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Today is a rabbit, rabbit kind of day. I don't have much to say except that welcome to the new month. I have to practice. That's it. How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice, practice, practice. I wish that I could get I wish. If wishes were horses, we all would ride. Isn't that the truth? I want to swing from the chandelier. That's a good idea. Just swing, bitch. You can do it. Female dog. I had a dream. But then I woke up. It's all going to be okay. I just want to walk around dreaming life.
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Are you in a rabbi mood? What's the difference between rabbi and rabbit besides an extra "t" at the end of the world. One is an animal and the other is a trained professional. Am I trained? I got no training. That's all there is to it. I am an untrained son of a bitch. When I went to the doctor and he asked me what I have been doing, I couldn't answer. I don't have any hobbies. That's what I need. A new hobby. A hobby. That's what I can do. I need to find a good hobby, Yeah!
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I went with my friend to Wilton Manors today. We had a luxurious lunch and then I came back home and did nothing for a few hours before HRS came home. I ate a bacon cheeseburger and I felt horrible afterward. Why do I do that? Cravings is all I can say, plus a menu that has no practical applications. You know where I come from. That's the way of the crumbled cookie. I want to go look at art. That's the ticket. It's time to get over to the new art museum. That's where I want to be. Yeah!
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Just another maniac Monday. I looked at my inspiration of the day but it didn't really inspire me all that much. I am going to burn out really quick. That's the ticket. I want to burn out. Not really, but I am a burn out. Yeah, that's right. Burn, baby, burn. I'm not a-gonna burn out yet. I have a lot of light to give. When is that deposit coming? I can hardly wait. I hope that it's really retroactive like someone told me. My nose is running like a champ. What is that all about? I don't know.
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I come here. There are two entries to do. That's because I come here in the middle of the night. One is yesterday's entry and one is today's. I'm going back to sleep. That's all there is to it. It's only a matter of time! I was a-gonna write the lyrics to Wang Dang Doodle but I don't know them. That's a good one. It's the way of the crumbled cookie. I just thought of Tita and her flan. What a tribute to milk and eggs that little piece of work was. No wonder pancake day is a thing.
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What did she tell me about Ash Wednesday and 40 days? Is this the Pentecost? Oh my, I just googled that shit and it's a day for Christians to celebrate Jesus coming down on them in Jerusalem. That's freaky. It's the seventh Sunday after Easter. But is Easter 40 days after Fat Tuesday. That's the day that they got rid of all the milk and eggs making delicious pancakes. It's called Shrove Tuesday or Pancake Tuesday. Who knew? Those crazy Goyim. There was nothing in the Jewish calendar about Lent. It was odd. They don't mark any non-Jewish days.
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Good grief, I'm glad it's Thursday! I don't want to work. I just want to bang on the drum all day. I have to go to work and get ready for the visit on Monday. We are also having a slew of folks come over from the Federation to see the Memorial. Isn't that sweet? Does that mean that we need refreshments? Yes. Are there enough hours in the day? Yes. Use them wisely! My nose is running like a champ. I don't like that. Oh well, these are the breaks. Break it down, break it down, break it down.
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It's rather early to write here but I know not the time while you read these words of wit. It's 0427 and I'm listening to Jethro Tull. Yeah, Google that shite. Meanwhile back in the year one when you belonged to no one. You didn't stand a chance son, if your pants were undone. `Cause you were bred for humanity and sold to society. One day you'll wake up in the present day, a million generations removed from expectations of being who you really want to be. Skating away on the thin ice of a new day. Those are lyrics!
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When one is unemployed, the days just melt into each other. Thursday is pretty much the same as Monday. When working, these rhythms have a distinct cadence. But being free, the days are just there. It's a fine feeling. I've grown accustomed to it rather quickly considering I've only been unemployed for 12 days! But it's amazing how much I'm enjoying doing pretty much nothing. I have plenty of projects that need to be finished around the house and I haven't done anything about any of them. It's very easy to be caught up in the everyday needs. Time management.
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I was raised on the good book Jesus until I read. Now I don't believe I want to see the morning. Going down the stony end. I love quoting lyrics. It is such fun. I need a new routine. I went to Publix and bought yogurt and bananas so I could have breakfast. Oh yeah, I'm not buying milk yogurt. It's made with almonds. I don't drink the pus juice from cows. That shite turns me off. I think I have become more anti dairy than anti meat. I can eat chicken and fish but not ground cow. Like, ew.
