BY Nijayla

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Dear 100 words, I woke up with a lot of energy ready to go exercising with my friend Chyna. Even though I was already sore from exercising the day before. Soon as Chyna and I got to the park, I start doing lunges, jumping jacks, and sit-ups with no problem. Chyna was so surprise that I got up and wanted to exercise again, she thought I was going to quit on her because of all the obstacles we had to go through. My hardest part about exercising is getting up every morning with a aching body and stiff joints.
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Dear 100 words, It was 3 0'clock in the morning when mother nature woke me up out my sleep with major pain in my stomach. Every time she comes around me and her never gets along. I don't understand why she comes every month in the beginning or some times the end messing up my plans for the week. It never fells because she comes around the week I really want to get into something with my friends or family. Any other week when I'm in the house with no plans, she don't even try to pop up on me.
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Dear 100 words, I was on my way home from school when I get a call from my brother that his baby mother is in labor. I was so excited to see my first niece, I cancelled all my plans that evening just to stay at the hospital all day. Soon as I get to the hospital I went to the gift shop and got a giant teddy bear, a giant card, and balloons. Walking into my in-law room, My beautiful niece was laying there sleeping peacefully with her soft curly hair. I sat there and watch her sleep.
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Dear 100 words,

Every Tuesday me and my family watch bad girls club and order pizza. This Tuesday i cook instead of ordering pizza and my family was so surprise. I cook fried chicken, white rice, bake beans, and my famous candy bar cake. My mother love my famous cake because it has Snickers, Twix, and Reese Pieces with peanut butter in the middle and milk chocolate covering. Dad and I always skip dinner and have desert first because we both like the taste of fresh hot cake out the oven. I love having family day every Tuesday.
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Dear 100 words,

Time was going so slow yesterday because I was so thrilled for my show "Empire" to come on tonight at nine. I tried to keep myself occupied with things to do until nine but I done all my homework and clean up my whole house and it was no where near 9 o'clock. Chyna my home girl came over to keep me company and also watch empire but time was still going slow. So instead of watching the clock Chyna and I played board games and watch movies just not to get frustrated with time.
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Dear 100 words,

something told me to get on Facebook and see what is everybody doing and talking about today. As I log in the first word I see before I even read the paragraph is food stamps. I was so excited to hear that the food stamps came early because of the hurricane coming, I call my card so Quick I mess trying to put the card number in. I hear that full amount on my card and went straight to my car to go to the grocery store. Walmart was so pack but I still shopped.
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Dear 100 words,

It's Friday and I couldn't wait for the weekend to get here fast. After having classes Monday-Thursday with a lot of homework I was beat. I call my girls up to see what they weekend was looking like and nobody had any plans. Theses are not my girls, my friends always have something plan for the weekend and I think something was up with them. So I drove to each of my friends house and they all at my best friend cooking for a show tonight they all love except me. Sucks for me.
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Dear 100 words,

Since everybody got there food stamps early I decided to cook. I was in the mood for something healthy and light. I thraw out some tilapia fish and season it up with my specialties and pop that bad baby in the oven. As of a side I thought of a salad so I start doing some cutting. I cut up cucumbers and boil eggs and threw it in a bowl of spinach, shredded cheese, croutons, bacon, and banana peppers. My bake fish and salad came out like a professional made it. I was so full.
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Dear 100 words,

It was Sunday morning when I woke up so I decided to go to my parents house to cook. I surprise my parents by coming over to wake them up with pumpkin spice coffee and banana nut muffins. My mother love anything with pumpkin spice. Also I bung over their favorite dish to cook so My parents was in a great mood. Their favorite dish is curry chicken, rice, and cabbage. Only takes a hour to cook everything so we watch Jerry Springer show until it was finished. But we all got full real fast.
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Dear 100 words,

I hate getting up early in the morning for anybody or anything. I know some times the night before the morning hit that I'm going to have a hard time getting up. Specially when I done so much through out the day and I get barley sleep or a nap. I will eventually end up over slept and knowing I'm late I will take my time then rush because it's no reason when I'm already late. So now if someone is reading this know if I'm late, I'm going to take my time getting there.
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Dear 100 words,

