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Out of curiosity, is anyone here on 100words interested in finding some way to get the community here together? Right now there aren't many methods for us to communicate to each other, save through entries and the contact information we have on our profiles. I know the forums exist but they're kinda overrun with spam bots. I sent an e-mail requesting for them to be cleared out a while ago but haven't gotten a response yet. I'd like to gauge interest before thinking on alternatives though, so if anyone else is interested in this idea, give me a shout!
04/02 Direct Link
So I ended up completely forgetting about applying for my school's Senior Honors program. It seems a waste not to do it though, so I e-mailed the program director and managed to get an extension. It's kind of odd though; I've struggled with what exactly I've wanted to do for most of my college years and all it takes to solve the problem is deciding my topic for this project. Translation or a novel? I want to write a novel, no question. But I'm going with translation anyway; Japanese is my major, and the field I have support in.
04/03 Direct Link
Dear David Budd,

Thanks for your feedback! A Facebook group sounds like a good idea, though from a preliminary search there already seems to be a group for this site? It doesn't really seem to be active though.

Organizing themes per month or taking turns writing a part of a story also sound like great ideas! Maybe for the latter we could organize a posting order so that when it's read in Advent Mode, it'll be in chronological order?

I'll wait maybe another week to see if any other members respond, then write another entry addressing this on the 10th.
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"Do you believe in the existence of soul mates?"

RI: "The hell kind of question is that? Don't ask me these stupid things..."

PE: "Haha. Yes, I did."

ED: "Yeah, definitely! In fact, I've already found her! It's just, uhh, I haven't actually told her how I feel yet. I need to become good enough for her first."

KA: "Aww, do you? Oh my god that is just so cute. Come talk to me if you ever need help finding them!"

AM: "I don't know, actually. I've never really considered it, and it's not something that concerns me right now."
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"What do you like most about people?"

SK: "The accomplishments we've achieved as a species, I suppose? It's admirable, the sheer amount of knowledge we've collected over the years."

LL: "Nothing. There's really... nothing good about people..."

MA: "The most? That's kind of difficult to answer... I like people as a whole, generally! I like how we try to get along and help one another. And I like how, despite all of our different backgrounds and personalities, we still try to connect and understand each other. So I guess if I had to answer, it'd be how interconnected we are."
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"What do you like most about people?"

PE: "Well for one, they're wonderful ways to pass the time. Haha, I'm just kidding, of course. Don't tell me you really believed that?"

AG: "I like how we've all got stories to tell. And I guess I like listening to them and seeing what they've got to say."

LC: "People think in such varying and fascinating ways. They're generally rather difficult to navigate, but the triumph that comes with working out how someone thinks is oftentimes exhilarating."

RI: "Maybe... the beliefs we have, and how willing we are to fight for them."
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"What do you think is wrong with most people?"

LC: "From my experience, people dislike those that are too different. Whether knowingly or not, they impose expectations on others to adhere to a 'normal' standard and isolate those who are unable to reach it, calling them odd or dangerous. Freedom of self is a promoted idea but still there are restraints to that. To be a person is to work under unspoken rules... oh, I'm sorry. I'm rambling again, aren't I?"

AF: "Uhm, sometimes people do mean things to each other and... I don't really like that. Does that help?"
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"What do you think is wrong with most people?"

ACE: "They jump to conclusions and judge too quickly. They don't bother looking past their initial assumptions... They don't bother to change."

MA: "I don't really think there's anything 'wrong' with most people. It's just, they're misunderstood most of the time, despite being good at heart."

MI: "It's that they don't give a shit about other people! Everything they do is 'cause they're just looking out for themselves. Like, if you give the homeless guy on the corner a buck, it's 'cause you wanna look good, not 'cause you actually care."
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"You pass by a homeless man on the street. What do you do?"

ACE: "I... guess I should give him money or something, right?"

MA: "Eh, why?! What happened? I'd want to talk to him and try to help however I can, of course!"

LC: "The proper response here is either to ignore his existence or give him some spare change to show sympathy, correct? From these two choices, I suppose I would ignore him unless I was with another person."

MI: "I continue walking and pass by like five more guys like him. That's just how it is here."
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Following up from my earlier entries regarding an easier way for the members of 100words to communicate with each other, I decided to make a new forum, since the current one on the site is overrun by spam bots.

Here's the forum link: It's a bit bare bones right now, but I'll work on getting more of it set up. For now, I'll be linking it in my profile page and in my entries temporarily. I won't count the link and advertisement toward my word count though. If you're interested, please feel free to join!
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"Do you feel comfortable where you are right now?"

ACE: "Huh? Why do you ask? I mean, yeah I'm comfortable. There's no reason for me not to be."

