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Today was one hella day. I can't believe I was able to survive this freaky Wednesday. Oh, God. I can still clearly see myself struggling with tummy ache. Oh, poor me. I had to hit the restroom after every hour. Good thing I didn't faint along the way. Tummy cramps made me feel so weak. Cold sweat's all over my body. Can you just imagine my struggle? That was really a terrible experience I never want to happen again in my life, never when I'm in the office again. Gosh. It wasn't really a good start of the month. Nah.

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We are moving to our new office tomorrow. Finally. Today, we already packed our things. There is no more backing out. Schedule's final. Today, everyone fills in their boxes with their personal stuff. Papers. Books. Pens, etc. Boxes were already sealed. We are just waiting for the movers to pick them all up and transport them to our new workplace tomorrow. Am I excited? Of course! It's a new office, new environment, new work schedules, new everything! Who wouldn't get excited? Change is coming. Haha! I just hope it's gonna be more comfy and motivating working in there. Fingers crossed!

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It's Friday and I can really feel the 'Friday vibe' inside the office today. It actually feels more like a Saturday for me though. It is because we had the whole day to break away from the stresses of the office. I believe everyone in our room, and probably those from other departments too, had a generous dose of 'breaktime' from work today. Well, why not? Sleeping's became legal for a day. Lol. Big thanks to the movers who are taking a longer time to transport all of our stuff to our new office, we had the luxury of time.
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The movie marathon continues! I can now really tell, boredom has its own power to turn things quite great than the usual. My officemates and I were able to finish 3 horror movies today in the office. Yep. INSIDE THE OFFICE. It was even our supervisor who's the mastermind behind all this. He set up the laptop, sponsored the movies and turned our room into a mini-theater perfect for a film-showing. All these are products of the need to kill time. If only it can be this fun everyday, nobody's gonna wake up in the morning feeling unexcited for the day ahead!
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I always say it that having a brother in my life is one of the greatest gift I've ever received from God. I may be too lucky enough because He gave me two. Ever since I got here in Manila to work, Kuya has always been very supportive to me. He was always there, ready to help when I asked him. I rarely hear a “NO” from him. If he can, he'll help me without having second thoughts. Indeed, I am a very lucky sister. Last week, we went out for a date. Yey! And I realized, we are in a city just a ride away from each other but it seems we've been separated by miles and there is just so much to catch up on each other's lives. And so I thought, we should go out and talk more often than usual. Hola, brother!

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It's our first day in our new office building. Everything's new. The entire building's not yet fully furnished even. But we already have to move in. Work schedule's different to so I have to embrace a huge adjustment, my body clock, meal hours and sleeping hours, too. I am also trying to make myself comfortable in this kind of place where people walks by the hallway every time. It was a bigger space, too but of course, lesser privacy for every team. Yep, it's pretty much a whole new world. I just hope everything falls into place, in time. Yeah!

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I've been thinking about writing someone a letter. Someone I haven't met yet. A letter so intimate and honest enough to contain all the feelings I have been keeping inside all this time. I want to write someone a letter thanking him in advance. A letter that will encapsulate all the love I've been saving for him. A letter that will reflect how strong I am for having withstood everything independently all these years. A letter that will tell him how imperfect I am and I can never assure a perfect relationship for us two but I will do everything I can just to prove him that I will never ever let anything break the knot that binds us together to become the perfect couple we dream to be. I'll write to you soon, my future better half.

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As much as possible, I don't want to look. I don't want to hear. I don't want to think. I've been thinking about it lately. What if I came here a little earlier? Would things change? Or would it be just the same? Is it just me or things aren't really on my favor? They were all on her side. Am I getting so jealous? Well, maybe I am. How I wish I get the same treatment from my environment. How I wish I also get those genuine smiles and help from them. With all these, I cannot help but think about it over and over again. And so I guess I'll have this feeling everyday, too.

