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Friendship Plot #2 (Anna Shiyamoto) 
Anna Shiyamoto is a married vampire who has a kid who is still getting used to their power. For her daughter is a mix of a glitch/virus and a vampire. Your character babysits mine since the family has to go to another country for a bit for 'business' (Keep in mind that Anna is a hacker as well as her husband is too) You, a human or someone who does not believe in things like vampires, babysits Solace (their daughter) and starts to realize that she has powers.
(Disregard this entry please.)
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Relationship Plot #\number 3 (Brio Martelly) 
Brio works in a skateboard shop which is across another store that sells cute clothing, he knows some of the workers there and knows the shop pretty well. The manager of the shop is out of town and has asked Brio to man the shop as the watcher, but it was not appointed that the new person joining the shop was coming in today. As Brio struggles with the other worker to help the new comer get used to the job he soon finds out that he/she likes what he likes too.
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Just a Plot number 4
Love A get's framed for the murder of Love B's spouse and then get's letter's from Love B asking why they did it. Love A then has to explain that they did not commit the murder. At first Love B starts to lash out on the other via letter but it then starts to make sense. At first it's the fight of trying to get Love A to be signed as innocent but it then turns into trying to find the real killer. Love A starts to fall in love with Love B and vice-versa.
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Just a plot #5
 Love A and Love B are two different people who come from two different worlds. Who are going to attend the same school (We can debate what kind of school of course) They come from the same country and have the same looking carrier bag. As they board off they both take each other's bag instead. They realize it when they finally get to their dorms and then end up calling the other talking about how they are sorry for taking the other's bag. They then find out that they go to the same school.
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Relationship plot 4 (Vinny Lovett) 
Vinny is a spastic psychopath that loves cats and bathing in the blood of his enemies (Theoretically speaking of course) But one day he finds a stray kitten and tries to bring it home. Unaware it's an actual human (Or neko) so he is pretty surprised to find a naked person on his bed the next day. He then finds out that a curse was put on this person that would make them change into a kitten and out of being a kitten in unpredictable moments through the day. What will Vinny do? 
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Friendship Plot #3 (Leilah Tizca) 
Leilah Tizca was built for the sole purpose of transporting souls from the beginning of hell to the end to be judged and for their sins to be atoned for... So she was never told anything that would genuinelymake her happy or laugh. Until one day, your character finds them-self dead and being transported... Accepting the situation that they are in they start to laugh it off and start striking a convo with Leilah... She starts to become fond of their ways and keeps them around without returning them to their right place.
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It's funny when people read my entries and probably question themselves as to what I was doing. But honestly those are just ideas that come from the pit of my mind. Characters that I have molded and written thought out backstories and had tested for character development countless of times before actually establishing anything serious with them. They may seem like weird fantasy characters, you see in a little girl's journal... But they are more than that, they are people who went through hardships and dismay, that are strong with everything they do... That why I'm proud of my ideas.
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Relationship plot #5 (Amadora Kappel)
God has an array of angels and one of his prized ones are the cherubs and cupids of heaven. Especially Amadora who was nicknamed Cupid since she was doing a great job like him in the first place... But what if the cupid starts to fall in love for someone so unfortunate.. That can not feel love no matter how hard they try. When Amadora tries to set Love B up with someone, it does not go right and ends with Amadora having to learn more. Problem is that she slowly falls for Love B.
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Friendship Plot #4 (Nin Lovecraft)
Nin Lovecraft is a high-school student who used to get picked on , until her upperclassmen helped her out. Now she is absolutely in love with him. Your character finds out and offers to help. But that also leads to murder and more illegal things. Nin would go out of their way to get with her upperclassmen but will need help from your character. Who will act as an info giver and most likely an accomplice. Nin and your character become great friends who are willing to risk each-others life to help the other. 
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Another Rant
it's not bad to dream, if anything that's a good thing. That makes you human, someone who is able to create. Of course not all can create and that's okay too... Because sometimes you need destruction to move on from what you thought would make sense. But i am just rambling, after all what I say won't make any sense to others. If anything I will be the only person who really get's what I'm trying to talk about. But never mind that, what can you expect really? Who knows? I'm trying to make a sense of things too...
