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Today is a good day.I get to watch my neice and nephews grow up quickly. They don't have a clue what life is going to be like. I'm so happy that they thet can laugh,eat and be healhty. They get to go to daycare and interact with other children.You can actually learn how to be happy from children. They will keep you laughing and some will make you cry when you have to show stuff love.Enjoy the moment with all children,not just the ones in your family. Hug them and let them know you care.
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Relationships are very different,There are no commitments,People just want to have fun and date two and three people at a time. You can go have dinner,out to a movie. Be treated like a king or queen.Remember not to get attached you are just friends. Which can make life very difficult,if you start to have feelings for someone.Keep in mind a friendship will last longer than a one night stand.Friendships last a lifetime and relationships come and go with a heartache. Be happy don't worry and enjoy the moment. Life is full of surprises.
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Today is a good day, not wondering whats going to happen. Life is like box of chocolates. Live life to the fullest you never know when you are going to go to heaven. Live for the moment and prepare for the worst,so you can handle whatever comes your way. In a health perspective listen to your body and if you see the dr for an illness.Listen to what he has to offer,that may save your life or give you a couple more years if are very ill.Try not to complain and be thankful for your life.
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Enjoying a mom's day out with the bestfriends can be a lot of fun. If everyone agrees to let loose and enjoy the moment. To include cell phones off and not worrying about husbands,signifcant others and kids. Enjoying a glass of wine while you are at the the nail spa, getting nails and feet done. Also to include a 45 minute massage from head to toe. Let's not forget about getting our hair done and shopping for an outfit. After we are glamoured up, we will travel to an fancy resturant to have wine, appetizers, a meal and dessert.
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Today is a very cold day. I'm very blessed that I woke up this morning in my right mind and able to see another day.No aches and pains smiles on the out side, very sad on the inside. Thinking about what i'm going to wear to church. I slowly get out of bed and pull my black suit and boots out of the closet.Saying ," Thank You Jesus for another cold day, as I began getting ready for church. The sadness that I felt on the inside begans to fade away. Songs of joy began to come to me.
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Going back to college twenty years later is a challenge. Things are totally differnt including teaching styles to homework. Everything is computer generated now days,from english to math that appears fast pace.For example in the medical field they would like for you to take several math classes,when you only need to know dosage.Most of the time the pharmacy prepares all meds for you. That's not the real world. If you work you aren't able to take more than 6hrs at a time. So you will have time to study, understand the material being presented to you .
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Work today has been very difficult i'm having to work with people who have negative attitudes.That makes for a very long day.Those people with the attitudes does not recognize it. They complain all day long and never have anything good to say. It;s really sad when patients can feel the tension. I was always told,when you hit the front door,leave all problems at the door and put on a happy face.People just don't understand and want to continue to be cranky.Attitudes reflect job performance and a willing to strive. Attitude can be adjusted.
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I woke up this morning running,as if i was in a race. Wondering what am I thinking about,it's only five am. I took a deep breath and layed back down in bed.I started giving thanks to god for waking me up. This particular day I could not be late to work related to a mandatory staff meeting. I layed down for an extra hr.This time around i got up slowly and woke my son up. We both got ready and had enough time to watch a little tv and have some breakfast. My son enjoyed it!
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Today I went to class,very tired from work.Thinking how am I going to stay woke. It's been a very long day and at the same time. I'm very serious about getting my degree. I don't believe in missing class, once you miss the first class,it can become habit forming.By the way I like to hear first hand what the professor has to say,not second hand. If there's a situation the professor is able to help you one on one. . English is going to be very interstting and I just need to applu myself no excuses.
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I was sitting here thinking about my twenty reunion that was last july. It felt like a dream to actually see classmates,I haven't seen. It was really interesting, we actually got to dress up and interact with eachother. Lots of pictures were taken. It was really cool to tour our old school that was rebuild. I remember our class celebrating one hundred years that our school has been open.We party like rockstars and the weekend went by really quick.Lots of smiles, hugs and tears of joy. Could not express our happiness untill we meet again.Go Trojans!
