BY Davey H

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A curious and unsolicited invitation came into his inbox from one mysterious ‘Svetlana’.
Upon examination of her facial features, a clearly identifiable Slavic profile emerged from every pore of her persona. Or was it North Germanic? Indo-European/Russian?
Mysterious indeed, though he’d remain aloof.

Backdrops of ultra modern cityscapes filled her photos and the content of posts was overall positive.

Unsure of the why, who or where, he inquired as to when this person had decided to ask him into whatever fold happened to exist in the genre; after all, some 55 groups and a gaggle of followers participated in it.
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Nasty backbiting, bloviating and opinionated blitzing characterize contemporary talk radio over what is soon to become the vexed Big Thing.

What a bunch of know-it-alls!

Our leaders, drum beaters,
are not much different.

“Granted,” John panted, “a ‘few’ Patriot® missiles couldn’t hurt a flea, see?”
Of course that’s fictitious flutter-trap yap.
And I made it up, so give me some crap!

But John had been there before. Been strung up, stung up, and damn near hung up.
Hell, he survived Hell - not only to tell about it but thrived, eventually coming to own multiple properties.

The other John married rich.
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One day Davey exclaimed,
“Oh, hey, I’m not fakin.”
“And yeah, I’ll be blamed,
but mistakes are for makin’!”
“For I’ve made some mistakes
out of tepidness sheer
But that’s the breaks
at least around here!”

And sure, Davey stumbles
in fits and slow starts;
and heatedly mumbles
as he loudly farts.

He’ll offer that he’s no cabinet maker
like that woodworker down the street
though try as he might, he still is no faker
and made something pretty damn neat!

“Just wish I could show you!”
That’s what Davey squeals
of his prototype ll
Ahhh, a table on wheels!
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Davey didn’t get around to cleaning up the horrendous, badly entangled brush mess he had created prior to departure. And that sucked.
But no matter; few tools of any value were left behind for enterprising thieves to pilfer.
He just hoped the sun wouldn’t kill that ¾” bull-rope in the meantime.

The usual late start ensued.

Implementing road trips had never been easy for Davey or his illustrious spouse, and this was certainly no exception. Pulling up roots –  perish the thought –however temporarily, from their gentleman’s farm was akin to pulling a greedy suction cup from a dew-kissed glass pane.
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So we hit the well-worn highway once again
and drove most of it my way, oh fair friend.

Those brand new skins, why they still reeked
but rear brake pads’ pins no longer squeaked.
While good weather had held sway
I had installed those brakes that day.
So far, so good; they’re stopping just fine
not bought in ‘hood, but from online!

Stopping, yes, so far, so good
next step, I guess, is Hollywood!
By that I mean, oh hell, aw, screw it:
I’ll go and have the mechanic do it.

Steve rocks out th’box!

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All along the splotch power,
noting how soon the season would change,
we stayed bone dry without a shower,
hoping to rearrange.

All along the clogged highway,
breathing in rubber dust and exhaust fumes;
we headed to hotels placed ‘long the byway
to stake our claims in small rooms.

All along with good repute,
as fall approached, we’d honk and toot.

All along with open eyes,
we searched beneath those sunny skies
whilst hoping for ocular surprise
then hasten to point and shoot!

But repetition of the first verse
a premonition of a burst curse
we knew it all along!
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Tooling along various and sundry Interstates,
we realized how spoiled we had become.
But this began as a night trip
and though with good tire grip
fatigue had worn me numb!

The sad fact of the matter these days
is that nighttime is the ONLY time
to get anywhere by automobile.

But that's not news.

Of course, that's also an optimal time
for road crews.

First I took the wheel; that was the deal.
A task best finished before needing to snooze.

Aye, had that come to pass,
it would have been my ass
so surely a thing to lose!
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Settling in, having arrived 3:30 a.m. at the temporary destination of one satisfactory highly overpriced small area – otherwise known as a 'hotel room', we hit the sack with an audible WHACK for an actual sleep, wretched hours to keep.

