


In the month beginning I thought I would do the writing drafts in box notes. 

Changed my mind. Box facility is deleted. 

I thought I would use Microsoft word and, it is seen that, I am not comfortable as I am in google docs. 

I downloaded the word and one drive, realizing that, that it would not be comfortable I deleted that too. 

The write ups I make here in this site are not well formatted using the Microsoft word. 

So, I make drafts in note form.   

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Somewhere, something is to be started and continued.

So many thoughts crop up in the mind.

The examination date will be announced today?

Krishnamurthy and Kallimani commutation cases have to be moved.

Other letters have to be written.

The English 100 words is to be written.

The draft, I shall make in  a simple notepad at the office and take to google docs for word count.

I have to settle for one thing for a focus and flow.

I begin with this note.

My thoughts are sorted out.

Begin with letters.

Complete 100 words.

Yes, 100 words completed.

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09:37 11/09/2018

Hi, Tuesday.

Begin the day with this note.

Send those Krishnamurthy and  Kallimani case letters for dispatch.

Things move slow.

If things move fast, then the thoughts and anxiety will be less.

I will not be bragging in mind or in letters.

Let someone tell me the Examination date, when it is announced.

I will not ask admn., regarding this.

I have begun studying, in a medium phase.

Some writing and repeated exposures to study materials I am trying.

I should make this fast. Only fastness will lessen the anxiety.

09:50 11/09/2018

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11:37 AM 12-Sep-18
I love making notes, in the computer by hitting the F5 button.
It records the time, when I start writing the note.
Things going on are:
I have taken an off.
Hoping to study a bit more.
I have begun.
I am anxious about retention of things in my mind.

Hope, things take me to that situation, by reading more and more. 
Read more.
That is the only thing I want now.
I tried F5 in this box now.
It is a shortcut to resubmit the form.
I cancelled, and finish writing this.
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Past 7 PM Thursday.
Today, now compiling words straight into the social tasking site. This is how this exercise is to be done actually. However, I take my own methods of compiling the words.
I got scared. I am very nervous.
I got scared by seeing the past question papers of 70% exam.
Answers to them are not triggered in the mind with a flow.
How am I going to cope up?
I have to cope up. I have to go on studying and attempting to read with the methods I use while studying.
Simply put: Get scared and study.

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Time is: 10:04  The date is: 14/09/2018

The day is: Friday.


At office opened  my folder called Abalu.

Trying so many 'somethings' to do something.

Wishing 'good day' to people at the office.

Some key words I want to remember,

for the purpose of  studying for the exam.

Something like  the phrases  'financial position and... it was telling  something else like  financial.....what..what? Damn!

I don't remember.

Refer again to the note I made last evening and this morning

Refer again.

This mode of  operation I should try.


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Straight into the site box today. Office is a Holiday and I am using Home computer to write this.
However, I went to office. We were called to do some cleaning work as the country is observing 'cleanliness' drive.
The forgotten phrase was referred yesterday. It was about 'finance position' and 'finance performance'
The Government accounting and commercial accounting how they differ and what all they tell to the managers. That is a part of reading for my examination.
The examination date is not announced.
Think about exam. Study for the exam without giving gaps.
Go through the notes very often.
09/16 Direct Link

Go through the notes very often. Don't give gaps. Don't give up.
That is the only way I can study.
Hoping that link and retention would follow.
It is Sunday and the writing is straight into the box of the social tasking site.
Reading some notes is not complete.
I need not worry, take some other notes and read.
The full involvement or grasping will come and go and I need not worry about that.
Keep on studying.
I will buy some papers. Just keep on writing the notes. Copy the notes. Write again. Type if possible. Write again, again.

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09:35 17/09/2018 Monday

AFRES Advanced Finance Railway Expenditure and Earning System.

GASAB General Accounts Standards Advisory Board.

These things which I read yesterday, am I remembering them properly?

What is my performance?

What is my position?

How is my practice?

If I keep, recalling things like this, in the coming days, I will have a good feeling.

The examination date is not announced, yet.

This is a four day week at office and I write this in my 'balu' note at office.

Hey, it is Government Accounting and not General Accounts,

Please, sharpen recalling, refer very often.

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If I leave the thread of referring my notes for retention purpose, I feel a lot of remorse.

If the remorse feeling  helps me to lead for sticking again to the thread or start again the thread, it is alright.

Remorse, I like you if the purpose is that.

If the remorse continues for a longer time without coming to the point, the hate and frustration kills me. I begin to hate myself.  I dislike the remorse. This is not healthy.

Remorse and guilt lead me to stand up again- allow me to study in an interesting way.

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14:42 19/09/2018 Wednesday.

Three days posting in the site are pending. (i.e. Monday to Wednesday)

This evening  I shall update.

I shall also, try to pick up the thread of studying.

There are 11 days left for September to end, out of which  only six days are working days.

My desk is bit neat today, thanks  to Jayanth.

One working day left this week - that is tomorrow.

Let me make the days productive.

Let me study more.

Let me write a bit more.

Sometimes, planning and feeling that it would be done.   

09/20 Direct Link

14:24 20/09/2018 Thursday.

Cool. Relax. Don't get excited. Rather be dull.

Very dull.

Thanks Jayanth, this chap has done a nice job of cleaning my desk. He has arranged the case papers - problem wise.