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If anyone ask me what superpowers would i wish to have if given a chance, I will respond immediately with 'mind-reading'. Yes, I know it can be a little stressful and risky on my part. But for the sake of seeking inner peace, I'll choose it. It may hurt me or even break me if I knew you're not even thinking about me but maybe it can help me and slap the reality in my face that "Hey, time to move on, girl! He doesn't love you back." But what if he does think of me more often than I thought? Wishful thinking, eh? But really, what if he does? It can be really awesome if I can read people's mind.
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I'll write letters to you. Maybe not everyday but every time I feel writing what I feel about you. I may consider the time I'll meet you as a time a little bit late from the time I'm crazy about finally meeting my 'the one' but I promise, I will treasure everything and I promise to enjoy every moment we'll spend together. I will make the best I can to make everything work even not as planned. I will make sure you're happy and contented but please, do so too. I can't wait to finally meet the man whom I'll spend the rest of my life with. 
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It's Saturday and I'm up for my usual routine: do my laundry first and let my feet take me anywhere. I was actually excited to go out after I finished my laundry. I already made up my mind that today, I'll buy myself a new iPhone. I was so excited. But I guess, it's still not a good timing to own one. I found out that I still cannot afford the SE. It's still heavy on the pocket so yeah, I have to wait for another 2 weeks before I decide if I will push buying one. Tightening my belt.
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I felt so giddy when I woke up. I got up earlier even before my alarm clock rang. I was expecting something today. I feel a bit excited to go to church hoping someone would keep up to his word. But no one came. He didn't came. But it's okay. It's been a routine going to church alone. I don't need a companion anyway. I just decided to go to Quiapo to buy some stuff I need. What I thought was a bad and lonely day turned out be be pretty productive. I was able to buys the things I needed,
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It was past 12 midnight and I'm still wide awake. My guy best friend just called me and we talked for almost three hours straight and I just don't feel sleepy at all. I'm wide awake. I have certain realizations though. Some thoughts to ponder. Some questions I myself find it hard to answer. "Am I happy?" I couldn't find the exact answer myself. "Am I happy?" Maybe? No? I don't know the answer. And I guess I will be looking for the answer on the coming days or months? or years? I just hope it won't take me that long. 
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There really are days that I don't feel working or doing anything at all, this day included. I just hate it when I'm feeling friggin' lazy and I can't move on with what I am doing then I just pretend I am busy typing a document when in fact I am just scribbling a hundred-word essay about how bored I am. Like right now. My hands and my head are just so in sync that they are not in the mood to work. True enough, this is not a healthy attitude especially at work. I just can't help it.
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I had an unusual dream today. I woke up with my heart pumping in my chest. It was a very terrible dream that it felt so real. So that's how it feels to be guilty of a crime. That feeling when you know well enough how big is the mess you've created but people aren't pointing fingers on you instead to other people who are actually innocent yet you keep mum about your deed just to save yourself from a sure disaster if ever they find out. Gosh. It felt so real, swear. Thank you, Lord it's just a dream.
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Been a while since I had my last entry written and posted here. I bet the site was down for almost two weeks. So yeah, I have to make up for the days I've missed. But no sweat, I'm going to finish all to this date. Too bad not everything that happened on the day itself will be written exactly here. But I guess it's fine as long as I fill up these dates. I still can remember some vivid details of what happened on the past weeks and I think that would be okay enough to fill the gaps.
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There are things you'll just wish you didn't see; wish you didn't heard, wish you didn't know. These things that hurt you to the bone, things that crush your ego. These things that are offending, things that are insulting, things that will make you feel your lowest lows. These things that will make you realize a lot of things; things that will make you measure how you've been all this time. These things you'll carry until you close your eyes to sleep. I wish I just didn't know about it at all. I want to free myself from these things.
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I was browsing though some old conversations last night in my Facebook messenger. I searched for someone and checked whether our conversations are still there. Lo and behold, they're still in existence. I started backreading everything and funny it is, memories started rolling like classic films in my mind. Hello, Ted. It's been a while. June 15, 2014 when he first messaged me on Facebook. I cannot clearly remember everything but I'm sure that made me blush to kilig. I had a crush on you at first sight and everything that followed afterwhich was truly memorable for me, at least for some parts, of course. 
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It's Father's Day! Sadly, I [and Kuya] were too far away from Papa to celebrate this very special day. We're here in Manila to work and Papa's in Catanduanes. On days like this, I make it a point to still make him feel special though we're too far away. I called him before I went to church and as usual, he just told different stories after I greeted him. Haha! Just like the old days, he was busy working at home on this special day. Yes, that's how responsible Papa is. He just don't want to stay lying on the couch especially if it's weekend and he's just at home.
