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September 2nd, 2012
Chapter 1 Oregon City February 1951 Lucy stepped off the bus on Main Street, hungry and gritty after the exhausting nine-hour trip from her family home in Weiser, Idaho. She wanted nothing more than a bath, something to eat, and a warm bed. Although it was mid-afternoon, the sky was dark and a cold drizzle mixed with snow chilled her through her black wool coat. She pulled the collar high around her neck, lifted the small brown suitcase her mother had given her, and, at the age of seventeen, began life as an adult. Crossing the street against a cold,

October 16th, 2010
I'm sitting here quietly, like nothing's wrong. Staying so still in silence. While the gears are turning in my head, faster and faster. Cracking against each other as they spin out of control. Cogs and springs breaking; bouncing off the inside of my skull. Smoke and chipping pieces of debris fill the air. The gears turn faster. Harder. Screws falling out of place; clattering against the back of my eyes. Faster still. Harder still. Everything cracking; breaking in half, falling to pieces against the back of my forehead.
A monotone voice sounds.
"The mechanics of this mind have shut down."

August 11th, 2007
Noise annoys.

Am I becoming less tolerant of noise as I get older, or is the world becoming a noisier place?

Perhaps a little of each.

Certainly I find myself being annoyed by uninvited sounds far too often.

'Uninvited' - that's the key word: it is the feeling of intrusion which irks.

I like loud music on my headphones, when I am in the mood, though I can't read comfortably while listening, but the blast of noise from a passing car's stereo, or the bass thump from the flat downstairs, can make every muscle in my body tense with anger.