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Rabbit, rabbit. I love I type rabbi instead of rabbit. Maybe I could create a new superstition. That's the ticket. Anyways, I gotta write and then get moving. I have things to do and people to make happy. That is my life's purpose. To never leave a room without everyone inside laughing. I love that mantra. Am I a prevert? My moose knuckle belies me. Isn't it strange how the past and the present and the future all exist simultaneously. I have to get the hell outta here. I gotta go looking for joy. I know I can find her.
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It's Ground Hog Day and it means absolutely nothing to me. That's a good one! Can you really submit an entry that is less than 100 words? I have wondered about that. What if you go over the 100 words limit? Danee and Muriel are in Los Angeles and they went to a Pink concert. I'm totally jelly. I was pinching pot from Danee and now that she is gone, I'm dry once again. I went to the Lincoln Eatery. It's a total rip off but I expected that. I am all over the place with this entry. That's it!
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Dingell died. Too bad. He was the longest serving person in the Senate. His hand was on the steering wheel. He retired in 2015 and his wife succeeded him. Denver teachers are on strike. It's an idea that goes around the country. I'm listening to Alexa and I'm over it. I swear it says that I have less percentage of my battery left but it says that I have more time. What the hell is that all about? I have to unplug the Alexa to plug in the laptop. I love this little laptop. It's a good thing. That's it!
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It's Monday even though I'm writing this on Sunday. That makes no sense whatsoever. I have no idea what I'm writing. I'm just automatic typing. That's the ticket. That's what I'm doing. Well, you know that I have to think of words so that they will appear here. It's the truth. Flbbtt. That's not a real word, but you know what I mean. I just gots to get to the 100 word mark and then I only have a full week left to go. I remember at the beginning of the year I thought I wasn't going to write anymore.
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It's love month. It's the month of love. It's because Valentine's Day falls in this month. It's really become a thing. Who knew? I just saw a factoid projected on the TV that said we're spending billions of dollars for Valentine's Day. Isn't that a hoot in a holler? You know it. We just want to stare at you a little longer because you're so darn cute. Hell, I don't know. Ricki just called and I'm talking to her. At least I'm listening to her. That's a good one. She's like that, you know. I can hear her eating. Ew.
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Still playing catch up on these entries. It's like the new year when I decided that I wasn't going to write any more and then suddenly I decided that why not and I ended up doing a whole month. A whole week is nothing compared to that. But it's still daunting. It's not easy to write 100 words exactly. No more. No less. It's not really that hard. I just have to hunker down. That's the ticket! I just keep on writing and before you know it, I'm at 100 words. That's the way I like it. Uh huh, yeah.
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Thursday was a day to remember. I had to finish the newsletter at work that day. That was nothing. I just finished it and saved it as a PDF and sent it on its merry way. Now for three days of bliss, not thinking about that place for a minute. I wish that were so. I can't stop thinking about that place. That is the bad part of a job. When it's always on your mind, it's not a good thing. I don't usually awfulize about work, but when I do, I sure can do it first class. Oh well.
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Friday is such a good day for me. Today was no exception. I left the house early this morning so I could go to the dentist. From there, I just left for the day. HRS and his assistant were cleaning out the blue room. I have no idea what they threw away but when I got home there was a large black bag in the trash. I know that there were some garage sale items in there. I gave up on that shite. If he wants to throw away things that I think we could sell at a garage sale.
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And the world will be a better place for you and me, you just wait and see. Put a little love in your heart. I don't know why I have that ear worm but it's there strong as ever. So, that's why I'm listening to it on my Alexa. If I can't get it out of my head, then I may as well listen to the original version. It's a good thing. Did you know that Alexa can demonstrate? All you have to do is say open sleepy time. And it asks, "Are you ready for a gentle rain storm?
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I took a rice cooker back to Target today and bought a bunch of meatless foods. The problem is that I tried to eat them all. Well, I did eat a pasta dish that was meant for two. That wasn't the problem. It was that fucking fake cheese cake that did me in. If I hadn't eaten half of it, I wouldn't be burping at 0327! But that is exactly what I'm doing. I couldn't digest that shite. It's indigestible. It actually had a decent flavor, but I'm going to get rid of the rest of it in the garbage!
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That was a quick weekend. When three days pass like nothing, it means that I was having a good time. I did fun things. And I had a fun time. I think I have to pee right now. That fucking pee pill is making me pee like a race horse. And I don't like it one bit! It's time to get rid of books. There are thousands of them in the house. I suppose we are getting ready to sell the house. That's what this is all about. I don't mind. Where are we going to move? Buy or rent?
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I met my husband on Biscayne Boulevard. That was almost 40 years ago and we've been together ever since. Watching our friends die back in the 1980's was super sad and the main reason I can't look at old pictures any more. Makes me so sad! But our love has lasted all these years and we just keep on ticking! We first lived off Biscayne Boulevard and moved to Miami Beach five years later. We have lived in Miami Beach ever since. Our son went to North Beach Elementary, Nautilus Junior High and Beach High. We are so in love!
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Ricki believes in an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. Show your teeth. When she started losing her teeth, she said that. She looked good until she turned 90. She got too skinny when she got bedridden. I am talking to Ricki. Ricki is wishing. Are you going to the pool today? And then if it doesn't rain, I'm going to my chiropractor. I have to go to Julie at 1500.
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Oh my, I have gotten so far behind in my 100 words writing. I'm writing about Thursday on Monday. That's almost a whole week's worth of 100 words. I'm a bad person. I was going to come here and write about a topic but all I can think of right now is that I haven't written in such a long time. I have to get busy. But first, I have to hit the road. That's right. I'm on my service week. I can do this. Whatever, I have no choice. I swear that the counter is sticking. I'm done anyway.