Long after ensuing daybreak, our familial counterparts were more than tactful in summoning us up and at 'em for coffee and cheap doughnuts. Thus, a note was slipped under the door as opposed to a knock at it.

Good to see all once again – and it hadn't been that long since we were here together under similar, slightly less sad circumstances.


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We prattled, some prayed,
books rattled, one brayed.
My, that heavenly singer belted it out
with power akin to a shout.

At night 'twas time to catch up on the Web.
So Pimsleur approach
a hot topic to broach,
I surfed and dodged SPAM
as a mouse-tweakin' ham
with no obvious need of a coach.

Sexy play, fake Rolex watches;
the SPAM of today had arrived in splotches!
But for once we had a reliable Internet connection with very little predilection,
so no bitchin' or gripin' would ensue
regarding WIFI radio frequency waves'
interpenetration of walls, doors, me and YOU.

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We all parted company the next day,
which was too short and no dollar could stay.
So rather than being a dollar late
and day short,
we indeed had agreed to comport.

We of the countrified hick persuasion had become flatly fatigued keeping bad hours and pissing money away on poor quality food, so we drove and walked around in a daze until a plan surfaced, dude.
As we hung out with JR that breezy afternoon well into dusk, his face appeared rough as a dried out corn husk.

He must have smoked a half-dozen ciggies during that visit.
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They wanted to set the world on fire
and used silver birds as bombs;
whilst stock short traders did conspire
with restlessness that never calms.

Today also marked the 40th anniversary of “our” Nixon and Kissinger-orchestrated dishonest coup in which Chilean president Salvatore Allende was ousted and “our” puppet dictator Augusto Pinochet was “installed”.

Never has anyone explained the connection betwixt these two events or why they climaxed on this date

Whilst in the Big Apple a week earlier, we passed a new shiny building looking great,
standing, if we're not mistaken, where WTC 1 stood.

Our gawking didn't matter.
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No matter the macabre memories, Davey just couldn't summon sentiment, though a dismal  cloud cover waxed analogous as an appropriate overarching theme for the day.

Yesterday's media seemed to shy away from covering 9/11/2001. Not that I paid attention; no functional Cyclops Ad-box exists in this household, after all, so the car radio was the only inlet.

Later, of course, it was time to revisit wisdom purveyed by Richard Gage of He did an interview:

Got no trouble with .FLV;
The players all seem fine to me.
And in time we'll surely see
What all came to be.

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In a bind, did it rain today?
Never mind. Oh, that's okay.

So here's a smatterin' of shuffled paper tatterin'
across this desk to splay
in keeping with Davey's procrastination pattern.
Oh, indeed, it is a habit, says they.

Yes, the infamous “they”: those who know everything you are supposed to do and presume you will perform as planned – or at least as menially with commensurate idyllic outcomes crowed about in glossy supermarket magazines.
The “they” who know what “normal” is,
and paste a derisive nameplate on your ass
if you AREN'T.

This habit isn't goin' down easy.

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Some guy we don’t know
wrote a new war book.
Will the war weary Joe
dare give it a look?

This harsh thing called war
why not grab some more?
WW3 and then Four
do we know it’s in store?
Hey, that’s what it’s for:
Create enemies galore!

Indeed, that’s what our rapacious species has been doing for untold millennia.

And then that other dude (boy, I’m GREAT with names today!) culled a giant tome from betwixt his ears and research libraries, citing historical evidence supporting over 14,000 wars homo sapiens has delved into since the dawn of recorded history.

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Good things came and went this summer,
just as they always do.
Tomatoes sat green but stayed on the scene, then what tart orbs they turned into!

When we left on a trip in our rusty ship
and swerved on those crowded-ass roads;
we attended a service
then got slightly nervous
under burgeoning weight of big loads.

The traffic so frantic
expected; mid-‘Lantic
a gridlocked, entangled morass;
obnoxious wheeled antic
but we didn’t panic
when impatient ones rode on our ass.