It's family Tuesday and that mean we watching "bad Girls Club" TV show tonight. And I cook last Tuesday so it's my mother time because my dad don't know how to cook like us. He tries some times but I can't say that his food is nasty or he can't cook at all. My dad food tastes like a beginner who is trying because you taste the season, It's just not enough of it. So my dad was in the kitchen this time when my mother was cooking BBQ chicken, mac and cheese, and broccoli.
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Dear 100 words,

I made it to my math class late at eight thirty and my class start at eight o'clock. I live cross Fletcher and I go to Hillsborough Community College ybor campus that is about twenty to twenty five minutes drive from my house. When I first move into my place I was so excited but when I had to get up early in the morning for school, It start beating me. I set my alarm clock to five thirty and still make it late to school because traffic or I'm just being a lazy butt.
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Dear 100 words,

I got so mad at my boyfriend that I haven't talk to him in a week. I hate when he upsets me and I'm the one is right in this situation. So I called his mother and ask her can I borrow some money since he wanted to be an ass and not give me none. My boyfriend mother let me borrow $100 until my next pay check and I'm the wrong person because I open my mouth and ask for money I needed. I don't see nothing wrong I did but guess he does.
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Dear 100 words,

It's Friday and I haven't went to a club in forever. I called up my girls to see what they are up to and finally theses hood rats have nothing to do. So I set up a plan that we hit this new club that just was built two weeks ago and I heard everybody from out of town goes there. We all met up at 8 o'clock at my house for a pre turn up and headed out at 11 o'clock. Soon as we got there these two hood rats left us so fast.
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Dear 100 words,

I was so beat from partying all night with the girls, my feet and back are killing me. So since I'm taking advantage of my boy friend being so sorry for saying I can't talk to his mom no more, I called him over. I had him massaging me for hours until he can't feel his hands any more. He was like my maid for a whole day and I was so excited because I never had one. He Cook me breakfast, lunch, and dinner that tasted like I ate from a nice fancy restaurant.
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Dear 100 words,

So as you read some of my entries already and seen that I mess up on the spaces between dear 100 words and the paragraph. I didn't read the instructions on the bottom of the box to text that I have to put < Br > to make space and I think it's stupid. Why can't I just hit the space bar and when I submit my 100 words, it has a space between the words. Sometimes I forget to put the symbol for the space bar because no one I know of does it like that.
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Dear 100 words,

I'm so fed up wit little boys who think they can say or do what they want and who ever they hurt post to be cool with it. So my boy friend went out of town and told me they day of him leaving that he are leaving for a week. I post to be cool with him leaving when he please without discussing nothing with me. I'm nobody to him I guess because it seem that I'm not a priority to him any more. I'm letting him go be a free little stank boy.
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Dear 100 words,

I was so mad that my favorite show don't come on tonight. I really don't know why because I thought the show come on every Tuesday but I guess not. I had a plan to go out to eat after the show and talk about the juicy gossip of the "Bad Girls Club". Instead we went to the movies to watch the new Medea scary but funny movie. I love going to the movies because they upgraded to eating food and having liquor so I can just press the button right on my food stand.
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Dear 100 words,

Once again another one of my favorite shows are not playing tonight. I don't understand when the show use to always come on every Tuesday. Maybe something happen on the show or something happen to one of the co stars but I don't understand how can you stop a show when it have already been made and corrected supposedly. Well I guess I'll find a show to watch instead because I'm getting tired of shows being canceled. Maybe I'll find something way better than a reality TV show that is fake and have script plays.
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Dear 100 words,

My boy friend Alto invited me to go to Tallahassee for Fa-mu homecoming. Alto use to go to Fa-mu and he is born and raise in Tally. So going to his home town and staying at his mother house for the weekend was exciting to me. I never been to Tally or tired any of there food so I was ready for the trip. Soon as we got there we took a nap and then after we started our day. Fa-mu homecoming looks like a block party and Tally looks like Georgia.
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Dear 100 words,

