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October 29th, 2009
Do you ever stop and think what an idiot you are? I think I'm probably really annoying, like unbelievably so, and my views on things are probably infuriating. What must people think of me? But the thing is, how can you help who you are? What can you do to be less insufferable? I have good manners, but I am easily angered. I'm probably quite cocky in a way. Who would put up with me? People say you change a lot between 20 and 30, but I feel the same. I've regressed if anything. Set in my ways; until death.

July 16th, 2009
When you tell somebody that you've dreamed about them, their response is almost always a slightly wary, "What was I doing?!" This is down to two reasons, I think. Firstly, it's unnerving that someone can have a perception of you that you yourself have not caused. Whatever you do in someone else's dream is entirely outside of your control, and that's a little worrying. Secondly, the way you appeared in someone's dream can say a lot about what they really think of you, so that's also unsettling. And yet in a way, it's quite flattering to be dreamed of, too.

April 1st, 2008
Hereís a fine topic for my first entry here: tomorrow, crack of an hour before dawn, Iíll be at the Mayo Clinic to find out if Alzheimerís is gnawing my brain: it took my grandmother. It took my mother. Itís my one deep terror, back in the closet, behind the monster, in among the hangers. Fifty-four is too young, isnít it? Isn't it? How about if Iím 25 really, and the lines and the gray are courtesy of the makeup department? I hope my posts will be witty, or moving, or insightful, or at least fun. Tonight? Iím fresh out.