BY Alyson

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I've been a very bad & lazy friend lately. Not once did I go out of the house and hang out with my friends this summer. Whenever they invite me out, I make up all kinds of excuses just to turn them down. Today however, my friends decided to drop by at my house. Now that I think about it, it's been like forever since I last saw them. I'm glad they dropped by. We watched a couple of movies and ended the day with some karaoke. I almost forgot what it feels like to laugh and spend time with friends.
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I'm starting to get the hang of singing in front of my friends. Yes, I did karaoke again. This time, with more of my high school friends. It was the perfect way to de-stress from all the stress enrollment has brought me especially when I spent the entire morning waiting endlessly for available slots for a marketing course; Anyways, after our karaoke session, we headed to the park outside City Hall and had dinner there. We couldn't stop laughing when we played charades 'till 11pm. I wish we could be like this forever.
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I'm finally enrolled- thumbs up for me! Not in the marketing course though, rather in the Hotel & Restaurant Management. My feet are really sore from all the walking I did; going back and forth from the College Building to the Administration Building. It was really nerve racking since I wasn't at all familiar with the who's who in the new department. Good thing I wasn't alone during the whole enrollment process. My friend was also enrolling in the same course so I wasn't the only fresh meat in the department. I wonder what's in store for us..
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Growing up, I never really thought about what I wanted to be. All I know was that I wanted to work in an office/firm - most likely a fashion company and wear some chic office wear & killer heels. Blame Ugly Betty and Ann Hathaway in The Devil Wears Prada for that dream. I had it all figured out in my head -become the right hand of the editor-in-chief, befriend the closet people and get dibs on the latest clothes & accessories. I wonder, will I ever get to live that dream?
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A week ago, I finally saw 3 Idiots. People were raving about it when it came out and I finally understood why it was a hit.
Today, I saw another film by Aamir Khan - Every Child Is Special. It was about Dyslexia and a 9-year old boy who struggles in school because of it. The story was well written and inspiring. I expected nothing less from  Aamir Khan. Now that I think about it, I've already seen three of his films - the first being Lagaan of which we did a musical production back in highschool. 
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My feet are aching sore. I had to go to three different departments in three different college buildings to ask for additional subject since I was only carrying 12 units this semester - the minimum load is supposed to be 18. Anyways, I kept going back and forth from one building to another inquiring about available subject slots. I had to wait for hours and hours for the professors to come back from their general meeting which by the way took all morning. I wonder if that black cat I saw earlier this morning had anything to do with this?
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This week is supposed to be the start of classes for public schools. Yet my only class for today was Statistics 32. I only had 2 subjects scheduled for today but my other class was postponed and moved to meet next week ~ I wonder what I'll do then with all my free time?This day is pretty much the same as yesterday - walking endlessly from one department to another looking for professors to approve my chosen subject loads. The only good thing about this day was that I got to have lunch and spend time with my friends. 
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Something's definitely wrong with our weather. In the morning it's all bright and sunny but then it starts to get all gloomy and before you know it, it starts drizzling and vice-versa. For the rest of the day, the weather's behavior changes erratically -Sunshine, Rain. Rain Sunshine. My problem with the weather is that it is so unpredictable throughout the day. I sometimes wake up to a cold rainy morning and so I wear a sweater; but when I reach school, it becomes sunny and hence I'm stuck with a sweater for the rest of the day.  
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FAT. That's what people keep saying to me lately. Over the summer, I got depressed over the outcome of my studies and ate the pain and sadness away. You tend to get fat during the summer anyways. Right? Come start of classes and you'd think people would understand what happens during the summer. When they see me, they keep fussing about my weight and how big I've become. Like seriously? Would I get struck by lightning if I gained a few pounds? I try to ignore their comments but I don't know how much more I can take.
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PMS. No wonder I was overtly sensitive these past few days and most especially yesterday. I blame it all on Aunt Flow and her monthly visits. Is it just me or do women/girls/females lead a tougher life? We go through painful labor, have monthly flows accompanied with mood swings and abdominal pains as well as have excess hair and fat in all the wrong areas. Cut us some slack will ya? If I were given a choice between male or female, I'd most likely opt to be born male - less worries and less fuss growing up.
