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The diviner of truth held his palms skyward and studied the faces of the tribe. All made eye contact and did not blink for fear of being thought the liar.Tears flowed from some as they held their gaze. The diviner looked angry and dropped his arms to his sides, Then a fearful and frightened expression replaced the one of anger. He began to cry and then looked up for signs of mercy. There were none. The diviner was the liar.The tribe stooped and picked up rocks and charred wood to kill the deceiver.The diviner screamed and wept.
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A damp place smelling of mold and straw. Mice moved about freely running over my arms, hands and face. I could not move or even blink my eyes. Voices below me whispered my name and laughed. Where was I? Why could I not move or speak? God help me. A barn loft? Smaller things tickle my tongue. The bodies belonging to the voices are climbing up toward me. Still laughing. I can see two men pushing onto the lofts oaken planks. Heís dead alright. The smell. Should have planted him sooner. More laughter as Iím lifted. Stiff and helpless.Dead.
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Never tell a soul your greatest fear. Never. My girlfriend Linda was bound and determined to find my weakness and after a great deal of pestering I finally told her: My greatest fear is being buried alive in a wooden box just large enough for me to squeeze into. Now I find myself in that very situation and the fear is unbearable. I can not turn or even stretch my legs. The thought of losing air is with me every second. I thought it was Linda who decided to act this murderous scenario out.But, Linda is dead atop me.
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A wicker coffin. Ten days to complete including the fitted top. Alan Burns stood back and admired the finished work. The planned six foot length was only off by a quarter inch. Close enough. Now the easy part: putting the corpse into the unique forever box. Some would say it was dark and ghoulish to even think of such a thing. But not Alan. Climbing into the coffin Alan felt the rough but comforting feel of the material. The note and will were written and posted to the garage door. Alan closed his eyes, extracted his razor and began cutting.
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For an entire night the condemned woman was bound to the killing stump.The night was hot and humid; mosquitoes had bitten every piece of exposed flesh. Others had been slain here for small crimes and transgressions. They always screamed and begged as the spearmen approached. She would scream too.The dogs would be let loose on her as she died. Her children would be made to watch. Howls of wolves filled the air. Her clan? If so she would be saved and all the others killed. Mauled and eaten. Another howl. She felt her bones grow, her jaw extended......
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The man call Him finally emerged from the molding and decayed building. He held a mummified cats head to his side. Then he raised it. The people long ago forgetting language grunted and mumbled. Him. Some shouted. The decision was made. The catís eyes long gone still stared with deep black sockets.. Him motioned to separate the crowd by dividing it by those that wore shoes and those that did not. Those that wore shoes were given clubs and Him pointed to the shoeless. Supplies were low. Those with shoes clubbed the screaming shoeless. Him slowly lowered the catís head.
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The ghosts in the walls at first sounded to me as if mice or rats were working their way through hidden tunnels where they had exits into the house. At night I would keep covered lest they made there way into the bed. Rodents. But how I wish now that it was only rats.Late at night when even the distant sounds of traffic subsided the spirits in the walls would whisper and conspire. It was when they whispered my name over and over that I took the plastic bag and pills to bed with me to quiet them forever.
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I kill Gene every night. Every night. It may seem extreme to you but then you donít know Gene. He was my next door neighbor and now is buried in a very shallow grave in my garden. I covered him with lime of course. This is a nice neighborhood and I canít have Gene Ďs mouldering corpse smelling it up. At ten each night I go out into the dark of the garden and drive a wooden stake into the ground where Gene is resting. I know the neighbors hear me while I work. Funny, they seem not at all curious.
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The tree house caught a breeze. it was light, but it lifted the house that floated away with Jenna and me. We sailed over the town, no one looked up or waved. Jenna laughed and threw popcorn. It drifted down and we watched as everything faded. A bus came out of the clouds- Jenna said let it go. We did, The driver smiled and waved. A dozen couples floated by ghost like, seeming not to see us. They had picnic baskets and fresh bread that they fed to passing crows., and so I live in a tree house with Jenna.
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The mansion was dark,dusty all over and moldy here and there. The lady of the house, Katty was desperately searching for a missing bat. Her favorite. If Anton had let it out when he flew out the attic window she was going to be furious. It was then that Katty realized that Tee Tee would never leave the comforts of the dank and leaky mansion. Relieved she ran her hands through her floor length black hair and found Tee Tee nestled near her neck. ď Silly girl. You had Mommy all upset with Daddy and you were here all along.
