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Because historically some have subjugated others for their amusement and objectified them for pleasure, the victims have banded together to destroy every good person left on Earth. But it's not their fault, see, they do this nobly, in an attempt to get us to "understand".
I say "us" because I was one of the good ones. I say "was" cuz... fuck you that's why.
In other words:
The real reason they do this could be they like getting careened with spiked insolence slightly more than being romanced with beauty, but they don't want to be shamed for it--who would? 
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We all want x.. Some say its connection. I'm trying to communicate. That means getting off you.
Our digital space will erase brains in waves like freebase.
The gimmick is figuring who isn't. A big deal, a hard time, a time reel. I conceal my young feel and disturb my tongue heel. 
I'm walking as if I can't find my seatbelt
if safety's concerned I think that I need help
Put sugar in a tea cup now I'm reaching higher.
But wait, I drink coffee and my name's on fire.
you wish you could orchestrate but life isn't gonna wait.
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This experiment could lead to talking about common hopes. 'Hope-shared' is a good way to define love, I reckon.

I hope you see that I hope you be yourself no matter what, I need a person to check me and make me better. Lets work together. I can't be as happy all by myself, I've explained in earlier attempts how two is better than one.

It's not about the numbers we choose though. It's the people we choose.
We could simply respect other's choices and then make our own. It's about understanding.
 I can't tell anyone what to do. 
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My patience will never wane.

My loyalty will never fail.

My gratitude will never cease.

My time is now yours. I'm awake. I'm alive.

My fire will never die.

My truth will never shrink.

My faith will never sully. 

If I'm tested, it's not you I'll hide the answers from.
if I'm challenged, it's not myself I'll be concerned with.
if I see danger, it's you I will protect.
If it's not meant to be, I will be better still because of you! your existence matters to me.
You make every sacrifice I've ever made more significant.

I love you
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It doesn't matter what you do, someone out there will love you.
in this case, it's me; but it won't always be.
I miss you, love you and want to hold you. Those things are similar--they go together. But to a poet, they are markedly different. So I think it's quite special that I feel them all for you.

Is it special to you? Imagine if it was: like two countries joined; a portion landlocked--the ocean far off. But if it wasn't, my fantasy serves us both no less, and so I go on with my loving ways.
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I'm allowed to have two realities. One that's my own and one that's in line with everybody's.
As long as I don't mess with anybody's, I am going to be set alone. With comparative freedom, boundaries that were a holding ground mean different things to each.

I'm helping out in a few places, seeing different, living in that state, like euphoria or a youth aura--it's the increasing of things I'm right with, basically. My true following and calling are two halves of a whole. Better left unsaid than undone. Sometimes the shock kills the wind. The sails affect sales.
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You went to the effort to block me off, to hurt me, to get even. Because you said sorry and I didn't. I lose.
We went to the effort to love, but that turned cold. The Earth outlasted our sparkling gusts of intent. We got old.
The best days are gone, my indifference thrives and you are the other half of my lost emblem. There was hope, there was life in the fire.

I give up in a day-to-day as you take thought and run away. We both say, "Stay" but we have tired hearts and prancing feet.
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My greatest irrational fear is to know everything. People would be constantly testing me, bombarding with questions. They wouldn't even be seeking answers, they already looked that shit up--they're trying to stump me.
The best questions are the statements hidden as questions. The best facts are the statements hidden as facts. Hide your statements.

The great debate: what's worth having?

Battle picking, defensive-offensive shifting.Beyond good spirits:
Hard to feel invited where ghosts come knocking.
Valued is shared by listening and talking.
It isn't my place to uproot the tongue
But, where's their ears when saying I'm wrong?
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You think its weird: that I call with nothing to say, or that I enjoy it.
That's what life is--enjoyment.
I think it's weird if you dont enjoy it, or that even if you do, you still won't answer.

If I disappear from this videogame where we met, just know I'm on a perilous journey someplace; alone and scared, perhaps, but conquering nonetheless. Nonbelievers need someone to lead them, and if you won't trust me, I have nothing keeping me from risking it all on a filthy savage.

Best believe though, I hope to come home and find you there.

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I'm not sure if I want this coffee, or if I just want to make it so I can pretend I want it; to be part of some elusive club, of people who know what they want.

Speed is a terrible substitute for care.

The settings, focus, entice, roll. Rejection becomes objection, becomes subjection through injection of inflection with inspection, introspecting...   