It was good to get back
to this banal dull shack
and peer through the cloudy gray glass!
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During the refreshment period following M’s memorial service, at which time much gobbling of solids was engaged in, along with quaffing of non-alcoholic liquids, Wayne had encouraged Davey to pursue obtaining a carry permit.

It figures the gun topic would come up.

Davey was too timid during this otherwise polite conversation to say how he REALLY felt.
After all, the only time Davey would point and shoot was with one of his two cheap digital cameras.

Moreover, Davey related to the Waynester, a document had been signed 30 years ago which indicated he would never be permitted a carry permit.
09/17 Direct Link
But though he mentioned this fact, Wayne scoffed at the ostensibly official non-carry documentation, citing its likelihood of non-validity at this late date.

Though Davey lived in a reasonably safe area, one never knew what dangers could lurk, say, within the realm of home invasion, and having a loaded piece handy might just be the optimal way to deal with such situations. It was definitely brood for naught.

At this point, having crouched to get closer and be able to hear the soft-spoken Waynester’s words, Davey couldn’t summon a humorous termination of this discussion and meandered off to take pictures.
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Davey forgets what he did today,
not that it matters;
his life, as they say,
is at times in tatters.

He writes BEHIND,
but at least not ahead;
the time he can’t find
or else he’s in bed.

He has been keeping some crazy hours, frequently working until 9:30 p.m., albeit with eerie florescent lamps as visual assistance aids. Not that they’re great at that; the blue end of the spectrum may be well and good for some stuff, but when twisting rusty wire fences together in the late evening, such lighting makes for color distortion of the highest order.
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The fence that divided two secure sections of our quasi-aviary (read: chicken pen) have been nearly completed, and farmboy Davey has managed to split his time betwixt secure pen completion, computer diddling, half-assed brake jobs, tree felling, grass trimming, and a whole lotta drivin’ around.

Oh, yeah – Tommy has old studded tires Davey has yet to get. Summer tread? You bet.
But what a bunch of knuckle-bustin’ madness it is pulling those studs!

Yet “free” is a good thing.

While a new set of skins clocks in over $300.00, Davey’s rubber adage will apply:

“Run ‘em until they friggin’ DIE.”
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This was to be one of those not-so-fast Fridays, and Davey was draggin’ ass. Normally the last day of the work week, this would be merely an introduction to a bust-ass weekend.
Multi-tasking was definitely on the agenda.

The rain has been holding off for now.

Pity those poor folks out Colorado way.

With so much to do, we’ll make it somehow.

We got our soakin’ on August 29th, 2011, eh?

With soil to move and maybe plow

grass to cut and weeds to flay

mop up the sweat upon thy brow

we’ll be in the groove, but later today!
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Happy totally cool birthday
to our dear young Pops!
We hope it’s a mirth day;
let’s tell him he’s TOPS!

Whether you’re his daughter or a son
let’s all give him a shout;
and prod him forth to go have some fun
‘cause it’s us he can BRAG about!

Surely dear Pops is advancing in age
but that shouldn’t be a big trouble;
he’ll look at this chapter whilst turning the page
then get out and WALK – on the double!

Pops: a man of simple wishes
no i-Pad or “smart” phone
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Not knowing why, when or where
his September 22nd entry vanished to,
Davey embarked to post anew.
Shhh – don’t tell anyone!
He’s in October before it is done!

As stated previously,
or, if not, stated now – Davey makes the point,
sharply admitting he is hard to follow on point,
but will hastily point out
that it is because he is simply far too far behind
to cull quick rhyme.

After all, he may say, without being a jerk,
“Arrgh! Oy-vay! Thinking is hard work!”

And so far, his behind has been stuck;
he won’t mind, not down on his luck!
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Davey attempted to remember today’s activities. (Forefinger scratches balding pate.)

Oh, yeah – it was that knuckle-busting brake job!
A break in the usual humdrum routine, to be sure; yet, thanks to, ‘twas one that didn’t break his bank, but threatened, at several junctures in the process, to break what fortitude he had mustered – along with his oil and grunge-slathered digits.