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I already went to Publix to buy oat milk. Go know. It's only 0730 and I have a doctor's appointment at 0900. I'm supposed to be at work right afterward. So I'm going to write today's words and start getting ready. It's already 0754 because I was schmying around the web. I just heard a Tylenol commercial and I noticed that Susan Sarandon wasn't narrating. I guess they finally cut her loose. The dog is barking downstairs. What does that mean? I guess it means that someone is here. She's very good for that purpose. Okay, have a good one!
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I read something that has stayed with me. I like when that happens. I guess it means that it meant something to me. I am also surprised not surprised how people who are so bureaucratic. It's the nature of the word bureaucracy. They are just drawers in the dressers. I don't like that. I guess it is just the way of the crumbled cookie. I wonder if I should work that phrase into every single entry that I write like over at 750 words. It's about to get crazy. It's about to go down. I don't know. Over and out.
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This is what happens when one writes without thinking. It's all about the Benjamins. Are you pulling my leg? Are you sure you're not pulling my leg? Are you drinking my hair? I just want to know one thing. Are you sure? I wanted to be sure. I'm going to get really close to the bone. That's where the meat is the sweetest. Ew, I don't want to be close to anyone's bone. That's all there is to it. Over and out, I'm gone. That's the ticket. It's the way of the crumbed cookie. Champagne and caviar are sweet baby.
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Is anyone ever reads this! What I don't know is are you reading this and I've been dead for years? I am gone. I am here right now, but soon I will be gone. How many more years do I have? I have been thinking about my demise. The effort to thwart my demise is ridiculous. That's what she said. Do you moderate to severe arthritis? It's going around. Psoriasis is another thing. Psoriatic arthritis is complete different. Over and out, I'm gone. That's what she said. Just crumble that cookie, dude. And don't go there. I'm not going anywhere.
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This is what happens when I don't write regularly! I'm writing this on the 24th of the month. That means that I have 1,000 words to write. Go figure. Who knew? Oh well, I can do this. As soon as I have my cup of coffee. That will recharge me! I love oat milk in my coffee. It's so creamy! I don't miss dairy one little bit! I miss meat more than I miss dairy. Can you believe that? I thought that cheese would be the hard part, but for the most part, I have just now given up!
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The nurse checking your vitals has plans. Sheís distracted. Youíve been in the hospital long enough to know the shift is almost over. Soon another person in a lime uniform will come into your room, erase this nurseís name from the tiny whiteboard and write in their own. You hope itís Sam, whoís quick with the dirty jokes and quicker still with the dilaudid, the good stuff. But this one, she has plans. Dinner? Clubbing? Something far way from this place, and patients like you. You donít blame her. Once upon a time, plans.
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She dabs her lips with Faithful Fawn. He hovers behind, runs his fingers through his graying hair, eyes fixed on his reflection. How do I look? Her mouth forms a perfect ďO,Ē presses shut. Handsome. He points. When you move your mouth that way, you look like a fish. Her mind recedes to their rehearsal dinner. The baby photos her mother had blown up. Adorable, sheíd said when she saw his. Your foreheadís so high, heíd responded. She drops her stained tissue in the toilet. Flushes. Whatís that lip color? he asks. Fawn, she answers. Ha!
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There's nothing I want to say or write. I have no words to put into motion. There is nothing. No feelings to put into action. I don't know what the rest of the story should be. It's a Costco kind of day. I have a new car. What else is new? I'm back in the house after two days of being gone because it was tented. Did it do any good? All I know is the mouse is back eating the bird seeds. That's typical nasty weather. Sensitive much? I think not. That's for sissies. I'm much better than that!
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They bear witness, the girl and the supermoon, pinned to different worlds. She studies the ocean, chin on knees, toes buried in cooling sand while the luminous orb above gathers stars from the sky, sprinkles them across the sea. In the water, surfboard beneath him, her lover waits for the perfect swell. He came for the power of gravity, a wild moment of joy. She came for him. He whoops, riding high inside the tunnel of a giant wave, its crest moon-silvered. She cheers. But then heís gone, board tumbling to shore. She splashes into the water. Shouting.
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Purloined words. That's my theme for the day. I have no compunction about that! I also want to drive a lot now that I have a new car. That's what new cars are for, don't you know? I want to go places and see things. Don't sleep in the subway! I want to go there. I am totally blind. No, I'm not. I'm just watching a commercial about blindness. I can't imagine what that must be like. It's March Madness. I couldn't care less. Isn't that a hoot in a holler? It's all going to be okay. That's what's said.