Let me solve the problems, one by one.

I need not get overwhelmed.

Don't bother, if I am not able to touch the things today only.

The whole of next week is there.

Pull my moustache or caress my hair on the head, holding a case paper in my hand.

If that case wants to get completed, let that get completed.

Be dull!

09/21 Direct Link

What I am writing everyday at the site during the month of September?
My office, exam and writing about writing. 
It is good, I am feeling fine that I am posting the writings consistently. The days of not writing don't get back logged.
The Tamil 100 words is also going on well, of course I do it leisurely and the next one I have planned for Monday at the office - post lunch time project.
These three days are holidays.
I did a study for exam till 11:20 am. Getting nervous and vexed.
OK. The exam date is not announced.
09/22 Direct Link

Don't worry.
As I read the material, which I have noted down in a note book, while preparing for the earlier exams, confidence do creeps in.
I feel, I can do the exam confidently, I can go towards better retention if the consistency persists.
Hope, the examination date is announced soon.
Hope the date will be convenient to me.
Relax, breathe in and breathe out. Go on reading.
Read fast. Read slow. Note down in papers. Type them. Talk to your cell phone. Try remembering one word - phrase. Tell it when you sleep- when you wake up in the morning.
09/23 Direct Link

The third holiday going on. Three days writing in the box.
Few moments ago, I did touch the past question papers. The question papers I browsed, I am keeping in a book.
This time when I browsed the past question papers, I could think of little answers to the questions.
A bit of feel like when I sit for the examination.
However, this feel is not as brisk as it happens in the examination.
The answer thoughts are not flowing in a gush.
I want to develop this gush thought very often. I want to try that.
Read, read read.
09/24 Direct Link

I do not know to explain a concept in this write up.

It was in context of explaining the Yugas.

What are the names of  four Yugas?

Tetra, Dwapara and Kali. First Yuga  name I am forgetting.

It is okay. If I make some more efforts I may retain that in my memory.

Well, the concept is: I need not know or retain all the four in mind.

Whatever I remember, I will do or think to that extent.

Need not make big effort on this issue.

This applies to my studies also.

However try to recall things. 

09/25 Direct Link

OK. Made some efforts to retain the names of four yugas.

The first Yuga is Krita Yuga.

It is also called Satya Yuga or Sat Yuga.

The other Yugas are Treta Yuga, Dwapara Yuga and Kali Yuga.

I also remember the 10 avatars of Vishnu and the yugas during which he has taken those avatars.

Krita yuga: Matsya, koorma, Varaha and Narasimha. (4)

Tetra: Vamana, Parashurama and Rama. (3)

Dwapara: Balarama and Krishna (2)

Kali: Kalki (1)

Regarding my subject what I remember?

Section (3) of 3 of Official language act. The Govt documents should be in Hindi and English.

09/26 Direct Link

- logging in here is nice.

09:45 26/09/2018

As I log in, the time and date is done.

Earlier, signed in the attendance register and the biometric attendance.

Now, wondering what to do. Which work to take up.

Let me take something. I am not very specific. Sometimes I have to let things happen and not feel guilty about not taking initiative in something.

Two days of writing in the site is pending. Yesterday and today.

The studying for the exam is little. It is Okay, today I shall do something to keep going. The date is not announced.

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27/09/2018 Thursday.

A whine, obsession, rant, lament, routine, muse or gibberish  - whatever  -  from my office in the notepad file called ‘balu’ placed in the folder called Abalu.

When I went to Michael yesterday I saw him reading some study material. Whenever competitor reads something, the competition spirit spurts in.  

I do have that material. event that  tells me that I think about the exam which is not yet announced.

Afternoon, Md.Ghafur said some soothing words about a person who got promotion even though he had 45 days of service left.  

09/28 Direct Link


''A note at this hour:

11:22 27/09/2018

'On a mission to give a reply to RTI case.

Draft letter now.''

The letter is not dispatched, even after two attempts. I Shall revise now.

This is the last working day of the month and the last compilation  for social task site from my of  note 'balu' filed in the folder 'Abalu'

The remaining two entries will be direct in the 'box' of the social tasking site from home.

Digressed from the thought of preparing for the exam which is on 25th OCT.

09:43 28/09/2018

09/29 Direct Link

Don't waste time.
So, the direct 100 words in the box from home.
I thought I would fill the box with words or phrases from the study I am attempting till the box says, I am finished writing 100 words. 
Just an exercise to tune the mind to retain things and make a link to write the exam. 
I begin now:
Appropriation accounts; PAC; Initial Grant, Final Grant, voted expenditure, charged expenditure, consolidated fund of India.
Budget. One consolidated budget. For 92 years Railway budget was separate. 
Acworth committee. Bibek Deborai committee. EBR; Extra Budgetary Resource. Parliament.
09/30 Direct Link

Today, I think I will be the first to finish the September batch.
I have been ranting about my anxiety and trying to get confidence for the preparation of forthcoming departmental promotional exam.
The examination is on 25th October. It comes on a Thursday.
It is actually nothing to crack (That is how, I should tell my mind)
A little more mind effort than the efforts I made in the earlier attempts.
I should not waste time for other activities.
I should think about studying only.
Adequate preparation.
Accurate preparation.
Proper preparation.
Protected preparation.
Things should work. Should work well.