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I hope I find the time and words to write a 100 words a day. I have truly enjoyed my English Comp I class, it has been a writing frenzy since the first day. I have so many thoughts it is easy to complete a 1,000 word essay, my first attempt was 1,200 before I edited it and I did not feel that I had just started and truly did not sum up or finish my story. I have too many thoughts to limit to one hundered a day but I shall strive to only type 100 words.
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Oh the things I do for friends. I got a call yesterday a little after noon and it was Mary my dear friend who owns a international company and needed a favor, she NEVER needs a favor from me, she has so much money and stuff she does not need me. Guess what she wanted me to jet off today (tomorrow) and take some product to London, all expenses paid, what a life. I am so excited being retired from an airline sure has it's privileges. So here i go I am jetting off too London for a long weekend.
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OH, I love to travel, as trying as it is at the airport, security, what you can and can't bring, the lines, what a hassle. Thata being said oh what an adventure. In my Writing My Voice exercise one of the adjectives in descriving myself, I listed ADVENTROUS, I was not sure in what order I listed it, I think it was close to the top. Well I am off to the airport for another adventure. I was asked at the last minute to fly to London, geeezzz what a burde, fly to London on a whim, I AM THERE
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I arrived early morning, very early as a matter of fact. Even though I got first class from Washington Dulles Airport to London Heathrow the pretty much was the highlight of my day! I arrived early and the driver was not given my updated itinerary, so when I arrived my bags were missing and I had no driver. I am usually the VERY organized one. I let Mary and Sandra work out the details. I had arrived in London not knowing where I was staying or how I was going to get there. I had no phone service, OH NO!!!!
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Humm, I wonder why the 5th there is no writing assignment? I think this is the day I saw the play in London and ate at the wonderful Inamo Japanese restaurant, I wonder if I saved it properly or if jetlag attacked me and I spaced it out. Either way to get my credits I must finish this assignment. I love this class, English Comp I, if I knew I would enjoy the instructor as much as I do the current one I would take it in the summer. I am not sure I have learned alot but enjoyed it.
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inamo, I am unsure if the name means anything other than wonderful. I am so glad I asked the doorman at Her Majesty Theater, where I saw Phantom of the Opera, for dinner suggestions. I took his suggestion and headed up the street to the right then the left, I found it easily. From the time I waslked in til I left it was almost sensory ocerload. As you are being greeted and seated by the hostess she makes the suggestion of ordering 2 small items and 1 large item. This story meeds a different day to do it justice.
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I wish to continue to write about Inamo. Days later I am still talking and thinking of it. Was it magically because I was on vacation or was it futuristic and different? As much as I love technology it maybe both. The feng shu of the placement of the plate, cups and chopsticks were beautiful and seemed right. The food was not only delicious it was artistic and I think that is what I most appreciated. Wanting to enter the culinary field I can appreciate art and the beauty of food. I loved this restaurant and plan to return soon!
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Back to reality, oh I miss Europe! I remember why a few years ago I tried for over a year to relocate to London, with SABRE. It did not work out that did not stop me from trying. I never got as much as an interview; I wonder if my life would have been different if I had? It has not been a bad life, in fact quite the opposite. It has been full I have had my share of highs and lows; I learned something from it all and look forward to more. Where do I go from here?
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Oh there is excitement in the air, some for the good and some donít look at it like that! From here on out I am going to try and look at every change something I can learn and change is good! If Karen sells her business, what will that mean for me? Perhaps a new reason to go to Paris and start my culinary classes, it is longer than expected but OOOHHH, I would love the opportunity to find out if I have what it takes to live abroad by myself and go to school at the most recognized school.
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What a busy day I had and I am not sure what I got accomplished. I think even after this class, I want to continue my thoughts; journaling I guess is what it is called. Most in my class seem to think it hard to write 100 words a day. I am just the opposite I find it hard to write only a 100 words. For instance I started out early this morning running errands, helping Pam get moved, making a wonderful fish stew for dinner and the day was done, a little quality time with the boys, then bedtime.