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Do not fear the dark. Fear what lurks and creeps in the dark and the shadows that fall to conceal itís evil. The legends and folklore are true. The ghosts and blood hungry things that control the night are real. They watch you as they always have. Fangs, claws, and ghostly vengeance. Floating in fall leaves they watch and wait. Corners of darkened bedrooms they hide. Under beds ready to snatch an uncovered foot or hand. Creaking boards and slamming doors are their doing. Fear them. Fear the cutting blade. Fear the axe man who will never die. Fear me.
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Are you off your meds? I am. Feel up to some mayhem? I do. Letís get out while the orderlies are peeking in the women's shower. Just follow me and bring that knife. No the cleaver. Thatís it. We have to go out the third floor window across from the nurseís station. ďAfraid of heights? Punk. I have a rope ladder all ready. Made it with sheets. Ones a little bloody. Nurse got a little suspicious.Ē . Where will I go after I kill this guy? I think my aunt is still hanging in the cellar. Yeah! ďReady? Lets do it.Ē
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Did you really not know? That the one writing to you is but a mouldering corpse filled with maggots, flies and even mice. Dead fingers type the letters you receive and read. Your return mail so poetic with the promise of a forever love. Touching and impossible. If I had told you at the start would you have returned that first bit of correspondence? I think not and yet it was wrong to deceive you. Lead you on. For that I am sorry. The loneliness really started it. Dead and not a soul to communicate with. Except you. Letís meet.
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If I had some gasoline could I get it clean? This blood and mud, hands of dried crud... From digging you up-. your favorite tea in that cup; you sit so still and stare- my lady so rare. . That forever is too short, you felt in death we should part? You the singer in my band, razor in your hand. Was it that sad song? Did you know me too long? So you spilled your blood- on the ground.In the mud?. So soon you left. Was it really best? Are you even here? My words never clear. Goodbye dear.
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As if painted by an artist, small splashes of white and black colored the chest and paws of the red wolf. She crept to a snow covered hill at the woods edge and crouched behind thick brambles and fallen limbs. A place to watch and wait. Patience paid off as a young elk walked into the nearby clearing. It was cautious, sniffing the air for predators. Satisfied it was safe the animal began to nibble at patches of grass that had pushed through the late snow. The red wolf bounded from her hiding spot. The elk made a futile run.
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The monkey had infected hundreds of people before escaping from his cage at the petting zoo. Unfortunately most of the victims were children and nannies from England. For ten days the virus spreading animal was free to wander state to state infecting, amongst others, a lady hanging out her wash and two mail carriers. A lawyer was also bitten and prepared a lawsuit that very day. After a short incubation period those bitten or scratched began to attack others around them creating a horrid domino effect. With some exceptional police work the monkey was happily returned to the petting zoo.
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Promoting violence.The Stranger walked into the small mom and pop Gas and Run shop and stood in line as a customer argued price with the pimple faced boy behind the counter. Fed up with waiting The Stranger whirled the disgruntled customer so as to be face to face with the creep. " You knew walking in that this place exists by means of ripping off it's customers. Right? Now pay the kid or get the hell out." The man was about to retort when The Stranger head butted him knocking the man down and out. The pimple faced kid puked.
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The cliquish clucking hens that clucked about on an unnamed farm in Scotland had a favorite mother hen who was black and white and yet red all over. The mother clucker who clucked about with the grey rooster by day and the spotted rooster by night was the farmers most productive egg layer and for good reason. To continue her day and night clucking routines she had to deposit two eggs per day in order to keep her attractive shape. What a hen she was. Farmers from near and far came to watch the mother clucker. She was a prize.
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Does it seem as if we live in a series of screams and dreams? Or skeleton keys that only open someone else s treasures? On a pirates ship on a black sea? A ghost in every room that has become so familiar that it no longer scares? It's all true. The rats in the walls that Lovecraft promised and the rats that were not promised by M.R. James. Remember they heaved and heaved under those covers but what a surprise. The surprise of the jar of human eyes. What scares you delights me and puts me to sound sleep.
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Rocky Mountain high. So little soap and all that dope the hippies are back again. Flowers behind unwashed ears: tie dye shirts the rage. Why work unless it's selling smoke? If you do it's just a joke a silly poke at all of us. Right is wrong and wrong is right the reason that up is down and down is so cool. and the kiss and pet at Pedro's cave and spray the rocks with paint. i guess that is their idea of the new environmentalist. The police don't care the mayor stares so what's the point for it all?
