BY MsPeace

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#What's Going On?

Why are we in our current state? Is our past bound to repeat itself? I mean, I thought that we were more enlightened, introspective, and compassionate than our predecessors.

Still, here we are, as polarized as ever before. Why? Could it be that we have become ethnocentrists? We have access to more information than ever before and can learn about anything and anyone. We can share information, dispel misconceptions, and patch up discrepancies.

Should we consider if differences in dialect and vocabulary are factors in how we assess others intelligence? If so, are we ethnocentrists? Are others too defensive about this? Who knows?
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#Battle Devoid
You thought that she would always be seen and not heard

You were told that she would be demure and gracious

You were always told that she would be the nurturer

While you knew all of this and she ended up representing some of this, it wasn't a surprise to you when she boldly revealed a sense of self-reliance that went far beyond this

Despite what was engrained in you related to what she should not do and could not do, you chose your own path

Your egalitarian spirit prevailed

Triumph for her state of being

Battle Devoid.  
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So many years have gone by
A baker's dozen
And what, I'm supposed to deny
The pain of your loss
Oh no, I can't, I still cry
For your words, your love, your grace
The counsel that only you could give
The edification you effortlessly revealed
Conciliator, you were for those at odds
Supporter, you were for those in need
Maybe through time, suffering has become hurt
The sting is no longer sharp but an ever present ache
Thank God the Spirit comforts when I'm reminiscing over you
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#Question of Sensibility

Yesterday, I saw a man with an affliction
This man was born with this thorn in his side
Still, he dreamed of doing and possessing the things that other men do


A woman's comfort and love
So when he got the chance, he grabbed it
As the throes of action caused others to question the woman's integrity, her spots were revealed
Yes, like others thought, she was untrue
So, we find, questions of sensibility are not unique to one gender

Rather it ensnares those enraptured with love
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#The Lord works through others

I remember thinking, "If that person has gotten someone else to help take her out, then what chance do I have?"

Thankfully, the Lord works through people

One of those people came to me after I'd watched that woman's story and I had that crazy thought

He knocked on the door, came in and shared his story of trials and perseverance

I remember thinking how tenacious he was and if he could do it then so could I

After all, what he'd faced was far worse than what was projected for me

At his funeral, I shared this story and others remarked, "I didn't know he did that"

There is a lot we don't know when the Lord works through others
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I am yin and you are yang
This is one of the things that keeps us interesting
I do not have to agree with what you say
You do not agree with a lot of what I say
Yet, we respect where the other is coming from

It is irritating when others don't want me to express myself the way that I want to because I am not subdued or conforming to group think
I value how you let me be me at all times
I let you be you
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I am Yin and you are Yang

We soon discovered just how different our ideologies sometimes could be

You've tried to sway me

While I've tried to offer alternatives you, so, didn't want to hear

Still, you love me the way that I am


I love you the way that you are

Isn't that what makes us work?


Unimaginative, you'll never be

Predictable, that's so true of me

Laid back and willing to consider all sides might exemplify me

Passion filled, staunch in your perspective, and exuberant most definitely describes you

Think alike, we will likely never do

Respect, Love, and Balance

We've learned

Is our Key

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I was watching an interview yesterday, it was actually a really good one

The interviewee, a recovering drug addict, articulated descriptively how drugs became his "everything"

He shared that it wasn't until he thought that he was going to die from his condition that he sought help

As I listened to him, I thought of the void that people who use drugs seek to fill

Though the addict knows that the drug is a temporary fix, they are too hollow and addicted

This emptiness can only be filled through a connection with Him

Our Lord and Savior

Through true relationship with Him all things that seem insurmountable are conquerable!
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When I first took note of you, it was your audaciousness that grabbed me

The way that you so vividly depicted the disparate situations of those in flight

Giving ear to those who most refused to hear

Rhythmically enthralling me

You were aware, you were socially connected

You've changed since I first took note of you but I know it is not your fault

Like so many good things, those with untrue intentions come in and corrupt it

Still, there are many who remain true

Yes, they are unrecognized by the masses but their message is true

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They sashayed to the swing of the music in unison

I don’t remember being that coordinated at that age

Have I been transported back to the era of the “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy” with mini brown dancing Andrew Sisters?

