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—and I thought it was a lovely piece of writing. I’m not normally a sentimental man, but I’m sensitive to transitions. Enoch is handling his family’s with typical grace.

Dear house
You raised two of my babies
You built a business with me
You taught me I can run
You sheltered us
You watched me turn 30
You had bonfires
You made every view peaceful
You surround me with wildlife
You let me play music all hours
You watched us all laugh, cry, hug, fight, whisper, scream and grow.
I will miss you.…
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Dear residents,

My name is Josh Slates and I am the assistant location manager of a movie called John Snyder. The film is being directed by Jason Reitman (Up in the Air, Juno) and stars Kate Winslet and Josh Brolin. We are scheduled to film exterior scenes in the Shelburne Falls area on Tuesday, June 5 (with a rain date of Wednesday, June 6).

Thank you for your help in making our filming project possible, for supporting the Massachusetts film community, and for sharing your beautiful town with us. If you have questions, feel free to contact me directly.

— Josh
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Dear Josh Slates,

We are a bunch of yokels who, by sheer good fortune or otherwise, have the time to stand around and titter while you film your Hollywood movie in our Dogpatch business district. We enjoy being barred from our grocery store, pharmacy, book and consignment shops for a week, detouring around Bridge Street like we do whenever the area floods or there’s boondoggle street repair afoot, and peering at the back of your massive reflectors, seeing nothing of the well-paid stars on the other side.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact us directly.

— Townies
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Beer, burger, pub noise and fatigue (some existential, some merely Thursday) have me woozy. Today, please be satisfied with three


To wit:

I DON'T MIND that they’re filming a movie in my town. I got to see what’s her name, that Titanic lead, the female one. What the hell’s her name… shoot a scene. The shot her entering the pharmacy where I buy my kid’s meds, three times; with an extra passing behind her on the sidewalk, three times. Finally they got it right, I guess.

I CREATED A Toastmasters club, G-d damn it! Flippin' A.

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He heard?

— Yes.

How’d he take it?

— ‘Bout well as you’d expect.


— What?

Meaning what, exactly. I don’t know how he’d expect to take it. That’s why I asked.

— No, not he; you. “About as well as you’d expect.”

This isn’t about me. How I would take it is, well, it’s meaningless. I want to know how he took it.

— He took it as well as one might be expected to take such news. You just have to put yourself in his place, is all. For the sake of argument.

I don’t …

— He took it fine! Just fine. Jesus!
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Jesus yourself. I was just asking.

— I know, but you’re … what are you, willfully misunderstanding me?

Excuse me?

— How he took the news. I don’t know how he took it. All I’m saying is you can well imagine.

But you were there.

— Yeah?

So I don’t have to imagine. You can just say. You can just “report.”

— Report? I should report to you how he took it?

No, not, like, as a reporter. I mean. You could just say, you know…

— No, tell me: how should I “just say.”

Like, “He took it this way,” or “he took it that way.”
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Like, “He took it this way,” or “He took it that way.”

— I’m not a mind reader. He seemed fine. Took it in stride.

Well, fine. That’s all I was asking.

— Took it like a champ. OK?

Yeah. OK. I got it … Because that just raises the question. I mean, you say, "About as well as you might expect." I might have expected a different reaction.

— Pardon me?

Like, maybe shocked. Or angry. You say “fine,” and that’s fine with me. That’s great. But don’t expect me to know how he’s “supposed” to take it.

— Oh, I beg your pardon.
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So we’re square on all this?

— Yeah. I guess. I’m not sure what we’ve established.

We’ve —

— I mean —

No, it’s —

— No, wait.

No, well. Wait, I’m sorry. You go —

— No, you go. You go ahead.

No, I was… I was just… It’s fine. Whatever.

— No, was there something else?


— Nothing else? I’d hate for you not to —

I’m fine. I’m totally fine. Please.

— Yeah?


— OK. Cool.


— So he took it well...

Yeah. Yeah, for the most part.

— What do you mean?

