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Sleep was one of those things that I used to be able to do without struggling. Now, it takes me quite a while to sleep. I roll all over the bed. I close my eyes until something happens but there is no use and I'm still awake.

I look at the clock. It's 2 in the morning. I continue to roll around and put more effort into it yet I'm getting no where with this. 

Okay I should stop moving so much. I lie down and just relax until suddenly, I drift into sleep while my conciousness fades. 
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House flies are unwanted guests at any time and any place. They will zoom inside your house, make a nice place for themselves and eat up whatever food is available. They're nothing but annoying creatures. 

When you try to kill it with a fly swatter, they quickly take off faster than you can whip your swatter. To me, it just seems like they're trying to mess with you and challenge you. 

Unfortunately, killing just one doesn't affect anything at all. There's more house flies than humans and the massive housefly population never stops growing. 
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Today I read some good news. When I say good news, I mean the happy kind of news that cheers people up. We always get a heavy load of bad news on the radios and televisions and I'm always getting sick of that. It's really nice to hear good things going on every once in a while. 

For example, there was a recent news report that a couple had just saved 40 children from the Norway massacre. The fact that those kids are safe now makes me glad that they're safe. 

Overall, good news is worthy news. 
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Mosquito bites are one of things I absolutely hate. You may not notice that a mosquito is sucking on your blood but the moment it leaves, the bite begins to take effect.

It starts off with an itch which becomes tempting to scratch. It's just a little itch I thought. But it then develops into an even bigger itch which I scratch more harshly and repeatedly. 

That's where it gets worse. After I scratch it, it becomes a big, red, round dot. It then inflates itself into a tiny bump but it gets bigger as I scratch it more.
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Yesterday, I took the wrong turn while walking and ended up in a place which I was not familiar with. It was dark at the time and it was pretty hard to see the directions and paths. 

I took all kinds of twists and turns but I end up where I just started. I began to panic and it was late. How can I ever find a way back home? 

There was no way I can return but eventually I did find a route and got back to my house.

So this was what getting lost felt like. 
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I think music is a great thing. It has began as far as when the earliest forms of humans came to be and has grown and developed throughout the ages. Music has been branched into different styles and many instruments were invented to contribute to music. 

Not only that but music has some really great effects too. People sing songs to send a positive message to their listeners while some calm instrumentals can help you relax and be nice to listen to before you sleep.

I have to thank music for coming such a long way for the people.
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So I guess this post concludes the end of the first week of the month and the start of a new week. A new week of what? A new week of writing, relaxing, working and what not. 

So what are my thoughts on this 100 words challenge? It's not so hard at all. What I do struggle with though is picking a topic that I can actually write 100 words on.

However, I think I can manage write 100 words a day for an entire month. Just as long as I still have some writing juice in me hopefully. 
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New fads are always interesting. Whether it may be a new dance, a new clothing fashion or just a new act that becomes popular within a short amount of time. Some of them are pretty fun to do while others are just plain stupid. It takes a lot of work to get something to become viral and when it does, it spreads around like an epidemic. Then you have followers who will begin to practice that fad. It will start off with a small group of members then the next thing there will be a huge crowd following it! 
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Today it is raining. Rainy days are really gloomy days and when it's gloomy, I can be quite gloomy too. You can never really see the sun when the clouds are blanketing the sky and not letting any of the shine in. Instead, the clouds cry and the rain just descends onto the earth turning it wet with water and feeding the dry soil. The rain fill in the buckets that are left outside and also form puddles on the road which the zooming cars come by and create a big splash when they run over them.  
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My iPod's has been acting a bit stubborn machine. It wouldn't be the first time though. It has been stubborn and wouldn't co-operate with me many times before. The iPod is such a hassle to work with and it takes a while before it actually begins to work. 

Sometimes, it wouldn't even obey your requests and instead freezes itself which I have to keep restarting the darn thing over and over until it decides to start working for me. 

