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Wholey moley mcsnow Nous sommes ici La bonne annee C’est arrive Lest we forget Those of us condemned to forever wander Far as a distant spark Into the murky filament of the new used bulb That burns brightly for the dimmest glimmer each new years So lets bust a gut Break a legge Trip a lite fandango Dance the mute fantastic Any bit of stray circumstantial That will make it a good one Lets give those old cojones an extra polish muy compadres Then keep them in the air as long as it takes & sing a song of tipperary
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The ague finally appears to have done an offski & you’ll no doubt all be pleased to hear that zoots bowels are back to normal & that he confidently awaits the arrival of a new stool in the morning & if not he’ll be onto squire campbell post pronto Anyway Ho hum Have got textbridge running sweet as a nut Which means items of back catalogue can be scanned straight into the machine in word friendly fashion rather than laboriously copy typing Well c’mon Its fun doing it but once But twice!! Thats knott whaat its about
Is it?
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The aim here is to hone this process down Until A stage can be reached Where These pieces can be put down verbatim The straight hundred In as long as it takes Ie that composition time equals time taken to type And that word count should be redundant That one will achieve a state where one instinctively nose When one has hit the target Regardless of whether it is a rant or a dream A foxtrot or a cameo Straight reportage or ad hoc tomfoolery The only goal will be too achieve the target The only target an own goal
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However whatever gets put down here may be forever So definitely no dear diary No me an’ my relationship Whatever it is or is with What we’re lookin’ for is art Even if it is only of the tongue in cheek variety A rare strain of genus artie fartie Wallowing in the wind Trying to catch site of some State of the art isms That can be used Casually For the draping of abstruse wordz And the inculcation of wordie parameters To make hollow sculptures that may resonate gladly at the sound of any sly comment that may pass wind
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Rushing around like a headless yardbird Preparing for arbite The erste de la bonne annee A reasonably short hop as the crow flies But made interminably long by endless unmoving traffic around kew Some festival squire cannon later announces While squire king goes into elaborate details about his blue work pants & shirt & how even if the revenue man was want to arrive uannounced at his door he would not find the said squire in any shade of blue & thus his qualifying for an annual rebate remains intact even as he goes awol in the elevator later on
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If yesterdaze roads were bad these were completely in another class The whole eastern city and the surrounding area for miles around are in an advanced state of meltdown Two hours it took to do a journey that could have been walked in twenty minutes The queen elizabeth bridge (Apparently thats the one over the tunnel) was blocked by a burning lorry & the knock on effect just flowed throughout turning everything else into a megaconglomerate of madness In one place a guy was collapsed over his wheel & looked dead while the traffic just filed past in mute supplication
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Home to a white out Fernwood under a thick carpet The temp has plummeted bringing with it a whole shipload of siberian snow Madame should be pleased She says theres not enough definition to the seasons The transitions should be marked by abrupt changes If its winter it should be cold Breathcrackingly footstompingly fingernumbingly ballfreezingly cold Not this namby bambi “Is it winter. No but it might be spring” weather that just doesnt seem capable of making its mind up Anyway thats madames weltanschauung in the weather area Mine is rather simpler A hot bath would do the trick nicely
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Well either safeways are going funkie or the doors are getting old hat But the local emporium of said chain featured light my fire amongst the muzak haute morgen Not just the titchy three minute warning either The fully blast seven minute montie if you will Put a bit of cut N’ glide back into the checkout line Then the guy from the deli who’s an alright bloke fetched me up a bag of premium grapes & the woman who does the ISB in the forenoon supplied some details of when the last great snow fell in this particular bailiwick
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Remember remember Theres no real way of knowing who or what is here at this end This could be written by a six year old child Well read & erudite By a ninety year old recluse doing time in a garret by the mall It could be a trained monkey exploiting that shakespeare theory Or computer generated using sophisticated software Then again perhaps it’s a blind man thumping keys at random Looking for a way out Dreaming of a one eyed man in a fugitive kind of way Nothing should be taken for granted even though it is just stuff
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writing alone in the wee smalls is kinda nice. the world and everyone else tucked fast. ruminating over word blasted keys of the strictly non coke kind. chilled out with absurd wishes of serendipity. synchroniciously wondering whats on the end of all these bespoke frypans that shoot lightinglike across the virtual ether of this gossamer webb of our’n. thinking ludicrously of the third policeman & the fate of morans bicycle. wondering if there might be a hamburger on offer someplace at this admittedly ungodly. thinking constantly about style & not once about content makes jack a you know the rest.
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constant pressure builds blocks that are too heavy to slip around. makes mole hills of bean counters dreams by substituting imagined paradise for real life experience. which slips by constantly. like sand on the move running backwards at speed through endless timepieces of glass darkly. constantly caught gazing at the mirror with soft remembrances of how it might have been. drenched in a curvy helter skelter of warm nostalgia at all the possibilities that might have been. once. possible. but now are gone as surely as freight trains at four in the morning. departed. forever. into the dark black night.
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Why is everything so much cheaper en amerique Printer cartridges cars CD’s electronic gear food clothes gas Everything is so much cheaper Maybe its because life itself is so much cheaper What we see here courtesy of movies videos books tv progs etc etc just does not cover at all the vast sprawling backward reality of the place which is every bit as grotesque and unwieldy as mother russia All its citizens are constantly getting blown away by one crisis or another and there seems no unifying force that is able to lead these troubled people to the promised land