No, he took it well. He did. But you could tell something about it bothered him.
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— Well, yeah.

Yeah. He had a kind of a look.

— Like a pained look?

A what?

— A pained look?


— Yeah, a —

No, oh, yeah. No. I’m sorry. I didn’t —

— Like, you know —

Oh, no, I under… A pained —

— A pained look.

Pained. Right. No, I understand. I didn’t hear you right or something. I didn’t connect —

— “Pained.”

No, I totally understand. No, it wasn’t a pained look.

— OK.

I don’t know how you’d describe it. Not pained. Not exactly.

— What, then?

I’m thinking. “Offended,” if anything.

— He looked offended?

Not principally, no. I would say “fine,” right? But … something.
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— So wait. What did he do?

When he heard?

— Yeah.


— Nothing? He didn’t —

Well, he looked, you know, surprised at first. Like [pantomimes surprise].

— He said, “Pantomimes surprise”?

No, that’s an editorial thing. That was … forget it. His eyes widened. His mouth opened. He leaned in slightly.

— I get all that. What’s this about an editorial …?

Nothing. Forget it. Forget I said that. I didn’t think I was saying that out loud.

— I just —

Forget it, please. Please.

— OK. So he registers surprise. Fine. Now here’s what I don’t get. This notion of offense. He looked “offended,” you said.
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Why does it matter to you? Do you —

— I’m just interested —

Do you care?

— Yes, I like to know. I’d like to know.

This doesn’t even concern you. This isn’t even about you. Do you even —

— I like to know —

Do you even know him?

— No, not really. He’s still —

Then why do you care?

— He’s … it’s just that I like to get the full picture on these stories. It’s an interesting story. How he took this news reveals —

You don’t even know him.

— No, but it reveals something of the human condition.


— It’s a quiet moment, revealing much.
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That’s … wow. Are you really that interested in, like ... on aesthetic grounds?

— I don’t know about “aesthetic.” Are you using that word properly? I just like to get as clear a picture as I can about these little, often ineffable, moments. I can’t explain it. It’s not like it’s —

Is this a hobby of yours?

— No, I was just saying. It’s not like some weird fascination. Or maybe it is. If you don’t want to talk about it anymore, that’s fine.

Hey, whatever floats your boat.

— Oh, now that’s hostile. That’s —

I’m sorry.

— Come on, man.

I’m sorry. I’m sorry.
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— Can you just … to the degree you’re inclined to keep talking about this … be as specific as possible? These fleeting feelings mean a lot. We don’t pay them enough attention. I just want to honor them, at least in this case.

You’re really committed to hearing this story.

— I am.

Are you just pulling my leg? Are you really —

— It’s like the Big Bang.


— The Big Bang theory. Not the show; the real thing.


— We know what happened, scientists do, all the way back until the first fraction of a second, pre-inflation. Some wicked small fraction...
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Are you drawing some parallel —

— Yes. I’m saying what transpires in human relationships, if you follow this deterministically, effects proceed from causes. If —

— This is flawed.


— Intrinsically flawed. You’re saying you want to know with certainty what, in this case, one man’s reaction appeared to a third party to be, and from this induce some cosmological truths about human relationships generally —

No, not generally: specifically. In this specific case.

— You can’t.

You didn’t let me finish.

— In the first place —

You didn’t let me finish

— It’s mere inference. At best you can only —

You didn’t let me finish.
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Oh, please. […] No, please go on.

— Thank you. Look, I know this is an inexact science —

Oh, it’s science now!

— […] Aren’t you at all curious as to his state of mind at receiving that news? And wouldn’t it be fascinating to track, to the best of our ability, what he does next as a consequence of having had that state of mind? And from him to others; from others out; exponentially. So much of human life is lived in the dark. Nobody knows us. We don’t even know ourselves. We lurch —

Jesus H. Christ.

— We lurch bewildered, lost, blind, alone.
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I can see you’re —

— No, wait. Wait, this is important. … If we can know —

We can’t know. I agree: nobody knows nothin’.

