After much deliberation, we've decided to not include any paid ads -- not even Google ads. Honestly, is the 30 cents per month worth the clutter?

Instead, 100 Words will continue to rely on the kindness of its members. If you use this site regularly, you are encouraged to donate via Paypal (see link, at bottom right). In return, we will feature your ad in our "Member Websites" space, at right. For $10, we'll feature your 200x50 mini-banner for one week. $15 gets you a 200x100 rectangle; $20 for a 200x200 square. Every penny goes toward operation costs and working down site-related debt.

That said, we are open to sponsorship opportunities from institutions and marketers with a proven track record of not being monsters.

If you're looking to offer us free advertising, in the form of link or banner, here's some spiffy graphics to help get you started (and thanks in advance for promoting 100 Words).


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