06/11 Direct Link
I feel really tired since I woke up this morning. I think I took 2 or 3 naps today. Each time I feel even more tired when I wake up. Should I blame this on PMS? I'm also too lazy to do anything; physically or mentally. I haven't even started working on my homework yet. And I think it's a pretty long one too. ugh. I'm pretty much a bum today. All I do is listen nonstop to GLEE's version of TLC's PRETTY/UNPRETTY song. Great song by the way. Makes me feel less fat and bloated and more pretty.
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I got to be a philanthropist for a day. My cousin and her friends who were active in the city's junior council recently formed ZIP - Zone of Innovative Providers. It is a non-partisan and non-profit organization composed of young people who have the zeal for helping the needy - especially children. The org accepts donations of all kinds - clothes, books, toys etc. I joined the org and donated lots of my old clothes. Today I lent a helping hand and participated in on the distribution of donations to a handful of children. It was actually a good experience.
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Today I had my Business Psychology class. The first lessons we had were very interesting - human nature,human behavior and all. I've always had a thing when it comes to topics like those especially mental disorders and illnesses. It's one of the reasons why I love watching Criminal Minds. I think it's still too early though to tell if I'll like this class or not. It's our first meeting after all so maybe I'll give it a week or two before deciding. Who knows right? Our class does run for 3 hours straight in one day.
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I'm not sure if our bathroom scale is working or not. The last time I checked, I weighed around 60kgs. But now I went back to my old 52kg weight. It's a miracle! or probably not. I prolly lost all those heavy weight during enrollment; when I walked nonstop from one college building to another in the hopes of getting enrolled and getting some additional load subjects. I sure hope my arms follow suit. It's been a month since I started toning them down - doing dips and weight lifting every morning using our 4lbs dumbbells. I'll keep my fingers crossed!
06/15 Direct Link
My classes always end at night around 7.30PM. It takes me about 30 mins or so to reach home. As I was going home, I felt my tummy grumble. I forgot that my last snack for that day was around 2.30 in the afternoon. I was really hungry and tired from my 3hours of straight classes the whole time I was riding the jeep. As if someone was playing a joke on me, one passenger brought along with them roasted chicken. The aroma filled the entire jeep and it just made me hungry even more. Talk about torture.
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My dad's finally home. He's been away because of work for about 3 months. He works as a chef aboard a tanker. My family is finally complete. Unfortunately though, he'll only be staying for a couple of weeks. He's being called back again on the 6th of July. This time, he'll probably be away for 9 months. On another note, my cousin just topped his board exam. He also works in a tanker owned by the same company as my dad's. He just recently became a chief mate or right hand of the captain as what they explained to me.
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I was on my way to my classroom when I saw a familiar face. It was my favorite dance trainer, Kuya Jerome. It's been ages since I last saw him or since he last taught me. He heard the news of me out of CBAA and transferring to CED. He felt sad that he wouldn't be able to teach me anymore especially since he's been hired by CBAA for the coming intramurals. I also felt sad at the thought of not being able to dance under CBAA. It was in CBAA after all were I began dancing again after highschool.
06/18 Direct Link
My goal this school semester is to as much as possible, get all A's in all my subjects. I know if I put a lot of effort in it, I'll be able to achieve that goal. Today however, my laziness kicked in. As much as I want to get a head start on my upcoming pop quiz this coming Tuesday, my mind just won't cooperate. If I force myself to study, I know it'll be lost cause 'cause I won't be able to remember what I've studied. Oh well, might as well start fresh tomorrow. Today is Saturday after all.
06/19 Direct Link
Happy Father's Day! My family and I went out for dinner to celebrate dad's day. We had baby back ribs, sushi and grilled squid for dinner After eating, my tummy was so full that I think my 2 months of no rice just went like that. Oh well, it's not like I get to eat such delicious food everyday. I'm glad my dad is here. We only go out for expensive dinner when he's around or when there's some special occasion. You know what they say, the family that eats together, stays together. Or something like that.
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I went to the dentist today to get my teeth fixed. Two of my teeth had previously been fixed and had to be redone again. Unfortunately, when my dad and I went there, the dentist urged my father to get all of my 11 tooth to get fixed. Without thinking, my father agreed to do so. In the end, we ended up paying 7.8k! That's a lot for a temporary fix. I just feel so guilty for having bad teeth and for not insisting on getting just 2 teeth done. I feel so bad, depressed and unworthy right now.