— Dammit, I’m serious. I’m serious here.

Oh, I can tell. That’s the one thing I know for sure in all this.

— Are you … is it that you don’t agree this is an interesting subject, or you don’t agree —

I don’t agree with the premise. I just think it’s ridiculous. It invites ridicule. What are you looking up?

— I’m Googling something.

I mean, we can talk about it if you want. I’m just telling you —

— Hang on. … Slow connection.
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— Is that a 4?


— Nice.

It’s all right.

— What do you pay in —

OK, here. Got it. Look.

— OK. What am I looking at. This is a NASA page?

“In that crucial split second, changes occurred that allowed for the creation of stars and galaxies hundreds of millions of years later.”

— Yeah?

“A trillionth of a trillionth of a second after the Big Bang.” What —

— Yeah?

Doesn’t that fill you with wonder? Why are things the way they are? Can they have been any other way? What led up to —

— You’re nuts.


— A trillionth of a trillionth!

... And?
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The north-going Zax and the south-going Zax were squat, and so neither could let the other squeeze through his legs. Still, could one have crouched to let the other climb over his back. Engineers with cranes erected the overpass; did no one offer to hoist a Zax skyward for a moment to facilitate passage?

Isn’t anyone ever going to remove those horrible leaning skeletons?

What happens if my car breaks down on the Highway of Prax? There’s no breakdown lane. I’ll be screwed. We all will.

“Get a job,” she said.

I never should have left the beaches.
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ALL RIGHT, MR. POTTER, you’ve fought a long way through dangerous country in order to stick your nose where it doesn’t belong. I admit, I am impressed with your daring, if not your discretion.

Well, I might as well tell you what you came all this way to learn. The information will do you no good, even if I were to let you leave here alive, which, I assure you, I shall not.

You and your friends were quite correct: the “enchanted amulet” Professor McGonagall wore to the cotillion was —


“Discretion” wasn’t quite the correct word.

What, then...

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Book says:

The purpose of the Ah Counter is to note any word or sound used as a crutch by anyone who speaks (formally) during the meeting. Words may be inappropriate interjections, such as and, well, but, so and you know. Sounds may be ah, um or er.

Also note when a speaker repeats a word or phrase such as “I, I” or “This means, this means.” These repetitions can annoy listeners and distract from your message. The Ah Counter role is an excellent opportunity to practice your listening skills.

I say:

Hey, hey, it’s all good.
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ONE OF THE SKILLS Toastmasters practice is expressing a thought within a specific time. As timer you are responsible for monitoring time for each meeting segment and each speaker. You’ll also operate the timing signal, indicating to each speaker how long he or she has been talking. Serving as timer is an excellent opportunity to practice giving instructions and time management, something we do every day.

Here’s how to succeed as timer:

Before the meeting, contact the Toastmaster and general evaluator to confirm which members are scheduled program participants. Then contact each speaker to confirm the —

Sorry, out of space.
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GRAMMARIAN, the syntax sentinel.

Yeah, to go in there and have a meeting you wanna pretty much go in and get this right off the bat. I’m only saying out of experience how important it is. I’ve seen (see the apostrophe? That’s because of grammar relationships with “I have,” and that’s a perfect example) where people get this wrong.

That reminds me of a funny story.

Otherwise, the thing that happens is if you get grammar all wrong, or even slightly, it totally can mess up how they receive you. I’ve seen this happen too often to even be funny.
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WHEN I GO, I’m taking the dirt from that cactus. It’s my dirt. Frankly, it’s my cactus, but I can’t bear to deprive Alexander of it, he loves it so. My dirt and my planter... Oh? Oh? Excuse me, I remember going online and clicking on an eighteen-inch terra cotta Claudia round resin planter, and charging it to my Visa. I distinctly... Christ, I don’t know. The site that sells planters. God. You know what? Keep the planter. Keep it. My gift to you. No, enjoy, enjoy. Put something in there you can keep alive. Good luck with that.
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