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Sit down with folded legs comfortably. Let the right palm be on the left palm in a relaxed manner. Realise the  body with your mind. Let calmness prevail

Sit straight. Broaden the shoulders. Feel the confidence as the back is straightened. Close your eyes gently.

Watch the body with closed eyes. Breathe normally and feel the breathing process.

Get rid of the pressures from the body and the mind. Bring in smile and freshness on the face.

Take deep breath.

Utter OM three times enjoying the deep inhalation and exhalation while saying O...M.

Say O….. M. Let OM  resonate.
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The mind and the conscience become a crap without our asking. Our words and sentences don't have proper syntax. We think something and utter in a different meaning.  The body is shit, in other words, full of impurities.

Great sages, bow before you with all reverence and humbleness.

You have made Yoga to clean the mind and the conscience.

You have done the Grammar to put our thoughts in words and sentences in a polite systematic way.

Medical science is devised to cleanse all the impurities from the body by you.

We bow humbly before you, with gratitude - great sages.
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The teacher is my creator. The mentor is my protector. The coach is my destroyer.

The one who guides and brings in me the good, removing all my bad -  doing the creation, protection and destruction is my Guru.

He is the ultimate reality. Guru is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent. Guru is guiding and bringing out something from us.

I bow and prostrate before you Guru.

Let Peace prevail.

Om Shanti. Om Shanti. Om Shanti.

Coming to folded palm position, rub your palms. Place the warm palms on the closed eyes and open the eyes.

Feel the warmth. Feel the Good.
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Get up now. Stand.  Stand erect. Lift both the  arms above the head.


Stretch further. 

Inhale, while bringing the arms up.

Now, exhale and bring the arms horizontally. Roll the shoulders back. Expand the chest. Let both the arms be stretched in a straight line. Let the arms be as straight as possible. Extend them stretching to the fullest extent possible.

Arms down. Straight position.

Inhale. Arms above the head.

Exhale. Arms in a horizontal position. Shoulders and arms in a straight line.

Arms down. Stand straight.

Arms up. Arms horizontal position. Hands down. Straighten up. Stretch.
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Keeping the arms above the head  lift the heels. Let the toes touch the floor. Lift the heels as high as possible. Stretch the arms above the head.

Arms, Heels down. Body erect.

Again bring the arms from the front stretching the arms above the head and lifting your heels high.

Arms down. Erect. Lift the arms. Straight. Elbows straight. Heels up. Arms down.

Lift both the arms, slowly bring them sideways and down. Got it. A rotation of arms. A bit faster. Rotate the arms clockwise. Yes rotate your arms. Up. Sideways. Down. Good.

Now, rotate the arms anticlockwise.
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Stand erect. Sufficient gap between your legs. Stretch your hands horizontally. Bend your body. Place the right hand near the left foot, the left hand stretching above. Body bent but the head turning up to your right. Let the concentration be on the stretch. Arms. Legs. (legs straight.) Hips Feel the muscles pull in all these areas.


Hands sideways arms stretched. Bend. Legs parted in 'A' shape. Left palm now near the right foot. Right hand stretching above. Head high and turning to right. Feel the stretching muscles.


Right hand touching the left foot.

Up. Change.

Left side.

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Turn the head to the right. Face right.

Head to the front. Turn the head to left. Face to the left side.

Face now to the front.

Head right. Front. Head to left.

Now close your eyes. Rotate the head clockwise five times. Now, eyes closed rotate the head anti-clockwise five times.

Place both your hands on your shoulders. Lift your right elbow and stretch to your head.

It is the turn for the left elbow (hands folded, palm touching the shoulder) to stretch near the head.

Do this elbows stretching five times alternating the left and the right hands.

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Take your hands back, place them on left and right thighs. (Back bending exercise.) Bend the body backwards supported by the hands on your thighs. Let the tailbone be the center for the bend. Look up to the ceiling.

Back to the normal position.

Bend your knees. Bend your body forward. Head up and looking front. Let the back be hollow.

Normal. Bend backwards. Bend forward.

Normal standing position. Lift your hands above the head. Twist the body to the left, simultaneously bend to your right side palms on the ground.

Normal position. Lift the hands. Bend to your right.

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Surya Namaskar

Good, I write 100 words this month bringing into my mind the one hour yoga practice I do at my yoga Kendra. The words and instructions are as uttered by my Yoga teacher.

Began the writing on August 1with prayer. I continued writing by describing the warm up exercises we do before entering to do the Surya Namaskar. (Sun Salutation)

We say this small prayer before beginning the Sun Salutation exercises.

"Oh the great one,  great energy is concealed in you with a golden lid. Please remove the lid and shower upon us lots and lots of energy"
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Let us do the Sun Salutation with an attitude for gratitude.

Sun is:

Our friend.


Dispeller of darkness.

Bright one.

One who moves through the sky.

Giver of nourishment and fulfillment.

One who has golden brilliance.

Light giver with innumerable rays.

Son of cosmic Divine mother.

The one who is responsible for life.

The one who is worthy of praise and glory.

Giver of wisdom and cosmic illumination.