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There was a most excellent entry prepared for this batch Written up and gently marinaded Finely tuned Tweaked and adjusted Done and dusted Subjected to the attentions of intense micro endogenous investigations Compared painstakingly with precision engineered psychological blueprints Conducted in accordance with the best accepted parameters for social inclusion Given the slimmest of occult washes in case of any dodgily constructed instrument of occlusion Lined with the best literary efforts The choicest morsels the lexicon had to offer Then do you know what This goddamn machine chewed it up and spat it out god knows where Certainly not here
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here we are again. once more pumping wordz into the machine.
Clicketty clack Clicketty clack Licketty split Licketty split
spinning out across the airwaves. or whatever it is holds this nett together.
do they get lost in the ether of virtuality or just vanish into skipping traces?
will they ever be scene again?
do they meet others on the way?
And is this on the way up? Or on the way down?
which is right? which is wrong?
which is whatever?
which is just stuff?
Things that float
Or get kicked around
Clicketty clack Clicketty clack Licketty split Licketty split
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running round the country staying up all night going without sleep counting all manner of divers & abstruse items absolutely scrambles the gray matter & plays havoc with the memory causing the short term to let slip the doggs of whatever & makes it nigh on impossible to accurately give any defining definition to any time such that without putting a brief splodge of verbiage on the canvas of the screen at the occasion of its occurrence there would be no way of afterwards highlighting any particular day as being different in any way from any other that might occur
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the tyranny of wordz. forever circling just out of reach. dithering. dangling. tempting with false promises of superb solutions. rapping the day up in well decorated paper of a wonderfully celebratory kind. but always just beyond the flow of everyday discourse. always hidden just behind the arid plain of the commonplace. in a part not easily accessible. or totally recognisable. waiting there to be extracted. but requiring such delicate wayz. the patience of job. necessitating recourse to cumbersome psychological tools of unwieldy proportion. the cunning of fisherman with dry flies. and then enormous shovels to heap it onto the page.
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When robert johnson went down the bigg road in the earlier thirties he couldnt play a lick Yet when he returned a few short months hence he was one of the greatest artists the world had ever scene Little wonder a whole series of complex mythology/legends built up around his having sold his soul For the original rock & role no less His whole repertoire cut in a few daze with his back to the transcription horn he was dead before he was twenty one But his music is absolutely incandescent and lives on everywhere with an all pervading influence
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Little wonder is the name of a steam locomotive built in the 1860’s The design was completely new at the time and consisted of two boilers set back to back with a common cab The wheel arrangement was 0-4-4-0 and it ran on the ffestiniog railway which was built to a gauge of 1 ft 11ins This line carried slate from the underground quarries in the mountains to the sea at porthmadog On a trial attended by the russian royal family it carried 111 empty slate wagons 6 coaches & 12 goods wagons at speeds of up to 35 mph
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Hmmm The zootster is once more in the dogg house Madame is on a horse so high its head is rubbing shoulders with low clouds So The only recourse seems to be to skulk in here In the dark Communing Silently With the machine Raging at it perhaps No Not really Not reilly Seeking refuge is all Pumping a few stray shots into the lexical chamber For the good or ill of all Hmmm Making hey with the keyboard Shouting ho with malone And Generally Just Trying to remember Its only stuff Only odd bitz Abstruse stuff Hmmm Hmmm Hmmm
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Have just put burroughs in the search facility for this sight & come up with four matches Old bull to be sure would have approved of this endeavour we are all currently pumping into His kind of writing No limits Or strictures Preconceptions or codes Just whack it in or whack it off Same difference In endless search of the third mind The fourth estate The fifth column The sixth sense The seventh son The eighth armie All toiling towards the disneydoom of the hill of megiddo Awash in a boiling maelstrom of wordz Tantalising with visions of the end
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an odd day. rolling quite well at first. everything in a neat & tidy place. just the usual. hurrahing about the good bitz. ho humming about those in the middle. harrumphing about those at the other end of the scale. mostly though they’re all okay. then whack bam boom. at the end of the day. whilst reclining. nonchalant. as you do. in the tubb. a call from the trojans. baby bear has been involved in some misdemeanours the provenance of which is entirely intangible. long telecons. much shuffling. attempting. wearily. to stay casual. all to no avail. humph. humph. humph.
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five long years. of counting nutz. and boltz. and finally. some promo. today amongst the high street consumer durables. home cinema. hifi. video. dvd. minidiscs. consoles. games. cameras. computers. all the usual didgeridoos. scene from the other side. how little they all seem. electronic gonads are all these are really. something to fiddle about with. nobs & buttons & various billydoos. endlessly to adjust. to set. to reset. to configure. to conspire. congloom & conflate. in search of impossible dreams. schemes. stuff. nonsense. all rolled into one. all made merrie. with ludicrous ad agency suggestion. for what is not there.
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maclone was concerned with his blades. without them his peregrinations would be seriously curtailed. and without his peregrinations his investigations would be put most definitely on the bum. and with his investigations on the bum his opportunity for the accumulation of spondulix would be put in a most irascible sling. thus it was that he found himself in this immense catacomb combing infinitesimally through the endless minutia of the filing system. for he felt sure that here he would find some clue to the present disposition of the said blades. here would be the key to his stupendous ongoing remit.
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his eye chanced on a piece of ancient parched prose. attached to ancient parched parchment. he entertained. briefly. the notion of a farm in mississippi. then cast it aside as being. in. and of itself. contraindicated. a bum steer. if you will.