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Relationship Plot #6 (Avanali Yelegan)
Ava is a college student who is planning to be an engineer, but more for cars and transportation. She however is having a really stressful time, trying to balance work, sleep, and studying... Not to mention her passion to roller skate. After all she did grow up with it, it's like a link to her beloved past. But that was the past, now it's like she's been even more stressed than usual. But that does not stop her for trying. So what happens when she finally gets a tutor? Someone who is willing to help?
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Love A is saw out by a big spy cooperation and only they can spy on Love B who is known to be a criminal in disguise. But before they can take them down, they must ask Love A to analyze what they do on a daily basis. Maybe become their best-est friends... But that all goes down hill when Love B finds out. But they play along, thinking to just kill them when the time comes. Problem is that they slowly fall in love, and when it's time to take each other down... they don't. What do they do?
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It's that kind of feeling that makes your heart race and your stomach twist up and- heh... You always hear the version where they are struggling with love and wanting to kiss the person again... to have them be held. But have you ever heard the thoughts of someone in a relationship... but they have kissed someone else as a mistake? You feel comfort, a silk like blanket over your body... but you also feel a sharp pain in your chest... yet you're left confused... you want more but is it just lust? Or is it something else?
(Disclaimer: Have_not_actually_done)
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I feel tired, no, not exactly mentally. I'm actually physically tired. I feel like the feeling of being tired is not exactly detailed as anything. Yes, you feel weak. But how about this: The feeling of being so tired as you're trying to study, trying to live up to societies standards of smart as you stay up. How about extra activities? Having clubs to go to, or community service to get that scholarships. It doesn't even help when you have to get exercise and being social in. I don't know, that life is something to love... What do I know?
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Love A is someone you never would expect to be toting any musical abilities. Love B is an acquaintance, only knowing them through a friend. But Love B is someone who is in a band that is starting to get a lot of credit, when they finally get an album debut, they get to preform in the most prestigious theater in the whole city. A conflict occurs when one of their band members that play (Put type of instrument or they sing here) gets into a car crash and ends up not being able to play... Then Love A starts....
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Relationship plot #7 (Lance Perrin)
Love B was a close friend of Lance in the past but have drifted off for a while now. Love B is running into some money troubles that means having to steal and sometimes, murder. To get by. They try to break into Lance's dad's hair salon. When they do, they are greeted by Lance who recognizes them and threatens them until they recognize who Lance is. He smirks and ends up asking where they have been. Ignoring the fact they had tried to rob his father's store when it's already been through too much.
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I actually really want to finish a batch, despite the time I have to actually type and do the things I want. But I am some how managing. But anyways, I wonder half the time if some things are worth it or not. I go over all my choices in that day and see what other ways it could have gone. Who knows if I made a good choice. You really just have to get used to the thought of knowing you either did good or bad, no in between. That is just how life is, no matter what.   
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Friendship Plot #5 (Melody Rinlake)
Melody is taken by the evil queens guards but kept in the over world instead of actually going to the other kingdom on the other side of the lake. Love B is another prisoner of theirs, and had already planned on escaping the area. When they find out a princess has been taken hostage, they try to take her with them. They successfully do so, but the adventure is not over yet. For now they are the start of a goose chase and what makes it worse is that Love B is now an accomplice.
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Friendship plot  number 6 (Evalina Arachna) 
Person A stumbles upon a spider who just happens to be Evalina, instead of killing her. Person A takes her in as their widow pet. Evalina changes back to her normal self in five days affter robbers try to rob their "owner's" House. Which then becomes the whole situation of, oh my gosh. My spider pet is actually a hybrid. Awkward right? But it is the tale of a spider who literally has already spent most of her life almost dying. What do you expect from a spider girl like her?
(Strictly Friendship)
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Relationship Plot (Aiden FIne) 
Aiden has been saving Love B from immortal danger for the past week. Holding them back from crossing the road since a drunk driver just happened to be driving. Or pushing them out of the way from potted plants or steel beams from construction. Love B wonders how come they are always there to save the other from dying 24/7 So after the eighth time that week, before Aiden can leave, Love B stops them and confronts them on how they keep saving them. This causes confusion and adventure... Slowly love starts to form.
