February 28, 2021
Last day of the month now!

Again I question the use of adding in these random time-related taglines to these bits of writing, as if that was all I was really all about, more about deadlines than living for the moment, on the winds of whim and all. You get indoctrinated by life though you know? Trapped inside this system we call society.

Then again I do like the numbers, and the cool (or not so cool, split impression here) thing about this 28th is that it's both the last day of the month and the last day of the week all at once.

Felt like I reaaaally had to make the most of it! And I did. Sort of. Finished a game for a jam just before it was due, and it turned out good.

Must say I am pretty pleased with myself. Good day. Good week. Good month... after all.