The work entailed installation of new junkyard struts and a nearly complete replacement of front-end braking hardware: new rotors and pads – provided the calipers checked out okay.
Readers of this post will be intrigued by these highly scintillating revelations!
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Anyway, regarding Davey’s rusty front end progress, those struts killed the day.
Time was running short, pressuring resolute work completion, as the car would be pressed into service the very next day!
For an ambitions 971.6 mile trek,
what the heck!?

Partway through brake parts installation, the passenger side shoes wouldn’t fit over the rotor, despite satisfactory caliper piston compression, which led to a break in continuation of ongoing mechanical machinations. In short, Davey had to get the lead out, preferably without musing over this quirk of English in which ‘lead’ and ‘led’ are pronounced as we’re led to believe.

09/25 Direct Link
Davey neglected to mention getting pulled over prior to this excursion – an event that threatened serious curtailment of its implementation, as his driver’s license had long since expired. So he had been driving on borrowed licensure – a criminal offense.
Luckily the otherwise bellicose trooper was lenient.
Davey watched with a mixture of angst and relief as trusty rusty was loaded on the roll-back for the trip to his driveway.

Next day, temporary paper license in hand, Davey waxed exuberant, though he hadn’t taken the reins, er, wheel, in a long time – at least not in this impossibly long duration capacity.
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Davey felt exhilarated upon receiving his temporary permission to drive upon America’s roadways, and tried to rub some of the resultant happiness off on the otherwise grouchy DMV attendant. After walking out behind the building to take a piss, Davey noticed this: apple trees, yes if you please, just brimming with fruit – such bliss!

Citing that such was the case, and nobody had forthwith hastened to cultivating said fruit, Davey waxed enthusiastic to the aforementioned clerk thus: “just to let y’all know, those apple trees out back have apples on ‘em! They’re probably perfectly fine; nothing’s been sprayed on ‘em”
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The day started – or should we say ‘never ended’ – around 10 a.m., when the rooster ring tone on our cell phone jarred us awake from the deepest, most exhausted of slumbers.

Outside the motel room’s thankfully closed window, truck tire tread provided a constant eerie tremulous singing, punctuated by and wrapped in the occasional intermittent muffler-challenged diesel engine.

Sound lust never sleeps.
Ahhh, yes: the trilling of restless laissez-faire capitalism at work and on the move.

Sue was on the other end, no doubt calling from HER hotel room high above the pavement in the town we had just left.
09/28 Direct Link
It figured the coverage personnel
would inexorably pester us during this grueling vacation. After all, that’s what cell phones’ ‘always connected’ configurations are for: coverage – blanket coverage.

Moreover, customers would also completely forget our dates and put in calls accordingly.

Day 3 into the gig
and it looks to me
we’ve many a rig
on the road we share
we the small, they the big
so put in the call
hey, what the frig?!

The phone shouldn’t be used in the car, as its user is exposing her/himself to many times the concentration of RF radiation otherwise normally being emitted.
09/29 Direct Link
The other vehicular occupant
pointed out to Davey
that he should drive in a straight line cant
and not be overtly wavy.
Verily, he’d loathe more stops
after that fall he had with cops!

This being said, what more to say?
Whoa! It’s someone special’s birthday!

Then to that lady, oh, so dear
who brought us life as now we’re here
we hasten to make things perfectly clear
she’s still kickin’ in high gear!

So with that revelation all
without procrastination, I gave a call
upon picking up she did enthrall
so we shot da shit and had a ball.
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Cleveland had even less to offer than Cincinnati. But at least no hordes of red shirt-clad shit-sport fans thronged and hogged all available downtown parking.

Back up on the highway – thankfully without backup – a rusty-looking mill, pipes clambering over its girth, sat menacingly in a valley.
At night, lights blinked upon it.
No doubt it chewed metal.

Could this be a lingering relic of that formerly belching, much-ballyhooed ‘Rust Belt’?

We know it as the place from which pollutants sourced, and then telegraphed themselves up to our region in order to rust out our cars and sicken our plant material.