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Life like it,love it and live it. Words of wisdom to remember. You only live once make the best of it.Easy to forget when we start to complain,remember someone is doing worse than you are. Give thanks to god for the things you do have and don't complain about the things you don't have. This day and time we need to teach our children these things.So they want grow up thinking they need any and everything they see.Certain things they will have to work for and make good grades in school not just for rewards.
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This is a sad weekend for all singers and musicians. We have lost a great singer, "Whitney Houston". We did not see this coming, really don't know what happen. "God knows best!" We have to remember that a mother lost a daughter and a daughter lost a mother. She will be missed, no one could sing like Whitney Houston. I remember hearing Whitney for the first time,when i was thirteen.Thinking,wow "this lady can sing". I have liked her music ever since and continue playing her music over and over. Whitney Houston will be missed,"Rest in Peace."
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Today is not a good day. My son is very ill and I don't have a clue what's going on with him. My son has a fever and does not want to eat ot talk. I semi dress my son and to the clinic we go.OMG there is about ten people ahead of us. All yuou hear is a lot of coughing and crying. i'm thinking is this real? I signed my son in and paperwork was filled out.The wait was not bad ,we was seen thirty minutes later. Thankful my son had upper respiratory infection ,not flu.
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Happy Valentines Day! Its just another day for me. No need for roses or chocolates, I'm just happy to see another day. Don't get me wrong its a great day if you are in love. If not and you have children, give them a hug and tell them you love them. It does not have to be a sad day, you can set the tone. If you have to work today,stay happy and don't let anyone steal your happiness. Remember its just another day, no need to be mad and frustrated at the world.Deep breathe and just smile .
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The weather in this city is so back and forth.You never know how to dress one day to another. This morning it was foggy due to the temperature being about 40 degrees. The day before it was 17 degree and icy.You have to stay prepared and open minded about to how to dress and keep your car in good working condition.Along with making sure you eat right and take your vitamins to ensure that you have a good immune system. Later this week the temperature is supposed to get up to 50 degrees and drop back down.
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I went to visit my auntie. My auntie is about eighty-five years old and looks like she's sixty. She is very independent, mobile and can drive. My auntie has a lot of advice to give. Everytime you see her ,she's smiling and has lots of hugs to give. I have never seen my auntie cry or be mad at anyone. Very strong lady that reads her bible daily and never worries.My auntie's favorite word's "Give it to God"!Don't worry. My auntie always tell me"I can do whatever I want in life with or without a man.
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Cont/ Keep your head up and love everybody even your enemies. My auntie gave me the nickname "PrettyGirl".Due to my pretty smile and good attitude. Willing to help anyone out and give my last.She also told me to take time out for myself and do what makes me happy.Raise my son and be sure that he interacts with other childern.I enjoy talking with my auntie about the old days up to the present.Things are repeating, for example clothes,shoes.Even the new generation singing the oldest gospel songs.Its nice to have a great auntie.
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Shopping for furniture can be fun or a nightmare.When you hit the front door there are sales people asking how can I help you. After you tell them,let me look around,I wll find you when Im ready. They continue to follow you or better yet try to fast talk you. Bad experience at a furniture store in oklahoma city.They came out and set up my table set, did not have a clue about how to set it.Scratched table and chairs while setting up. Customer service notified and has to bring out new table and chairs.
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My trip to the nail salon was very different. This particular nail salon i attend the techs meets and greets you at the door. Before you are seated,they ask you if you would like something to drink while getting you pedicare or nails done. Beverages that they have are: cokes,sprites,dr peppers and bottle water.They also have snack size cheese and crackers.I always get a pedicare due to working in a dr's office. The nail salon is so nice and quiet.I really enjoy the chair massage along with the pedicare while reading my favorite magazine.
