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I spent the entire night of the first day of September 2002 awake, as I have been lately. It's not so much that I cannot sleep, it's rather that I have this creative energy inside me that needs to come out. I find that it all catches up to me later on the next day or next few days, and I am virtually worthless to those around me. My wife thinks I am obsessed, and she's probably right. I need to spend more time planning my day for what is most important and then working that plan. Until next time.
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Already afternoon on Labor Day, and I still need to wake up. If it weren't for my wife needing to be at work at 3, I might stay asleep all day. In fact, I've heard that the cure for waking up on the wrong side of the bed is to not get up at all.

Yet such talk is foolishness, whimsical, especially with a 5-year old daughter and five-month old puppy around. I need to pray. I need to focus on God and get it off of me. I've been given this day for a reason – to glorify my God.
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Today Keisha starts back to school. We are all very excited, but I am not sure if anyone is more than she. In a big way this is a great thing because, with Jennie working during the day and Keisha at school, I can make my search for a job really a job.

The day after Labor Day and it's going to be 92 degrees out. Incredible. Bring me air conditioning! Oh yeah. I need to get the tire fixed on the car. That is something that must happen today because I'm getting tired of driving around on a flat.
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I spent so much time today at McDonald's. I needed to take Jennie to work, and I stopped by in hopes of getting a two triple cheeseburgers – they've got a deal where you can get two for $3, which sounds like a great deal. I waited for lunch to begin and plunged into my lunch delight.

I spent so much time today at McDon's, mostly readying out of Stehpen Cpvey's 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. I am a quotation junkie and I harvested all the quotes I could. I probably learned something, too. Maybe. What do you think of that?
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I am feeling a bit aznxious right now. Hardly anyi income, yet bills still come in… Must pay mortgatge and car payment. Must keep electricity and phone on. Others must wait. My desire to fisx situation is not that great right now.

I love being creative, throwing myself into this realm. I was up so late this past night, until 4 this morning again. Sleep needed. Eyes and head hurts. But I am driven by a desire to be creative. Fill up with knowledge, my heart, my impulses cry out. Something has got to give, and soon. Must rest now.
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I am hungry for a meatball sub. I have not had breakfast, in fact I don't think I have eaten that well, or cocnsistenly this past week. But now it is lunch time and I must leave the domicile of this computer to feast on the delicacy that awaits.

I just finished typing up 100 things about me to submit to the "100 Bloggers in 100 Days" project. Perhaps it will be published to the metablog. Okey dokey. My words are kinda hokey. Abracadabba doo. Isn't typing silliness funny to you? Neato man, I'm the master of my destiny. now.
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I stayed up late again last night. I went to sleep after 6 AM this morning, and finally woke up at 11. Five hours doesn't sound like much butfelt okay for the time being. I've been updating our music library to include some comedy titles. Now I just need to make sure there is enough space on the hard drive.

What to back up, what not to back up? CD-RW's only have 650 MB, so I cannot backup my entire hard disk on one CD alone. Okay, then, I shall backup all but mp3 files. Perhaps that will be adequate.
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What a great day this has been. A wonderful worship service about changing our spiritual habits – so au courant for what is going on in my life right now. I've been reading 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, and today, again I see the greatness of living a principle-centered life.

I often end to act based on how I'm feeling. When I focus on what is true, however (Philippians 4:8-9), how I feel does not matter as much. Although I may feel like a total dud, I rely on the God's word for my validation. His opinion is what matters.
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O Lord, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth! What an incredible day of relying on your strength! I thank you for your help in planning my day, and although I was unable to complete every thing on my list, the structure provided me a great peace of mind in that I had something to fall back on when distracted.

We had a lot of fun remembering how you create the birds of the air. We enjoyed making bird feeders out of pine cones, peanut butter, and birdseed. I look forward to the birds' response. AMEN
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You have an alarming way of setting people on edge, you filthy scumbucket! I cannot help thinking how things might be better off without you around, but I will live with it. I really have no choice now, do I?

Your evil smile makes me want to vomit. I am so disgusted that I ever believed you in the first place. You mock me and I painfully grin, because you really don't know what's coming, do you? You just watch your back, pal, because you, too, may find a knife in it. You'll never know what hit you. I win.
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One year ago today some people sought to shake the foundations upon which we live. They went after those areas of our lives that make us who we are. Families, friends, and communities were attacked.

