BY Davey H

05/01 Direct Link
This drab first of May
Is an overcast day
So what can you say?
Don’t go out and play
But rather foray
To the local café
Where brisk repartee
So brightly holds sway!
Grab a table, you may
If you’re able, convey
And get started typing away!

It’s a good thing it’s typed
My cursive’s so sloppy!
You might have griped
Had you gotten a copy!
Elsewhere in the news I muse:
“Gorgeous phlox this year,” Audrey wryly noted.
Whilst elsewhere
“Our” War Machine ardently gloated.
Aye, phlox indeed In good stead, methinks
Resplendent this carpet
In bright whites and pinks!
05/02 Direct Link

Still light, that’s right
Write hard tonight!
Hard, right and fast
Don’t go soft
For you won’t last
But wrinkle-smash
This page so vast!
No news, few views
Today I muse
Thus this musing may never cease
Been out of touch & haven’t heard much
About Portugal, France or Greece.
Not that I care
Or despair, compare or cajole
Because, like the Greeks
If one peeks, we’re also in a deep hole!
At least that’s the assessment of a mentor who
As busy-bee retiree
Has both time and energy
To scrutinize,
And panegyrize re:

05/03 Direct Link

Musing ‘oer the third of May
A spittin’ drizzle starts the day
Quaff that java, let’s go play!
Wait a cotton-pickin’ minute, I say:
100 Words are not yet spoken
So unheard: Their site’s still broken!

So what’s a frustrated scrivener to do?
Ponder the quandary
With a fuss or two:
Being no longer young & spry
Internet surfboard with which I screw
How safe an old boy am I?

The Internet security package that came
With one of these used Windows® boxes
Thinks $ 114.00 per annum constitutes ‘safe’.
“Safe, my ass”, I excoriated
It’s slammed with spam proliferated!

05/04 Direct Link

May I say Yikes!
With shock this word’s spoken
Along with its likes
100Words© broken!
No worry, no strife
Time to giddyup-go
To get on with this life
And what little I know.

Commence to the ‘field’
where a purpose is fixed
Frustration will yield
But results will be mixed!

So I trundle along
An imperfect self
Attempt to be strong
At least stay off the shelf
Like some dog-eared book
Decaying in stages
I’ll try and resist
Dogs pulling my pages!

When the doldrums subside
And El Sol’s up to snuff
I’ll hit my stride
And tackle this stuff!




05/05 Direct Link

A Bigass Barn Yarn

Neighbor T has big plans
And other neighbors
Next town over
Have a big-ass barn.

Not only is the barn filled up
But also falling down
And they’re assessed property taxes
On its dilapidated crown.


Now let’s be clear
On Primary Barn Principle:
The bigger you build ‘em
The more shit they’ll hold
So don’t be sheepish
The maxim’s thus told:

"Any Junk Will Rise In Quantity
To Fill Space Allotted"

“They never threw anything away.”
Is a refrain out-trotted
When a big-ass barn
As per this yarn
Outlives its productive years.

05/06 Direct Link

Another day’s resplendent bounty
A grand foray in Franklin County
In said county thus I tumble
Keep demeanor oh, so humble
Forgetting, for this fleeting moment
Of other worlds’ distress and foment
Citing anniversary
Years of damn near 23!
Think of my sweetheart, what I got her
And not of those
With barely clothes
Sweat-stuck to their backs
Ducking, dodging ‘our’ drone attacks
Who walk miles a day just for water!
Meanwhile, with 2 dogs I walk
About a 20-minute schlep
It’s bigger than a city block
Less likely the need to watch your step
Amid trees, grass & rock!

05/07 Direct Link

Bigass Barn’s roof has a gaping hole,
manifesting as a bright spot in that
sunny Sunday photo. Water had made inroads
onto mounds of forgotten ‘stuff’ laid bare
by missing walls on the north side.
Local hemlock and pine, while cheap
and readily available, aren’t sufficiently durable
to resist pounding New England winters,
but in animal agriculture’s heyday,
that seemed no impediment to barn-raisin’.
Besides, who amongst the builders
would be around in 100 years?
Neighbor T, a big guy, isn’t cowed by
the daunting task, delighted to milk it to the max.
“Why put it to pasture?” he ruminated.

05/08 Direct Link

‘Next town over’ means little in these parts
in terms of distance, and T, not content
to see Bigass Barn go by the boards,
has worked its dismantlement
with asinine persistence.
At first, when he exuberantly informed me
of grandiose plans to build this and that,
I thought “in reality, he’ll do no such thing.”
After all, the unwritten but well-understood
‘Law of Stuff’ dictates:
“Most (and sometimes ALL) recoverable Stuff,
once schlepped to new locations,
becomes JUNK immediately
upon removal from present site.”