I am an alchemist; and a yogi. I get on with the work but I treat it like play. Hiding all answers inside bigger questions. Empty the folded, have it soaked in my heart, and cheat death.
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I had an incredible upbringing
All those years I spent controlling my environment
Trying to minimize the damage I was subject to
It was a very lonely, self-serving existence
Luckily, I found peace in knowing what is great
Always is, and always will be.
By combining efforts we ensure 
That we will only become greater with time.
This is the cosmic system in place for billions of years
It's not up for debate or discussion.
I'm so thankful for my rearing,
It made me understand the insignificance of having control
Endowed with this faith, I feel in control finally
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Guys say what they mean. You think he didn't mean it? He may've been playing coy, but he meant it. 
He said something dumb? No, that was truth--it just came off sounding stupid. Oh well, at least he said it.

If he doesn't say what he means, he isn't a man, he's a mouse. 
Aiming to please, pleases no one.
Just stick with what you know.
Preach, brother.

Most men dont know their opinions are so powerful; they're the one thing women give a shit about. Not jewelry, or love or amazing experiences. Men's opinions-that's what women want.  

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I think of all your choices, and I say, "it's really hard."
You and I are much alike, we each might fall in love a dozen times, briefly, in a year. But you will get hundreds of inquiries for each one you send. Polite responses would be impossible. So the shaming starts. People who wish they had your prize, but of course you want the coveted personhood that men take for granted. The privilege to be away from scrutiny is a prize to you, and that's the only good thing a boyfriend can offer a woman who otherwise has everything. 
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On some days I sleep till 2, but on other days, not so much...
I've already made some sales, stood on line at the post office for an hour, took a shit, smoked a blunt and jerked off twice.
It's only 2 o clock, I've already cooked bacon, had a pot of coffee, sent out some Tinder messages; what's in store for the rest of the day? More business lined up. I've got emails and texts that don't make any sense, my writing's backed up, got articles in the log. Still no girlfriend.

 On some days, 100 words is plenty.
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So what I'm after is a place to dance and shout with a touch of grace, or evil, but just that, a touch, nothing else. I want a touching mate, a feeler to test the shorelines of our coast. To float ideas with and hear the rip-roars on return.
is it worth the risk, to ask for less than I want, knowing its for now, what only I'm sure I can handle, what only is less than certainly biting off more than I could chew. I've always had big eyes, full of hunger, no one to watch me eat.
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It's funny when I disagree with people over politics. It's always that we're each mad about different things; it's like apples to oranges. I don't care if some idiot tells another moron to voluntarily do something stupid. I'm upset if the government tries to get rich off it. 
What's the remedy?
i believe the limits of us each, and all as one are signals of our codependency.
So to properly tabulate the use of our measurements, we have only now and each other. Statistics are in the conversation, but life is forward-leaning and no memory of another time exists.
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The reason we usually can't remember our dreams is because they're so intense. 

The power of limitless possibility overtakes us as our eyes remain closed and our outsides quiet.

When the imagined reality is brought to the front of our attention, there is no comparing it to any other...

The creative mind, lost in some excellent clarity...


It's a renegade trade being made trying to stay creative 

It's a one-way ride on a do-or-die line to find time 

What I talk about 

What it is 

What's the higher truth?

What's it to you?

What brought you here?

What made you care?

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Fifty-two angels followed me, carrying my dilemma. 

They shocked my nerves through tortured feelings that drained me only as an enemy from within could. 

I was alone and unsure of my thoughts. 

Where was the enemy from? 

We were so far apart once, we were only neighbors. 

I remember that one of us (him) thought of nothing, while the other thought of only TRUTH. 

Well look at me now!--Counting on faith instead of fact; 

afraid and unshackled, hoping the truth will rock us to our cores, and with that gift set us free. 

We must separate without hardship.
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For the first time I'm not stashing re-up cash in a bedroom closet of my mommas house; hiding in my room every morning from the delineations of the enumerated powers on the other side of the door, keeping pace with the riff-raff.

I'm making limitless choices, like: who to cover, when and where to show up, what to say, how to speak and why;

Canceling my complex, feeling renewed--more accomplished than I ever thought possible.

Yea, I've multitasked with the best of 'em; and now it's time to do one thing better than the rest of 'em--live.

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When we are unsure of something, we predict what will happen. We arrive at conclusions that are often logically based. Feelings are what we accept as true, reasons notwithstanding. Whether we think or feel, we nonetheless are expecting a result. Feelings, however, are expecting a result through the use of our senses. Do we have greater predictive success with one method over the other? If so, why? Perhaps we trust our feelings more then we do our logic. After all, it's what we grew up with, and is unique to each of us. Logic, conversely, we are mostly spoon-fed.
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We each want to be a half and whole. 
Half, so we shape ourselves to be a perfect piece to fit with another. The pursuit of that, or each, other bonds us to our fate. 
We halve to find ourselves. 
When we go, though, we want to be remembered as our own person--not a half--who needs that other!? 
The whole stands alone, wanting no more; an invisible hole carved in it, making it one--complete, yet hollow. 
We hole ourselves to be whole.