It's Friday I don;t have no job and nothing to do. Me and my boy friend Alto drove around Tally and he gave me a tour of the city. He took me to the biggest park in Tally called Cuscaden Park that took almost ten years to built. The park was so big and beautiful with bright green grass with green swings. It's breast cancer awareness month and the city was having a walk for cancer at the park so that was more exciting seeing so many people get together and support something needed.
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Dear 100 words,

I didn't have a drink in forever so I decided I was going to get drunk tonight. I wanted to get some pizza and wings, watch some funny movies, and get drunk. I drink brown and white liquor but I like brown the most because it doesn't give me hang overs or make me throw up. My home girls like to drink and be loud so I rather be alone this time and enjoy my high off liquor. I grab the remote and put on How High movie and fix me a nice of Hennessy.
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Dear 100 words,

After waking up from a bad dream, I got up and went to church this morning. My dream gave me a bad feeling on reality and people who involves they self in gang violence. When I say involve their self in gang violence meaning when you see a fight going on and you run over to see who it is and it's one of your home boy or girl from the same neighborhood getting beat and you jump in. Jumping doesn't solve nothing but a dead person or some body in jail and maybe injure.
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Dear 100 words,

Ugh Monday's are the worst or just not the best. Why Monday's couldn't be like Saturday'sand Sunday's or feel like it ? Going into a week where I just partied all weekend and barely got any sleep, I think Monday's should be a rest day for everybody. Any body I call on Monday always say to me how they so tired and wish they was in bed and didn't have to work. I any one can vote to stay home on Monday's, It will be more voting on that day than a election day for presidents.
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Dear 100 words,

My dad woke up with a blood vessel bust in his eye this morning while I was at school so he had to drive his self. I always heard of this happening to people but never had any one close to me I know of to happen to until today. I was nervous about any thing going wrong with my dad because he is already old. After I get out of school I called my mother to see If he was okay and he was perfectly fine because he can still see through his eye.
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Dear 100 words,

I was so excited because my favorite TV show Empire is coming on tonight. Even though I have to wait all the way to nine o'clock for it to come on. I went to my home girl house to kill time and see what's new with her. Soon as I got there I hear my home girl yelling at her boy friend so I guess I came at the wrong time and left. I just went home to take a nap and set my alarm. Gladly I woke up right when the show came on.
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Dear 100 words,

It's almost Friday and I'm so excited because I haven't been out to a club in a while. My neighborhood is throwing a Halloween party in west Tampa at the zani bar. Mrs.Cotton always throws the best dress up parties so I know the whole hood is going to show up and show out. Me and my girls went shopping at international mall and brought some make up, heels, and accessories then went to grab something to eat and talk about what we are wearing tomorrow and what time we are meeting up at.
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Dear 100 words,

Ugh I can't believe this will happen to me on the day of the Halloween party tonight. Mother nature hit me early this morning when my alarm woke me up and it really didn't post to but I forgot to turn off my alarm the night before. After turning off my alarm I felt something wet between my legs and a cold wet spot on my sheet. I hop up so quick to jump in the shower because since I'm up my flow and cramps is going to get a little more heavier like always.
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Dear 100 words,

I'm really not a breakfast person so most of the times I skip it. I went over to my home girl house in west Tampa to hear what happened last night because it was a shooting and a brawl fight. Soon as I got there my friend Shanna start running her mouth about last night like she was involve but really wasn't. Anyways she told me that it was some girls she never seen jumping this big stud girl because she was trying to touch on one of the them and wouldn't stop doing it.
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Dear 100 words,

I was hungry because I always skip breakfast so I went to go get some Wendy's. I got the four for four BLT meal with a minute maid lemonade and got my nuggets spicy. The lemonade tasted funny but after eating all that food I still drunk some to clear my throat. I was driving for about thirty minutes after eating all that food and my stomach start cramping up and I start losing my breathe. I was gasping for air and next thing you know I was throwing up on myself in the highway.
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Dear 100 words,

It's Halloween and I can't do nothing but watch the kids go trick or treat while mother nature be on my ass. I wanted to dress up this year and be a big kid and go get some candy. I love chocolate so anything with candy I'm down for it. Well I guess this will be another year of me not doing nothing or not even dressing up for Halloween because of mother nature always sneaking around when I have something planned. I think she knows when something bad is going to happen that day.