AJE: "Yep! My life's awesome as it is, actually. I kinda wish it won't change, but... well, you know."

LC: "No, but it seems I should be."

SK: "Hmm. There's still much for me to do before I can say I'm completely satisfied, but I am happy where I am right now."

PE: "Nope! But I can't see my life changing for the better so I'm kind of just stuck here."

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"As a follow-up from the previous question, how would you like to change?"

ACE: "Didn't I say I was comfortable where I was? But... well, I guess if I had to answer... I'd just wish I could get more respect, really. That's all."

LC: "Well, it seems the only option I have is to adapt so that I am comfortable with my circumstances."

SK: "I want to study more, travel more... I want to make up for missed opportunities, in short."

PE: "I wasn't lying when I said I was stuck, you know. There is no change for me."

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"As you walk along the street, a stranger flips you off. What do you do?"

RI: "The hell? I'd beat the shit outta them!"

MA: "Maybe they're having a bad day? I wonder what happened to them?"

KS: "Hmm, well, people will find all sorts of reasons and methods to look down on you. That they didn't back up their bark with some bite is fortunate for the both of us."

BG: "I don't pay attention to those who don't matter."
NT: "W-what? It's more like, what did I do? Why would someone make that gesture at me?"

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"What's in your pockets right now?"

MI: "Who, me? Nothin' at all. Why d'you ask, officer?"

IW: "My iPod! Can't leave home without it. Want a listen?"

AJE: "Looks like a candy bar wrapper, some spare change and... oh. Uh, heh, how'd that get there?"

AZ: "A pack of Tempo tissues, and I've got four more packs in my bag in case I run around. It's allergy season, I have to be prepared."

 MA: "Well I have my wallet and... wait, no I don't. Where'd it get to this time?"

AF: "Eh? Um, I don't have any pockets though?"

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"Are you a morning person or a night person?"

ACE: "I guess morning, but it's not by my own choice. My brother snores so loudly I'm surprised I manage to get any sleep at all."

AJE: "Night, of course. I mean come on, the morning's for sleeping!"

RI: "Morning. It feels like you get more done the earlier you wake up, and it's not exactly safe at night anyway."

MI: "The night makes for easier pickings so..."

ED: "I kinda just sleep whenever, so I don't think I'm either actually. It's a flexible schedule, alright? It's not unhealthy at all!"

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"Would you be able to kill another person if it came down to it?"

AM: "Yeah. If I had to, anyway."

LC: "What? No... killing is a bad thing, so..."

MI: "Of course I can! Where I'm from, you don't survive if you can't. So of course I wouldn't be scared or anything..."

MA: "I think behind every problem, there has a solution that doesn't necessitate the death or even injury of any living being. It might sound too optimistic, but I think believing this is far better than believing in a world where we can't avoid hurting one another."

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"What were you like as a child?"

AM: "Active, cheerful, happy? I didn't worry too much then. I was always out playing with the other kids while my dad worked."

AR: "Adorable, of course! Even as a child, I had a lot of fans, and I dare say my fanbase has only grown since then considering how cute I am now!"

AJE: "You're not gonna believe me, but I was actually kinda quiet as a kid. Apparently I stuck to my parents and was wary of strangers or something?"

ACE: "It's odd, but... I can't really remember, for some reason...?"

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"Do you care what others think of you?"

KH: "Yeah, of course. As the leader of my people, I kinda have to."

BG: "No. People will try to control you with their opinions, so it's better to just ignore them and do what you want."

KS: "Hmm, well. I can't really get what I want without other people, so yes, I do care. Not on a personal level, but on a 'business' kind of level."

LC: "Doesn't everyone?"

KA: "Sometimes? I dunno, there are times when you should care and times when you shouldn't. It's all about finding the balance."

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"Describe your perfect romantic partner."

AF: "I guess I've always envisioned like a princely kind of guy, with a charming smile, regal clothes... ehe, does that sound too fairytale-ly?"

RI: "Uh, why are you even asking? I guess if I had to say, it'd be someone who can stand up for herself and... you know what, never mind. Forget what I said."

KA: "Mm, I dunno about perfect. I'd rather see where life takes me, you know?"

AR: "For one, he's gotta have great looks, lots of money, a good personality... what do you mean, that's already too much?"

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Please tell me what I should do. I have big dreams, but I don't know how to even start achieving them. I've kept up this facade that I know exactly what I'm doing and where I'm going (it comes with having lofty dreams; otherwise my more practical friends will hound me with questions on how I'll make money, how I'll even find a job), but I feel I'm just walking in circles where I'm at. People tell me I'm still young and that it's okay to be indecisive, but I'm already twenty. I don't have time for just dreams anymore.

