January 4, 2018
This week passed in a blaze.

I woke up with a headache today, but decided to go about my business like usual anyway, went to work, struggled through it, got back... and now it's gone! :) Each time I manage it feels like a victory, though really need to book that osteopath appointment and hopefully rid myself of these plagues once and for all.

The only working cure seems to be: dinner, and magnesium. Take just the right dosage, and even if you're not hungry make sure to eat both lunch and dinner on time - the latter's the big challenge. Zero appetite at this point... but then... it fades away.

Sometimes it doesn't, but for the times it does that's how to do it.

And time in major bathroom visits before a meal, too. That seems to be it. Stomach and mind... it's all connected, in my case at least. Tomorrow, it's time to get up North! Exciting times...

So exciting I'm forty words over the limit. Oh well. NO headache. Vacation tomorrow. Life is awesome.