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Friday is so good to me. Why? I am not working! That's a good thing. And I don't have to work for three days! I like that fact. I have been working after retirement for three and a half years. What the hell is wrong with me? I need to quit. I just don't want to work any more, but I like making the money. Money makes the world go round. It's okay. As soon as this old house sells, I will get around to it. Have you ever had a round tuit? I must get a round tuit. Yeah!
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It was Mark's 70th birthday. I didn't even mention it. I used to fantasize what life would be like when he was 70, I was 67 and Candy was 64. It will never happen now. I'm just a little sad about that fact of life. Dad left us way too soon too. He didn't even make it to his 64th birthday. He died at 63, Mark at 61. So I feel pretty good that I've made it to 66 and hopefully to 67. That's a pretty good record. I'm pissed about my retirement plan because they fucked it up again.
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Sunday is a do nothing day. That's what it's made for - doing nothing! That's the best way to spend it. Doing nothing is good for me. I don't want to work. I just want to bang on the drum all day. I am eating chocolate Frooze Balls. I'm not crazy about the chocolate flavor. Vegan chocolate is odd. I don't know what else to write about so I am just going to blather for awhile. It's okay. That's the way of the crumbled cookie. No more donations to the thrift shop. We're going to have a garage sale. Oh yeah!
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Monday is so good to me. Monday morning was all I hoped it would be. I'm stuck in a rut of a routine. I get out of bed and walk the dog around the block. I come back and have a cup of coffee with oat milk, an almond yogurt and a banana. I come upstairs and finish my coffee with my pill routine. Why isn't the counter doing its job? What up, dog?
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Tuesday is so good to me. Tuesday afternoon, it was all I hoped it would be. I've lost track of what cup of coffee I would have right now. Is this the second or third? It doesn't matter at this point because I am so caffeinated that I am vibrating. It's okay. It will all be okay. It's the way of the crumbled cookie. I went to Linda's again today. I am going all this week to take care of her cats. The litter box is the worst part of the whole ordeal. I can get through this. Yeah, right!
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I'm writing because I have to. What does that mean? Well, I have committed to writing 100 words every day. That means that if I fall behind, it's 200 or 300 or 400 or 500 or 600. Well, you get the feeling. I don't like to fall behind but if they are going to let me, then so be it. I come here and make up the time. I wasn't going to write at all this year and I made up an entire month at the beginning of the year. I'm ready to write another day's worth of nothingness. Yup.
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Today was the day that Bossy Lady realized at 15 minutes before I was ready to go that she wanted to send an email. And, of course, it took at least 20 minutes to get it ready. She wanted to make silly little changes. It was simply to get me to stay later. I don't want to stay late. That's all there is to it. I'm not into it anymore. I have lost my mojo. It's time to get a new job or no at all. I am in retirement after all. I am 66 years old and I'm retired!
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That means it's a day to serve HRS. Next Friday is March 1st. That's hard to swallow. I can do this. That means that next Friday I have a doctor's appointment in the morning. I'm going to see the foot doctor. It's been six weeks since I last saw him. I have been going for months because of a sore that I got last summer in Israel. It wouldn't heal and now it's just becoming a callous. It's annoying. When will it be over? I have been going there for months. Oh well, that's the way of the crumbled cookie!
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Today was the last day I had to go to her house to take care of her cats. They didn't come out even though I sat on the balcony waiting for them. Oh well, that's the way of the crumbled cookie. It's amazing how many recipes use milk and or butter or cheese or some sort of dairy product, like eggs. These things can all be veganized but I wonder if it's really worth it. I guess so. I've talked myself into being a good vegan. It means not even killing the roaches in the kitchen. Good luck with that!
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I am all caught up. Does that mean that I will write 100 words on every single day that I awaken. I hope so. They're cutting the trees next to the house to prepare for the tenting. We are having a tent put on our house March 13 and 14. That's a real nightmare. I think I have to take another dump. It's a real dumpy day. The sun is finally coming out. It's making a late appearance. As soon as I finish this, I want to go back to sleep. What's wrong with a little nap? A dump first!
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They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Can you describe a picture in 100 words, exactly? No more, no less! There's a photo in the cabinet. Is that how the story goes. You know that guy named Dorian Gray? That was a good one. He kept a photo of himself and he never grew old. We all get old and wither and die. Why is that? That's part of the circle of life! It makes me mental to think of people born in 2019. They will never have to learn to drive a car because they'll be automatic!
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I'm a rambling gambling man. That's the way of the world. These entries are less like diaries because I'm not writing on the day in question, if you know what I mean. I am playing ketchup. Or catsiap. There are so many spellings. Did you know that it was originally from China? I am talking to a friend and typing at the same time! I'm watching the TV and trying to write. They don't go together. No pega, darling. That's not the way of the crumbled cookie. I swear this entry is longer than 100 words but say la vee.
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Say La Vivian. Why do they have ambulances sound different in other countries. Why do they even have alarms any more? There is nothing left to alarm folks when everything is outrageous! How many times do you know that they're talking about you? It's the sound of whispering. Whispers are lies. Is that true? I don't know. It goes the way of the crumbled cookie. When that cookie crumbles, you better watch out. You better not pout, better not cry. I'm telling you why. Santa Claus is coming to town. I've gone over the edge. That's all there is dude.
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The last day of the month. It means that tomorrow is going to come in like a lion. Well, that's just not true down here. In south Florida, we never experience March that way. It's just a rabbit, rabbit kind of day. It's the first of the month. That's it. There's nothing bigger than that. It's the way of the crumbled cookie. It didn't even explain the difference. It's okay. I didn't even appear in the original publication. It's a controversy. I think we're going to have to open the inside of the room. It's a freak out. I know!