But lo and behold, T has succeeded in
fashioning an impromptu greenhouse
from antique double-hung windows!

05/09 Direct Link

T continues trucking Bigass Barn’s guts home
in a Volvo sedan – sure testimony to his verve
and determination. I, on the other hand,
having stubbornly resisted abiding by the
Law of Stuff for 4 decades,
didn’t join the barn clean-out operations.

Indeed, it’s a pack-ratter’s bonanza,
but I already have way too much Stuff
put up waiting for eventualities
and unfinished projects. Which leads to
‘Law of Stuff’ maxim # 9 (I think):
“Of Binge & Purge, be it noted:
Stuff having lain fallow in one’s yard
for a period of 3 years is eligible for Free-Signing
and roadside placement.”

05/10 Direct Link

Bigass Barn is indeed a metaphor of
acquisitive human history.
For a peek inside this capacious
cavern provides an unglamorous glimpse
of the human pack-rat that resides,
to varying degrees, inside us all.
Of course it’s a taint we’d rather ignore.
But given the opportunity and plenty of space,
we of the ‘hunter-gatherer’ persuasion
would fill our coffers (and coffins!) over the brim.

Additionally, surrounding oneself with
multiple layers of Stuff provides a measure of
protection from adversaries real or imagined.
In the end, Law of Stuff # 6 holds sway:
“That fella’s bread and butter
will become YOUR clutter.”

05/11 Direct Link

Railing on ‘bout Bigass barn
Tooling past it every day

Having spun long-winded yarn
I now feel compelled to say
lots of things that come to mind
most prominently this holds sway:
such insight in what’s left behind:
A ‘finders-keepers’ grand foray!

Law of Stuff #1 we find:
”Fill thus every nook and cranny
with Stuff from us, Mom, Dad & Granny!”

Though dumpster®-ready STUFF may be
let’s keep in mind: so far, it’s FREE!

When workin’ farm folks dearly departed
leaving the homestead that they’d started
what tugs at heartstrings most is sorrow:
Those good folks see no tomorrow!

05/12 Direct Link

An eerie aura of sadness and futility
saturates Bigass Barn & periphery.
Of course it’s not just THIS, but many
former farmsteads in these hills:
Hulking, decrepit tombstones that
dot the landscape, weeping and wailing
the prevailing mythology of idyllic
19th century family farm life.

Pasted onto this abundant legacy
of the marginal, the obsolete, or just plain JUNK
are rusty, musty fingerprints of those
long-departed, mostly FORGOTTEN souls
who left few written records.

Law of STUFF #8: “May this STUFF
someday provide endless fascination
& employment for Freegan® heirs
brave and/or willing enough to
undertake cleaning up the mess!"

05/13 Direct Link

What did I do this Mother’s Day!?
I’m slightly ashamed, yes, I might say!
When, alas, to my dismay
It came to pass; time slipped away!

That phone call to Mom thus held at bay
By my glom in a working foray
What had I done, one might well inveigh
to churn working hours into a puree?

First I uncoiled a long rope to splay
And toiled up a tree for 2 hours’ stay
The resultant rope swing was BLING, I’d say
And here’s the thing: It’s installed just for play!

Called Mom, Oy Vay!
But LATE by a day!

05/14 Direct Link


When another auto bisects your path
*SMASH!* you’re BLOTTO!
Do the math!
This indeed did happen to me:
Broadsided so unmercifully!
I’d feared it so dreadfully
But will post it July 3!

Elsewhere in non-rage news if you will
I took some pine logs to the mill!
Its large round blade, staid, I’d deduce
Tons of sawdust would produce!
No logs did Lee D. need to measure
As I watched with glee
Unfettered pleasure!

In the end ‘twas pretty neat
Lee, my friend, had pulled a feat!
Waiting hands fresh boards did greet
Totaling 460 board feet!


05/15 Direct Link
Up to Lee’s sawmill I had gone
And for the first time
Saw logs REALLY sawn!

She was fifty-two inches
Of cold-blooded steel
Ripping and screeching
With frightening brawn
And a guttural humming
That you could feel
So fast; insanely surreal!

In a muddy yard
No grass dared grow
With stacks and racks
And trailer backs
Rusting trucks and rustic shacks
Slabs piled high and strips of bark
Deep tire ruts
No place to park!