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I went to church last Sunday. It was just a usual Sunday but I won't deny the fact that I'm expecting him to come and surprise me. But the priest was already done with his homily and still, there is no sign of him. I said to myself, "Oh, of course, this is just another ordinary Sunday for me. And again, I'm all by myself." But then as I went back to my chair, I gazed upon those people lining up for the holy communion and I saw him. Haha! I was surprised and felt tensed at the moment but I was fast so I looked down and pretended I haven't seen him. Haha. Boo!
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Last Sunday, I went to my brother's condo unit. We'll be meeting our cousin who just went from Dubai later this evening at TriNoma Mall. It's just for a little celebration and my cousin promised to treat us out so yeah, TGIF gaming it is! While waiting for the clock to hit 5, I tried switching on my iPhone which hibernated for almost a month already after its screen turned blue to black. Then I tried to switch it on and to my surprise, it TURNED ON! AND IT IS WORKING PRETTY WELL AGAIN! I was really happy about it that I started recovering some files and downloaded apps in it again. Praise God!
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There are a lot of things going through my mind right now. I'm confused. I'm losing focus. I need balance on everything. I bet I have a lot of questions that badly need answers. I want to talk to somebody. Somebody who will listen to me all day, to all my rants and musings. Somebody who will sit beside me, listen to all my stories, though I might already sound irritating and redundant. Or maybe I can go by myself eh? I'll go somewhere so I can let myself loosen up a bit. Maybe I'll do a little soul-searching.
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It's Friday again and nothing is more exciting than having the thought that tomorrow I will be going to Cuyapo, Nueva Ecija for a quick vacation. Finally, a break from stress. Finally, I have time to break away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. I have realized that it is important for people, especially those working individuals to take a break at least once in a while to reduce stress in there lives. And yes, I can feel that I badly need this one, too. I need to unwind, to think, to enjoy life. I deserve a break.
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It's Saturday again! And today is the day of our trip to Cuyapo, Nueva Ecija. We took the bus at 7:30 am. We traveled for almost 4 hours, I guess before we reached the terminal at Cuyapo. Seriously, travelling by bus to a Nueva Ecija really feels like I'm traveling back home. I was actually imagining I was already traveling to Catanduanes while I am on board of the bus. We arrived at the terminal at around 12 noon. We were fetched by our cousin and we finally reached our relative's house. Oh, it was just nice to be back.
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Good morning, Cuyapo! Oh, it was just nice to wake up in a different environment. Stress-free. I'd say yesterday was one of the most adventure-packed day of my life. I tried zip line yesterday and it was absolutely awesome! I even rode on it twice, We were just so lucky that the guides are so friendly and generous. They even said we can go ziplining until we drop! Hahaha! It took us a little effort though going up. We endured an almost 30-minute trek until we reached the jump-off point. It was really fun though and yes, it was all worth it!
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It's Monday again. I have to go back and face reality. I woke up early at 5:30 so I can catch my 7 am shift schedule. It was kinda hard to get up though. My whole body's aching. I can feel the pain in my lower back, may shoulders, my legs and my arms. Damn. I know my zip line experience is the one to blame for all of these. Ouch. Pain all over. But there. Good thing I was able to fix myself though I'm really having a tough time moving my body here and there. Holla, Monday!
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Deciding what to wear for the day is every girl's number one problem. And yes, I am one of those girls who feel all the struggle everyday before I go to work. It is true I have a lot of clothes in my luggage and my cabinet but hey, it could be a little embarrassing to wear the same clothes every week. Well, I may sound a little maarte here but truth is, it is a dire need, especially to working individuals, to have at least new clothes every other week or every month to make her look presentable. Hello, we're in the corporate world.
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I want to go to far places again. I was still in grade school when I had my very first trip to Baguio. And I want to go back. It was already a year ago when I went to Tuguegarao to compete for the 2015 Luzonwide Higher Education Press Conference. And I wan to go back. We even had side trips then. We were able to visit the North before we head home. We went to Ilocos Norte and Ilocos Sur. We went to Vigan, too. I badly want to go back. Oh, I really want to travel again. I want to travel far. 
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Every now and then, I browse several sites and fish for some interesting reads. One site that really fascinates me is the Thought Catalog. What I really like about it is that, their articles are very well-written. Well, not all of it maybe but I can say, most of it are awesome. There even are articles which greatly hit me in the left. It was just full of 'real talk' that I just nod in agreement while reading. There are articles for the broken hearts, for those who are frustrated in love, and those who are waiting for the right time to love. And I just love them!
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On this date, the 16th President of the Republic of the Philippines took his oath to office. The then Mayor Rodrigo Roa Duterte of Davao City who made a loud buzz both on the online and offline world, is now the new President of this country. While I was watching the Inauguration Ceremony a while ago, I cannot help but listen to all the words he says. I just have this positive view towards the future of our country. I was really holding to his promise that Change is Really coming. I just hope and pray for the good of the Philippines! Mabuhay!