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It's the first day of spring. Go spring. It's a thing of beauty. The weather is cooperating. It's been a beauty day. We had a board meeting today and it was the smallest turnout ever. At first, I was worried that no one got my email, but I know that they did. They just didn't pay attention. And to top it off, we had a Purim Seudah. Oh well, these are the breaks. Break it down, break it down, break it down. That's the way of the crumbled cookie. I don't know what I'm writing, but I'm going about it.
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I'm getting busy. It's time to get busy. I'm busy. It's all going to be okay. It's going to work out. That's the way of the crumbled cookie. It's going to be okay. I remember the change. Do you remember the Y2K hysteria? It was amusing. It's hard for me to believe that kids born today will never have to learn to drive a car because they will all be self driving by the time they are old enough to drive! Also, anyone born in the year 2000 will be 19 this year. How did that happen? Time flies, babe.
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Home again, home again, jiggity jig. We are back again. Sleep in tonight. No more smoking. I smoked a million cigarettes tonight at Danee's house. That's a bad thing. I also smoked a shit ton of pot. Why do I go over there and throw caution to the wind? I'll be glad when we get our gas turned back on tomorrow. I haven't been able to cook anything. I will be glad to be able to cook again. Just being able to heat something is a big deal. I can't believe what a difference gas makes! I'm ready to go.
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I have finally caught up into the real world. I hate to hate. I'm watching a show about hate. There's too much hate in this world. Why do people hate? What is there about that? Why do people have to hate others? What is the point? There's just too much hate in this world. There is a message from Christians, Muslims and Jews. And it's all the same. Love one another. I hope that you can love rather than hate! I need to shower and shave. And then I can carry on. That's the deal. Get busy dude. Get out!
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Back to work Monday! Ugh. I spent the entire day transcribing the notes from last Thursday's board meeting. And I didn't finish! Go figure. That's the way of the crumbled cookie. I will finish tomorrow. It was five minutes after 1700 when I realized that it was time to go. Raoul was parked in the parking lot and I was walking across the street. What the hell? He finally got over there with Isora in the back seat. She loved the new car. Who wouldn't? It's much larger than the old one. Okay, crumbled cookie time. I gots to run!
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Tuesday morning and I got a call from Lida saying that I needed to call Uber to get Victor. It's so nerve wracking. I just don't like to call to send an Uber to a place where I don't even know the process. Oh well, they finally got there even though I put in the wrong address! Thank goodness the driver was a little compassionate because in the past the drivers just didn't go. That was fuxxed. I'm getting ready to go to work at noon. It's almost 1000 and I have a couple of hours to go until then.
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It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Won't you be my neighbor? I have nothing to say. But I will write 100 words anyway. Whatever I write, it will be trivial. I have no words of import. That's okay. I just continue to exist. There is nothing for me to say that hasn't already been said. Soon it will be Passover. That comes in a couple of weeks. My friends are going to the Dominican Republic and I asked are there any Jews there? She told me that the entire hotel is kosher. Go figure. That's all I have today.
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I picked up glass from the glass man down on Bird Road. What a schlep! I came home and passed out. That was clever. I woke up around midnight and felt like I had a full night's sleep. But I went back to sleep after looking at my phone for a few minutes. I'm calling the FIU people because I missed an appointment. I made a new one for tomorrow. I have the glass to deliver to the Memorial. I am all over the place. I just want to finish and take a nap. I have three hours before work.
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I'm at Ricki's. She's talking about everything under the sun. One minute and I will be done. She's laughing uncontrollably. I wish that I could go to sleep but it's my own damn fault. If I were a rich man, I wouldn't be poor. Publish this for the next half hour. Can I just go to sleep now? I need to learn about the future if there ever will be one. Why can't I be free? The truth will set you free. Do you know what I mean? It will all be okay. That's the way of the crumbled cookie!
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If wishes were horses, we would all have a ride. I wonder why there is no sun in the sky. It's a cloudy day. Soon there will be nothing. If you tell me the truth, I will answer with no lies. That's the way of the world. Did you ever wonder about the beginning or the end? It's all the same no matter what you think. I don't know the answer. Please ask me once again and I will consider the answer. Please stop eating is the only thing I can think of right now. Soon it will be done.
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Tomorrow is April Foolís Day. The problem when your coworkers are foreign is that they just donít get it! Thatís sad. Iím in a mood. And itís not because of tomorrow. Itís not easy to pinpoint. Iím just funky! Stay tuned there will be a test. Is vegan funny? I donít know what the trouble is! Never trouble trouble until trouble troubles you. I get it. Cheer up MFer! Itís all going to work out. Thatís the way of the crumbled cookie! Have a delicious day. Eat it up! Go.