But oh, the mill
Whilst such a thrill
Would be the life I choose
Fine fragrant lumber in the till
And sawdust in my shoes!
05/16 Direct Link

Constant drizzle mars the morn
Pansies drooped quite as if shorn!
Met 3 Bassett hounds
And then made the rounds
On time, I could have sworn!

Went out with the dogs
The weather, it SUCKS!
But it’s good for frogs
And algae and ducks!

Talk radio honks
Bass thumps in the speakers
We slosh through the grass
With sopping-wet sneakers!

Awash in dog-human civilization
Awaiting dry weather
With some perturbation
Existing together
in human-dog nation
Two feet wrapped in leather
10 paws in gyration!

Pardon me, folks, if this be too droll
Climate won’t coax
‘cause we have no control!

05/17 Direct Link
Up to Lee’s sawmill I had gone
And for the first time
Saw logs REALLY sawn!
She was fifty-two inches
Of cold-blooded steel
Ripping and screeching
With frightening brawn
And a guttural humming
That you could feel
So fast; insanely surreal!

In a muddy yard
No grass dared grow
With stacks and racks
And trailer backs
Rusting trucks and rustic shacks
Slabs piled high and strips of bark
Deep tire ruts
No place to park!

But oh, the mill
Whilst such a thrill
Would be the life I choose
Fine fragrant lumber in the till
And sawdust in my shoes!
05/18 Direct Link

Mike asked if I wanted the firewood
from that job in '04.
“Firewood? Fokk no,” I replied
“I’ve got a backlog.”
Nobody thought it funny.

Mike was highly absorbed in answering
way too many emails by himself
– sometimes 400 a day – and would
get bitchy if interrupted, but I had to
ask him stuff sometimes.

Finally, one day he wheeled around,
red-faced, ass pressed firmly in his
cheap Chinese office chair and huffed,
“Look, I really have to concentrate!”

I thought, “Okay, you pissy, pink-nosed
Yankee putz, have it your way at Burger King.”

05/19 Direct Link

Today is a day of unlimited storage.
Think back:
Time was when we needed to forage!
And this now ubiquitous space
Was not found in any old place
At least not nearly free
But jealously guarded
Thus most ‘STUFF’, you see
was hast’ly discarded!

Today was a day of remarkable chapel
An impromptu foray, ‘twas sweet as an apple!
This LIMITED storage thing
Betwixt my ears
Sang Nature’s calm ring,
moved close to tears!

Today we were showed
The meadow out back
Where hot sun did goad
Hark! a grand oval track!
Bright, verdant and mowed
Park! Then walk back!

05/20 Direct Link

I just had to sit and concentrate.
Some here needed to stand
But sometimes standing’s not so great
In completing the task at hand.

Hey, nothing wrong with taking a stand.
It’s one of the things legs are for
Just a part of the human brand
Upright and nothing more!

This time, though, at least for me
The L-shaped posture adopted
I’m better L-bent not errantly
Completing this task which I opted!

‘They’ also claimed the human mind
Would have more focus then
On gawky feet whilst pecking on keys
Bored outta their gourds but with Zen!

05/21 Direct Link

Not sure what I did on the 21st
From commitment I hid
It was never well-versed
Out the front door I slid
In a motion rehearsed
Going shyly amid
Fearing the worst!

But it wasn’t that bad
I would have to admit
Although a tinge sad
I continued to flit
Trying not to get mad
And just giving a shytt!

Thus one more day
In this life of plain work
An honest foray
Of these chores not to shirk.

So it turned out to be
That with minimal strife
For little ol’ me
Just a day in the life!

05/22 Direct Link

Today was AT LEAST Day 5
Of a stymieing back pain.
And I still don’t know, no jive
What happened
Nor what I might have gained!

But it sure was friggin’ MAJOR
If not unprecedented
And a growing sense of failure
As pain had not relented.

Thinking back, it must have been
That fat-assed Lazy-Boy®
Schlepped down the stairs
Outside and then
Into their van – such joy!
But it was not a moving van
And I not a moving boy!

Twisted as a rope it was
Around the joint T-2
Thoracic, surely, just because
That’s what it likes to do! 

05/23 Direct Link


This seize-up, arriving in conjunction
with friggin’ hay-fever inducing pollen,
knocked me back a few paces.
Quite the humbling experience, to say the least.
After all, thinking back, I hadn’t had
knockdown – drag-out back issues since
winter of ’92, when the perennial landscaping
crew layoff tied my shorts in a knot.
Then, in March, it was back to work,
and everything spinal toiled back to normal!

So every 20 years might not be so bad after all!
But here, now, it was back to the
proverbial drawing board and an arduous struggle
to sustain even basic chores.