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All I can think about is moving to Paris!! I have been doing research online and emailing questions about visas, work or student, and financial aid questions. There are so many unknowns it is exciting. I know I could make a wonderful return on my investment if I could attend classes in Paris, I think it funny I was telling Frances the difference of attending classes in Paria, Le Cordon Bleu versus Platt College, in Moore, Oklahoma. I made her laugh while she was drinking coffee. I feel at this time it is a "God thing" and it will happen.
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What a tiring day it has been. We are expecting a D.O.T audit this Friday morning and I had to take a Psychology test I was unprepared for. I know it is my fault that does not make me feel any better. I know my priorities should be different but my social life seems to take on a life of it's own and I do not study as I should. There does not seem to be enough hours in the day. I am about to walk into class and all I want to do is go to bed!
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I am obsessed with moving to Paris, it is in every thought. I found out today that I canít get a scholarship or grant from the traditional methods to go to school there. I was given the name of an institution here that gives scholarships; I am supposed to check back on April 1st, if that does not sound like a suspicious date. In my email to them I was that I hoped it was not an April Foolís joke. The foundation is the James Beard Foundation; I think I will have someone help me write my request!
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I have so many thoughts in my head; I donít know which direction to go. Instead of being serious or deep, I think I want to write about macaroons. Macaroons are a lovely little dessert, colorful, crispy and with a sweet filling. I really wanted to attend Le Cordon Bleu class in May on how to make theses lovely little morsels that are so expensive. The cost of the trip at this time is prohibited, which is a shame, however can I complain when I have been to Europe twice this year and it is only March, maybe soon.
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I will continue with my macaroon theme, it is fun just to say the word, to me it evokes, lightness, sweetness and creamy center, what a perfect dessert or a better description would be a treat, hard to consider something you could devour in 1 bite a dessert. I usually take my time and get 2 possibly 3 bites, I love the savor the crunchiness and sweetness of the filling. I am unsure when my passion had turned to macaroons, yet it has. I have a magazine on my bed side with the catalogue from Le Cordon Bleu, featuring macaroons.
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Since I am on a food theme, I assume that is why I am overweight I continually think about food. The way to prepare it, the types or selection of foods, are they sweet, savory, filling, protein, oh so many choices. Then there are the accompaniments, the spices, flavorings, the color, the presentation. I guess without food there would be no life, it sustains us, comforts us and brings pleasure. I guess I take it for granted a lot of the world is not as fortunate as us, we do live in a country of plenty and I appreciate it.
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For now I am done talking about food, maybe thinking of it, but not writing about it. I will write something a bit more somber, the mass the shape of an egg, yet smaller in depth but about the length of a small egg. And I also feel like there is a knot in my throat. I called Dr. Rahe and he was not in, I wanted him to least confirm there was nothing wrong, since Dr. Paulger did not know what the mass was. Dr. Rahe only comment upon examining my neck, I had to better to impress him.
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Now I am done thinking about cancer and can move forward, waiting on hearing if the couple that looked at the house, want's it! We have such a beautiful home, situated on a great lot with, great view of the club house and the 5th hole of Broadmoore Golf Course. Funny the few people who have looked at it want to put up a privacy fence, why someone would want to block the view of the pond to the east and the lovely landscape of the golf course is beyond me but it will be thereís when they sign
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No word yet from Stephanie other than the potential buyers loved the house and that makes me very happy. I am glad to know someone appreciates the house as much as we do. We have lovingly kept it clean for the most part, not abused at all, maybe some neglect given what is going on in our relationship. Actually considering the pending divorce, the house is in good shape. The garage does look like a bomb exploded in it, since that is not my domain, I take no credit for it, nor do I take any blame, it is time.
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In the next 40 days I must decide my future. If I was waiting on something it would take forever for 40 days to get here and I have decided tonight to start organizing and packing. I started with a few pictures, a few to keep out and a few to stay close to my heart. What major decisions I must make, we signed the papers tonight to sell the house. I am so sad leaving my home of the past 11 years, there are no other choices. Do I buy another house, do I rent an apartment, do IÖ..?