Yet one year later the principles which have led to this country's success still stand, and because we are a country built on principles, we still stand as well. Terrorists may cause pain, but they cannot take away the foundation that makes us who we are, that which will always prevail: faith hope, love. And surely we know that the greatest of these is love.
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So, I drop my wife off at her job with the food service people at the local university. Then, thirsty as all get out, I make a beeline for the Mickey D's, but before I can do that, I remember that I gotta take some stuff back to the library.

So I head over there to the drive thru, and, no, I didn't order me a drink ‘cuz I'm libraryin', dude. I turn in "Pulp Fiction" and that Divas CD. No problem. Then, and only then, do I stop for a 42-oz Coke, not even caring that it's still breakfasttime.
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Still awake, tired
Music to be recorded -
Saved the first playlist

Alternating back and forth
For variety

My big collection
Don't have MP3 player -
Will record CDs

Need CDs on tape
Portable CD player broke -
Walkman plays cassettes

Long, tiring process
PC, CD, to cassette -
lather, rinse, repeat

Too tired to sleep
Get on ‘Net; type 100 -
Haikuing my words

Makes sense? Maybe not
This exercise is grueling -
When to be over?

My 100 words
Will be posted very soon -
Then I'm off to bed

If words are over
And haiku not yet finished,
What shall I do, then?
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I probably should make this quick so that my bladder will not explode. That's it… suck it in. Good. Oh, you laugh. Sure, go ahead and laugh now. But you may regret your frivolity sooner than you think. Not all humor is good, you know.

I am a slave here to my computer, and I can't get enough. It's almost like donating blood, to me, even just a little bit. I've heard it said that the PC can suck the life out of you, but I've never seen it happen before. Zap! There you go again! No more Mister NiceGuy.
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Slowly, cautiously, she slithers from one end of the couch to the other. It is imperative that she be certain. Then she listens, straining for the slightest noise. You cannot be too careful, she thinks. She checks her watch and the clock radio at the end table. It is almost time.

She sniffs the air, trying to detect any unfamiliar odors. None. Good, she thinks, grinning to herself. She places her finger to her lip and looks down to the coffee table. Another glance to the left and right, check of the alarm clock. Now! Time to eat that cheeseburger!
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Suddenly, he felt the insatiable desire to run, to flee from the current situation. The impulse was strong indeed. He furtively glanced around him, to see if anyone was watching – he didn't want to make any moves that would appear too sudden. Good. No one was around.

Scanning the coffee table, he saw the Sunday paper and snatched it. Tucking it under his arm, he rose and made a mad dash to the bathroom. Closing the door as fast as he could, he then locked it and settled down for some "peace and quiet." At least that's what he thought.
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Okay then. Time for some miscellaneous jibberish for the day. What? Hey, man, don't laugh at me. You're the one still reading this junk. I'm on my way to hit the hay in a bit. Getting to bed on time needs to become a good habit. Tuesday is going to be a busy day all the way.

Glory, glory! Hallelujah! Peace in my heart is about to unfold. Nope, there are no lurid pictures for you to unfold. Simple zaniness issues from my keyboard, from each letter, syllable, sentence and word. This makes no sense -- well you're still reading it!
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Today was a very effective day, in a lot of ways. Especially the Career Fair. I went in with the attitude that I was going to simply network. I made some good contacts, and I got the word out on my job searching weblog, "Get That Job!",

I wasn't even sure if I would find anything that would pique my interest, or a mutual interest between me and another company, but I did. So now I'm continuing to pray for fruit to come out of this experience, specifically, my new job. It was indeed a great day. Yes, indeed.
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I feel like a zombie. Not only did I stay up late last night, but I'm up late again tonight.

I look forward to the bed. My body will be pressing the sheets hard. It will be sooo good to close my eyes.

Yet I also need to get up early for an early morning meeting. That reminds me… I need to print some things out to get ready. The big thing is business cards. Secondly, my resume. Do I have a clean shirt to wear?

If's rather strange that I'm only thinking of these things now, instead of earlier.
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Time for some Friday Freakiness! I dunno. I just liked the way that sounded. I did much better last night than I did the previous nights. My wife was surprised not to have the bed all to herself. The differnce is good, I must say. Why, this could become a habit!

So, Jim, what's on the plate for today? Take her to work, take daughter to speech therapy, follow up with business contacts. Blog, blog, blog, blog, blog. Well, maybe not that much, but enough to make it worth it. Great! To the top of the mountain we go! Begin.
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What a day yesterday was! Wife at work for almost the entire day, which meant that I got to spend time with her royal Keishaness. Since she is so very special anyway, it wasn't hard to do. It was just different, that is all. She is more used to hanging out with Mom all day long.