I guess this is what you expect from an iPod once it starts to get old though. 
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Say you have one dollar in your hand. It's a small value, but it's certain you can learn some things about it and use it in a few ways like there are 293 ways to make change for a dollar. You can buy something from the dollar store, unless there's tax and costs more than a dollar. Canada uses a one dollar coin called the loony while the US had a bill that was worth one dollar. That one dollar can give you the exact amount that you need and finally, that one dollar can make a difference!   
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It was a windy day yesterday. I had felt the wind run through my skin and all over my body. It felt quite cold yet the wind gave a refreshing feel. My clothes were being blown by the wind as I stood and it seemed like as my body was vibrating. The trees danced in unison while the leaves and branches were shaking as the wind had orchestrated them to do so. The clouds, who had blanketed the sky and blocked the sun were following the direction of the wind and floated along the way. A nice scenery.   
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I squinted far into the distance to my next destination. I took a look around, there was nothing that I was familiar with anymore. I've made much progress through this journey. "I'm at the point of no return," I had told myself. "There is no possibility of me going back."

I kept walking and walking. There was no way I can get there soon. Maybe within half an hour or so but it seemed like it will take forever and a half.  

No matter how far I traveled, it just seemed like I was getting nowhere. 
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Yum, fuzzy peaches. I had bought a bag of those yesterday and they're good. I would take about five or more of these little candies a day and then just keep it in my mouth. 

It begins with a sour taste that hits your tongue with a sensation of goodness. Then, when the sugar melts down comes the very sweet part. It's my favourite part of the fuzzy peach as I can truly enjoy the taste.

The fuzzy peach then begins to dissolve and within a short amount of time, it shrinks and is gone. Time for another! 
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The little boy looked straight up the refrigerator. On top of it was the cookie jar. The boy wanted to get it but he was too short. 

He was stumped on how to get that jar. Then, he suddenly had the idea of taking a chair, climbing it and jump to grab the cookie jar. Of course, it was a dangerous mission for him as he could fall but he thought it was worth the risk. 

He then proceeded to perform the plan and like a mighty warrior, claimed the cookie jar and celebrated his victory.  
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Ah, it's the sun. It's been a while since I've seen you. Your bright golden body just lightens up the world during the day and your rays keep us heated during the summer. 

As the hours pass, you move away and the day gets darker and darker until it is times up for you. 

When it is night time, I must say good bye to you as you give your duty to the moon to watch over this half of the earth while you switch and go on the other side. Until then, I'll see you tomorrow.  
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Yesterday, I drank a nice cup of vanilla cappuccino. It has such a nice taste.

I began by opening up the can of that stuff. The scent was incredibly strong and pleasant! I proceeded to put 3 table spoons into my cup.  
Next, I put in hot water, mixed the sugar and the water together and started to drink it. When I had put it in my mouth, it was a fantastic experience. 

Okay, now that I've drank my cappuccino, I wasn't able to sleep until four in the morning but it was worth it anyway. 

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This morning I looked out the window. It looks fine... Or so I thought. But then it had started to rain. How random, huh? The rain only came in for a few minutes before it stopped and then it was bright again.

A few moments later, the clouds came to close in again. This time, it was much darker. A really cloudy period of the day and it was getting really bad. In just under a minute it began to shower everywhere. Then the thunder had rolled in and started to make loud, noises. At least it was short though.
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I've been having this really awkward feeling today. It's really hard to explain and I'm not even sure what it is. Should I be worried about something or have I forgotten something that I do not know about? 

I think I had this feeling before but at the same time, I'm not so familiar with this feeling at all. It probably just comes to me and then goes away after a while so I think this feeling isn't going last long. Or at least I hope so. 

Well I guess for now, I have to deal with this.
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Time is moving so fast. I look back to the calender. From day one is the day that I started 100words and then we're now on the 20th of August which is almost 3 weeks from the first day of the month. This also means that school is coming up soon within a short amount of time. I remember that it was 4 weeks until school. Now I look at it again and now it' 2 weeks! 

This means that I will have to prepare soon and have a new sleeping cycle and get used to it. Blargh!