I often wonder how much parents have to pay for costumes

I guess a way to look at it is that there will be an abundant supply of dress up clothes from all of the old costumes

But really no one cares when the focus is on displaying such Panache
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#Telling Stories

Do you remember how you loved to tell stories when you were a child?

You were always the brave hero whose feats triumphed over all evil

You lived in a land of abundance and beauty filled with harmony and love

At some point, things changed

You stopped telling stories

Was it the sting of adolescence that caused such enervation? Did you not realize that you could take or leave the different changes that you thought were forced upon you?

Out of it all, you do realize, new stories could have emerged - deeper stories

The choice was and is still yours
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The One

You are the One who can bring everyone together in spite of their differences

Barrier breaker, yes you are

Harmony maker, there you are

Style shaper and form maker

For some, you've been a source of comfort and for others you've been a reminder of their first heartbreaker

It was you who destroyed the invisible line and momentarily made us colorblind

Through you, we learned how we can help feed the world, literally and symbolically

You help us to shout for joy and Praise and Worship the Lord!

Oh, Music!
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Its ironic when a change agent is less than thrilled about change nor are they resistant to the change but rather impassive about it

I understand why I haven't been eager

Yet, the change is here and I knew it was coming

Still, I must admit that I have mixed feelings about it

I mean, I am going to have to learn a new routine

Get use to a new flow

However, I am going to approach this with an openness and consider that thinks just might end up being better

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She keeps on pinging me, why?

I think I know why

Likely, she is attempting to be his advocate

Yet, her party refuses to acknowledge the havoc that he's caused to others

Nor does he recognize the issues that have been framed by others

So, there has been a consensus, the debt has not been met

The other parties conferred and agree

So, how will a reckoning occur?

Forgiveness on the part of others?

Recognition of wrong doing and appeal for forgiveness on his part
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You continuously research and look which is good to a certain point but you still don't make decisions about those things that you've been researching

Out of the blue, you decided to make a move on something but lost because you took too long and didn't move fast enough, it was gone

What is it that is preventing you from making a decision timely?

Is it that you don't really like what you have been gathering so you don't feel comfortable putting your seal of approval on it?


Is it something else?
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#Can't a woman change her mind?

I thought it was a woman's prerogative to change her mind

I mean it is her mind, she isn't a Borg

Like wine ages, her mind needs to be cultivated which means that she will approach conversations differently and think about subjects and choices more critically

She said yes to you yesterday but reflected about what that choice could mean for her life - how it could impede her, if it could cause a ripple effect in other areas

You are only thinking about you while she is thinking about the impact of her choices

Which is why she changed her mind!
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Oh, how I love different coverings

Some are pastel while others are plain

My most outrageous ones have bold colors with different shapes and patterns

Still, there are some pretty ones muted in color

These coverings sometimes symbolize aspects of my personality

At times, they can add new dimensions to my daily garb

When turned to the back, they may bring about a hip flare

A low brim might hide the hurt evident in a glare

Whether for a feeling of coziness or style

I can't deny the love I have for Hats!
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#I know that you are here

Even when I don't see you or recognize glimpses of you, I can feel you nearby

You listen to me

You understand me

My hedge of protection who shields and comforts me whenever I call for you with all of my heart

I realize that all that I have to do is reach for you and you will be there

 Close to me, I am secure in knowing that you will always be nearby

My Savior, My Lord, My God
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#Who is looking out

As I observe the children playing, youth frolicking, and teens slumbering, I wonder who is watching out

I think we only see what we want to see

Shifts in compliancy it seems as if this is what has come to be

Glee and intellectual prowess

That is what we want to see

But what about those glimmers of madness?

Who is looking out for that?

Are we overlooking the signs that could lead to disaster?

Gaps in reality

Traps for unconscious society

Only if we don't stop to see
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#Do you realize the struggle some many have gone through?

I often wonder if today's browner youth realize the struggle that so many have gone through so that they could receive an education

Frederick Douglass said "A little learning, indeed, may be a dangerous thing, but the want of learning is a calamity to any people"

Today, our youth have open access to learning but so many do not take advantage of it

I know that for many, their school system is inferior, their neighborhood is a terror, they are raising themselves

Still, there are public libraries with books that anyone can read and with intrinsic motivation and drive even those youth ensnarled within vicious cycles have a chance at success but only through learning!
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#Hanging on by a Wire

I've been looking for him but he has been missing in action, where is he?