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I had to wear a corporate attire for one of my major subjects. All I had in my closet was my sister's short pencil skirt which was a bit big and loose for me. I thought that if I just clinched it with a belt it would tighten; but boy was I wrong. I kept adjusting it the whole day. I wore black stockings along with that skirt. Unfortunately, even before reaching school, my stockings ripped and started running down my leg. It sure was embarrassing walking to school with that stocking and loose skirt. Definitely not a good day.
06/22 Direct Link
Today is my parents' 21st Wedding Anniversary. Earlier this morning, my dad and I bought my mom a bouquet of flowers. The flowers came along with a small greeting card which my dad had to write on. However, it seemed that my dad was speechless and asked me to help him. I remembered a local romantic movie that my mom secretly wanted to see for some time now entitled I LOVE YOU FOREVER AND A DAY. And so I told him to write just that. My mom couldn't help but laugh when she read the card.
06/23 Direct Link
The new me is killing me. I've always been a loud and outgoing person especially when I'm surrounded by friends and people I know. But ever since I shifted to a new course, met new classmates, got thrown into a new environment, I don't feel like myself anymore. For one thing, I don't talk as much as I used to back in the old days. I mean yeah, I have my friend Wendy with me. We're practically classmates in all subjects. That makes us two more loner in the class. I just feel like we're total outcasts in our class.
06/24 Direct Link
School has been pretty much boring really. I wake up early for my morning class only to find out that the teacher is an hour late. I put on my corporate clothes and look neat and tidy as much as possible but find out that the teacher isn't coming; again. I can't believe I'm saying this but it seems like I'm not learning anything in school lately. And to think I'm paying 7k for the education. I'm almost always diligent when it comes to my studies. If this goes on, I think I'm going to turn into a lazy student.
06/25 Direct Link
I'm a Godmother - again! This time to my niece baby Rhian. We celebrated her baptism today as well as the 2nd birthday of her big brother, baby goo. I had fun babysitting baby goo while his parents were busy with the party. Baby Goo really liked watching the fish that were in the pond at the reception venue. I was so proud when I taught him what kind of fish they were. Whenever I asked him, he would then say "Koi!" Funny thing though was that we pretty much had to stay near the pond all the time.
06/26 Direct Link
For the first time in a long time, I got to swim in a pool. What's more, under the 3pm sun & no sunblock. I'm usually very careful when it comes to my skin getting dark but because I've been cooped up in the house all summer break, I've turned incredibly white/pale. Plus the fact that I always use my secret whitening soap on my face made my skin tone totally uneven. Like my body is fair and my face is like PALE! So yeah, I definitely needed some sun. It was really refreshing to swim in a pool again.
06/27 Direct Link
Who knew 3 hours could be so long? That's how long my business psychology class runs during Mondays. It's the only class I have during that day from 4 to 7 in the evening. To make matters worse, I forgot to eat lunch and had no snack during the afternoon. So naturally, my tummy started a riot. Good thing our professor was kind enough to give us a break. When classes ended, I felt tired for no particular reason despite the fact that all I had to do was just sit still and listen to the teacher for 3 hours.
06/28 Direct Link
I've been slacking off last weekend thinking I had no assignments or quizzes to study for. Much to my dismay, I did have quite a few on my plate. For one, I heard we were going to have a pop quiz on my stat subject. Another, I had to report in one of my subjects. So I did some major cramming earlier this morning. Much to my dismay though, we did not have a pop quiz nor did I get to do my report. And to think I wore a dress for the occasion. I paired it with chucks too!
06/29 Direct Link
Watched TRANSFORMERS: DARK OF THE MOON in 3D. It was my sister's treat; all five of us in the family since she got her first salary as a nurse. Still not sure how I feel towards Rosie Whitney Huntington replacing Megan Fox. I mean yeah, I adore her being a VS model, but Megan Fox kinda has a special place in my heart already as part of the cast. Well anyways, the movie was great. What more can you expect from Michael Bay right? It definitely was full of Machines, nice Cars and one hot Rosie.
06/30 Direct Link
Finally got to report today. It was quite nerve wracking really especially since I don't really know my classmates. What's more, I get really conscious when I'm reporting. I mean, yeah, I'm confident with my speaking skills, but when I'm in front of people, I tend to get all slang and some of the words just get mispronounced or too over pronounced to the point that they sound really weird. It's been this way as far as I can remember. Well anyways, what's done is done. And here's the good news, I seem to have made friends with the class!