Be the half, until you become the whole; be your choice, until your choice removed.
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Offer something needed; add something wanted.
Make sure the result is what you want.
Plan it and meet it with full acceptance.
Your earliest memories are something you might feel comfortable with, and you want to stick with them, but that's not the answer if you're not getting what you want out of it all. Be more open to new things and new experiences. You can always go back to the old way if that's what you really love, but to ditch that old way is to find new love. 
Elucidate, elaborate, collaborate and calibrate to find your congruence.
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Embrace love, honor luck.
Good grace brought me here, nurtured my steps, revived my edge. 
Still much to do. In each part, a joy.
Move sharply forward. 
Growth catalyzed by each other. 
Lunge with hope when compelled.
Love carries, people and things pass by.
Triggers fire a smile.
Pleasure generated in shared moments works on me like a cell dividing.
Love grows by appreciating this feeling. 
The joy of it keeps us together. 

I was an image.
My value came not 
From the pen that inked me, 
Nor the hand that held it, 
But the person who inspired the hand.
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Gliding confidently through easier times. Jumping, running, playing, going where I needed to with my faithful cap on the motions persisting. Taller than shame, stronger than persecution, escaping blame as a lion's mame holds no regrets. Proud of my name, quietly trapped in bloodsoakedness, facing pitied settlements witholding my allegiences, masking forays on stresses, smiles, stares and glares of wonderous fears. Guessing towards understanding, blindly affecting my erosion. With my home-tree's vines holding me on upswings, I held what belonged to kings. Stomping powerfully, while strong winds carried my feet on daily walks when I lived in your arms.
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Ones secret desire to harbor self-hating insecurities manifest in what one makes easiest for others to wish on them--that which one excels at, yet portrays passively for the ingredients benefit--that which one attracts most basically due to a deep-set need to improve rather than accept; that we are imperfect, without love. And so we must ask after each battle, as we untangle pride with ego reduced to mangled ruin, Why focus on those negatives, that only seem so well to reject?

"This is a mean old world to try and live in all alone"-Sam Cooke

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If no two snowflakes are the same, how can two moments be?
It's not about consistency, it's about adaptation. Adaption relates to the notion of a constant life cycle. The hardest part is to make it new again.
Restless desires make one thing into another, just to feel like it did or be like it was; but only one thing ever gets made into something else: what you see becomes what you want it to be. 
Each step on new ground forms a thinking space and a resting place to mind and manifest. Take the leap. Make your reality today.
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Pondering misaligned attempts of boastfulness.

By definition, must they return to haunt?

War begets war.

Bad begets bad, and so on...

Anything done, people may flock to--they sense, understand, have practiced, and want to the best!

I've caught myself people-watching

Thinking "I can mimic that." 

Yes, we all can.

We share a circle.

Some call it a path.

Consider the great feelings we possess: 

To know and sense good; To feel it

To understand it, as well as do it...

To know good we must know the loss of good--the thing we hate most--I call, "Malice".

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Looks like everything makes a mockery of us
Are we just friends?
Are we not lovers? 
Countless times I left behind
The glory of a peaceful mind...
Better days beset the prey
Fatten them up, let them play
Baby moons, well, maybe wounds
Won't kill 'em, right now, don't fill 'em
Their idea's a simulacrum 
For something that's a million-to-one
But that's not enough
Not by a long shot 
Put down the pen and pick up a small lot
Start moving as your feet are free
Make waves with the wind underneath
Reach for a great reef that makes you weep.
You're home boy, girl, you're sleep.
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Precious distance, close by gap
If she's here, I'm great. If not, well, crap
I thought about her, that's something, eh?
Far as things go, yea, that's ok.
But being here, that's, how they say..
Better. I can't think right now
Im lost in a world looking for a cow
But he was home where I shoulda been,
But wasn't, aw well, let me in!
Im tired, it's cold, I've lost all color
The worries I held turned too another
Why bother, hell, why think for that matter?
I loved her, but the worst part was that I had her.
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Borrow your watch for a piece of your soul?
Sounds like a plan, now cease control.
I met people so eager to give
They'd offer up their right to live
Other folks, so able to take
Tied to blocks like excuses make.
"But you said 'cake'"
--Shut your pie-hole, bake
Now sit there and wait
And if your luck changes, then try your fate
By this I mean try to create.
Make them salivate, by this I mean:
Their choice, decapitate
Their uneasiness inebriates a faculty
"Buy this, I mean, you need it"
See the greed, it's like Eden.