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Children will cry to see how far they can go to get their way.Especially when you don't let them how their way.Redirect and explain to the child why its not about what they want,but its important that they get what they need.Sometimes children will diss agree and that wwhenwe may spank the child otr put child in time out The only children are the worse. It takes lots of unerstanding and patience to raise children nowdays.Time out ,no games to play and possible hits with a belt. remember to show the children lots of love
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I decided to buy new two inch blinds for the whole house. I measured every window in the house correctly i assumed. The first set of blinds i bought was to short and the second set was to long. So I had to return blinds twice this time. I'm getting very frustrated,thinking this is becoming difficult. I'm going to attempt to measure again and try buying blinds one more time.If unsucessful,blinds will not be replaced. I guess I will hang curtains and be done with it.I don't know how a simple task can be so difficult.
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Whatever is true,whatever is noble,whatever is right,whatever is pure,whatever is lovely,whatever is admirable. if anything is excellent or praise worthy think about such things.Sometimes i think this is easy forgotten. Life can be fun and or sad.Whatever we make it and live it. Remember to try to help make someone's day happy and stress free.It's the little things that goes a long way.Not just the big things,you don't have to have a lot of money to make someone smile. try cleaning someone's house or even cooking a meal, it works.
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Today is the day that the rough draft for the narrative is due. I'm very stressed out and don't have a clue about what i'm going to write about.There are several topics i've thought about and i'm clueless. I'm taking a chance and going to write something. I pray that the professor gives me a chance and don't do me bad. This english class is giving me a run for my money. Oh well i'm going to get ready to go to class. Hopefully I will get credit for trying. I'm going to be brave and take good notes.
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The longer i live, the more i relize the impact of attitude of life. Attitude, to me is more important than fatcs. Its' more important than the past, the education, the money,than circumstances,than failure,than successes,than what other people think or say or do. It is more important than apperance,giftedness or skill. It will make or break a company,church,a home.The remarkable thing is that we have a choice everyday regarding attitude we will embrace for that day. We cannot change our past or the fact that people will act in a certain way.
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cont/ The only thing we can do is play one string we have and that is our attitude. I'm convuinced life is 10/ what happens to me and 90% of how we react. We are in charge of our attitudes.Ultimately we are in charge of our own happiness in life. Make the best of life again..I always remember these words of wisdom. Life is all about choices some are good and some are bad, We can't go backwards and need to proceed going forward. Do what makes you happy and not worry about what people has to say.
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Today I got up and got ready for sunday school and proceeded to church.Giving God the Glory for letting me see another day.Its also a nice day,after church i thinkk i'll go out to eat. No all you can eat,i need to find a nice carry out or dine in .In chursh we talked about how to love everyone including our enemies. We ended up eating at sante fe. The food was not the greastest,i even seen a person eating and preparing the food.The manger of the resturant was notified ,my meal was free.
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Today is monday,the worse day of the week at work for me. This is the day everyone calls and have several complaints. No good complaints and asking for refills on meds. Better yet someone stole my meds and I over did it.You ask patients to leave 1 message and four to five messages left by the same person.Computers running low in the midst of all this.You are lucky if you get to take a lunch break away from your desk,if not you will be eating at your desk.Mondays are very demanding and patients short.
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Today is not a very good day for me. My migraines are really bad and I can't figure out why? I started having migraines about a year ago. It's not anything I would put on my worse enemy. You are very sick at your stomach and can barley stand the light,sometimes it feels like you have the flu.This is not a good week for me to get sick.I have a narrative due and test to take. I hope i'm able to shake these migraines,if not i'm going to be in trouble.I have to lay down.
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I can't believe this is the last day of February. Leap month,this month has gone by really quick. I remember this was just January.Time is not waiting on anyone. If you are sitting around trying to figure out what to do.You may just get old still trying to figure out what you are going to do.No time to be stress and if you have goals proceed.Try not to put it off another six months or year.Continue to work with it and before you know it. You will have met your goal, smile stay focus.