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Somehow he's surrounded by enemies, without even a weapon to try to defend himself. "This has got to be a mistake," he mumbles, backing away.

"It's not," a voice says, though he doesn't know from where. "You're supposed to be here."

"Who the hell are--oh, wait. I get it." His back hits the wall. "You're the one who put me here, aren't you? The one who's always leading us around."


"So," he ducks, narrowly dodging a spear, "so why--?"

"Hmm, well," the voice says, airily, "I guess I just wanted to see what you'd say when you died."
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A chill runs down his spine. "What the hell," he says. "What the hell do you even mean, you wanted to know what I'd say when I died?"

"I was curious," says the voice, "I want to record everyone's death quotes, you see."

"So you're going to do this to everyone else too?"

"I already did, actually. But don't worry; like them, you'll still be alive afterwards too."

He opens his mouth to speak but there's a sudden, sharp pain in his stomach: a sword, slicing clean through. Vaguely he remembers mouthing a few last words. Then his vision fades.

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He wakes up in cold sweat, his hand clutching his stomach. "Honey?" comes a voice at his side; it's his lover waking up, her eyes still dreary from sleep. "What's wrong? Your face is so pale."

"It's nothing," he says, putting on a smile. But the voice still lingers in his mind.

"Not that this ever happened to me but," he says, "have you ever dreamed of our leader leaving us to die in combat? To 'hear what we'd say when we die'?"

"And when you wake up, it all feels real?" Her eyes are distant. "No. Of course not."

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Why is the word 'most' used so much? Let's say for example you meet a handsome man and tell him so, with some embellishment. "You must be the most attractive man in the world." But is he really? What will you do if you meet another man who's far more attractive? You can say again that this man is the most attractive and he will never know, but you will. You'll remember you told another man the same thing, and you will doubt your own words. That's the problem with language nowadays; words are used so casually they've lost impact.
04/25 Direct Link
"I'll speak frankly. I don't like you."

"Funny, I don't like you either. Surprised you said it though."

"I don't want you to get the wrong idea. We may be working together now, but know that I have only contempt for your kind of person."

"And what exactly is my kinda person?"

"A thief, of course. A criminal who doesn't care about others."

"Girl, you don't know shit about me or my situation. You don't get to judge."

"Even if I knew, I doubt my opinion would change."

"Yeah? Then I don't think you care much about other people either."
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He hasn't played the piano since high school, when his parents told him simply to quit.

"But you've put me through lessons since I was four," he said. "Are you really going to just stop them now?"

"It's done its job of buffing up your college application," they replied. "You need to concentrate on your exams now."

And so he did. He went straight to his room to study everyday after school, walking past the piano in the living room, ignoring the dust that gathered. Eventually he forgot about it entirely, not once looking back when he left for college.
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It's not until his second year of college when he thinks back to those years. He's visiting a friend's dorm when they see a piano in the lounge.

"Didn't think I'd find something like this here," he says.

"You play?"

"Not anymore. My parents put me through lessons since I was a kid though."

"That's a shame," she says.

"Yes," he says. He traces the keys with mechanical motions, thinking back to a childhood spent perfecting the music. "I think I've gotten rusty after all this time."

"No, I mean it's a shame that your parents forced you into lessons."
04/28 Direct Link
He stares at her. "Why?"

"Because it means you didn't get to decide for yourself whether you wanted to play the piano or not. So you probably don't have the best memories associated with it, right?"

"That's not necessarily true. I've known some people with similar backgrounds who've grown to like it."

"But is that true for you?"

"...No," he says after a pause. She grins.

"I figured. And that's why it's such a shame! Music should be freely enjoyed, you know? It shouldn't be something that's forced."

He sighs. "I should've expected as much from you, Miss Music Major."
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She shrugs, coming up to the piano to play a few notes. "Let's do a duet sometime," she says.

"I said I was rusty, didn't I?"

"And?" Her hands glide across the keyboard.

"Do I even need to answer?" he mumbles, voice muffled by the music. It's Tchaikovsky, he realizes. "It's not going to sound good."

"Now you're just underestimating yourself," she says, grinning. "Come on. You on this piano and me on my violin. It's gonna be great."

There's that spark in her eyes, and he knows he's already lost this one. "Fine," he says, "but just this once."
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"See? You weren't half bad!"

"I guess I should take that as a compliment when I'm playing with a genius."

"Although, you need to put more feeling into it!"

"...Are you saying that to be cliche or--"

"No, I mean it! Your tone's all mechanical, like you're just playing off the sheet!"

"That's how I've always played it though. My teachers never had any problem with it."

"It's not technically wrong, but it doesn't sound totally right either, you know?"

"Not actually."

"Well, that's it then! I'm your new teacher now! And I'm not taking no for an answer!"