December 12, 2020
Getting better, maybe...?

I went to bed at 3 yesterday. Not tired enough. Woke up around 10, feeling relatively rested. But not really. Stayed in bed a while and suddenly it was past 12. Soo that's how my Saturday starts now...

I was at the verge of randomly bursting into tears on a couple of occasions yesterday though, and so far no such emotions seem to be bubbling up today, so maybe it was a temporary thing. Too much stress. Too much tension. Disappointments and rejections. You know how it goes.

I cut my hair this morning. I didn't power on the computer until I was ready for it. I'm doing what I need or should do so far, and surprising myself. It's not going fast but it's going well. It's like I lured the law of attraction back on my side, but *knock on wood* cause who knows, maybe new lows are coming up soon though.

I'm a deal with this the best I can. Winter depression. More rest. less stress. More exercise. More social contacts. And be a bit more careful about what you say to people, cause they just might be going through the same shit too.