05/24 Direct Link

Again, thinking back on this seized-up
back debacle, I take back any nasty utterances
proffered back when this old back was 'code blue'.
Moreover, apologies are in order, to all who may
have expected the usual work output from
this ruddy-ass backwoods farm boy.

Two towns over lives a friend who got clipped
by a snowmobile back in ‘08.

Needless to say, her back bore the brunt
of lingering troubles, but rather than
kickin’-back and loungin’, she’s been,
for the most part, kickin’ butt.

Back to the present:
This friend is an inspiration whenever
MY morale needs a backup !

05/25 Direct Link

Today I will utter a series of “Whews”
Yet with a slight stutter,
Tentatively enthuse:
Spring doldrums might sputter
And man, that’s good news!

For 2 weeks I had muddled
As if in a snooze
Too much indoors-huddled
Hah! The money I’d lose!

Although out of the woods
Surely more trouble brews
Couldn’t garner the goods
Then I had to refuse
And as patience wore thin
In threes, not in twos!

I’d have to admit
Here, this is it:
Western medicine
Has no clues!

Then some rain came a-callin’
In enough quantity
To knock down the pollen
That caused misery!


05/26 Direct Link

At times like this
Beset with worry
Where’s the bliss?
And what’s the hurry?

I had never stopped to appreciate
Those things, if I’d stopped
Would make me late!

That line of hickory trees
Standing, yes, very resplendently
No, NOT cut down
so mindlessly!

How stately they stand
And form one big crown
Like a fluffy green signpost
They point us toward town!

Or the fleeting unwise
Monarch butterflies
That dip, swoop and swirl
Underneath hazy skies!

Or the sunsets so pink
Carved up by our hills
So I’ll slow down and think
For they give me such thrills!

05/27 Direct Link

Off to the races & back I work
Hearing news from places
That I’d rather shirk.
Turning off this wretched news
I rage aloft in tuneful muse.

Better a notebook to embellish
With juvenile scribbling to relish!
I realize thus what this entails
With more to it than pencil trails
That snake and squiggle
Across the paper
With a mind of their own
Such hapless caper!

Never learned much HTML
Such gobbledygook
‘Twas just as well
Though me in good stead
It might stand
This big Web to understand!

Pardon me & them & you
I’ve OTHER stuff to do!




05/28 Direct Link

Frat boy FAT Boy®
That’s the Harley!
Cacophonous, smelly, rude and gnarly!

Walking in town, quaking in fear
They mow you down this time of year
Revvin’ it up in 2nd gear
Enough to blow off your left ear!
Two ballsy cylinders’ bawdy bray
Can be heard 6 miles away
Bashing our eardrums
As if to say
“Pedestrians, get outta the f***in’ way!”

At those noise boys we do scoff
Why’d they take those mufflers off?
I’d venture this with worthy mention:
They roar and piss TO GET ATTENTION!

The chrome may glisten,
But must we listen?
05/29 Direct Link

Getting’ down on Memorial Day
When many will think
Of the Green Beret
Or the infantry or Purple Heart
Then some would say
“How great thou art!”

Getting’ up on Memorial Day
Parades will stroll
And bands will play
Drums get a roll
As Colors splay
So bellow a droll Hooray!

As spring flings the pollen
We should honor the fallen
And what more can one really say?

Yet how many forget
The illustrious reason
Grief, pride and regret
of this memorable season?
If you’ve not done so yet
Please salute the vet
Sympathize with the trouble
That he’s in!


05/30 Direct Link


Up and at ‘em, I’d blithely say
But sorry, I’m only human;
With coffee at both ends today
Before the working world to foray
My gut so thick like a lump of clay
These innards needed groomin’!

Unclogging pipes, and hastily
It heartily portends
A big release of energy
Skyward thus it sends!

“How horrid!” might be what I hear
A strident stark refrain
But let’s make one thing perfectly clear:
Relax, it’s down the drain!

Don’t mean to make it sound bizarre
So don’t go being spastic
The two-ends-java’s results are
No less than fan-friggin’-tastic!

05/31 Direct Link

I found this pencil in the trash
And picked it out, yes
In a flash
Then took it home, yes
If you will
And treated it to a nice refill!

Later, I thought
‘For heaven’s sake
It must have fallen by mistake
Into the nearby circular file
Where it then languished
for a while!'
With nary a care
As to when, why or how;
And it’s loser unwary
Because it’s MINE now!

Of course it’s lesser than fantastic
And that, you’ll guess, because it’s plastic!
But hey, I’ll use it again and again
It’s much more reliable than a pen!