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Playing Blackjack is fun. Begin with two cards in your hand and see what your value is. If you're lucky, you'll already have 21 but if you have something lower, you're going to need to draw another card. When you draw a card, it's a risk. There's always a chance that you'll bust yourself or be lucky enough to go near 21. If you think you can still draw another card to go higher without busting then draw another. If not, it's better to be safe than sorry! When you're ready,take a stand and reveal what you have... 
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It looks like it has gotten colder today. It seems like summer is going to end soon and the remaining days are losing their heat. I'll have to deal with the cold now when the season of autumn kicks in September to November. 

Then after that comes the dreaded winter when all the plants die and the all the animals do their thing to prepare for the more extremely cold temperatures. The ground will be replaced with the white layer of snow and the hard, slippery ice that will be under it. Better wear some warm clothes soon. 
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There's always this moth that hangs out and relaxes on my window every night. It's a nice thing to look at every time it pays a visit. Sometimes, that moth may even bring a long a buddy or two and their children too. They just float around near my window and land on it and play around. Or, they may just come, stick onto the window, stay in one place and take a rest there. 

But soon, it flies away to the next window. I watch it flap its wings as it moves to the next home.  

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You know how when you get angry and you just need to release that energy out? Some tell their problems to their friends. Some people do things like eating or doing an activity to control their anger. Others do something else to release their anger. I decided to throw something at the wall. 

I was really pissed off by my parents and their negative comments and I was talked about behind my back. Every time that happens, I just get angered and I resort to punching a nearby object or throw something at the wall. Surprisingly, it really helps.
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Pudding is very heavenly. It's kind of like yogurt but much sweeter and squishier. It's very enjoyable and I love to eat it. The first time I ate it was when I was in grade two or grade three. Then after that, I haven't had any pudding for many years and yesterday was the day that I tasted pudding again. 

I can probably eat plenty of cups of pudding but I only decided to eat just one. I enjoy that squishy feel when it's in your mouth. That sweet, sugary vanilla taste in there. Pudding is awesome overall. 
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Being the new kid is very overwhelming. Whether you are joining a forum or if you're brand new at a school. You don't know any faces and you tend to have a hard time getting around. Sometimes you may seem like you're at the bottom of the food chain and you're struggling to advance. 

That's what will happen to me as I change schools for this upcoming school year. I'm supposed to go to this high school but instead my dad had put me in another will mean I'll have a fresh start again and a new beginning. 
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Have you ever had that experience where you saw someone familiar and you're really certain that you know them but you don't want to come up and talk to them and say, "Hey, remember me?". I kind of have that feeling too. It's kind of like you really want to see them and talk to them again like you two have before but at the same time, you don't or you're just kind of nervous to see the person for whatever reason. It has happened to me quite a few times but I don't talk to them every single time.
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Today was a very grim day. The clouds covered the sun and there was no brightness whatsoever. Later, it had become very dark as the sun was moving away from my location. It looked really bad and it was as if it was going to rain.

Now I look up again and outside the window is an orange sky. I'm not even sure what to describe how orange it is. I would say copper but that's not enough. There is something really odd about it but at the same time, the colour of the sky is a really nice one.
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Today was the first day of volunteering of the five days. I basically helped out with cleaning a bit of the music room and I helped paint the risers, which were pretty discoloured and gave them a nice later of white and letting them dry. When they did dry, I carried some of them back to the music room so that they can be used later on and eventually be put back and set up.

I need to get my community hours from doing this and I'll get 20 hours but eventually, I'll get enough to get 40.  
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It's funny how in a school year, I take 10 months of learning and within 2 months of relaxing, I forget the majority of it. It almost seems like my brain was just carrying dead weight and the moment that summer comes along, my brain just drops it into the dumpster. It's refreshing but at the same time a really bad idea and I may have accidentally erased something that I learned that was really important.

Welp, there's always next year. I can just relearn what I forgot and build on top of it and I'll learn it back soon!
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I think I had some really heavenly sleep last night. Usually, when I don't get enough hours of sleep, I would get all tired, I lose my concentration and sometimes a little angry. When I oversleep, I feel a little heavy and I may feel a little dd. But today, I got just about the right amount of hours of sleep and it did some magic for me. I feel very refreshed, energized, active and ultimately, I'm feeling great. 

This is probably a great way to start my day. Especially the fact that school is starting in a week!