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The month is almost over and I almost at a finish for my 100 words. I am beginning to hope I can keep up with my school, work and keep everything balanced. I know now that in less than 40 days I have to move, either to a new dwelling or to storage which I will hate because that means I will have to move twice. I haven't given up on the ideal of moving to Paris for 9 months, at this point I am not sure how much energy I need to put into that, or let it die.
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Overwhelmed is the word of the day! How do you plan for the unforseen? All I know of the immediate future is that I am going to make it alright and it will be ok whatever way it turns out. This moment all I can do is mentally plan, make mental notes what to take and what to sell and what to donate or give to friends. For whatever reason I feel I am moving to France, not sure why, I think God is opening doors for it to happen, more things to come as they are revealed to me.
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How do you put a price on your life and your things? I am sitting here trying to putting a value of things I have loved and used daily for the past 11 years. Mere possessions maybe, I have come to all the things I have in our house. Not only will it hurt to see the items walk out the door, it will also hurt to surrender my garage door opener. I will close the garage door for one last time and close out a chapter on my life. The sadness of this is heartbreaking, I WILL SURVIVEÖ.again.
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I found out today I am eligible to go to summer school and I was so excited! After talking to financial aid, that there would be funds for me to attend!! I had previously been told that my funds werenít available. I passed that hurdle and have not been able to find anything online that I wanted to take since I can only attend in the evening. I would like to take something fun and creative, perhaps art. There seems to be more who donít want to attend class in the summer than those that want to attend.
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This is D DayĒ for me, I get to apply for a grant to apply for Le Cordon Bleu. James Beard Foundation is the only institution that offers any funding to help or assist culinary student and it may be outside the United States. There are only 125 scholarships awarded and generally more than 600 apply. Those odds are better than the lottery and I continue to play it. I have to find some clever way to have my personality and desire to live in Paris and attend pastry class; I have been seeking a mentor and I found one.
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I have so much to do this weekend,as usual; we got a contract on the house and have 30 days to pack up more than 10 years of memories. I have a plan; it helps me focus and reduces my stress level. I intend to start on the garage this weekend a major undertaking our garage seems to be a catch-all, when something does not need to be in the house, it goes into the garage or eventually the attic. I am collecting boxes and paper this is such a expense to offset the cost of the move.
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I am so sad after working so many hours, cleaning out corners of the garage, going through boxes and drawers to no avail. I worked up a sweat sweeping and cleaning the garage; we have less than 30 days to move. I just got the call from Stephanie, our realtor that the buyers had changed their mind. I was so upset; I had been on a roller coaster of emotions, selling the house, the divorce a chapter ending. Now we donít have a contract and we are back to square 1, so long Plan A, here I go again.
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Here we go again, I was given a few hoursí notice that someone wanted to look at our house. I have to work and attend class, where does the time come from; I am falling behind because so many other things are taking place and my school is not getting the focus and attention it deserves. I now have to run home and straighten up the house, run the vacuum and move around the boxes I had already started packing. I just want this to soon be over and hopefully my life will get easier and less complicated, in theory.
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OMG, I rushed to class to have to watch Al Gore spout his idealogy, I sat through it last week and force feed his agenda. I can sit here and finish my writing assignments and enjoy my mental company, which is more productive and enjoyable that something I don't believe in and find it offensive to have to watch it. I have an opinion on this and I think only history will bear out if my opinion is correct or not. Finally, it is over and I only need to write 14 more words, less now and I am done!!
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Iím not sure time if is an enemy or a friend? I get 2 days a week to get accomplished what I need to do for myself, adding packing to my list to get ready for my new adventure wherever it takes me. I like to plan my life even the unforeseen and the variables. My Plan A is to move to Paris for a year and attend culinary school. My Plan B is to find a house to buy a house that allows me not to be ďhouse poorĒ and struggling, since I will be depending one income.
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31 days of journaling and writing are now up, even though this exercise was for a grade, I feel I may continue to write daily, it seems like a 100 words a day is not enough to put on a type written page. My best friend Frances gave me a question journal and I keep it by my bedside. The thing I like about it, it asks a question, for the day. I don't have to think about the topic, just merely put words down on paper. I think I must write as much as I talk, which is alot.