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When you are so close to...When you are so ill the things that really matter as they say do come to the front for your attention. The family. The important ones, the children, grand children and of course, if you're lucky, a good friend or two. I felt so bad there in that hospital bed my hand struggling to lift. My eyes refusing to open. I felt as if that arm were outside my grave and that I was pulling my way back out. When I did i could see the spots where the folding chairs held my family.
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If you experience : shortness of breath, dizziness, fainting or sudden death while using the drug Bixall2w0 contact our attorneys at the bottom of the screen. If you have died due to usage you will need a next of kin to sign all legal documents pertaining to your case. Of course you may still sit in on all consultations and have the last word on any decisions made. We will of course sue any one at any time for any reason including the above mentioned drug case so do not hesitate to inquire. We are here to sue for you. Thanks.
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This Tidy Box. This tidy box with blue satin lining, an attractive and comfortable pillow will stay this way if I have my say. Some of my neighbors have allowed spiders, maggots and death flies to enter; some with all types of burrowing creatures: mice,rats and even snakes. I could never enjoy my death sharing this box with such creatures. It causes my mouldering flesh to tingle with a pure disgust. Of course I have been here a mere few months and I suppose,eternity wise, anything could eventually happen. At least my eyes forever blind will not see.
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I never will understand why people advertising to work,such as plumbers,house cleaners, computer types and all the etc. so often do not answer your call or when they do make an appointment and never show? I really don't give a damn but I assume they are spending good money on the advertisements. What they should do, I think, is continue to run the ads and at the end put the words, in bold, : JUST KIDDING. That would be a hell of a funny joke on us and we are so gullible we would call anyway. I'm a sheep.
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The baby was like any other newborn with the exception that if you looked into her eyes you die. Not right away. For some it's a day while others linger for a week or more. However, it is a blessing to go quickly as the images of Hell haunt the afflicted until they pass. It is not a pleasant thing to watch these poor souls die; luckily the medical staff discovered it was the baby in a short period of time and it's care is done by blindfolded nurses. Both parents are now dead and so the child is orphaned.
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The following is a list of men who may use baby powder: men who have cut down and used giant oaks, men who fish or hunt for food, boxers, fighters, dart players, pool players, men who drink beer and do not hit their woman. Tough men who do not run from bullies, men of the armed forces, men who would run into burning buildings to save another. men who arm wrestle, play football, hockey etc. Men who are men. This message brought to you by Big Brute Baby Powder. [ Use it when you have earned it. I do ] Thank You.
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Go on. Climb right in. Comfortable? Oh don't mind her she won't mind you trying it out for size. She isn't even scheduled for display until eight tonight. Yes she is a mess. Jumped off a ledge. Thirty story jump I do believe. But getting back to you. Is it a good fit? Good. Oh, we can of course change the lining color. No problem. Well if you insist I can remove her to this chair so you can stretch out. Better? Good. Share? Well I'm sure she wouldn't mind. If you could move a little to the left. Perfect!
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Jink pounded his dead fist into the cabins failing shake roof as the lone hunter inside loaded his last round into his shot gun. Outside the cabin a hundred zombies clawed and pulled at the cabins siding while others head butted the windows causing glass shards to cascade around the terrified hunter. Jink's determined efforts to break through the roof paid off as he fell to the room below. The hunter, screaming and crying in panic, pointed the gun first at Jink and then at the dead climbing through windows and holes in the wall. Then,screaming,he shot himself.
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The best horror film in history was made in Japan with an all Japanese cast. The audio was also in the Japanese language. Bill Hart saw the huge profit the film would generate in America and so at considerable expense Hart bought the American distribution rights and paid to have the movie translated and subtitled. After several months of work editing ' Last Breath' was released across the States. Hart sat in on the premier showing in Saint Louis Mo. Arriving five minutes late Hart was dismayed to see the crowd storming out in anger. The sub titles were in Japanese.
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The dead, unfortunate enough to die poor, were secretly dumped in ditches, rivers and dumpsters by the mortician hired by the state to cremate the destitute. This went on undetected for over twelve years while the greedy mortician, Gene Setzer, watched his bank account grow. It was Halloween three years ago that the whole scheme fell apart as Setzer was dumping bodies into a pond owned by his family which was located on a secluded Missouri farm. After completing his ghoulish deed Setzer returned home. It was there that all the forgotten dead waited. Setzer's screams were heard for miles.