he continued. doggedly. thumbing. through this antiquated barnyard connection.

(somewheres. he thought. then thought. again. did i. think that. then thought. whatever. was thought. was only. what. he thought.)

his eye. returned. to the werke at hand. his blades. he knew. were here. somewheres. someplace. anew.

some unknown rube had no doubt intervened & cast a wicked aspersion.

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the night burns with the ghosts of timorous beasties. much cowering is there to be done. tam o’shanter & souter johnnie must be given a glass. past oft times quickly & darkly through. o’er brig a doon & fair ayr’s handsome highway. the haggis piped & prompt & peremptorily disguised with splendid ceremony. a lonesome ballad of long knives & crystal ships will be foretold. auld lang syne must ne’er forget. songs of ploughmans fancies shall gang agley. the auld reekie rectors office will resonate with nightmare stentorian blast. then. in the morning. all will be as once it was?
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the archives proved nothing. maclone would go on alone. perhaps. renting a bicyclette would enhance his slimbering chances. mayhap this could enable his weary legges to eat some ersatz tarmac in the continual search for his missing blades. but a thought then struck with the force of butter. were the blades in some way intentionally awol. had they metamorphosed into some hideous kafkaesque mcguffin. was this journey simply the result of someone else’s meddling? would it be better to stay home? tucked up in the warm. counting memories & peeling bananas & knott having to think of any of this.
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Godot is once more at his command post at the spires He’s been there since yesterday Staring out irresolute over all he surveys As though he has brought with him a thousand years of doing the self same thing over the stormdrained plains of old afrique Standing implacable Immobile Impervious to the sauvage ravages of momma naturel And waiting Yes waiting For all that will one day come to pass In edgy promises and vague intimations and possible hints of the future A future as far away now as ever it was but still every bit as enticing & envicing
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Safeways again Some psycho headbanger in holdmeback mode was laying waste to the kiosk with relentless stonk Some mordant buffoonery about a plastic bag was involved Unbelievable The great unanswered question hovering insouciantly on every lip Have these gorillas no lives of their own And this was one of the female persuasion to boot With all the charm of a wounded rhino on bad amphetamine Offering all and sundery outside Whatever The trials and tribs of the daily grind round here The urban jungle in all its trenchant finery The great unwashed spinning gently into the great unknown Ho hum
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time alone would tell. that was the thing. the slow haunting jagged steppes of the rickety hands winding round the twisted face & spitting out the monotonous monstrous meteronome made multiple marauds on the malleable marat of his day. time. he thought. for a change.

erstwhile the blades would not be given any particular ascendancy in the scheme of things. both those to come & those that are gone. each would be blackballed.

thus maclone could concentrate on more pressing problems. such as the cultivation of a new moustache. or the concentration of apples in the place of his sconce.

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Taken is on the box through in the other room where it acts as an aural backdrop to baby bear who Much to madames approval Is practising his reading &In fact Has been at work on this very machine here doing some speech work Which It seems has been prompted by his reading Anyway Taken Which no one is watching Madame being insouciantly asleep on the black leather so far Schemes like some kind of xfilish deriv & in actuality all of these appear descended from twin peaks Which seems definitely to be the guv’nor in this area Ho hum
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Have just finished four daze or rather nights On the trot Somewhat mesmerisingly disorientating A disparate selection of branches Roots an’ all no doubt Of the great brutish home store The last looking more like a rumble sale than the peoples choice However Te dum te dum te dum Have just noticed une autre mois has just done an offski over the twilight horizon So There you go Three done Which aint half bad at that Guv’nor Gawd bless you for you trouble kind sir We ‘ere down in steerage is always greatful for the bounteous wisdom of your blessing