It really fulfills the heart uttering these words: Friend. Energy. Nourishment. Wisdom. Radiance. Bright.

It is lovely. We are set. Let us start doing the exercise. Let’s get the full benefit. 
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Bring together both the arms. Join the palms. Thumb to little finger to be joined together in a namaskar position near the middle of the chest.  Keep the elbows folded and the hands parallel to the floor. Close your eyes.

Stand erect. Attention. Chin up. Foot and foot. Knee and knee together. Tighten up the muscles.

Sun Salutation. Count one:

Inhale. Both the arms in namaskar position -  stretch the hands keeping them in namaskar position above the head. Stretch to the maximum.  Head back. Bend from waist backwards stretching.

The foot, knees and bums should be firm.

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More..count 2:  The palms should be touching down and the head bent down as near as the legs as possible. If the palms don't touch the floor at least attempt should be made by bending the knees and adjusting to place the palms down and straightening the legs.

Count 3 - place left leg back stretched. The right knee should be bent and foot placed in front.  

Let the abdomen touch the right thigh. Right foot firm on the ground. Left leg straight, toes inside, knees touching the ground.

Lift the upper torso from the hip, looking front.
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I write these movements of Surya namaskar exercises, bringing to mind the actions as per the instructions of my Guru. sometimes I read  materials available on the net to improve and learn my movements.

One tip: During upward moments we exhale and while doing the downward and forward bending we inhale.

Count 2.

Bring both the hands forward exhaling, go to the feet bending the body. Place the palms flat on the floor on either side of the feet. Bend the knees a bit to place the palms but stretch the legs straight immediately as the palm position becomes alright.
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'Oops'  happened in the last two entries. The entries for 12th and 13th of August is interchanged. One should read the 13th entry first and then 12th.

Let me keep the thoughts and actions together. Let me not miss the coherence. Let me not miss the ascending order of the counts for Surya namaskar.

Count 4. Slowly bring the folded right leg to the back giving company  to the already stretched left leg.

The body should be in a slanting position, like a slide. Arms holding the wait. Head straight and face seeing down. Toes down and heels up.

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Count one to four we alternate inhale - exhale. On count five we hold the breadth.

We are in the slant position.

Count 5. Keep your knees down. Touch your chest to the ground. Place the forehead on the floor. Hold your breath.

Note that we are placing the two knees,  feet,  palms, chest and forehead to the ground. Eight body parts are touching the ground. Tummy is taken in and thighs should be above the ground.

Count 6. Slowly bring the body to the front giving a push from your feet. Hip low.Widen the chest. Head up.

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We have pushed the body with the help of feet looking front. Fine.

Count 7. Now a body arch. Palms firm. Stretch the body back. Shoulders open.

Aim here is not to put the body weight on the hands or the shoulders. Lift the hip region up. Back. Still back. Body up. Take the pressure on the feet. Place the feet firmly on the ground. Very firm. Head down. The hip region should be up and the weight should be at the back. No pressure on the hands.

Utter the count and then take the body position. Okay? Now, next.

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After the downward face dog pose described in the last entry we come to the next posture.

This will be repetition of the earlier positions.

Count 8. Left leg forward, foot pressed firmly, tummy touching the thigh. Head up. Right leg straight behind. This is doing the count three again.

Count 9. Once we place the palms down in count 2 near the feet, legs straight - the hand position will be fixed throughout. Now we repeat count 2.

Care should be taken to place the feet and the palm in one line.

Count 10: hands folded in namaskar position - attention.

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There are 12 positions of Sun Salutation. We do the twelve positions 6 to 13 times. The body and the mind feels fine.

The master says a lovely word after performing the salutations. The word is: "relax"

We were facing him till end of the  Surya namaskar exercises.

He asks us now to face left. Now we turn our body and will be facing the ground adjacent to our yoga hall.

"Lift the arms to a horizontal position and jump"

Legs to be parted after the jump. Distance between the two feet should be more than 3 and half feet.

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I like this jump. Turning and facing the ground.

Ready for triangle pose.

Arms stretched. Right feet turned to right. Left feet kept at a 45 degrees angle. The gap between the two legs should be more than 3 feet.

Slowly bring the right arm to the feet touching the ankle, if possible the ground can also be touched. Note, we are bending sideways.

Lift your left arm above. Stretch. Stretch the left arm further. Left hip to be pushed forward. Right hip backwards. Legs straight. Turn the head upwards.

Feel the stretching. Ensure the twist at the waist region.

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Continuing the triangle twist.

Left leg forward. Left hand placed at the ankle. Better still on the floor. Stretch the right hand to the air. A firm twists at the hips. Chest forward and head up.

Now: revolved triangle pose.

Right leg forward. Foot firm on the ground. Left foot slightly to 45 degrees.  Bring the left hand near the right foot. Catch the ankle or place the palm on the ground near the right foot. Stretch the right hand to the air. Chest forward. Head up. Firm. Stretch.

Note how the body has revolves.

Change. Left foot forward...

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Angle Pose.

After the triangle twist , our master twists our knees and hip regions best.