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Just a Plot
Love A was dared or asked to bed Love B since they are notorious of being able to pull any one... Though it's not majorly talked about. Pretending to fall in love with Love B then breaking their heart for a good amount of money was the plan but as time progresses and they learn more about Love B... They start to fall in love with them too. Getting to the point where they say they want to stay with Love B forever... But what happens if the other were to find out? What will happen to them.
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Just another plot 
Love A and Love B were enemies before, as in one bullied the other and made the other's life completely crap. But what happens when they both grow up and get a new look. Now old enough and both successful they fancy each other at an old friend's party. Love A does not know that Love B is their bully and Love B does not know that they were the victim. Until Love B is told that Love A was their old victim... How will Love B handle this situation? Hide it or go on knowing?
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Yet another plot for today.
Love A is caught up with business with the mafia. (They could be in the mafia or had to fill in a favor with them. Maybe their in another guild that deals with helping the mafia, etc.) and they need something from Love B. (Can be money, jewlry, anything to make the story interesting) But so far Love B isn't doing too good and does not know if they could payback the mafia... What did Love B do to deserve this in the first place Love A asks? the reason slowly brings them together.
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Friendship Plot (Ross Cason) 
Ross Cason is a trained hit-man having Person B as their next target but sees how poorly they live. (Whether it be in poverty or in abusive house hold could work) Instead of brutally murdering Person B He tries to warn them as well as advise a plan with them for them to find out who contracted the hit. When they find out Ross kills them and spends most of their time developing a friendship with Person B. Helping them get a decent job or move out. Will these two be friends for life?
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Oh wait another plot~!
Love A and Love B absolutely hate each other but Love A loses their memory in a car accident. But when Love B finds out they manipulate them to thinking they are dating only to slowly fall in love with them instead of ruining their life. But what happens when Love A starts to remember... Does Love A enjoy being with Love  B? Or does it cause more conflict. Will they be torn or stay together? As time permits the choices are endless. Love A either learns to Love love B naturally or something else....
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Character/Relationship Plot
Love A is a makeup / Hairdresser who loves their job. Providing make ups to anyone while only asking for the minimum of the money. Love A is now getting a shot in the big time, making it so that they are getting their own line of clothes and make up for other people to use... Problem is... They do not have a model to use for the line of clothing and make up... Well until they spot Love B reading at a park. Problem is that Love B is not about that life and is reluctant to help.
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Just another plot, Lol what a surprise.
It's the fallout Apocalypse! Fallout just happened, radioactive and all... and Love A and Love B were pushed into shelter with other people. As the community of people try to get everything handled the main people of the community ask for volunteers and so far four people and Love A as well as Love B have volunteered. The two agreed to be partners in scavenging and tending to others and slowly get to know each other. Finding their alike and differences and starting to make plans as to what they will do afterwards.
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After writing about eight prompts for my sake i am kind of tired. But in the same time I don't mind. Writing is fun and a way to use my time up when I want to be busy. Writing is just what it is. Especially in class. It's also a way to vent out on my feelings and not have to worry about anyone else unless myself. Though between writing online or writing physically their all fun in a way. I'm hoping i'm not the only one who freaks out at the simple things. But hey what can i say?
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Love A and Love B are heroes in disguise both in college and frankly... are room mates / very close friends. But in their disguise they are rivals and will stop at nothing to best the other in crime fighting. But what happens when their not in disguise? They start to develop feelings for each other but have to leave all the time mid date when they actually start to date. They start to confront eachother and realize what the other wears closely resembles the clothes of their rival. They slowly get to know what happens to them...
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Character / Relationship 
Love A is someone with a disability and is in the need of a care taker. Love B is Love A's caretaker and watches them have the best time of their life despite being disable and unable to actually do any thing they are positive and loving to everyone they meet. This becomes how Love B falls in love with Love A where Love A finds the other serious but charming. Liking the way they are grown up and very caring towards them. But what happens if the disability Love A has starts to take into affect? 
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Freindship Plot (Petra Cadwell)
Petra lives in the zombie apocalyptic world where she holds a gun and shoots if needed. She goes out and ventures out in a vault underground to scavenge for supplies for her younger brother and her. She then stumbles into your domain. At first she was about to shoot until she realized that Person B was someone who can not protect themselves. So she takes Person B in and manages to help them throughout the time. Teaching them how to shoot and block. Petra becomes a mother or big sister figure and the relationship is great.