He was confused and has wandered off


Was it that he felt lost and out of place then wandered off?

Now he is back and things are so different

Today is normal, he seems to be back to the same ole same

Tomorrow, may be a different story though

Everyone keeps on asking why he can't get it and keep it together

Don't they know he is just Hanging on by a Wire!
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When I first heard the song controversy, I didn't have context for its full meaning because I was a little girl

While it has always been going on, we are cognizant of it because it is flashing across our phones or across the TV or as a news blurb in a sound bite on the radio

Actually, I could do with a lot less of it

I could do without seeing every body's opinions about everything it seems like that is under the Sun

The controversy has me where I want to disengage and disconnect and sometimes even disassociate!

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I know I should want you to win if we lose

But I am struggling with that

Some of the others are mature enough to go there but I can't chant another tune or wear another color

You've always gotten all of the accolades while we were typically treated like the neglected unwanted step child

I am watching you and it is looks like you will at least prevail in getting to where you got last year

Which unfortunately is farther than we got last year

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Its not a game of individuality, so they say

At least it is not supposed to be on this level or the next one

There are only a select few who are considered great, fifty or so

Yet, there are many dreams that are formed and shaped on beloved hardwoods and hallowed concrete

Later comes all the cheers and ego strokes and even underhanded betting and booster loke

Winners make the right decisions

Many times foregoing "Self" to play together to gain "Cohesiveness"

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#Here but Gone

We all have seen it in a movie or heard about it happening to somebody else

But what happens when it directly effects us?

When someone you love is facing what seems like insurmountable odds or are no longer here, the air is sucked from you and you become numb

You want stop time in order to deal with it but time won't stop, it just keeps on going

You then realize what it means when they say, time and change go hand and hand

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When you dream, what do you dream about?

Do you remember your dreams? I know that I usually don't

However, I do remember my daydreams

I have my "Calgon take me away" moments which I really like because they tend to be detached from reality and just what I need at the time

I have my parallel universe daydream where I am the protagonist in an advanced pristine society devoid of aberrations

I have my social conscious daydream whereby I am part of a group of people who are changing the world for the better!
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#Things we can't seem to do without

I left it again and feel bound to go back and get it

Its become another part of not just me but so many of us

I don't like feeling as if I am tethered to something but I have to admit that whenever I leave it that is when I seem to need it most

I have a little holder for it and it sits on my desk at work directly in front of me so that I can see it light up signaling when I get a call or text

I didn't grow up with this nor did I have it in college so how did it become something that is considered a necessity?
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I like snacks, I must admit

But I do try to get healthy snacks like carrots, celery, cherry tomatoes, and yogurt dip

He, on the other hand, is into those Anytizers - chicken wings with different rubs on them

I know that they are processed and loaded with all sorts of sodium and other unhealthy ingredients but this is his new thing when he is watching any sort of sporting event on TV

One positive, I guess is that he has been converted from chips to unsalted organic black tortilla chips
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#Is there really a difference between the two?

There is supposed to be a difference between the two but I can't see it anymore

Maybe its the third parties that got involved, co-mingling how things have to get done

And as a result, both have adapted to this process

I know that it is really jacked up that it is billed as if there is a choice between the two and there really isn't

How are they truly different?

Show someone like me who dissects platforms for their true meanings

All I know is that I want and have always wanted a third choice with a legitimate shot

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#Everything is His

When I remember that it doesn't belong to me but Him, I do much better

Would we all treat each other better if we remembered this?

Maybe the problem is that most people don't realize that He already owns the universe including everything in it

So my money is not really my money but His

I must admit that sometimes I get this concept twisted

It is easy to do in a culture that is focused on what you have and what you do

Rather than who you are and how you demonstrate His love
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#I don't like April's Fools Day

I have never played an April's Fool's prank on anyone because I really don't like the whole concept of playing someone like a Fool

A fool is someone who is stupid and I have never and will never consider myself this and try not to go there with others

Maybe I am getting too semantical but I was taught that it is wrong to call someone a fool, prank or not

I guess this is one of the main reasons why I haven't been able to partake in doing April's Fools Day pranks