Legs apart. The distance between the legs more than three and a half feet. Bend the right leg. The knee is the focal point. The angle should be ninety degrees. Hip straight and bring it down.

Right hand to be at the right ankle and left hand on the head touching the ears. Stretch the left hand to the maximum. Let the eyes see the left fingertips.

Feel the stretch in the knee, hip and hands.

Come back. Do the exercise bending the left leg now.

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Lift the right leg. Place it on the left thigh. Above the left knee. Push the knee backwards so that the knee and the right thigh are facing forward. Press it with the foot on left thigh near the left hip.

Press the right toe of the left leg to the ground. Bring the hands above the head in a folded position. Stretch the hands. Body straight. Pressing the left foot on the ground with the left foot toe with concentration brings balance.

Change. Right foot down and place the left foot on the right thigh.

That was tree pose.

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Left leg bent to ninety degrees at the knee. Right leg stretching straight and heel lifted. Both the hands stretching at the shoulders. Vision to the front. (warrior pose ii.)

Same bending of left or right leg. The other leg straight and heel up. Hands folded above the head. The hip should be lowered. Bend backwards  stretching the folded hands. (warrior pose i.)

Same position as warrior pose i and ii, but lift your leg which is behind to the air, straight. Body bent to the front arms extended in folded position and head to the front. (Warrior pose iii)

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Grand twisting exercises! Now sit down in 'easy pose'. This is the pose we began on August first. These 100 words every day this month is an attempt to bring into words the yoga session we do for one hour every day.

Going back to the entries of the previous days we see that:

We sat in 'easy sitting pose', we prayed with gratitude to the teacher of yoga, we tried to bring our conscience to the present by concentration on breadth.

We did warming up exercises. We did the Sun Salutation. We did some angular twisting of the body.

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One hour yoga practice every working day is full of varieties. Our Yoga teacher makes it interesting introducing props like brick, chair and pillows. Sometimes he will make use of the wall to get the correct posture. Our posterior should be sticking to the wall.

Now let us sit in diamond pose. This is kneeling down. Both the feet should be together. The heels should touch each other. Now place your bums on the heels and sit comfortably. Back straight. Toes facing backwards.

I love sitting in this pose.  One can sit in this position even after a meal.

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Another sitting posture.

We stand up on the knees with a gap between the legs.

Now, the knees of both the legs and the feet are placed on the floor. We place our bums on the floor. The tendons of the knees pull. Painful. I sit for a minute. I think I am a hero for a minute.

Our master tells us to place a pillow to practice this pose. I must try to be a hero for a longer time.

Improvising this pose, we can touch our heels with our palms and try to have a backward lying position.

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I've seen cobbler sitting in this position holding the 'cobbler's last' between his feet.

Yes, we sit in this position legs folded to the front joining the soles in a horizontal position. The calf muscles, thighs should be to the ground- bit difficult for me.

Yoga master says to straighten the back. He says: “try to move the legs like a butterfly and keep them on the ground.” This pose is also called butterfly pose or angular bound.

Holding this position, our master will also make us lift the legs one by one to touch our forehead or chin.

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Stand on your knees. A gap of one and half foot, between the legs, toes turned inward and heels up.

Let the body be straight, lift your hands up in the air once. Bring the right hand back and hold your right ankle.  Bring your left hand and hold your left ankle.

Arms straight. Chest facing the ceiling. Tummy taken in. Bend backwards. Head down. How long you can remain in this camel pose?

Come on. Now lie down chest and abdomen to the ground. Place the chin to your hands. Relax. Now we are in crocodile pose. 

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Now we are in crocodile pose. Master makes some more flexibility movements in this position.

Keep the hands under the thighs. Lift the left leg. Lift the right leg. Lift both the legs together. Lift the left leg. Stretch. Lift the right hand. Alternate with other limbs.

Place both the hands near the chest. Lift the head chest and back stretch. (cobra pose)

Bend the legs from behind. Let the hands hold the ankles separately. Lift the front and the back. Make a nice bow. The hip and tummy to the ground. Lift.

Stretch and lift. Enjoy the bow posture.

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Sit straight with the legs extended. Now, the right leg fold. Like half easy pose. Left leg stretched. Lift your hands up in the air. Inhale and exhale, bend to keep your head on the straight left leg knee. Hands extended to the left feet.

Left leg folded. Right leg straight. Head on to the knee.

"Now, the posture you were eagerly waiting" Master smiles.

The relaxing pose. Lying down on the back with limbs relaxed. Eyes closed.

"See your body with mental eyes. Feel the blood flowing in the veins" Master says relax.

Relax remaining in the corpse posture.

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Eyes closed, get up slowly and sit in easy pose. Back should be straight. Place your hands on the eyes, index finger on the eyebrows, the rest of the fingers on the eyes. Close your ear flaps with the thumbs. Think positive. Inhale. Exhale keeping the mouth closed humming like a bee.

Let's do this breathing five times.

Lead us from unreal to real. Take us to light from darkness. Take us to elixir from death.

May all be prosperous and happy

May all be free from illness

May all see what is spiritually uplifting

May none suffer. 

Om peace, peace, peace.