We own nothing. By which we mean: Our members retain the copyright to their work. We just want to publish it.

By submitting their work to 100 Words, all members grant permission for that work to be reprinted by 100 Words, in any form, in perpetuity. Don't worry -- if 100 Words, The Movie ever gets made, we'll share the wealth.

Again: The copyright remains with the writers. They can reprint their words wherever they want, whenever they want. Our feelings won't be hurt.

The real point is, there's no delete function. There's no edit function. Once words are posted, they will remain on the site forever. This project is about commitment. Hindsight is fine; regret is the artist's enemy.

In return, 100 Words supports the right of its participants to write however they want, about whatever they want. As long as the Guidelines are met, entries will not be edited.

Furthermore, no attempt will be made to confirm any of the information presented by participants (with the exception of your email address, which we will not share with anyone). Readers are advised to consider 100 Words as much an art project as a documentary forum.

What are we trying to say? Don't assume that the crimes, debauchery, love, lust and hate contained herein can be used as evidence against anyone in a public or private trial. We will not release any information about our members other than what they choose to make available.

And we will not do so under any condition. Take us to court.


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