Yep, Dad and Mom are different in how we manage things. Take dinner for example. Vegetables are optional unless they comes with the meal. Tonight we had leftover hot dogs. Thankfully Mom came home later with pizza. Ah, pizza! The food of the gods!
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God, you are my God! And I will forever praise your name. You have given me a life that is brand new. Your mercies are new every morning. You redeemed my life from the pit, and have placed me in a pleasant place. No, I am not free from trouble, but you are using adversity to help me grow closer to you. For this I give more praise to you.

Being with you is the most important thing in my life. You help me to live each day. My relationship with you is not a crutch, but more a wheelchair.
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"So, from now on, ladies and gentlemen," the host stated, "you'll no longer have to wash your clothes."

The crowd gasped in unbelief.

"Ah… some unbelievers! Well, you'll believe once you see the disposable clothing in… er, um… action." He suddenly realized that he didn't have any replacement clothes.

This was worse than when the young man who'd been sick with stomach flu came up for a demonstration. What a messy situation that was. When he walked upstage in his disposable undies, he lost control of, well… you know… and he jetted for the restroom, leaving a disgusting trail behind.
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As usual, Stephen and Manny were running late to biology class at the university.

"Remember to go by McMicken Hall, so we can see Mick and Mack," Manny shouted.

Today was the day of the big anatomy exam. Mick and Mack were the names of the two sculptured lions that sat out in front of the steps to McMicken Hall. Tradition held that if you touched them before a big test, you would do well.

"Let me go first," Steve yelled. "I need all the luck that I can get."

"Okay, then, but be sure to leave some for me."
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Steve and Manny turned on their bikes toward McMicken Hall, where Mick and Mack, the two sculptured lions that were supposed to give good luck, were. Steve was in the lead, with Manny following.

As Steve approached, his front tire hit a hole in the sidewalk and blew out. This action caused Steve's bike to flip over. Steve flew into the air, screaming, and landed on his back with the wind knocked out of him. Manny, fortunately, veered out of the way.

"Steve! Steve! Are you okay?" Manny cried out, leaping from his bike to see where Steve lay, unconscious.
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But Steve didn't answer.

Manny looked around and called out for help. "Somebody! Please! Help! We need an ambulance!"

He spotted a blue emergency phone nearby. He picked it up, and campus emergency answered.

"Operator, what is your emergency?"

"You gotta get over here by McMicken Hall quick! My best friend just had a bike accident, and he's knocked unconscious."

"Someone is on the way," the operator replied. "Can you tell if he's still breathing?"

"Hold on. Let me check." He went over and listened for breathing. He put his fingers up to Steve's neck, but there was no pulse.
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"He's not breathing, and he's got no pulse!"

"You're going to have to give him mouth-to-mouth resusitation and CPR until the ambulance gets there. Don't worry; I'll guide you through it."

Later, at the hospital, Steve's eyes opened. He saw his Mom and Dad, and Felicia Jacobs, his girlfriend from high school.

"What happened to me?"

"You and Manny were on your way to class on your bikes and you hit a hole in the sidewalk and were knocked unconscious," his Mom said. "You're pretty lucky to have made it. You've got a serious bump on your noggin'."

"Where's Manny?"
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The police had taken Manny home after they had put Steve on the stretcher and sent him to the hospital. Manny had hoped that Steve was going to be okay. He had never given first aid to anyone before.

He pulled the paper with the hospital number out of his jacket pocket, picked up the phone and dialed.

"Is Steve there?"

"Manny! Dude! What happened? They said you had to resucitate me right there in front of Mick and Mack. Wow, man, you saved my life."

"It sounds like you're feeling better. You sure had me scared there for awhile."
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Steve was so glad when he got out of the hospital. On one hand it was great to get the rest, but he really didn't like being ‘confined', as he liked to put it.

Since both Steve and Manny had missed their biology exam because of the accident, their professor had to give them a make-up exam. Steve used the time in the hospital to do some more studying. So did Manny.

On the morning they were to make up their exam, they met at the bagel shop for breakfast. "You still wanna ride by Mick and Mack this morning?"
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"Sure, Manny," Steve replied, "only this time I'll pay more attention to the road ahead as we ride to where Mick and Mack are."

"Do you still believe that Mick and Mack really give good luck?" Manny asked. "I mean, you having an accident doesn't seem like good luck."

"Well, the way I see it," Steve replied, "it was indeed good luck. After all, you saved my life when I took the fall."

"Okay," Manny said, "but do you think Mick and Mack will give us good luck for this make-up test?"

"I guess it's worth a try," Steve replied.